Warriors: Clans of the Crytal

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  1. This clan lives in a small mountain cave with various crystals other stones protruding fro the cave floor in some places just outside of a forest with a nearby stream and a small cave nearby full of geodes and crystallized stones, one large one in the center always surrounded by a puddle of water is their space to meet with starclan. Small pools of water and the stones themselves are refracted by light from a small hole in the ceiling, making the cave glitter like a starry night.


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  2. Moonfrost sat in her den in the crystal cave, having just woken up she was grooming herself and pulling bits of the warm dry moss from her silvery pelt. At the moment all was well with the clan, there were no injuries and all but one cat was free of illness. The lone clan member who did have an illness was only sick with an ill stomach. She had promptly given the warrior juniper barriers to help the stomach ache and had added in a nettle seed or two just incase they had eaten anything poisonous. She curled her tail around her paws and looked out over her clan, many of whom were waking up for the morning patrols.


    Kestrelkit and Willowkit slept curled up against eachother, they had grown up together and were best friends, in less than half a moon they would be made apprentices. They often talked of who they wished would be their mentors when Willowkit's mother would step in and tell them it wasn't up to them. Kestrelkit twitched in her sleep and accidentally batted Willowkit in the face with her paw. Willowkit shook himself and lifted his head, glaring at Kestrelkit "Hey, watch where you're putting your paws, mouse-brain." He hissed.