Warriors of Ferrinhigh, A fantasy RP.

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  1. CS page is this way OPEN SIGNUPS - Warriors of Farrinhigh, Sign Ups | IwakuRoleplay.com

    This is to be my third RP I'm hosting. And as I said before there is more to come. This is actually going to be my first fantasy RP... Ever... I'm basing it a bit of the elder scrolls saga, with my own ideas and twists. For example the race names are going to have different names and other things and some of them won't even take part. It's also not going to be INHERENTLY skill based but they will be submersivly existent. In short, skills are a character/Race thing more than a gameplay thing. Each race in this game has their own history as well, but that's going to take time for me to make. Also mind you that this is a FANTASY role play, and since its inspired by the elder scrolls games needless to say it's midevil themed. This role play will also have factions as this role play takes place in an age of war, there will be two of them... Needless to say it's good vs evil, and to make it so each faction has something to do not the home providences of each race has chosen a side of the war yet. Once I get a good number of players interested I'll post the CS thread, in the mean time ask me any questions you have. But here are a few answers to questions that I think I know are coming up...


    Q: Are there going to be beast races in this game?

    A: Yes, there are currently 4 beast races and there are more planed. The current four are... The Reptilian Saurens, the Big Cat like Krens, The Harpies, and the wolf like Settars. There is also a 5th race that is human in appearance but has animals body parts (only ears, horns, and tails. Nothing beyond) known as the Fawns.

    Q: Are orcs Related to elves in this game? Are elves and orcs even in this game?

    A: there are four different races of elf in this game, orcs ARE in this game but are NOT classified as an elf.

    Q: how many Characters can we have?

    A: So long as you can keep track of them you can have as many as you want.

    Q: Do all the races have their own Providence?

    A: Yes.

    Q: how far back dose History Go?

    A: 3,000 years give or take. Or at least that's what I have planned.

    Q: How many Playable Races are there?

    A: I don't have a number yet, but enough to give players options.

    The List of Races (WIP)

    Humans- This race Lives in the providence of whelmar, The capital is The Emerald Castle. Humans have no specialties but the same goes for their weaknesses. Humans were the founders of the Guilded Alliance and typically respect all races as eaquals.

    Night Elves - One of the Four Races of Elves of Ferrinhigh, Night Elves are the founders of The Oblivion Armada. They are a wicked race that specializes in dark magic, and are more powerful at night. Thousands of years ago they used the Fawn as salves and treated them with the utmost of spite. However it was the Humans who stepped in and fought off the the Night Elves thus freeing the slaves. Night Elves are at home at the province of Death Valley and are highly Vulnerable to fire.

    Fawn - Like all beast races, the fawn have excellent night vision. They were once looked down on by most races and some of them to this day still do. The Fawn were once used as slaves by the Night Elves but were Freed by the Humans. The Fawn a peaceful race and try to avoid conflict, but even still they pledge them selves to the Guilded Alliance. They are Vulnerable to magic, but are quite smart and thus have a collage in the City of Kinn; The Capital City of their home Providence of Lynba.

    Ling - One of the many beast Races of Ferrinhigh that consists of four different forms of creatures. And Fifth that so happens to be their King. The Ling ,when young, grow and mature into one of the four guardian creatures of their culture. The are Byakko, Susaku, Genbu, and Seiryuu, their King is what is know as a Fanron. Like the Fawn and other beast races they have great night vision. They reside in the Providence of Kenzo.

    Kren- The Cat like Kren have little to no skill in the art of magic on the account that it is what they are vulnerable to. But they seem to excel in the art of stealth and are renowned through out history as Assassions. The Krens also come in a verity of different body builds for reasons unknown. They are a loyal to the Alliance and reside in the providence of Meenwile. And like all beast races they have natural night vision..

    Orc- The Orcs are a neutral race that reside in the volcanic providence of Molarg. Orcs are greatly skilled in blacksmithing due to their volcanic homeland. Their forges are located in he heart of active volcanoes. Their steel is said to be the best in the world, only second to that of the rumored to be extinct Sauren. The Orcs are natural born keeping the Armada at bay at their boarders.

    Frost Elves - The frost Elves reside in the providence of Coldshear, the northernmost providence of Ferrinhigh. They are highly skilled in Ice magic and also have an uncanny resistance to cold temperatures. Because of their kindly nature they side with the alliance and have been with them for a long time. Frost elves are highly vulnerable to fire.

    Xaio- The turtle like Xaio have the weakest of night vision but they make up for it in high natural defense. They prefer hand to hand combat and staffs over the use of other weapons, and even still hate violence. They are a neutral people who live in the province of Mayflon. Being reptiles they are vulnerable to ice magic but are resistant to fire magic. They are also the founders of the anchient martial art known as Xaikau.

    Forest Elves - Forest Elves are great archers more so than other elves. Like the Fawn they too were once subjugated to slavery, by the hand of the Settars. But unlike the Fawn, The Forest Elves managed to free them selves. Forest Elves have little skill with magic and have hardly any structure to their society. They reside in the providence of Yuurken.

    Harpies - Contrary to popular belief. Harpies are A beautiful Bird like race who excel in the use of wind magic. As a neutral People they only get involved in war affairs if they feel their home land is in danger. They are the only race that can fly (with the exception of some of the Sauren) making them dangerous to fight especially in numbers. As a bird like race they are vulnerable to Ice and Storm magic. Harpies are native the providence of Shear, Which is also the largest mountain in the world.

    Settars - The Settars are often referred to as werewolves for their appearance and like werewolves are not the friendliest of beings. They Side them selves with The Armada, and are often seen on the battlefield as main line solders. They Can't use magic out side of shadow spells, however they are quite resistant to all other forms of magic. The Settars do not reason with any race out side the Armada and look down on those who Oppose them. They live in The providence of Dendar.

    Sun Elves - Also known as Sand Elves, this race resides in the desert providence of Sinmere. Sun Elves have great Magical skill but have low skills in weaponry. They Side with The Alliance as they too groun upon the deeds of those who are part of the Armada. Sun Elves have great resistance to Fire but are in able to learn any fire spells. Instead they specialize in other forms of magic.

    Sauren - Legendary, Bold, Honorable, Powerful, these are all words used by the people of Ferrinhigh to best describe the Saurens. They are known through out history as Dragon Hunter/Slayers and have defeated the Night Elves countless times in the past. Their weapons and armor is said to be made out of the remains of the dragons they defeated making them the best in all the world. Saurens live in the Island Providence of White Jungle, the Largest and most Tropical Providence of Ferrinhigh. Their magical skill and weaknesses vary depending the clan they reside from. All Saurens are Immune to Fire and they Have the best Night Vision of all beast races. There has been rumor that they have been Extinct for quite some time, but only time will tell if the truth will come to light.

    Tribil - A fox Like race known to be skilled in fire magic. They are an evil people who,side them selves with th Armada and for good reason too. For the longest time they have been depicted as daemons and evil spirits By Humans and Fawn, as they have done nothing but raid and pillage weaker Villages and towns. Their night vision is Rivaled only by the Saurens, but that still is rather impressive. The Tribil live in the providence of Hyph, the smallest providence of Ferrinhigh.

    Brogem- Despite their Reputation, the Brogem are golem like creatures who are members of the Alliance. The have a naturally powerful defense and can even withstand medium explosions, making them an asset to the Alliance's Forces. They are also very strong given their size, this dose mean how ever they are very slow... Both in speed and intelligence. Brogem are the only construct race of Ferrinhigh and reside in the providence of Gollis.

    Helgoblin - Another sinister race, the Helgoblin are one of the more dangerous creatures of Ferrinhigh. They Exel in Many different forms of Illusion magic bending the will of weaker foes to fight for them or worse. They Side with the Armada, and have Ben with them since the beginning. They do how,ever seem to have an unnatural fear of the larger races like the Saurens, Ursa, and Brogem. The Helgoblin's home land is the Providence of Hien.

    Ursa- A bear like race, the Ursa like in a forest providence known as Beerilla. The Ursa have no Alliance as of yet, but as the way things stand they are considering joining the Alliance. They are natural born warriors and know not the meaning of fear. They are however quite ignorant and uncivilized, making them hard to negotiate with. The Ursa also look down on the usage of non elemental magic, in fact it's outlawed in their territory.

    Kappabarken- Also know as Water Imps, The Kappabarken live for chaos and death. Their swampy home of Krellx is mostly rivers and swamps. Kappabarken are masters of Water magic but are highly Vulnerable to storm magic. They are part of the Armada and despise all who oppose them. Kappabarken have little to no weapon skills meaning they are useless on the battlefield once their mana is drained.
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  2. Some odd questions people are asking.

    I'll consider. Say, are there any Oriental Races? Is it possible for me to suggest races?
  3. you mean if the RP is going to focus mostly on one race? Not really no, there are a few races that have made their mark in history like the Saurens, humans, and orcs. But for the most part I'm going to try and make sure each race gets some action.

    Yes you may suggest a Race, might actually help build this world I'm Trying to create.
  4. No, as in, Oriental.

    The races you lean towards to are Western-based. Are there any Eastern-based ones?
  5. If I can find any that appeal to me there will be. One of the gods in the game is based of Raiden though so a least their religion will have some variety.
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  6. I might have a certain degree of interest, but whether or not I join will depend upon the finalised version of the OOC. Also, like Crow, I'd like a few eastern-based races too. Western-style fantasy races are all essentially identical to each other except for visual appearance and I find them incredibly one-dimensional and generic. Oh look, a high elf with a high magic skill. That's a surprise. Oh look, a Wood Elf that's good at archery. What's the difference between the two species? Basically nothing. They have almost the same history and abilities except that one has a higher MAT stat and the other has a higher bow proficiency.
  7. Well, Harpies are from Greek mythology so that's one race that is eastern. The Saurens are based of Dragonborn from Norse mythology so that's two. And I have plans of adding another beast race based of the Xaiolin monks, along with the Water Imps of Japanese Mythology, and of course fairies. So that already is Five races based of mythology from the east. I'm also up for suggestions for races if any one has any.
  8. Eastern means Japan, China, Indonesia, India... places like that. Norway and Greece both class as western.
  9. Alright some race ideas based on eastern mythology:

    Kitsune - fox demon (a must have when it comes to eastern races, really :P)
    Rakshasa - earth spirit (a demon-like creature from Indian mythology)
    Tengu - goblin-like angels of dubious origin.
  10. I see, well like I said. There will be some races based off eastern mythology and I am up for suggestions. In fact Crow said they wanted to make one. Still waiting for it though.
  11. Ling - a fully-beast race with four different varieties that they can mature into. These four varieties resemble the four Guardian Beasts - Byakko, Suzaku, Genbu and Seiryuu. The King of this race resembles a Fanron.
  12. The Krens remind me of Hunter and the other Cheetahs in the Spyro games. Along with the Thunder Cats.
  13. The Krens have the appearance of one of five different big cats. Lions, Tigers, Lepards, Pathers, and cheatas. They are the kajiit of the game in other words. I take it you are interested?
  14. Yes. I am interested.
  15. Good to know. I'm am still working on lore for each race but it's going to take time for players to gain interest any way so I'll keep brainstorming.

    EDIT: I am right now working on the race list. If you have suggested a race please refine it so I can update it properly.
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  16. Hmm, allow me to leave my interest here, looking forward to seeing more as info is created.
  17. Great to know, once I have all the race info done and get a few more people I'll post the CS page.
  18. I'd totally love to join in on this.
  19. Great, I just updated the race list but there are still a few more to fill out. But once they are all done I'll post the CS page. I have a lot of thinking to do for some of them but I'm sure I'll come up with something cool.

    EDIT: Just Five more races and I'll make the CS page. Not to long now guys
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  20. Mind the double post, just. Bumping to see if there isn't any one else interested and to notify all those who are that the race list is done.
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