Wars And Invasions...

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  1. The city of Dalasius, was always constantly at war, no matter what the cost was. The council and senate thought that, that was the only way to keep the power and balance. That was until, the people uprised and executed them. Soon new senate and council members were elected, and soon an era of peace and tranquility began. This era lasted for four years, when the city was invaded. It was invaded by a race of humaniod reptilians by the name of Dracs. These ruthless creatures were ruled over by a dictor like general by the name of Lord Zyrannus. And his vision is the enslave the entire world of Eithellon, in which the city of Dalasius resides. There was death and destruction everywhere, and soon the city fell. But this was only the first on the list...

    As the citizens of Dalasius fell, the Senate members as well as the council members and their families escaped. But they were soon sighted by centuries of the Dracs and all but one were eliminated. The last senate member, wounded and weary escaped into the night. Not before his two daughters were captured. After the Senate member was soon found and brought back to health. They were angered that their city and people were destroyed and wanted revenge as well as wanting his two daughters back. They requested that the top assassins and/or mercenaries come to his aid.... The Dracs were still on the war path, planning take over other cities...

    Our characters would be the assassins/mercenaries.
    I'll dish out more details, when people join in on the fun.
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  2. im in if you make it
  3. Alrighty! ^.^ I'm hoping 1 more person will join, but if not then it will us 2.
  4. I'll join. Is this medeival?
  5. No it's fantasy more or less dark fantasy. Ok. Well I should have the OOC up soon.
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