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    Wars of Shaede
    ARC . 001
    - Sinners in Lamb’s Clothes -

    It was a night that many would remember as the fateful turn in the tides – when the tenuous strings of peace were cut or frayed and the descent into madness of war would begin. Accusations and threats friends turned enemies and new enemies rearing their ugly heads. It was a night that so many would remember and so many would even blame. And yet, still this night was both confusing and clarifying in it actions. War was on its way and even a Sinner hiding in Lamb’s Clothes would be dragged into the light of justice if they only but stepped out of line. Tonight would change things for the Kindred forever.

    - -
    The city of FranSokyo was beautiful tonight, quiet even and calm for once it would seem. The constant nightly wail of sirens that ran normally in the night were actually being quiet – all was … simple for once. The bar had opened up easily enough the contracted girls for the night already on the floor while the tenders manned the counter in the Viri’Descent. Blu was out for the moment though. She’d made for the city streets and back way alleys of their home district, the South Side.

    - - She was wearing a pair of low slung black hip huggers a baby doll T under a half waist length jacket. Her heeled boots made soft even echoes down the alley as she made her way. She was taking a stroll nothing more nothing less, a stretch of her legs and a sniff of the wind you could say – a thing she did often. Hell Hounds liked to wander and she had a time of staying in one place for long. So walking helped, smokes also helped – but trying to quit the bloody things she was having a time of that too these days.

    - - It’d been a year since she’d sworn loyalty to Him – handed her collar over and Leashed her bond to Him. Forever more she was his servant but a relaxed and calm master He’d been so far. Giving her free reign of the South Side and even allowing her to work as an equal within the clan. A privilege.30 she’d never imagined earning during her bleak time spent in the 2nd Ring. Don’t think of it… she heard his words like he was there beside her. She smirked and brushed away the long strands of raven blue hair away and to the side to peer with crimson eyes down the alley she strolled.

    - - What was this?

    - - The smell of blood tainted her pallet and caused her crimson eyes to glow all the brighter a growl followed involuntarily up her throat as her Other Half rose up to take a deeper drag of the copper tang. Blood and a lot of it was riding the air through this alley. Visceral scents that caused her steps to fall silent, a swing of her stride as she prowled forward and stepped towards the shadows. Bright red eyes leering down the way reflected eerily as a squad car’s lights beamed down and the flicker of red white blue greeted her around the corner.

    - - Blinking and lifting her eyes up to look the car dead on she realized the doors were open on either side and no one was to be seen … at least not standing. She lowered her hand red eyes reflected for a moment longer before her gaze turned downward and sure enough as she approached the last of the stretch between herself and the scene a ghastly view came to greet her.

    - - Viscera – ripped and shredded flesh scattered amongst the filth of the alley’s floor was already swarmed with the smells of rot and insects. Something that would make a grown man gag she looked on as if looking about a garden. Something was wrong with this scene – firstly this was Kindred work, these bodies had been torn apart. Secondly there were not bullet casing heres nor was there the smell of gunpowder.

    - - What was more troubling though was the fact tha the bodies were still mostly … all here from what she could tell taking inventory about the alley she noted roughly 12 people here. She couldn’t believe not a Single bullet or gun had been fired here, what was more, the squad car was here, and yet… she saw and smelled no Pigs here. Growling she lifted her eyes and realized her folly a moment to late. The squad car was pointed in her direction … a dash board camera’s red light winked at her. With a growl she would vanish in a blur of motion from the viewfinder’s gaze.

    - - Seconds later the feed on the camera was ripped free. . . .


    - - Meanwhile the City News channels were all blaring and showing a loop of repeating moments from the very event Blu had just stumbled upon. The feed was replaying it all over and over, dark shadowy forms moving faster than possible to a Morte’s viewpoint creatures – monsters something was killing men right on the screen while the reports steamer blared SOUTH SIDE MAN SLAUGHTER over and over again. The final clip of the scene looping over and over was of Blu just before she vanished standing in plain view all lit up pretty and perfect by the squad cars lights. Again and again this played on…

    - - It was Everytte who realized shit was going down. He’d noticed a hack extending into the media channel’s just before the network had flickered and pulled this shit up! He himself was in his Dungeon at the Academy – hovering monitors floating about him as brightly glowing cyan blue eyes turned around the room staring from one monitor to the next. Lifting his hands and typing on dead space a keyboard would light beneath his hand no matter where was of which monitor he was facing he seemed to have access to all of them.

    - - A young secretary like woman with long blue hair and bright purple eyes peeked into the Dungeon and called out “Ever … what is happening do you kn…“

    - - “Yeah yeah I see shut the fuck up and let me work. I’ve gotta cut the damned feed and these bastards are tricky…” The woman glared at him for only a second then slunk into the room to perch on the rim of his circular bubble of monitors. “So they are giving you a hard time?” She asked

    - - “I didn’t say that… I said they are Tricky HA! And got em!” He lifted his hand an a hologram lifted from it what looked like a tiny black bird made of various triangles lifted and zipped into the monitor before him. A generic virus that would hunt down the source of the original hack he called simply BLK BIRD. Then turning he dragged his hand across the screen and tossed the images that slide into holograms down into a contraction strapped to his fore arm. Standing and turning to face the purple eyes woman the lanky 18 year old looking young man stopped and quirked a brow at her “What are you serious right now ? GO we’re going to have a meeting shit get outta’meh dungeon! Shoo” He started hustling her out and slamming the door behind him would spring off down the hall of the basement level. High top converse shoes echoing down the hall as he ran on.

    - - This meant a Conclave Meeting – shit that meant all the LightStalker Clans in one place. What the hell was with that feed anyways? He’d gotten it off the air sure enough, but how in the hell … no what in the hell was going on? That looked almost like Ghoul Work – then Blu had showed up – oh he knew the Hell Hound sure enough but he also knew she wasn’t so reckless to do something like that. Run ins with her were … interesting.

    - - Turning a corner and vaulting into the elevator he pressed several buttons waiting and noticing the blue haired woman coming he finally pressed a thumb to the key pad and forcing his own energy into the primitive tech- asked the doors to shut and for it to promptly ignore it’s safety restraints. The elevator shot up towards the top floor of the Academy where surely the leaders of their clans were gathering. The Light Stalkers would want his report surely… even though he was a part of their group – he had his own means and motives but was their R&D god so DING top floor and out popped a seemingly junior IT tech Kid who would help save the day and explain all their worried of the Evil Technology away for them.

    - - It was getting late and she was still sitting in the studio rooms of the Art Department on the campus of the university in FranSokyo. She’d been working on a chalk piece for nearly 5 hours straight now with music playing in her headphones attached to her phone she was in her own world. Quiet and calm, not a soul in the world around for miles to her; and even so – Something drew her away from her artwork and the still life of animal bones and statue pieces collages with boxes and weird looking gourds.

    - - Something like a whisper over her shoulder, a presence that was nothing when searched for brought a young woman with long silvery white blonde hair to turn and look about. She yanked one ear phone out and asked “'E-’Ello?” A heavy irish twang pulled her accent but other wise nothing made a single peep here. She still felt something was to be witnessed though turning her pale pink hazel brown eyes to the screen of her phone. A Red Alert was scrolling announced from the school. That meant hundreds of things but once she clicked on it she saw the report looping on the net works. She gasped holding a hand to her face as she watched as one by one a group of people were practically ripped apart on camera.

    - - Why was this playing?!?!? Where were the network heads who pulled the plug on this sorta shit. Why was she still watching? She couldn’t take this. Feeling rather sick she still couldn’t tear her eyes away. She wanted to hide somewhere just watching this shit. Then suddenly and finally static ruled the network and after clicking a few media outlets she sighed happy to see it was no longer playing. Though even that alone didn’t settle her nerves from what she’d seen. “What was that…” she asked.

    - - As if in response a word came to mind in a voice that was not her own. ~*Enemy…*~ Wysteria Flynt looked around yelping suddenly had she ‘Heard’ someone? Or was her mind playing with her. Shaking her head she decided it was time to get a drink and get the hell away from lonely places.

    - - Shooking her roommate a text she was surprised when the phone responded only a second after she’d sent the message. Blinking she squinted at the response from her roommate. It was even written funny. “Come Chillax In the ViriDescent! XOXO” what the hell were these X’s and O’s? Her roommate never talked like that… Shrugging she searched the club for it’s address and set it to navigate and headed that way.


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  2. Sonya Eldwine: West District: Rangaku University
    The evening breeze had Sonya’s skirt fluttering around her knees as she ducked out of the classroom and into the darkening air. As she walked, she held open her bag, storing her books away with practiced ease. Rangaku University had become almost like a second home to her. She’s spent the last eight years on and off of the campus. When she’d entered the workforce, it was in the campus library she’d began. Of course it helped that her longtime mentor, Gregory Thorne, ran the “Occult Department” as it had been dubbed. A wyse man in her coven, she’d spent many a year under his watchful eyes and there was no other man she’d rather to continue to learn from.

    Miss Eldwine,” as if her thoughts had summoned him, the brunette looked over her shoulder at the man. He looked worried, a small frown playing over his features. “Take extra care on your way home tonight. Something foul stirs in the wind.” He warned as he brushed past her, his face portraying that he was a million miles away and that there was no point in trying to strike up a conversation with him.

    I’ll be sure to do that Dr. Thorne, have a good night. Be safe.” She answered at his back, a wave over the shoulder the only indication that her words had been heard. Sonya watched him for a few more minutes as more students filed out of the classroom behind her. There were quite a few mundanes mixed in with the kin. For the humans, the magical theory class wasn’t nearly as relevant as it was for the supernatural beings, mostly magic users that attended.

    After a moment, Sonya began to walk, glancing up at the pale white orb floating just at head height. Not many could see it, but the sight of the glimmering orb was enough to set the woman at ease. Veydra always kept close to her. The spirit was a loyal one and always ready for the jump between planes to come when called. The twenty-six year old began making her way towards the edge of campus. She was done for the day and ready to go home.

    A shrill shriek and loud female voices drew her attention, gold eyes jumping over to the cluster of humans.

    What WAS that?!

    I don’t know. It couldn’t be that girl could it?” Sonya’s head tilted as she studied the gaggle of girls. they looked like freshmen.

    No way that little thing could kill all of those people? What where those shadow things?” Alarms began to sound at the back of the mage’s mind as she turned, making a beeline for the group all clustered around the phone. As she approached, she peered over the heads of the shorter girls in front of her. Sometimes being abnormally tall came in handy. Gold eyes narrowed as she watched the clip play on the smartphone. How did that kind of footage get leaked?

    Probably a prank.” Her voice slid out from her lips. The cluster of girls in front of her startled in varying degrees, as they turned to see the intruder. Sonya fixed a calming smile to her face. “Don’t believe everything you see. It looks like one of those videos people post claiming to see big foot.” One of the girls opened her mouth and Sonya pressed on, “You could probably stop by the film department and they should be able to tell you how whoever made the clip imputed the shadows.” She kept her smile in place as the lie slid off of her tongue, smoother as silk. Sonya turned away from the group and offered a small wave as she began to walk away.

    If you startle at every supernatural video you see, you’ll eventually be afraid to walk home!” She teased lightly, not caring if she received a couple of glares. She’d seen a couple of blush’s and their expressions had changed.

    After she made it away from the girls, a worried frown pulled at her lips as she pulled her cell out and turned the screen on checking for news in the local Kin community. Who the hell leaked that? It was against the Accords to be doing that kind of nonsense. She spent the next bit of time scrolling through her cell, still looking for news as she made her way to her car.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Tallulah Shui Charybdis: West Side Art Studio

    "How's this, Miss Tallulah?" called an eager voice across the room. Looking up from her desk where she had been doodling dragons on a scrap sheet of paper, Tallulah gave a vague, dreamy smile.

    "I'll come look, Marco," she said, getting up and floating across the room. "Very good!" she said, examining the rough painting of a house in a green yard with a treehouse out front. "Excellent use of color," she added, pointing at the autumnal leaves of the large oak tree in the foreground.

    "Miss Tallulah, what about mine?" asked another student, a young girl with pointed ears that marked her elven heritage. She was a bit of a show-off, clearly more skilled than her classmates, and always eager to prove it. Tallulah picked her way amongst the easels to check her newest masterpiece. As expected, it was beautiful - an intricate and astonishingly accurate rendering of Rangaku University, complete with students congregating on the front lawn. It was an effort not to roll her eyes at the pretentious child. "Very nice, Priscilla. Very detailed," she forced herself to say, with only a hint of exasperation in her lyrical voice. Priscilla beamed, and turned her painting to show her neighbor, an imp who began to make such mischievous faces that Tallulah intervened to refocus his attention on his own work. "And yours is... lovely, Carteri. Do you think perhaps the blood flowing from that dead body is a bit much? I don't think humans have quite that much blood in them, do you?" The imp scowled, dug his paintbrush into his palette, and began to black out some of the blood pool that had extended across the entire painting.

    Floating back to her desk at the front of the studio, Tallulah pulled out her mobile to check the time. A red alert flashed across the top of her screen, blinking menacingly at her. She tilted her head, eyeing it with confusion. "That's all for today, children. See you next week!" she called, flopping down into her desk chair as she waited for the kids to vacate the studio. Left to herself, she clicked on the red alert.

    Horrific scenes of gore flashed before her eyes, twelve people altogether ripped to shreds by... what? All she could see were shadows, whipping across the screen from body to body. Then when all the pieces of bodies had fallen to the street a small woman appeared, clad in tight black with blue-black hair falling down to her waist. The was something surreal about that young woman amidst all that violence, until she looked straight at the camera. Her crimson-red eyes seemed to bore through the screen into Tallulah's soul. She leaned back from the phone with a gasp, but just then the girl disappeared into thin air, and then the feed cut to static.

    She should be horrified, she knew. It was horrific. But so unreal, so mysterious that it didn't quite hit her as reality. She set the phone down on the desk, staring blankly out in front of her. Something about that skin and flesh being ripped apart was almost inspiring. Without thinking, her hand picked up the pencil and began to draw. Bodies, teeth, shadows, blood, it all appeared there on the page as it had been in the video. But on the page the short woman stood in the background, watching calmly. At last Tallulah set down the pencil, and picked up a paint brush. Dabbing the brush in a dark red paint, she dotted the two eyes of the girl a bright crimson. The girl on the page stared back at Tallulah, taunting her from afar. "We shall see," said Tallulah vaguely, pinning the drawing to the board behind her. "We shall see."

    Her phone buzzed, jumping across the surface of the desk. She stared at it for a moment, willing it not to be another horrendous video. No more, no more. It buzzed again, jumping straight off the edge of the desk. Tallulah caught it swiftly. The last thing she needed was another cracked screen. She had just had to buy a new phone after the last one got wet. Well, how was she supposed to remember it was in her pocket when she suddenly wanted to go swimming? They should really make these things water-proof.

    It was a text message from Aunt Samaya. "Come Chillax In the ViriDescent! XOXO" What?? That was not Aunt Samaya. First of all, she was pretty sure Samaya didn't even know how to text. Second, she definitely did not know the word "chillax". Viri'Descent... wasn't that a club in DownWorld Town? That would be an especially strange place for Aunt Samaya to choose to meet. Well, only one way to find out what was going on. Tallulah shrugged herself into her flouncy blue jacket and made her way out of the studio toward the South Side, completely forgetting that there was a paintbrush twisted up in her blue-grey hair.​
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  4. [​IMG]
    LOCATION: Job -> Viri Descent COMPANY: Jack -> No One MOOD: I'm Awesome -> WTF is This THEME: Click
    “Shit,” Jack yelled, trailing behind Char as he ran through the alley. “You get ‘em, Char. I can’t.” Detective Jack was easily in his late-fifties and while not out of shape, they’d been running now for twenty minutes straight. So, Char took the lead. He bolted down the long, dark alley of Fransokyo, on the tail of a criminal. He was just a petty thief, but the man had been entangled in some darker dealings about the city. If they caught him, well if Char caught him, they’d have a very helpful peek into some of the underworld dealings.

    The young man scurried up a ten-foot high chain-link fence with the grace of a young cat. Char was taller, heavier, and not-at-all designed for scurrying up vertical surfaces. He slapped against the fence as he tried to grab the man’s foot. His fingers grazed the boot that the man was wearing. He then looped his fingers through the gaps in the fence and pulled himself up fast. He crested the top of the fence and looked down. It was higher than he realized. His landing would hurt. The man was already a good five feet from the fence. Char held his breath and jumped, hoping to land within tackling distance of the man. For a moment, in mid-air, his body lingered. Something hit him in the back like a stern caress. It shot him a few feet forward and he landed on top of the man. It was a scramble of limbs, but Char cuffed the man.

    The man struggled and cursed.
    Char smiled. “I read you your rights, remember? Everything you say will be held against you in a court of law. Especially the bit about me being a, what was it again, oh a mother fucker.”
    A deep frown crossed the man’s lips and he hissed a few words in a language that Char didn’t recognize.

    Later, Jack and Char sat in Kristen’s Kountry Diner that was a popular place to find the greasiest food at the lowest prices. Celine leaned over the table somewhat sexually as she refilled Char’s coke. He didn’t pay attention. He was enrapt with meatball sub sandwich.
    “I don’t know where you put it, Char,” Jack said. He used his fork to circle around a salad much like a lion does an unappetizing prey. “If I ate like you, I’d be three hundred pounds with diabetes.”
    “Metabolism, Old Man,” Char said through bites.
    Jack leveled his fork at Char. Even though he was older than his partner, Jack was still mentally and physically spry. Even if he couldn’t keep up with Char, he could still outmaneuver many of the older detectives in the precinct. “I’ll see you ten years from now, and you’ll be in the worst health of anyone I’ve ever met.”
    Char smirked. “Will you make it that ten years, though?”
    “Take the new hire detective, they said. He’s the best in his class, they said.” Jack smiled and speared the salad with his fork. “That being said, you’ve already taken onto the hard detective skin that you need to move up in this gig. Soon, you’ll no longer be slumming it in Small Crimes but be an actual Homicide Detective. I know that’s what you wanted.”
    Char sighed, finishing up his sandwich and picking at his fries. “I know I have to work my way up, but I’m just not used to how slow this is.”
    “The wunderkind says.” Jack went to say something else but his phone went off. He checked it and sighed.
    Char’s phone also went off. He looked at the alert, there was a massive murder scene on the South Side and cops were involved. He felt his food flip in his stomach. He almost puked but held it in. “We were there, earlier.”
    Jack nodded and looked at Char. “Look, this doesn’t involve us. We’re Small Crimes. Go home and get some rest.”

    Char’s phone vibrated again. He looked at it. It was a message from Jack. He looked at his partner who had already tucked his phone away, and then back to the text. It read: “Come Chillax In the ViriDescent! XOXO”
    “Did you just text me, Jack?” Char asked. The spelling and tone of the text suggested otherwise, but he wanted to make sure.
    Jack snorted. “Oh yeah, because I’ve suddenly lost the ability to speak. No, I didn’t. I’m trying to eat this salad.”
    Something was terribly wrong with that message. Char figured he better check it out. He fished his wallet out of his pants and placed a twenty on the table. “You’re right,” he said. “I’m going to hit the hay. Night, Jack.”
    “Night, Char,” the man said, looking back at his salad with trepidation.

    Char knew the club that the text referenced, but only because some the more odd criminals had mentioned it and not his actual attendance. He slid out of the diner and walked his way towards it. He wasn’t too far from the place, and he enjoyed the exercise. Yet, his stomach was doing backflips in his throat about the massacre. Was the text related? He was glad that he hadn’t put his gun away. It was still holstered underneath his suit jacket. He fished his detective’s badge out of is long coat and clipped it back to his belt. If he had to wave his gun around it would help to prove that he could, legally.

    He approached the old movie theater. From his intel it was a rather complicated system of getting in. He approached it and passed through the doors. A large, intimidating figure stood at the ticket booth, arms crossed with a scowl for miles. Char grabbed his detective badge, but the man waved him on before he could flash it. That was strange. Were they expecting him? He passed and walked into the old theater, and then took one of the staircases up. The right one seemed less filled. He took every step slowly. His hand rested on his gun as he ascended. He didn’t know what to expect. There was bound to be some bad news up here. Considering what had just happened in the South Side, he would be ready for anything.
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  5. The news of the south side's conflict had spread throughout the neutral district like any other big news would. It wasn't long before the word was going around in brief conversations between those who lived their days in the middle district. Such voices though failed to reach one lycan though, his priorities being elsewhere for the time being.

    There was a warehouse that stuck out rather well on a street lined with businesses closed for the night, it's lights shining bright through the windows that were lined up around the rooftop. Inside, an old man stood by the office doorway with his arms crossed his eyes following a rather large figure that jumped from spot to spot throughout the hangar. Occasionally he would hear things topple over, the sound causing him to cringe and shoot his gaze towards the source of the disruption for a brief moment before continuing his usual observation. When the old man had enough, he took a deep breath then called out into the darkness.

    "Ai, ai ai Alfons don't get yourself hurt.. You still are covering for that shipment that arrives two days from now." The man would complain, and just as his words echoed through the shelves and pallets, a pair of crimson red eyes would pierce through the shadows, it's sight now trained on the man.

    "Relax mister Sanchez, you'll know I got myself in a bind when ya hear yelping and stuff being thrown around." A quiet chuckle would follow those words before the figure in the shadows stood and approached. With each step a portion of the mysterious figure was revealed by the light that was casted around the building. It wasn't long before the old man was met with a rather massive lycan in it's bi-pedal form, the lycan known as Alfons. "You know it takes a lot more to hurt a lycan, right?"

    "Regardless, you shouldn't work too hard... Besides, the others need something to do too when they punch in." The old man replied, an equally friendly chuckle escaping him before he continued. "Have you heard about the business going on in the south side? Nasty stuff.. Nasty stuff."

    "No, I have not... Don't want to hear about it, but I am guessing you will tell me anyways." Alfons said, his smirk fading as he made his way to the office, only stopping so the old man could step aside for him. There was silence, the kind of silence that would make anyone rather agitated or tense depending on the circumstances, but soon the lycan gave into the man's posture with a sigh, his head dropping to the floor while he waited for the man's berating to begin.

    "Now you know I don't like you going down there. Its that stuff that got you stuck in this warehouse sleeping in the office. Things are getting worse out there Alfons, and you have to be careful or you'll end up on the news too." The human said, bringing up the finger of shame and pointing it up at the ferocious lycan that towered over him while he spoke. Alfons looked as if he were taking each word to heart, his head hung low and his ears drooping a bit until the scolding was put to an end. "Al' you've made a family here. This is a family that you have. Do not let your family hear anything bad has happened to you, alright?"

    "Right, right I wont get into any trouble..."

    Time had passed, and when Alfons gave the man his word he was able to step into the office and grab a few belongings before heading for the door for a night. On his way out, the lycan would stop to glance over at a sword that was resting next to a mattress in the corner of the office, his gaze locked on it for a good few seconds. It took a bit of him to decline the weapon and continue his way to the outside world. Hopefully he wouldn't need a weapon tonight even if he decides to take his chances with the less law abiding parts of town. He wouldn't make it far though, not before being stopped by Mr. Sanchez one more time.

    "Oi! Wait a minute there Alfons. I forgot to tell you.. Someone sent a text to your phone while you were busy throwing my things around." By the time Alfons turned around to meet the source of the voice, a phone is pressed against his muzzle, a surprised expression coming over the lycan when he noticed the old man grinning and chuckling. He would take a moment to pull back and inspect the message, after getting a good look of it his expression would quickly be replaced with agitation.

    "Very funny mister Sanchez... But-"

    "You should go! Just- let us know ahead of time if you bring someone to the warehouse, yeh?" Those were the final words before the two parted, the lycan taking up the man's suggestion to head to some club in the southside. He didn't have plans, afterall, plans are predictable, and predictable things aren't favorable for those who don't want to be followed.
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