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  1. Hi there! I've been a fan of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter since the seventh grade, and since I've started roleplaying, I've always wanted to be in a warrior rp that didn't fizzle out after a couple days.

    Time to give it one more shot!

    I was thinking of creating a group to keep everything organized. It would be entirely OCs, as much as I love the characters from the books, I also like creating my own clans and cats! I think that would make it pretty fun.

    Now, I want this to be a sand-box sort of rp, where we're allowed to freely roam. Though, of course, we'll have obstacles and prophecies to deal with eventually. For the time being though, when this gets kicked off the ground, I'd like it to start in times of peace between four warrior clans!

    Obviously, I'd like to lay out a couple of rules.
    1. No one-liners, seriously, please, at least one paragraph per post!
    2. Spelling errors are okay, everyone's human, but no text-speak okay?
    3. Please be nice to each other. Nothing goes well if everyone's on bad-terms, so let's keep it peaceful.
    4. There will be deaths! Deaths will never occur without the permission of the characters creator though!

    Of course, all other Iwaku rules apply.

    Before we get started, I'd like to have three more leaders who will keep track of their own clan! These are first come, first serve. Whoever claims spot of leader is also free to name their clan!

    The group will consist of several threads. One for each clan, one for a gathering spot that we go to every full moon, one for the Moon Place where medicine cats will go every half-moon and deputies go when their leader dies, another thread for OOC chat, one for a list of cast members. And of course, if members decide they want to do a little One x One with another member, they're free to make a thread of their own.

    I'll have a thread for a map of our location, but first I'll need to get a map drawn up.

    Once I get the four leaders and enough people interested, I'll get the group set up. After that, we can start posting our CS. Right now I'm only looking for three more leaders, we won't worry about medicine cats or deputies until we've got it all set up.

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  2. Alright I was just thinking about mentioning trying to get a warrior cats rp that I didn't want to just fade away. Then I saw here so I'm defiantly interested.

    Few questions first however.

    One Can you have multiple characters?

    Two by multiple characters I'm mainly wondering if you can have like one in each clan?

    Three What exact ideas do you have for those who wish to ask about leader?

    Four Do the leaders and you have a PM to have a connected idea of the story?

    Five Are possible pre-made Cats allowed?

    For you see I have a few pre-made cat sheets that I'm willing to edit and was wondering about maybe using some.

    Six If you maybe ask to be a Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat are you only allowed to pick one of those types of roles or maybe just two?

    Six goes along with kind of the first two questions.

    That is all I have to question and ask I believe.
  3. @Raven n Oh wow, I totally thought this idea tanked so I gave up.

    Uhh.. *trying to remember what I was thinking when I made it*

    1) Most certainly. As many as you want/can handle.

    2) Again, most certainly. As long as you can handle them.

    3) They'd be like Co-GMs, they keep control of their clan, stuff like that.

    4) if I ever had the leaders, then yes, we'd probably have a group PM in which we discuss stuff like "hey wanna have a border war?" Or "what do you guys think of this prophecy?"

    5) Ah, as long as their OC, sure. I have a couple of cats I wanna use from a fanfiction (I used to write those..) I had a while ago.

    6) That's a tough one.. since they're kinda important roles, I'd want to limit one per person, but again if you/whoever think they can handle more than one they're more than welcome to claim more than one.
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  4. I want to be a leader of a clan
  5. Alright well. I wouldn't mind throwing myself in the hat to be a leader and well CO-GM if you'll have me if not...

    I would ask about Medicine cat is kind of why I asked that question as well on more than one role or what the plan was there. But I know I can usually seem to handle up to about 4 or so characters at a time reason I asked about having like at least maybe one in each clan.
  6. Well damn, sure, you guys can be leaders if you like.

    If you wanna be a medicine cat as well, you can.

    Of course, I'll be able to flesh things out a little more, but like I said I thought this was a lost cause so I'd kinda given up.
  7. Well I can just be a leader for now. Later we can see if a Medicine cat is needed I'm good with an Apprentice Medicine Cat too for a clan if it ends up that way. I was mainly slow saying anything cause I just got on today lol. If I was feeling up to looking at interest check in when I got back from a week trip and being sick I would had probable said more sooner.

    But hu I had an idea that we might not need a huge group depending on how many are willing to be more than one character. We don't need 50 Cats. Just enough for a story to get going really. I've noticed to many Warrior RPs die because of the long wait for a bunch of people.

    Edit: But you probable will have an ideal number for this when details are set up.
  8. TBH, I was just gonna wait for the three other leaders (since I figured everyone would be okay playing more than one)

    I've been thinking.. we could do an origin story sort of thing and start it off with just four leaders, letting people join as it goes on. I dunno
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  9. I can add a few for you
  10. If you mean you can bring in a few more people, that's cool and appreciated
  11. meant characters lol
  12. Well that's cool too!
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