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  1. [​IMG]W A R R I O R S[​IMG]

    "I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. "
    - Alexander The Great.

    When the leaders woke up for another day in their time, they woke up to the ground. Not even their own. They found themselves in a circle, with a number of unfamiliar people. The city was deathly empty and unfamiliar to all, keeping the humans confused. Before they could begin asking questions, a voice began to talk to them.

    "Welcome, welcome, welcome. History's most terrifying leaders!" A voice boomed across the empty city, no source detectable. "I'm so sorry about the city, I couldn't find one empty and clean. Oh well. That doesn't matter!" Everybody stood up, some listening to the voice, others scanning the circle. "The important thing is, you. You are here because you're good at what you do - lead armies and fight. And thats what you're gonna do!" The voice was a mans, but rather feminine and cheerful. "I'm sure you all have things you want to get along with at home, and if you do as I say, you just might have the chance to get back."

    The voice paused, making the cool city silent for a moment. "All you have to do is your job - Lead an army into battle, fending off the others and eventually killing them all. So, be the last one standing and you win the travel back home." The group became restless, understandably. "Please don't panic! Hopefully this will be fun! Now, find your friends and begin planning. Your armies spawn in 12 hours. Please don't try killing others or escaping yet; We'll have to kill you. And that'll ruin the fun. We'll be watching, good luck!" The voice finally cut off, leaving the city silent again.


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    The emperor had gone to sleep restless. His empire was being attacked from the east and he had plans to attack. Marcus could barely rest. When he did finally get to sleep, the change of environment only occurred to him as he opened his eyes. Marcus was in his armor and red satin robes, not what he fell asleep in last night. The male quickly got to his feet, looking around at the unfamiliar setting. "What..." He mumbled, standing straight. Before he could organize his thoughts, a voice made him jump.

    As it spoke of war, Marcus looked around carefully, scanning each face. He did not recognize much. He did see an Egyptian, but did not understand who the rest were. Was he really that far back in time? But, the voice was intimidating. Did he really have to fight? Not like Marcus would ever shy away from battle, he didn't understand what was happening.

    When the voice cut off, Marcus realized he quickly had to do what was necessary. Of course he needed to get back, the man had an entire empire to run! He considered, since he was possibly one of the earliest, maybe people had heard of 'Marcus The Brutal.'


    When it fell silent, Marcus looked around and spoke up, "I am Emperor Marcus Naso." He stated, what else was he to say?




    Germany was on the brink of war. Hitler had declared war on Britain and most of Europe. This left Officer Fleischer a lot of work to do. The man had been drawing up battle plans til the early morning. Kaiser only fell asleep by accident. When expecting to wake up to his desk, he woke up to a dusty ground. "W-Where am I?" The male gasped to himself.

    The voice helped Kaiser get to his senses. Well, he looked around at the so-called leaders. He recognized so many. It felt so unreal. There were famous leaders circled with him, did that mean he was one too? The idea was not important, but it fed his ego. Kaiser took a deep breath in, he could do this. The Nazi army was surely the best. Plus, these old-timers had nothing on Kaiser, surely.

    When one man spoke, Kaiser recognized him as a Roman. He didn't want to introduce himself, well at all. But, he needed friends right? He looked around the group for someone he really recognized. Then, he saw Aman Dakari. The famous Egyptian leader. That was, amazing. The Nazi Officer eyed the male, hoping to catch his eye. The famous Pharaoh was somebody he had admired in history, now was his chance to use him to get home.




    Lady Eleanor was dreaming vividly of her lover. Her Knight in shining armor had died courageously in battle, and he wouldn't leave her memory. She woke up in a daze, surprised to find herself in full armor. It took her a moment to get to her feet, only realizing she was not in her home once she was up. Her first thought was, heaven? "Lord?" She whispered, before the voice called out.

    The more it spoke, the more Eleanor realized this was not heaven. It was a battle. Her own army of preparing for yet another war, but now she was not there to lead them. The voice told her she had to fight. If she must, then she shall. Whatever it took to get back home to her own loyal knights.

    Make friends? The woman knew how hard it was for women in power to be taken seriously. It wasn't until she spotted one asian woman standing next to her, and a blonde straight in front of her. The people who might take her seriously were the women. As one man spoke, she silently caught the asian's eye and nodded, hoping to signal her friendliness.

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  3. Asmund The Protector
    Asmund was with his viking men, they were traveling the open sea. They were on a voyage to conquer more land, they had been victorious with every voyage so far. Their ships were magnificent and most other armies could never match them on the waters-edge. "We're almost there men! Praise Odin!" The men cheered at their leader's words. Before hitting land, Asmund blacked out.

    When he came to, he didn't realize where he was. The first thing he did was look around for his brothers, but they were no where to be found. He then her a voice from thin air, it spoke of war and...making friends? What the hell. Asmund bent on one knee, he started praying to the gods. He wanted them to lead him to the way. Out of nowhere he felt a breeze direct his vision towards a man with tribal paint on his face. "Praise Odin."

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  4. "Sleep well, your Highness," ​
    she whispered as she drifted off to sleep. Aman gently took his arm off of the woman, staring at her golden skin and realizing that he did not know her name. She was among his servants and had been eager to please him in the dead of night. He had needed the distraction; tomorrow the great army of the South would be at his heels. While he was confident his men would sweep them away, he knew the impression it would leave on his people: their home was weakening by the moment. Too many men had attacked Aman and his army, in hopes of destroying his reign. It was no secret he was the most powerful Pharaoh Egypt had ever seen, and someone always wanted to end him.

    He ran his lips down the woman's neck once more before walking out of his chambers. He stared at the horizon with a grim look on his face. Usually Aman had an omen of how the next battle would go, but tonight the gods were silent. Tonight he only had the darkness and his inner warrior to reassure him. With that thought, he sat on one of the benches outside his grand palace and dozed off.

    When he woke up, he was on the ground.

    Aman's eyes snapped open as a voice boomed above him. All you have to do is your job- fending off the others and eventually killing them all. He was on his feel instantly as he processed what was happening. Gods, where was he? This was the strangest mix of men and women he had ever seen. Light men, dark men, a woman with red lips, another with strange eyes...The only person he recognized was the Roman. Once the voice above them all stopped, there was silence. Aman opened his mouth to speak when the Roman beat him to it. Instantly, his teeth were set on edge. An emperor? Who were all of these people?

    "And I am Aman Dakarai." He didn't hesitate in responding. "Pharaoh of Egypt." Aman glanced to his left to see an older white man staring at him, dressed in foreign attire. He was one of the most pale human beings Aman had ever been in the presence of. Yet his gaze made Aman feel as if...as if the man knew him. How was that possible? There was something else in that gaze as well, a determination, a calculating strategist planning his next move. If the overhead voice was to be trusted, Aman knew he would have to ally with someone. The man staring at him seemed to be his first choice. Aman nodded at him once, in silent agreement before turning to stare at the Roman.

    If it's a war these people wanted, it's a war they would get.

    All you have to do is your job.

  5. [​IMG]

    A man was sitting on the hard concrete floor before his whole torso and head fell back, ultimately landing flat on the rough surface."Mnnn.." Thump! Immediately, the male woke up and almost instinctively reached for his holsters--Only pulling out two empty fists which were shaped to be holding firearms. He looked between both fists, wide-eyed and then his surroundings. Men, and women--Wearing old clothing it seemed. Except for a few who came after his time, who wore 'weirder' clothing. Before the cowboy could say anything to these historic-looking people, he turned around quickly.

    It was only then that of all confusion, the aura became tense. He took off his black cowboy hat, held it to his stomach with one hand and then ever so slightly looked over his shoulder."Alright, which one of you french fries stole my dag-on horse." He uttered accusingly at everyone with a stern look, his western accent was slightly apparent. Mostly it was an undertone and his voice was very clear. You just had to listen closely to hear his accent.

    Then suddenly--his tensed up behavior disappeared in an instant and he frowned."I'M SERIOUS--IS THIS A JOKE?!" He inquired exaggerating as he began stomping to each word he said."THAT. HORSE. WAS. A. FORTUNE." he shouted, slamming his hat down to the ground and stomping at it again."HOW. WOULD. YOU. LIKE. IT--" He paused picking up his hat and holding it."IF I TOOK YALL HORSES? HUH? YOUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION IF YOU WILL." The cowboy pointed out before a voice came in and explained the whole situation.

    "Welcome, welcome, welcome. History's most terrifying leaders!"
    He gasped."HONEY YOU HAD ME AT HISTORIC LEADER?--OK, Judgin' by your voice--I'd say you're a lady." Luke nodded with approval as he looked up at the sky and ever so slightly bowed his head down. The voice went on, and Luke was to say the least staring at everyone and mentally judging them.

    "I should've paid attention in History.... Or read more history books rather than maps and law." he uttered to himself as he pointed at each member of this 'war', mouthing out to himself and squinting his eyes staying focused. He was trying to figure out whose who before anyone else. Most were historic people -that he didn't know of or paid attention about-. while the others? Well, he assumed... They were losers.. or more 'modern' people after his time?

    It was totally new and different. So this would take some getting used to despite being easy to adapting.
    "All you have to do is your job - Lead an army into battle,"
    "Well wheres the army? Wheres my berries?"
    "..fending off the others and eventually killing them all. So, be the last one standing and you win the travel back home."

    "Well that sucks."
    - - -
    "Your armies spawn in 12 hours."

    "Tch, 12 hours? Make it 6~"
    "Please don't try killing others or escaping yet;"
    "What makes ya think i'll escape?"
    "We'll have to kill you."
    "Well that escalated quickly.."
    "And that'll ruin the fun."
    "No duh tuts.."
    "We'll be watching, good luck!"

    Then the voice stopped. Much to Luke's irritation again."HEY! I THOUGHT WE HAD A THING! YOU GET ME OUT OF THIS RING RIGHT NOW!" Shouted luke at the sky like a mad man."I'M TO HANDSOME FOR THIS." he added."AND MY HORSE!--GIVE ME MY HORSE AND THEN I'LL SHUT UP AND PLAY." The cowboy angrily negotiated as he motioned at the empty area behind him for his horse to somehow magically appear.

    "PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE." He pleaded."Tch. I'm goin' on strike." The cowboy frustratingly sat down on the ground, and simply laid there. He did nothing. He placed his hat over his face, and crossed his legs as he laid there on the concrete floor."Try and ignore me... Doing nothing wasn't an option or rule. So it should be fine." Muttered Luke as he was being a brat."I still got some fight left in me... Silently." Luke pointed out. He was probably the seemingly weakest one of the group.

    This odd cowboy? A leader?

    "And don't you guys dare underestimate me 'either." Luke pointed out at the historic figures behind him despite laying on his side with his back turned to them."I play dumb." he stated. Hopefully he wouldn't be looked as the rabbit of the group. Because if they were here for being a great leader, that means he was just as good -and if not, better-. The male stubbornly laid there like a child and sighed loudly.

    What an interesting..... Character.


  6. [​IMG]
    Sir Alastiar Mac Griogair

    Pillowed by his arms, Alastair's head lolled to the side as he reluctantly woke from his sleep. They'd had festivities the night before and his thoughts were swimming. The loud voice emanating from the skies did nothing for his pounding temples and roiling stomach. With a groan he pushed himself to a sitting position. Alastair appraised the people around him with interest, the group being the most diverse he had ever seen. The people's face all held the same confusion as his own, each of them with varying levels of masking over their emotions. What force could bring these seemingly powerful lads and lasses together?

    "I caint believe ye all don't have an inkling of whaur we be."

    He spoke with barely restrained humor. The others might not appreciate his amusement at the position they'd found themselves in. Of course he was worried, mostly for his people but it'd been some time since he had an adventure of sorts. His duties overwhelmed his time for entertainment. A war with such peculiar people could be quite fun. Alastair rose to his feet and patted the street's filth from his kilt. Fun indeed.

    Sora Hashimoto
    He was drifting with Ryujin when a booming voice awakened him. Sora quickly grabbed his katana and swept into a defensive position. He observed the people surrounding him taking in the wide array of ethnic colors and clothing. They did not seem overwhelmingly intent on harming him but the voice spoke of killing. Only someone or something truly powerful could bring people through time. There was great threat in war and where the voice originated from, it was best to make
    'friends'. Sora spoke without moving from his stance.

    "My name is Sora Hashimoto. I will not attack without reason but I have no qualms in defending myself."

    He bowed his head slightly in greeting before awaiting an answer.

    Davi Ferriero

    Waking to solid ground instead of the rocking of his Lady Beleza, was a surprise to Davi. He hadn't touched land for two full moons yet here he was lying atop what felt like rock and dirt. Pondering his plight, Davi only half listened to what a loud voice was saying. He would go over it later. The people who had most likely suffered the same as him were all glancing around and starting to mingle. He heard a few introductions but was struck by the gaze of a man in kneeling position. Sitting up in one fluid motion, Davi copied the man's posture.

    "I am Davi. You are?"

    He looked curiously at the strong figure in front of him. He was built solidly and beautifully, a masterpiece of a man and Davi could not help but be intrigued.
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    As the Egyptian introduced himself, Marcus eyed him carefully, not liking the fact there was a Pharaoh competing against an Emperor. He quickly switched his gaze to the two men conversing. One was painted in strange markings, speaking to a brutish looking male. Maybe he should begin to make friends. Well, allies.

    Marcus was about to step out of line and walk up to the male in the tunic. Or what he thought was a tunic, it was in fact a kilt. Yet, Marcus hoped the skirt-like dress would indicate he was familiar with Rome. Before he could, one of the males began to yell at the air. Marcus had to hide his admiration for the strong character. He was a tall, attractive man with an unidentifiable voice and dress. "I don't think the voice hears you, boy." Marcus looked at him with a small smirk, "Gods do not answer to many mortals." He added with a dark look in his eyes. He assumed it was the voice of a God, where else would it come from?

    The male wanted to go over to the cowboy, but saw the long-haired male get closer. Instead, he walked over to the kilt-wearer, his red cape waving behind him. Marcus offered a hand, "Who are you? Your accent, it is strong." He asked, keeping confident as he asked the friendliness of the male.

    Since everybody seemed to be moving towards the others, Kaiser thought he better get in before he was left alone. When Aman nodded at him, Kaiser nodded back before walking over, hands tightly behind his back. "Hello Pharaoh." He began, "My name is Kaiser Fleischer, the General Officer of the Twelve Wehrmacht Army." He noted the words must sound foreign to the Egyptian. "I have admired your leadership for a long time, I think together we can work well." He took a hand over to take off his Officers hat.

    The man looked around carefully again, scanning the new groups forming. Of course he was nervous about some of the people he recognized. Marcus the Brutal, Asmund the Protector, even the female fatale gang-leader from near his time. Kaiser did not panic though, he believed his army was close to being the best.

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  8. Asmund The Protector
    Asmund looked at the man called Davi, he smirked. He was happy that the man spoke a language similar to his, for sure no one here knew Norse...so he would have to teach Davi it, hopefully his future ally would like to learn Norse...they would have a secret code between the two. Asmund stood up, helping Davi rise also. He took the man's shoulder and shook his arm, a Viking Greeting. "I am Asmund The Protector, Leader of The Great Viking Army. King of my Viking Tribe. It's great to meet you Davi." Asmund could see that this man would be a formative ally, they might have the same style of fighting...and he was a looker, so that was a plus.

    Asmund saw how everyone gravitated to one another, seeing how the Roman went to the Scotsman...which was unheard of in his times...Asmund would stay clear of the Roman, they would butt heads soon enough. Turning back to Davi, Asmund's ice blue eyes sparked in admiration. With Davi and maybe one more ally, he would be able to take the rest out...but then what about Davi? Maybe they could find away to get out...together. "Davi, let's find another "friend" maybe one of those ladies." He usually would never work with a woman, but this time was not his realm, maybe one of them would know something here.

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  9. [​IMG]
    Commander Nima Tavana
    The Immortal Persian Army

    Commander Nima Tavana rarely slept, especially in the midst of a campaign. Her elite army dubbed "The Immortals" had been swiftly overtaking rebellion groups in the western region of the Persian Empire. She herself fought with her men, skilled in using a sword. Yet somehow, she had fallen into such a state of rest--during a battle, no less.

    When she awoke, only fear pushed its way to the forefront of her mind. Nima sat up quickly, still wearing her battle gear which consisted of light armor and a sword and knife strapped to her side. She looked around, her eyes narrowing when she saw the various warriors. She did not recognize any of them, and this caused her to be rather apprehensive. Even moreso, they were all wearing very strange clothing, and some had very light skin. How did they survive in the sun?

    The only relief that she felt was in seeing two other women. Ah, she was not surrounded by men--at least that part was good. One in particular--a woman wearing strange metal as armor--was trying to silently catch her attention. Nima seized the chance, carefully making her way over to the woman. The voice had said they needed to make allies, and Nima was not above such strategies. "I am Nima Tavana, Commander of the Immortal Army. Who are you?" Her voice was soft and seemed unimposing, but the Persian woman was anything but that.


    Akos Dali
    Hun Army

    Akos Dali had been the one name feared throughout Central Asia and even parts of Europe for many years. He was ruthless in his tactics, brutally destroying armies and rarely leaving room for survivors. He never took prisoners, and his bowmen were the most skilled in all the world for his time. Those who dared to stand against him usually found themselves dead with their blood pooling around them.

    So when he found himself in a strange place with the task of killing everyone around him in order to return home, he could only smirk. Though some would see it as pride, Akos knew his strengths, and he used them to his advantage. Mercy was not within his vocabulary, and these people would learn that very quickly.

    Kneeling on one knee, he rubbed his chin in thought as he tried to decide who to align with. Akos was not a fool, and he knew that allies would be the first step to victory. Of course, it was only temporary, and he liked to think that he was only using others as a means for his own gain--which was true. His first thought was the strange man who declared himself "Asmund the Protector." He seemed to have brutal strength on his side, and Akos could certainly use that to his advantage. His next thought was the Roman Emperor, as he also seemed to have the strength to aide Akos in this endeavor. When he saw the women, however, he could only stifle a laugh. Women were historic leaders? Impossible! He would squash them like bugs.
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  10. [​IMG]

    "This wasn't apart of our deal."
    "Sorry, I'll draw up a contract next time."
    "You'll pay for this."
    "And who exactly is going to collect? You'll be in the grave."

    Virginia unlocked the safety on the handgun she held, about to shoot when her whole world literally started to spin. The next thing she knew, she was laying on the ground with a loud voice booming in her ears. She sat up, her heart beating rapidly as she tried to soak in her surroundings. She seemed to be in a large city- perhaps New York?- but the people around her were anything but socialites. There was a man dressed in a kilt, and another in...was that Roman attire? There were a few women as well, but the majority of the group seemed to be composed of powerful, arrogant men.

    Good. She knew how to fuck with those.

    She stood up as the others began to speak and approach each other. If the voice was telling the truth, she would need to ally with one of the men. Women were cunning, backstabbing folk (Virginia would know, after all) and if she had a prayer of making it to the end, there had to be a man on her side. Unfortunate, yes, but the ugly necessities of life were what kept her on her game. She pursed her lips and studied the crowd, unsure of whom to approach and when. Perhaps she would wait until the right man walked up to her. Little would he know what he had waiting for him.​
  11. [​IMG]

    Since everyone was finding their allies, and who they best fitted with, Luke found it the time that he should to. He'll show the others that he is a leader, even if he loses no matter what! The male slowly sat himself up from the ground, and soon pushed himself up from back as he dusted off his hands and clothes. The male turned his attention to the asian leader who seemed skillful and logical--A rational mind while being a brute and he figured perhaps he would fit perfectly with him. Luke walked to him, and introduced himself."Hey you." He called, walking towards the samurai man. "I'm Luke. We partners or what?" He asked abruptly before looking around. You know that feeling that someone was staring or eyeing at you? Well, Luke had that feeling and looked around. At first it didn't seem anyone of the leaders were staring. But then he caught the roman, before moving onto someone else--Then furrowing his eyebrows and going back to the roman man. Snapped out of his introduction to Sora, only half listening to the other male before eyeing the Roman deeply.

    All Luke could do was grin. And mutter, He couldn't help but mutter about the Roman."Why.. His eyes are so godddamn fine!" He said, nodding harshly to himself before checking out the other roman from afar. Since the roman's stare wasn't at all brutally intimidating, he found it safe to to check him out. It was only his natural instinct anyways. The male quickly patted Sora on the arm, leaning to his side."Look it! Look it! Look at him!--God damn it!" Luke said excitedly as he reached for Sora's face and made him look at the roman man."Those damn eyes--Makes me get that manifest destiny feeling." He uttered, also saying it harshly mid sentence. Almost growling before grinning and nodding to acknowledge the Roman if his attention was still on him.

    "Whoops--sorry buddy!" He apologized with a foolish grin instead."Yer name... Sori? Sorry?--I'm just kidding! Sorrrrrrr....ah?" He said unsurely.


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    When approached, Eleanor straightened up and smiled. She wanted to give a good impression to the woman. Eleanor wasn't the most intimidating of faces, but she could see the woman approaching her had very dark, glaring eyes. She had to make sure she looked like a worthy ally.

    Her voice was very soft, which didn't fit her appearance. But, Eleanor didn't judge, "It is a pleasure to meet you. I'm Lady Eleanor of Hewlett, General and leader of The Kings Army." She bowed her head courteously. She went to speak, but could hear a snigger from behind her. A dirty, brutal looking man eyed her like she was a joke. Her cheeks went pink, was it because she was a woman? Eleanor had that before when she was a young woman, the knights barely took her seriously as their leader. But she proved herself.

    She looked back to Nima, "I believe we could be good allies." She smiled before looking over at another blond woman. She wasn't sure if the woman saw them, but she certainly had a prowling look on her face.

  13. [​IMG]

    Aman studied the Roman carefully, following his every move. The Gods knew he had a strong distaste for Romans. There was something obnoxiously arrogant about them; the Egyptians were prideful and arrogant as well, but they knew when to step away. The Romans, on the other hand, fought until death every time. He had to keep his eyes on the Emperor and make sure not to turn his back even for one moment. No, Aman had to be careful, he had to make sure he was secured from all angles--

    "My name is Kaiser Fleischer, the General Officer of the Twelve Wehrmacht Army." Aman turned, the white man's voice breaking him out of his reverie. He stared at him with a blank expression on his face, not knowing a damn thing about what he was saying. The man was very foreign in appearance to Aman, and his clothes were far more tailored than the Egyptians had ever seen. But there was a steadiness in his eyes that told Aman this Fleischer man was intelligent and calculated, and if Aman was going to save himself, he needed to band together with someone like that.

    "I have no idea of the words that you speak, but I am curious to know how you have come to admire me," Aman said, turning toward Kaiser and shrugging once. "It is not every day that I meet a man as...pale...as you. Tell me, where have you come from?"
  14. [​IMG]
    Sir Alastiar Mac Griogair

    Slightly startled and a bit annoyed at the cowboys antics, Alastair decided that he would not be forming any alliance with him. The dramatic caterwauling was simply unattractive to him. Instead he focused his attention on the man approaching him. "Isnae it polite tae introduce yerself first? No matter. Mah nam is Sir Alastair Mac Griogair. Leader ay th' Mac Griogair clan. Ye will dae weel tae min' it." He calmly replied to the man with an air of aristocracy to him. The flowing red cape and magnificent robes he wore were entrancing to Alastair as the Scots were used to the wool and cotton of the Highlands. Silk was a luxury most forewent in the bitter cold they faced. "Who 'r'ye?"

    If there was someone worth teaming up with, Alastair was willing to bet that the fierce man in front of him was the one. His face, although pretty, showed no signs of docility. His broad frame also spoke of a body not new to hard work or combat. He definitely wanted the man on his side.

    Sora Hashimoto

    As Sora's proclamation went unnoticed by the group he relaxed. If they were busy conversing with each other then they would have no reason to attack him. He eyed the man ambling towards him warily. The bold assumption he made was vaguely upsetting to Sora - the lack of polite speech was very unfamiliar in Asian culture. "I would prefer to know who I am befriending before putting my trust in them. Thank you." He politely but firmly told the flashy man. "And I would prefer it if you didn't ignore me." Sora glared at the cowboy as he turned his attention elsewhere and even spoke over him.

    When he was forcibly moved he had to use every ounce of restraint to keep himself from killing his potential ally. The sudden movement was triggering to his automatic defenses and the position in which he was held left his throat vulnerable. As the cowboy let him go and apologized, Sora had to take deep breaths before he felt self control flooding back into his veins.

    "Do not do that again. I cannot promise your health if you do." He pointedly stroked the hilt of his katana as he spoke. "My name is Hashimoto Sora. You are?"



    Marcus scanned the male as he talked. His face was soft, but his accent was aggressive. He concentrated hard on what the male was saying, the accent was making it nearly impossible for him to understand. Although, he did get his name. "Sir Alastiar." He repeated with confidence. Before he could get to replying to him, he heard the other man whispering loudly about his own features. The emperor felt his ego inflate as he smirked at the man, eyeing him quickly. He'd talk to him later. Another eye caught his; The Egyptian. Marcus believed Romans would defeat Egyptians, no doubt.

    But right now, he had a war to him. The man stood straight, "I am Marcus Naso, Emperor of the Roman Empire." He bowed graciously. The man he had chosen seemed very strong. "I hope to have you with me as we fight." He said, hoping that was a good way of getting across he wanted to ally him.

    When he looked across quickly again at his admirer, he grinned. It was nice to have compliments, even from the future.


    When misunderstood, Kaiser pressed his lips tightly together. Of course the man didn't understand, he was speaking 2000+ years difference in language. When clarifying, Kaiser quickly butted in, "My name is Kaiser." He thought the man would understand that. When asked where he was from, Kaiser smiled. Germany was a new land, to the Pharaoh of Egypt, his country would be foreign. "I am European." He said flatly, "I come from a new land, Germany." He smiled.

    His eye caught the Roman, he was evilly eyeing his new ally. Kaiser had looked up to Romans and Egyptians. But right now, he'd put his faith in Aman. "I have studied you. You are a great leader." He bowed his head again.
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