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  1. New-leaf just began and the clans are thriving but what happens when a mysterious murder of Redkits mother turns the clans and even clan mates agents each other! What cat could of done it a rouge...or someone else.

    - In the roleplay, none of the canon events have any relation to what happens with our plot. Meaning, none of the original characters actually existed, and we are following a completely different prophecy as the one in the books.
    - High positions for your character ARE open, but if you choose to be a high position like a leader or a medicine cat, you must be active in the roleplay.
    - Only certain players will know what the prophecy means, so most of you will literally be in the dark as it plays itself out. Certain players will be chosen to take part in the prophecy.
    - If you want to apply for a higher position, it's first come first served. Simply ask to reserve the spot before you make your full character sheet.
    - Not everything we do in roleplay will particularly be accurate in the books, and that's okay.
    - Please keep in mind to kind of stay 'cat friendly' when naming your characters. Any names with things such as 'Diamond' would be unrealistic, since a cat has probably never seen a real diamond, let alone know it's name. (Even though they probably wouldn't know what fire is called either but sssh.)
    - No Mary-sues or Gary-sues, obviously.
    - Every kit needs a mother. No orphans running around with no explanation whatsoever, if you're under 12 weeks, you must have a queen as a mother.
    - At 12 weeks, a kit becomes an apprentice. At 6 moons, an apprentice becomes a warrior.
    - All kits' names must end in "kit", all apprentices must end in "paw", and all leaders must end in "star". Ex: Bramblekit (kitten), Bramblepaw (apprentice), Bramblepelt (warrior), Bramblestar (leader).
    - Not listening to your leaders WILL result in IC punishment. However, don't carry it ooc.
    - Realistic cats only. Your cat cannot be pink, or have bangs, etc. Just normal, everyday cats. Kind of...
    - You can have up to five characters.

    Past names (if any):
    Age (in moons, one moon equals one month)
    Orientation (optional):
    Mate (if any):
    Kits (if any):
    Short physical description:
    Weaknesses (balance out the strengths):
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  2. Lillyhart yawnd last night was harsh Windclan blamed Thunderclan for Rosefurns death, It must if been a rouge but they swear she had Thunderclan sent on it!
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