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  1. Well if your her then the Intrest Check got you... Well interested. But for those of you just joining here is the gist of the game. It's a fantasy RP with a large number of races. Each race is either on a particular side or are just fending for their homelands alone. The conflict between two warring factions ( The Alliance and the Armada) has been going on for thousands of years and is no where near coming to an end, how ever the actions of the future may change all that. So who will you aid? The Noble Alliance? Or the horrific Armada?

    Mind you this is a WIP, so not everything is ready as of yet. After all this is a LOT of information for me to type.


    1. No God modding or meta gaming
    2. As GM my word is law.
    3. Combat is to be done in the IC page, but the outcome must be negotiated between all partaking parties in a PM.
    4. Yes, you can Recruit any of the neutral races.
    5. Yes, you can be unaffiliated with your kind be it a traitor or just neutral. Sauren are the exception to this rule and MUST remain loyal to their own kind
    6. Have Fun

    And with out further adu... A Brief history lesson. WIP

    3000 - 2500 B.A- the Night Elves Invade the Providence of Lynba. Without weapons or proper magic the Fawn who live there had no choice but to submit to their will and a dark future of slavery began for them. Other Races began to catch on to their Cruelty. They were released by the end of 2500 B.A by the hand of the Humans and an Alliance had been born.

    2467 B.A - Other Races Began to Join the Guilded Alliance. And the Night Elves begin to form The Oblivion Armada. War breaks out and any all other races caught in between often suffered.

    2400 B.A - Kappakarken and Night Elves Invade Meenwile, but with little to no water sources they were Almost instantly defeated and purged back to their home land. This was what Sparked what is known as "The age of War" and the Kren Join the Alliance from thrier victory.

    2345 B.A - 2330 B.A- General Shandar Of the Night Elves Rose to power. He and His Elite Soldiers (Known as The Black Star Army) Have conquered The Providence of Dendar. Shortly after they along with the newly Recruited Settars Conqured Hyph. They then Set their Sights on White Jungle in hopes they can find some one else to "Bully"

    2329 B.A - The Black Star Discovered The Saurens and all Five of their Clans. The Fight between them had began. For months Shandar had pressured the Saurens and they were nearing Victory. However they made one mistake one fateful day. A Battle that brought an end to the Black Star, one that the Armda regrets to this day. The Balck star had Planned to Invade Drengis. the Capital of White Jungle And Home of the Dovah Clan. The Dovah Clan specialize In Fire Magic and Attacks, and the Invasion was to take place at night. General Shandar thought he and his forces could surprise the Saurens in their sleep, but The Saurens saw this coming for a while and had already planed a counterattack. The Dovah Clan used their fire powers to Incinerate the Black Star Army, Shandar was captured and killed. Kids head was put on a pike and mounted on the Sauren landmark "The Wall of Shame". The Battle was known throughout history as "The Night of Fire" and is known all throughout Farrinhigh.

    2200 B.A - the Fawn Comstuct The collage of Maayn. A place where races who are part of the Alliance may attend for any reason they see fit. So long as the intention is for knolage.this collage is a hot spot for any would be soldiers or even those who are already serving the Alliance. They cover a wide array of different subjects including all recorded events of history. Many of the Professors are seen throughout Farrinhigh as geniuses.

    2000-1800 B.A - the Xaio Construct their Temples and being to train any and all non hostile races. They still are not sure as to whether or not they should join the Alliance or not.

    1798-1770 B.A - The Armada Attacks The Harpies. Hoping that defeating them would result in their cooperation the evil forces attempted to overthrow the Harpies. But their vast numbers were too much for them and the Armada was pushed back. The world starts to think that the Ar,Ada isn't as tough as people say they are.

    1760- 1000 B.A - Dragons appear in Farrinhigh and seek to conquer the world, they begin their campaign with The human race. Lead by a Black dragon by the name Xalxan, these winged terrors threatened to wipe them all out, had the Saurens not intervened they would have succeeded. The Dragons then took their fight to White Jungle.

    956- 800 B.A - Dragons Enslave the Saurens, but miss information has reported them to be extinct. The dragons have lost interest in the rest of the world and settle in White Jungle. Dragons also put a ban on the Worthship of the Goddess Ryneen, only time will tell what their fate is to be.

    750-745 B.A - Orcs have Become more civilized, three clans have been formed and the warrior people have become a powerful nation. The Night elves have attempted to ally them with brute force like they have with other races. Needless to say, they failed.

    400-200 B.A - the Armada has found and destroyed Atlantis, despite the Inhabitants best efforts the Continent of Atlantis was completely wiped out and obliterated. The Armada even castes a spell to sink it to the bottom of the Ocean, Their Fearful prowess had returned to the world.

    122 B.A- The Saurens defeated the Dragons, The Powerful Xalxan had been sealed away into a Sauren egg and his minions had been sealed into the bodies of other individuals who had fought against the dragons. The child to hatch from the Egg was named "Dovah-Sil" and with the defeat of their overlords gave rise to the Dovah Clan. The world however is unaware of these events and still think they are extinct.

    120-100 B.A (Present Day)- The Alliance is fed up with the Actions of the Armda and choose to go to war in hopes of bringing them to an end once and for all. Only fate will tell if their endeavors will do them any good.

    Race List.

    Humans- This race Lives in the providence of whelmar,.The capital is whelsh, home of the Emerald Castle. Humans have no specialties but the same goes for their weaknesses. Humans were the founders of the Guilded Alliance and typically respect all races as eaquals. The Human Race is an Empire, Meaning they have a Single Sronghold Ruled by Single King (and/or queen) and multiple Villages. Empires are Very strict when it comes to following their laws.

    Night Elves - One of the Four Races of Elves of Ferrinhigh, Night Elves are the founders of The Oblivion Armada. They are a wicked race that specializes in dark magic, and are more powerful at night. Thousands of years ago they used the Fawn as salves and treated them with the utmost of spite. However it was the Humans who stepped in and fought off the the Night Elves thus freeing the slaves. Night Elves are at home at the province of Death Valley and are highly Vulnerable to fire. Night Elves are an Empire based Race.

    Fawn - Like all beast races, the fawn have excellent night vision. They were once looked down on by most races and some of them to this day still do. The Fawn were once used as slaves by the Night Elves but were Freed by the Humans. The Fawn a peaceful race and try to avoid conflict, but even still they pledge them selves to the Guilded Alliance. They are Vulnerable to magic, but are quite smart and thus have a collage in the City of Kinn; The Capital City of their home Providence of Lynba. The Fawn are a Diplomatic Race, meaning they Elect a Ruler who will look after the home land for a several years, after their term is over a new leader is to be elected by the inhabitants.

    Ling - One of the many beast Races of Ferrinhigh that consists of four different forms of creatures. And Fifth that so happens to be their King. The Ling ,when young, grow and mature into one of the four guardian creatures of their culture. The are Byakko, Susaku, Genbu, and Seiryuu, their King is what is know as a Fanron. Like the Fawn and other beast races they have great night vision. They reside in the Providence of Kenzo. The Ling are an Empire

    Kren- The Cat like Kren have little to no skill in the art of magic on the account that it is what they are vulnerable to. But they seem to excel in the art of stealth and are renowned through out history as Assassions. The Krens also come in a verity of different body builds for reasons unknown. They are a loyal to the Alliance and reside in the providence of Meenwile. And like all beast races they have natural night vision.. The Kren are an Empire race.

    Orc- The Orcs are a neutral race that reside in the volcanic providence of Molarg. Orcs are greatly skilled in blacksmithing due to their volcanic homeland. Their forges are located in he heart of active volcanoes. Their steel is said to be the best in the world, only second to that of the rumored to be extinct Sauren. The Orcs are natural born keeping the Armada at bay at their boarders. orcs Are a Clan race, meaning that they have several strongholds each ruled by a chieftain, and one Clan rules over all. Only those born into the clans main family can potentially rule it once they come of age. The clans of the Orcs are the Yaln, The Vangar, and the supreme clan is the Ruugn.

    Frost Elves - The frost Elves reside in the providence of Coldshear, the northernmost providence of Ferrinhigh. They are highly skilled in Ice magic and also have an uncanny resistance to cold temperatures. Because of their kindly nature they side with the alliance and have been with them for a long time. Frost elves are highly vulnerable to fire. Are a Diplomatic Race.

    Xaio- The turtle like Xaio have the weakest of night vision but they make up for it in high natural defense. They prefer hand to hand combat and staffs over the use of other weapons, and even still hate violence. They are a neutral people who live in the province of Mayflon. Being reptiles they are vulnerable to ice magic but are resistant to fire magic. They are also the founders of the anchient martial art known as Xaikau. The Xaio is a monastery race, meaning they have a counsel of more experienced Indeviduals. No one is really "In Charge".

    Forest Elves - Forest Elves are great archers more so than other elves. Like the Fawn they too were once subjugated to slavery, by the hand of the Settars. But unlike the Fawn, The Forest Elves managed to free them selves. Forest Elves have little skill with magic and have hardly any structure to their society. They reside in the providence of Yuurken. Forest elves are a Clan Race, they compose of the Yin, the Ren, the Uik, and the supreme clan is the Yan.

    Harpies - Contrary to popular belief. Harpies are A beautiful Bird like race who excel in the use of wind magic. As a neutral People they only get involved in war affairs if they feel their home land is in danger. They are the only race that can fly (with the exception of some of the Sauren) making them dangerous to fight especially in numbers. As a bird like race they are vulnerable to Ice and Storm magic. Harpies are native the providence of Shear, Which is also the largest mountain in the world. Harpies have only a single clan. They also has a society where women have more rights than the men.

    Settars - The Settars are often referred to as werewolves for their appearance and like werewolves are not the friendliest of beings. They Side them selves with The Armada, and are often seen on the battlefield as main line solders. They Can't use magic out side of shadow spells, however they are quite resistant to all other forms of magic. The Settars do not reason with any race out side the Armada and look down on those who Oppose them. They live in The providence of Dendar. Are an Empire Race.

    Sun Elves - Also known as Sand Elves, this race resides in the desert providence of Sinmere. Sun Elves have great Magical skill but have low skills in weaponry. They Side with The Alliance as they too groun upon the deeds of those who are part of the Armada. Sun Elves have great resistance to Fire but are in able to learn any fire spells. Instead they specialize in other forms of magic. sun Elves are a monastery.

    Sauren - Legendary, Bold, Honorable, Powerful, these are all words used by the people of Ferrinhigh to best describe the Saurens. They are known through out history as Dragon Hunter/Slayers and have defeated the Night Elves countless times in the past. Their weapons and armor is said to be made out of the remains of the dragons they defeated making them the best in all the world. Saurens live in the Island Providence of White Jungle, the Largest and most Tropical Providence of Ferrinhigh. Their magical skill and weaknesses vary depending the clan they reside from. All Saurens are Immune to Fire and they Have the best Night Vision of all beast races. There has been rumor that they have been Extinct for quite some time, but only time will tell if the truth will come to light. The Saurens are a Clan race. Their clans consist of the Yol, The Lom, the Gol, the Su, and the supreme clan is the Dovah.
    Saurens are the only Race who can be infused with a Dragon Soul, this not only increases their power but also their weaknesses.

    (Note: The Sauren are also a brotherhood race, meaning they refer to all individuals as brother/Sister. For those who are their actual brothers they refer to the, as Brood Brother or Brood Sister. Any other family relatives are referred as what they are.)

    Tribil - A fox Like race known to be skilled in fire magic. They are an evil people who,side them selves with th Armada and for good reason too. For the longest time they have been depicted as daemons and evil spirits By Humans and Fawn, as they have done nothing but raid and pillage weaker Villages and towns. Their night vision is Rivaled only by the Saurens, but that still is rather impressive. The Tribil live in the providence of Hyph, the smallest providence of Ferrinhigh. The Tribil are an Empire Race

    Brogem- Despite their Reputation, the Brogem are golem like creatures who are members of the Alliance. The have a naturally powerful defense and can even withstand medium explosions, making them an asset to the Alliance's Forces. They are also very strong given their size, this dose mean how ever they are very slow... Both in speed and intelligence. Brogem are the only construct race of Ferrinhigh and reside in the providence of Gollis, they are a Monostary.

    Helgoblin - Another sinister race, the Helgoblin are one of the more dangerous creatures of Ferrinhigh. They Exel in Many different forms of Illusion magic bending the will of weaker foes to fight for them or worse. They Side with the Armada, and have Ben with them since the beginning. They do how,ever seem to have an unnatural fear of the larger races like the Saurens, Ursa, and Brogem. The Helgoblin's home land is the Providence of Hien. The Helgoblin's have no form of leadership.

    Ursa- A bear like race, the Ursa like in a forest providence known as Beerilla. The Ursa have no Alliance as of yet, but as the way things stand they are considering joining the Alliance. They are natural born warriors and know not the meaning of fear. They are however quite ignorant and uncivilized, making them hard to negotiate with. The Ursa also look down on the usage of non elemental magic, in fact it's outlawed in their territory. The Usra have a Three Clans... The Krel, the Urio, and the Pon.

    Kappabarken- Also know as Water Imps, The Kappabarken live for chaos and death. Their swampy home of Krellx is mostly rivers and swamps. Kappabarken are masters of Water magic but are highly Vulnerable to storm magic. They are part of the Armada and despise all who oppose them. Kappabarken have little to no weapon skills meaning they are useless on the battlefield once their mana is drained. The Kappabarken are an Empire based race.

    Sign up sheet

    Name: what dose your character go by?
    Gender: Male or Female
    Race: what are you?
    Age: how old is your character? (You must be 17 to go to war)
    Army: Who do you side with? (Yes you can be a traitor to your race or not side at all
    Home Lamd: Where were you born? (Note: Only Saurens can be born on White Jungle)
    Clan: what clan are you a part of? (Clan Races only)
    Dragon soul: what kind of dragon soul do you have? (Dovah Clan Sauren only, Up to two elements, Optional)
    Role: where do you Fall in the world?
    Bio: Brief Back story

    My Characters.


    Name: Dovah-Sil Vavaris
    Gender: Male
    Race: Sauren
    Age: 22
    Army: N/A
    Home Land: White Jungle
    Clan: Dovah
    Dragon Soul: Fire/Dakrness
    Role: Son of the Dovah Clan Chieftain, Warrior/Spellcaster

    Bio: Ever since he hatched, Dovah-Sil had been treated as a hero all through out the land yet he was never told why. He is a powerful warrior and the soul of the Dragon over lord fuels his already astonishing power, although he knows he is in possession of a dragon soul he dose not know that is that of Xalxan. Everywhere he goes his bodyguards are never to far away from him, although he tends to try and ditch most of them as he has proven that he is stronger then them all. Dovah-Sil is Cocky due to his power and sometimes challenges foes without a second thought, he is also very serious and puts the mission above all else. Dovah-Sil fears nothing and will never turn his back on those in need, after all he is to be chief one day... What will his people think of him if he just left them for dead?


    Name: Varous Tien
    Gender: Male
    Race: Sauren
    Age: 30
    Army: N/A
    Home Land: White Jungle
    Clan: Dovah
    Dragon Soul: Earth/Nature
    Role: Captain of the Honor Guard, One of Dovah-Sil's Bodyguards

    Bio: Varous was only a child when his people overthrew the Dragons. But he was lucky enough to be intrusted with a dragon soul of his own on the account that his father was one of the brave warriors who fought against them. Since he became the proper age to join the honor guard he was assigned to be a body guard to the Chieftain's First born. There were a few close scrapes but there was never an instance where Dovah-Sil was ever harmed nor was there a situation he couldn't handle. Varous is stubborn but also wise, although he isn't as powerful as the Chieftain's son he is still a force to be reconed with.


    Coming soon


    Coming soon.
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  2. A question - certain races are described as 'good' or 'evil'. Can certain exceptions(not neccesarily the opposite, more neutral rather) be allowed?
  3. Yes there can be some who rebel against their race. This is just giving you an idea of how they all work. I'm Right now working on the CS and I'll be finishing up the history bit so stay tuned.

    As I Said before There is A LOT of information I need to add so typing it all will take time.
  4. Alright, cool, I can start putting a CS together tonight then.
  5. Bumping, also the rules are up. It's not much but it's a start.
  6. Simple enough rules, to be sure.
  7. Nice rules. Some qustions if you do not mind: are/were all dragons evil? Or are/were some of them good, or good but branded as evil out of fear and/or hate? Also are or can there be a hybrid/hafling race, or character? Do some dragons still exist, or are they all extinct? Are there regular animals in this world? Such as birds, mammals, fish, etc. (As opposed to just animal-like races.(Though I do not mean as a character choice, just to give the world more depth.))
    Can a character of an evil race be good? (I would imagine that not many people/creatures would believe them when they say that they are good.) Can a character be an anti-hero, as opposed to Good, Bad, or Neutral? Can a character pretend to be on one side as a spy, or to double cross them? Can a character secretly work for both sides, good and bad?
    Or good, bad, and neutral, and/or anti hero? Can a character have a pet, multiple pets, or some sort of rideable creature or mount? Can a character of one race have a name from another culture? Or live in another part of the world amongst those of other races? (Perhaps due to immigration, or that character, or that character's family just wanted to move, or they had to move.)
    Can a character worship gods and goddesses of another race, or culture, or a mix of gods from their own culture and other cultures? What are the music, art, entertainment, literature (including poetry and plays) clothing (formal wear, informal wear, clothes for babies, toddlers, small children, bigger children, tweens, teenagers, young adults, adults, older adults, middle aged, and the elderly, certain jobs, occasions such as mourning, festivals, religious ceremonies, holidays, dances, balls, weddings, political meetings, negotiations, war, hunting, exploring, and so on,) religion, spirituality, magic, geography, native flora and fauna (including insects, and aracnids, and which kinds are considered pests, and which kinds are invasive species, and are any sacred? and if so, which ones?), common, uncommon, and rare diseases and conditions, medicines and remedies (ex: eye drops, ear drops, teas for a sore throat, antibacterial ointments, healing potions, and so on), language, education, laws, statutes, rules, casts (social classes), symbols, legends, myths, nursery rhymes, bedtime stories, food (do they have many of the same foods as we do, but with many other kinds as well, or just other kinds, or just the same food we have? What foods are poisonous to one race and not others? or poisonous to some races and not others?
    or poisonous to animals only, and please tell me they at least have coffee and tea as we do) common names for children, building structures, of the cultures? What about farm animals? What about specific crops, and/or fungi? What about fertilizers, growth potions, special soils, growth serums, and plant food? How do some cultures that live in dark places grow their crops?
    What products do certain cultures/races produce from their crops, and/or animals, and which ones (if any) do the trade, export, or sell? (Do they produce items such as fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, herbs, eggs, alge, cheese, crackers, milk, juices, chips of some sort, spreads/condiments, pickles, pickled plums, and other pickled foods, bread, stews and/or soups, salads, sandwiches, jams and/or jellies, butter, cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, ice-cream, other desserts, casseroles, alcoholic beverages, meats (if so, what kind of meats? chicken, pheasant, turkey, other bird or fantasy type bird, fish, beef, pork, horse, or other meat?) sacred holiday meals/foods, candies, flavored waters (perhaps with a potion), and are there some cultures and/or races that are cannibals, or are cannibals only some times (such as if they run out of/low on food,) and are there some cultures and/or races that eat inanimate objects such as rocks, metals, wood, gems, and so forth? What about monetary systems, and/or trade/bartering of the cultures?
    Is it the same for all the cultures? What makes each race different from one another physically, emotionally, mentally, phychicly, and spiritually? What is different internally? Organ structure? Blood type? Lesser variation in blood type for some races? Or a mix?
    What about mythical creatures? Do they exist? Do they have their own cultures? Or are they more animal like? Do some cultures have multiple races, and/or multiple religions?
    If so, do the races get along in all multi-cultural cultures? Do all religions get along in all multi-religious cultures? Or in just some cultures? What do all races and cultures have in common? What do they have that is unique?
    Do they have stories of beings from the stars (aliens)? What kinds of exercise do some cultures and/or races do? Do some cultures and/or races have some form of meditation, and/or ti chi? What type of dances, and/or dance hybrids do some cultures and/or races have? What about courtship rituals? Is every individual of a race the same? (ex: same clothes, same hair, same religion, same spirituality, same alliance, same body shape, same skin tone, same abilities, same weaknesses, same language (usually with no special dialect), same beliefs, same housing and building structure, same type of name, etc.) Or are some individuals, and/or groups, and/or villages, towns,and/or cities, and/or organizations different depending on location and/or geography? Do some cultures and/or races have yoga, or some form of yoga? What about jewelry? What about Furniture? What about bags, and other things/ways to carry things? What about tools?
    What are common mistakes made by foreigners? Do some cultures/races/places have some form of tourism? What are some common language mistakes made by natives, and/or foreigners? What are common language mistakes made by children still learning their own language? Are there classes for all languages for foreigners?
    What about dreams? What about weapons? What is considered taboo? What about piercings and tatoos? What about titles, what are some individuals called? What about nicknames? What about trade routes?
    What about the science of some cultures and/or races? Do some cultures/races have religion, magic, spirituality, and science that work together? Or do science and religion conflict in some cultures and/or races? Who are famous poets, playwrights, bards, troubadours, minstrels, healers, priests/priestess, warriors, artists, musicians, dancers, pirates, (by the way, the old word for pirate, is pyrate), criminals, soothsayers, apothecarys, traders/merchants, traitors, protesters, jesters, architects, farmers, magicians, etc in these cultures and/or races?In all of these categories, what are common, uncommon but not unheard of, uncommon, and rare?