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  1. Shadow Clan
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    Leader: Swiftstar
    Deputy: Wildepelt
    Medicine Cat: Leafpelt

    (I'm leaving Shadowclan to you, just tell me and I'll put it in)

    Wind Clan
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    Leader: Dawnstar
    Deputy: Brownleg
    Medicine Cat: Fuzzypelt
    Warriors: Iceheart, Sharpeye, Rosepelt, Spottedpelt
    Apprentice: Songpaw. Brackenpaw
    Queen: Sleekpelt,
    Kits: Tinykit, Grasskit
    Elder: Sharpfang, Longears, Whitetip

    Thunder Clan

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    Leader: Sunstar
    Deputy: Thrushheart
    Medicine Cat: Cloudstorm
    Warriors: Leafpool, Cloudysun,
    Apprentice: Ashpaw, Mousepaw, Dustpaw
    Queen: Hollyleaf, Tornear, Bluefur
    Kits: Bonekit, Honeykit, Firekit
    Elder: Longtail

    River Clan
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    Leader: Troutstar
    Deputy: Rippletail
    Medicine Cat: Barktail
    Warriors: Fishcatcher, Stonepelt, Whitefur, Sharpclaw, Patchpelt
    Apprentice: Smokeypaw, Russetpaw, Willowpaw
    Queen: Sparrowpelt
    Kits: Redkit, Cinderpaw, Tigerpaw
    Elder: Brokenpaw, Crookedtail, Whitesocks

    (Couldn't help but add some cannon names lol though they aren't cannon.)

    Winter had worn on into a cold spring, a light lair of frost coated the huts housing the members of the Windclan. Rosepelt stretched from the nest of leaves and rabbit pelts that made up her bed. The chill air nipped at her skin as she stood. The hut was filled with nests of neko's curled up alone or together generating a heat that kept them all warm through the night. Stretching her arms over her head the small auburn haired girl made her way outside. A fire burned in the center of the village, Sharpfang was managing the fire and stew that coated over it. Everyone had the duty of bringing food to fill that pot they all ate from. Sharpfang was an older woman who could no longer hunt but still wanted to help his clan so he had taken over the center fire. He poured a bowl for the small neko, taking the bowl Rosepelt took a small sip. The bowl warmed her fingers smiling she thanked him and settled herself near the fire.

    “Are you going out to hunt today?” Sharpfang asked his voice husky as he stirred the stew in the pot. Rosepelt looked around the small village consisting of a few huts for the elders, medicine cat, their leader, nursery, and the largest hut where everyone else slept. Sharpfang and Rosepelt were the only ones awake at the moment. “Yeah.. I can only hope its a better hunt then yesterday” her tail twitched as she remembered the day before. She had caught a rabbit, just one underfed rabbit. That wasn't enough to feed a clan of twenty plus. Luckily someone had managed to bring down a doe she could taste it in the stew. “It will, spring has come the animals will come out and our food cache will overflow” Sharpfang smiled prompting a return smile from Rosepelt.
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  2. Leafpelt was cold, colder than she ever had felt in her entire life. Around her, the camp of Shadowclan was one of death. Nekos wandered in, looking tired and their bodies were dirty. Many of them had cuts or scrapes from encounters with the humans, which had become frequent. Already, the southern half of their forest was being constantly patrolled and attacked by the two-legged monsters, who would capture them without mercy. Most of the clan was hungry from the lack of warriors, or were sick as some prey was being poisoned. Leafpelt was the medicine cat, and her job was to heal the clan and interpret signs and omens from their deceased clanmates above. This was odd to most cats, but she was able to talk with the dead spirits and normally felt comfortable with them. But, now, many of them refused to speak to the dying clan.

    Another warrior left her den, and she laid her paw-like hands on her head, rubbing her eyes. Her ears were matted with the blood of her clanmates and she felt sick to her core. She knew she needed to eat, sleep and get some water into her, but she constantly gave up her own rations to save her dying clanmates. These sacrifices weren't helpful to her, but necessary for her to continue to treat her almost dead clan. Soon, she knew, she would die of exhuastion or disease, and the clan would be left defenseless. But, for now, she would go until her ears fell off and she passed out for good.
  3. Her paw like feet padded silently on the dirt as she ducked behind a rise in a hill. The grass had died out over the winter leaving her no covering as she crept after the lone rabbit she knew was just over the crest of that hill. The grass was starting to grow in the new shoots soft under her feet. She could only hope that the latest freeze wouldn't kill them off. Rosepelt turned her nose up sniffing the wind, she was downwind of the rabbit so it had no inkling that she was on its tail. Her fingers tightened around a makeshift slingshot she had made, the slingshot was good for bringing down small to medium sized game. If one was a good enough shot that is. Rosepelt was a decent shot, a pouch hung at her side holding small round stones perfect for the slingshot. She always kept a stock of the stones on her just in case, scooping up a round stone from the ground she shimmied up the hill. The rabbit was nibbling on the grass unsuspecting. One stone was all that was needed to bring it down. Picking it up she tied it to the string of others she had hanging from her back. She had caught three in all a great haul for this early in the season.

    “What did I tell you girl? The tides are turning our empty bellies will be full again” Rosepelt nodded and slung the rabbits down near Sharpfang, the only man ran his paw like hands over the soft fur nodding, the rabbits were underfed and mostly fur from their winter coat. But it was still more meat then they had had since their store of food started to run dry a week ago. Kneeling beside him she used her claws to skin one of the rabbits as Sharpfang tackled another. “That is a good haul girl good job” Dawnstar the leader of their clan stood over her his blue eyes twinkling with good humor. He was a good man and a great leader, it was due to him that their clan hadn't fallen to ruin during this hard winter. “Thank you” Rosepelt smiled sheepishly her eyes on the third rabbit she was skinning, she always ended up with a case of the shyness around the elders, except for Sharpfang who always made her feel at ease. Sharpfang was slicing the rabbit up and adding pieces to the pot, taking two legs he roasted them over the fire and gave one to Dawnstar, the other he gave to Rosepelt. Sharpfang knew that roasted rabbit leg was one of her favorite things to eat. Sitting back on his haunches Dawnstar sank his teeth in chewing with relish. “I plan on speaking with Starclan” Dawnstar said finally staring into the flickering flames. “Rosepelt your to accompany me. It will me you, me, Fuzzypelt, and Brownleg” Rosepelt looked up confused why was she being added in?
  4. Far across from the revitalizing moorland, the dead pine trees of Shadowclan shook in the wind, looking dead and destroyed. A few more warriors ran through the trees, holding the pitiful prey they carried with them. As they neared the camp, two more warriors had to join them in case of a human attack. The now six warriors ran like animals down the path, eyes opened wide and their tails flashing in the wind. Leafpelt heard them approach and looked up, thinking of how silly this all was. Just to get food to survive, they had to dodge these two legged monstrosities. When they went out to fetch food, they had to use spears and sometimes...sometimes even tear the throats out themselves. They had tried to move past that to give up their animal instincts, but having to do it now was making them appear to be little more than animals when they were outside the camp. Inside the camp, they had three separate fires going to cook the food, one for the elders, one for the warriors and one for the leaders and medicine cats. The deputy, Wildpelt, was always running around, making sure everyone had some food in them. Ironic, for he was so shrunken from it all he looked like the walking dead. It scared her, as the two of them were close friends, and she hated to see him like this. The leader, Swiftstar, had even told him to stop and eat, and he had to plan out disobey his leader to check on his mate, Sweetbrair. The action had caused tension across the clan, and infighting would surely destroy them.

    As she wandered out to talk to the clan, she sighed. The events of the past few moons were slowly destroying her. Her frame was shrunken and matted, unlike her usual soft green and brown dapples. Her eyes were hollow and she was sick of sitting in smoke to do her work. AS a medicine cat, she was supposed to be able to heal her clanmates. In this situation, there was only one thing she was sure could heal her clanmates, "Clanmates, I am going to the moonstone! Tonight, for there is little time for us left!" Met with yowls of protest, she sighed, "I won't be gone long, only a day at most!" She looked at Swiftstar, who nodded to her, and she looked to Wildpelt, who was going to accompany her. She knew she had to leave now, or they would force her to stay. With a nod to her closest friend ,the two dashed out of the sickly camp, running up along the moorlands.

    Leafpelt had taken this trip dozens of times, but today it felt twice as long. Each paw-step was forced, and her body was sickly. AS she walked, the moorland spun around her, distorting her vision and making it hard for her to even see where it was she was going. Twice Wildpelt had to turn her back onto the course, for she was so sick she couldn't think straight. Soon, she was about to make it over a hill when she collapsed, sliding down the slope with a moan. Wildpelt ran after her, "Leafpelt, are you alright?" The medicine cat moaned out and coughed, not having the strength to get up. Without any other option, Wildpelt threw back his head and yowled with all his diminished might; it was a plea for help. IT would alert everyone to their weakness, but she needed help quickly before she died.
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