Warriors, Seekers, and Survivors RP?

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  1. Anyone interested in a Warriors (Cat), Seekers (Bear), and Survivors (Dog) RP?

    I was thinking it could be a cross over RP...Where the cats, bears, and dogs would team up and go on an adventure...Anyone interested?
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  2. Ohhh, I'm interested!
    By any chance are you also on Feral Front (aka wcrpg)? If so you should pm me sometime, my account name is the same as this one. My username however, is yokai.
  3. Yeah! I'm glad you're interested (•u•)/

    Feral Front? Sorry I haven't heard of it, the site I used to play on was Warriors An RPG but I think the owner shut it down. :( Last time I visited the site it was nothing but ads.

    So actually hadn't put a plot together, I kinda thought that the cats, dogs, and bears could go on a adventure of some sort.
  4. Ah, I see. I've actually been planning on making my own warriors site since I can code and design in probards, jcink, or forumotion...but I don't know anymore since no one was interested on this other site and it is a dying fandom from what I've heard.

    ANYWAYS, as for the plot...an adventure is a wonderful idea. So how many people were you thinking should participate in the role-play and will it be one character per person. So like one person is a cat, another a dog, and the other a bear?
  5. I would've loved to join your site, it makes me sad that it is slowly fading out...Warriors is such a good series though, I guess it's because the rise of Survivors and other books. :( I don't the fandom to join StarClan yet.

    I was hoping for a good handful at least, and the amount of characters per player I really hate having limits because I know most times players get an idea for another character or others.

    So I'm okay any amount as long as they can keep up with them. So if they want one of each animal or two of a certain animal it's fine with me :)
  6. Yeah, maybe in the summer I'll make one on jcink for the sake of warriors since they're kinda like my books to go to whenever I'm frustrated. I mainly read the warriors series for giggles and then eventually I started to role-play animals because of it.

    Ah, ok that sounds good! hopefully more people will be interested in this.
  7. I know what mean, I just love the thought of cats being able to run their own society, and I often wish I could be there, it's childish I know but hey living in the clans and training to be a warrior would be fun!

    I hope so too and if not...it could just be you and I.
  8. Yeah, I mean if you want to start one later just hit me up. I'll be happy to help and stuff...the only thing that I hate is when I hire staff members and they ditch me or they don't have enough time and don't inform me. I'd rather they give me a horrible excuse, than just disappearing and leaving me unexpectedly maintaining the site on my own.

    Yeah, I wouldn't mind if it ends up being a 1x1. <3
    If someone else's interest is piqued that'd be even better though.
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