Warrior Cats: The Dark Path

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    There is a world unbeknownst to man. A world just beyond their back yard, a world where wild cats roam amongst the trees. They are Warriors, they live and die by a code passed down from generations to generations, living in their clans peacefully.
    But now… all that will change…
    What seemed so clear, is now a confused blur, lies, deception, and questioning loyalties that can divide clans or destroy them completely. Will you fight to maintain order? To regain and keep peace? Or will you follow a path filled with uncertainty and darkness…

    There were once four clans that ruled the forest, Sun Clan, Moon Clan, Dawn Clan, and Dusk Clan. They all lived in harmony for countless years, until one day, a fire devoured most of Dusk Clan’s territory. The remaining cats of the clan begged for neighboring clans' help, but all in vain. The Dusk Clan was turned away by all three clans, denied of any kind gesture from their fellow cats. HawkStar felt betrayed and decided to another clan's steal territory. He was successful and it was a bloody battle, Dawn Clan was nearly destroyed and their turf was claimed as Dusk Clan. The very few surviving cats of Dawn Clan begged for help from the two larger clans, the Sun and Moon clans. Appalled by HawkStar’s actions, the two clans joined forces and waged a war. The battle went on for a whole moon and despite Dusk Clan’s dwindling numbers, they fought with all their might, till only HawkStar remained. “This was of your own doing! I curse you fools, there will be a day when the sun and moon will fall, then dusk will rise from the ashes!” these were HawkStar’s last words before he was slain. This infamous war, was and is known as “The War of the Fallen”. Since all those many, many years ago, the remaining Dawn Clan cats decided to join with either Moon clan or Sun Clan. Dawn Clan turf has been equally divided for the Sun and Moon clan to have as an extended piece of territory, for each group. However, Dusk Clan's land has been untouched, though it is not against warrior to code to wander into the eerie part of the wood, it is frowned upon and seen as taboo. Now only two clans remain and all is peaceful…. For now.

    3+ lines for every post, no 1 or 2 liners.
    Original Characters only, no characters from the book series
    Only cat characters, and when I mean cat I mean no certain wildcat species such as bobcats, lynx, caracals, serval ect…
    Ask if you want to take the role of a leader, deputy, or medicine cat
    If you have an idea of how the story should progress let us know by posting it in the OOC chat thread
    Only medicine cat’s or medicine cat apprentices can be given dreams by star clan, unless stated otherwise for the storyline of the rp.
    Must create a character before rping
    No txt chat, nu tlkin liek dis u hurr?
    Use brackets -->[] or -->{} or -->() when OOC in rp, but mostly keep OOC in the OOC Chat thread
    If you want to rp as a kit or apprentice, please ask for someone to rp the parent/adopted parent/ guardian or make your own parent/adopted parent/guardian character.

    Link to the group: click-ity mc'clickiclickclick
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  6. Jeez, it's been awhile since I've read those books. I may be a little rusty, (Hehe Warrior Cats pun... You know cause Firestar's kittypet name was Rusty... Nevermind...) but I'm interested in joining. That is, if your still looking for peeps. =^.^=
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