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    Princess Adeline; an average height woman walked in the room in full armor with two daggers on both sides of her hips and a large sword on her back. She was talking to one of her warriors and laughing about the battle they had just won. She was walking down the corridor about to go to dinner but was stopped by a servant. "Princess, your father wishes to see you in the throne room alone."
    Adeline nodded. "Well alright." She nudged to the warrior. "See you later!" He nodded and clapped her on the shoulder with a wink. "You got it." He told her.

    She jogged to the throne room and met up with her father. "Hello father. You wanted me?" She asked as she fingered her bangs out her eyes.

    "Yes I did, I want you to stop this nonsense."

    She arched her eyebrow. "Nonsense? What -"

    "This! " He pointed at her armor. "You're a princess not a warrior!" He stood up and caressed her cheek. She moved away from him and shook her head. "How could you say something like that? I lead our warriors to victory today! Aren't you proud?!"

    The king looked to his daughter. "I am proud of you for that but I need you to be a princess.. our kingdom needs its princess for political appearances and ..." He trailed off.

    "And what father..?" She asked with an arch of her eyebrow.

    "Well.. more like a princess, of course. Ladylike even." He told her.

    "If I'm just some princess then who would be there for the warriors? You wouldn't have no one to lead them without me." She tried to persuade her father into letting her still be a warrior. She had been doing this for two years and not a single man has died since she's been leading. Her mom encouraged her to do so. She just couldn't understand why her father wouldn't let her do it now. Her eyes looked up at the king once again.

    "Well Adeline.. I did get someone to replace you.." He spoke.

    "Who?!" She asked, wanting to know who her father found to take her place.
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    Maecar entered the room, smirking to himself, followed by three of his closest comrades. There she was, on the other side of the room, still fully dressed in her armour. Whenever he had gone into battle, he had chosen to wear nothing on his torso but his skin. He had always gone for the hardened, seasoned warrior look - after all, it described him aptly. He had fought in countless battles for several masters, even before entering the service of his King, and never had he placed a suit of armour on his torso. He had the scars to show for it. He had just thrown on a black shirt for the sake of modesty.

    "You're a princess, not a warrior!"

    He watched on, amused, as the King placed his hand on the princess' cheek and caressed her dearly, but she only rejected his touch and shouted back in response. Aren't you proud? Even Maecar scoffed at the naivety of the question. Of course the King was proud of her. Maecar would have been too, if she had been his daughter. He had spent the last two years fighting alongside her - as her subordinate. He had never felt there was honour in fighting for a woman, but even he knew she was capable at managing an army. And, more importantly, she could fight. He hated to admit it, but she was the only individual he even considered to be his equal, yet alone better. It was a shame she was born a princess. For her, at least.

    "Who?" she demanded.

    Maecar took this moment as his opportunity to step forwards, until he was side by side to the princess.

    "Your Grace," he announced his presence, bowing half-heartedly. He didn't like to bow, or kneel. It made him feel inferior. "I have served under you for just over two years now, but many times I have proven my worth on the battlefield, and many times I have slain the enemies of your realm." He then looked to her and smirked. "Our princess, by nurture, was made for war. She is more than capable with a sword. But by nature, she is a princess, and must act as one, for the sake of your kingdom. I understand your fear, my King. You have only one daughter, and it would be a shame to put her in harm's way."

    Raising his chin, he outstretched his arms, and then half-bowed once more.

    "That is why I must thank you for making the wise decision to make me, Maecar, the new leader of the warriors," he said, his voice loud and clear. The three men he had entered with shouted in his praise.
  3. Adeline's eyes looked over at Maecar. He was the one that replaced her. She almost knew that he would be the one to do so. She stood there without speaking a word towards either of the men. She waited for him to finish talking to her father referring about her. As if she didn't even acknowledge the fact that Maecar was taking her place, she walked upstairs. No more fussing. No more yelling.

    Getting to her room, she shut the door. She was starving so there was no point in her staying up in her room with a growling stomach. She got out of her armor. Every piece of it piled on the floor. A tear fell from her eyes as she let out another sigh. She guessed that was that. She got out of her blouse and trousers to put on a dress and brush out her hair. Her dress being a light blue that fell to her ankles and showed a bit of cleavage. She was to her mirror, blushing her hair after taking it out of its ponytail. She wiped away the tear streak then slid into some flats. She gave herself a look once more in her mirror and scoffed at herself, walking out and downstairs, across the throne room towards the dining room. Ignoring everyone.

    In the meanwhile, the king had worried about his daughter. He knew that she wasn't going to like it. He watched his daughter walk up to her room. His eyes looked back to Maecar with a smirk. "Of course Maecar! We will discuss more about your position after dinner or in the morning. Go on and let's eat dinner. I'm sure you all are starving." The king spotted his daughter walking past and seeing how she looked more like a princess caused a smile to touch his lips. He liked that he could get through to her pretty easily. He went to the dining room after his daughter did.

    Adeline had walked over and was going to sit where she did normally but stopped herself. She sighed and shook her head and went to sit beside her father. She patiently waited for her food to be served to her quietly and listened to the conversations around her. The warrior from earlier, Thomas, came over. "Why aren't you sitting with us?" He asked in her ear. She looked over at him. "I think the dress would give you an idea why." She spoke to him and he arched his eyebrow and looked her over. "Well damn, you sure do look good in it..." Adeline smiled though he continued. "The rumors must've been true then.." He spoke softly. "Rumors?!" She asked and he nodded. "Yeah.. I've heard that Maecar was going to replace you.. and you was going to be princess again." She slightly turned towards him. "You wasn't going to tell me?!" He shrugged. "I don't like spreading rumors that I didn't think were true." She nodded. "Understandable, but they are true.." He sighed. "Well.. see you when I can, alright?" He spoke and she smiled. "Of course. See you." He then walked away.

    Seeing her father sit down, the princess made her smile disappear and started to eat since the servants had made her plate as she was talking.
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  4. Maecar watched curiously as Adeline walked out of the room. He hadn't taken her to be so morose before. Once she was gone, he turned to face the King and shook his head slightly. The King sighed, a sense of desperation on his breath, as they both watched her leave. Maecar's eyes scanned up and down her body. As much as the King honoured him by making him the new leader of the warriors, he felt a little sorry for her. She was a good warrior, and her armour and weapons suited her just as well as they suited any seasoned veteran on the battlefield. Even more so, perhaps. Her "early retirement" from fighting would be a great loss to the realm.

    "Of course Maecar! We will discuss more about your position after dinner or in the morning. Go on and let's eat dinner. I'm sure you all are starving."

    Maecar smiled back at the King politely, but could still sense the unease. Before he had the chance to depart, he noticed Adeline marching across the throne room. But he was stunned into silence. She didn't walk like the warrior he had always known her to be, but much more like the princess his father had begged her to become. She was tall and slender, and her long light blue dress revealed the best of her body, shape and cleavage. He was impressed, though he'd never admit it. She was gorgeous.

    Maecar followed her silently into the dinner hall, side by side to the King. As Adeline returned to sit by the king, he passed her, and sat down amongst the warriors. Once he had taken a seat, some of the others grinned and greeted him as they usually did, by grabbing each other's forearms and shaking them. They quickly broke into laughter, reminiscing about the previous battle, but he could sense a feeling of unease at the table. His eyes scanned around, and he then stopped the talking by beating his fist on the table three times, loud enough to gain their attention but not so loud that it would disrupt the King.

    "Boys, listen here," he began, his hands snatching up a leg of chicken. "I know there will be a lot of change around here now that the Princess is behaving like a princess again. But we are still warriors. We aren't just comrades, we're brothers!" As he said that, some of them lifted their cups and roared brothers in unison. "We still vow to fight for our king in his wars, side by side. But before you receive me as your leader, I ask of you all to raise your cups and dedicate this next drink to the Princess! Her loss will be a shame to us all. She's always been a good leader, but may she find fortune wherever her destiny takes her now!"

    All of the warriors raised their cups again and began chanting "Princess" over and over again. Maecar stood up, taking his plate of food with him, and walked towards the King and Princess Adeline, smirking. "I take leave now, I'm going to eat this upstairs in my room. I hope our paths cross again soon, princess." Once he said this, he left.
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  5. Adeline sat there, eating silently beside her father. She sat over there, listening to the warriors though. Her hearing being extremely well. That's what made her lead the warriors to victory. She heard the enemies coming before they made their attack. Her eyes looked over at the table as they all seemed so happy without her. She gave a small smile. Of course they would be happy without her. She was the only woman over there and especially a woman that lead the men. She figured they'd be tired of taking orders from a woman anyways. She listened to the words with a smile of what Maecar was saying. Her eyes slowly looked up at him after he was finished and was walking with his plate. She gave a slight nod to him as he spoke. She looked over at the warriors that were chanting her on. She grinned at them.

    Her grin then disappeared when her father placed his hand on her hand. Her brown eyes looked over at him. "Daughter, we must talk." He spoke softly and she nodded. "I know you won't be too happy with the idea but, it's something you must know... I needed you to be a proper princess once again because.. well.. you're going to be wedded to a prince.." Her mouth dropped. "Father.."
    He immediately stopped her by holding his hand up. "Please, I'm getting too old and you need to be married to become queen.." His eyes looked into hers and she softly nodded.
    "Yes father, I'll do it.." She spoke with a small smile. Her father had a grin of his own on his face. "I'm glad, darling! You'll get to meet him tomorrow."
    "So it's already been arranged?" She asked.
    He nodded. "It has.. you'll meet him and have a month to get to know each other before the marriage."
    Her eyebrow arched. "That's a bit rushed, don't you think?"
    He shook his head slightly. "No dear, that's how long I had to spend time with your mother before we got married."
    "Well.. alright father." She smiled then went back to eating her dinner.

    She hated the idea of marrying a man so soon. This wasn't what she wanted her marriage to be like. She wanted someone that she could fall in love with without the pressuring of royalty. She didn't want to fight with her father, she just didn't bother. After eating, she got up and looked over to her father. "Goodnight, father." She spoke softly then went over to him to kiss his cheek gently. He nodded and returned the kiss. "Goodnight dear, sweet dreams."
    A smile came across her lips. "Sweet dreams to you too, father." She walked out the dining hall and upstairs back to her bedroom.
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  6. Once Maecar reached his room, he took a deep breath of relief. Pushing open his door, his eyes fell to his bed, but he decided to resist the urge to collapse into it right now. Instead, he sat down on his table, placing the plate of food on the table, before sitting down and eating away. It took him a few minutes to finish the food, but once he had, he got up from his chair and walked towards the wardrobe on the other side of the room. He removed his leather waistband and undressed himself completely, before finding a towel and wrapping it around his waist.

    Leaving his room again, he wandered downstairs, heading through the long hallways towards the garden at the back of the palace. There were hot springs beneath the pools in the garden, where Maecar often went to bathe due to the warmth of the water. Throwing his towel down by the pool, he stepped into the water, step by step, walking into the steaming hot water unflinchingly. After the battle he had just fought, this was just what he needed. He was surprised he was the only one who came here so often.

    Once he was in the water, he submerged his head under it to wet his hair, holding his breath.
  7. Adeline went to her room and sat on the bed. She sighed as the battle had started to take a toll on her body. "Hot springs should relax my muscles.." She spoke to herself as she grabbed a towel and made her way downstairs, down the long hallway and behind the palace. The hot springs being right there. She undid her dress and had gotten in. "This is lovely.." She sighed in content as she felt her muscles relax. The princess had started to make her way to her favorite spot in the hot springs. Her feet and legs felt against something and she decided to kick it, hoping it's not a rock. Once she kicked it, her eyebrows furrowed as it might as well been one. She kicked once again. "What is that?!" She spoke aloud and kicked harder.
  8. As he continued to hold his breath, Maecar couldn't help but to think of how relaxing it was to be so still and motionless beneath the water. Just as he was about to bring himself up to the surface, he felt something touch his back. His instant reaction was to assume that there was a sea monster in the water, and he turned, quickly in order to grab the beast, but he felt something else jab into his side. Through the water, he could just about make out a foot, and then a leg, kicking him even harder.

    He surfaced quickly, a frown on his face, as he grabbed the leg of the person in front of him without thinking. Pulling the leg towards him until his body was just a hair's width apart from theirs, he was about to grapple them, but his eyes quickly adjusted to the air, and he realised that it was the outline of a woman. Princess Adeline. His eyes widened as he froze, but he didn't let go of her leg just yet.

    "Are you trying to kill me, princess?" he growled. His voice displayed his anger, but it wasn't aggressive, almost as if he was posing his question as a joke. Finally letting go of her leg, he pushed himself a few inches away from her and brushed his wet hair out of his face with his hands. "What are you doing here?"
  9. A yelp came from Adeline's lips when she felt a hand on her leg. "Maecar!" She spoke surprised when he surfaced from the water. Her eyes looking him over, blushing madly. Her leg still in his hand. "I'm sorry.. I didn't know anyone was in here." Her breasts were being so close to touching his chest and she was scared to breathe.

    "I wasn't trying to kill you.. I think you was trying to kill you being underwater in a hot spring." When her leg was released, she moved away and sat in the spot she had hated the most. "Um.. just here.. relaxing.. taking a breather, to think about some things." She gave a soft smile. "What about you?"
  10. He took a deep breath as she moved away. His eyes couldn't help but to absorb in her beauty. He shook his head. It was strange for him to think of her in this way. Adeline was his superior on the battlefield, or at least she once was. He had only ever been in her company when they were about to fight, and he had grown accustomed to seeing her in armour with a blade. But now, here she was, unclothed, and more beautiful than he had ever seen a woman be before.

    "Something similar," he sighed, watching her closely. "Besides, there's something about these hot springs that a basin and a sponge just can't quite match."

    He swayed his way to the centre of the pool, where it was deepest, a little too deep for even him to stand in.

    "Come swim," he smiled, his hands beckoning her over. "Don't you ever just feel like doing something crazy?"
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