Warrior Cats: Skyclan and the other clans

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  1. When Skyclan was pieced back together by Firestar, he had not realized that there were other clans around the territory; if he'd bothered to travel just a mile south, he would have discovered this areas Shadowclan, Thunderclan, Windclan and Riverclan.

    Unlike the ones back at home, these clan held a much more in-depth code. But their ways were not unlike the ones that Firestar and his mate Sandstorm hailed from; these were cats who'd abandoned the forests where Skyclan had fled and started clans around them. They had not agreed with their leaders morals, and decision to let Skyclan leave.
    But they had been unaware of what had happened to Skyclan with the rats, and after Skyclan didn't show up for their first gathering, the clans found out why.

    Nobody was left. But turning back to their own clans would have been foolish indeed, so the four clans remained in their new territories. Soon a flame coloured tom was spotted and after a while, it became apparent that Skyclan was back.

    And this time, all five clans have yet another ailment, a new problem to arise; what remained of Bloodclan had reached the clans, and soon, their way of life is threatened.

    Rank (deputies are chosen already to prevent arguments):

    (Your character will be added to the clan roster)
  2. Thunderclan


    Froststar- a large white tom cat with one blue eye and one brown eye


    Brindlefoot- A white calico she-cat

    Medicine Cat

    Greymint- A small grey tabby tom with white paws

    Apprentice, Flamepaw

    Warriors (she-cats without kits)

    Ashtail- Long haired brown tabby tom with yellow eyes

    Blizzardfoot- White she-cat

    Apprentice, Bouncepaw

    Dewdrift- Large grey tom with a black blaze

    Hollywhisker- Large black and white she-cat with amber eyes

    Apprentice, Silverpaw

    Mothnettle- Large brown tabby tom with a bushy tail

    Apprentice, Leapordpaw

    Reedstep- A sorrel she-cat

    Apprentice, Raggedpaw

    Stoneclaw- A dark grey and black tabby tom with green eyes

    Wolfbrook- A molted black tom cat

    Birdflight- A beautiful calico she-cat with golden eyes

    Tinyflower- A small brown she-cat

    Queens (she-cats with kits)

    Fernflight- A white she-cat with a black face and paws

    Smokefang- Grey and white tabby she-cat with dark brown eyes and a black blaze (mother to Toadkit and Sootkit)


    Flamepaw- A white she-cat with a red tail and paws, and a long red stripe down her back

    Silverpaw- A silver tabby tom with a bushy tail

    Raggedpaw- Black tabby tom

    Leapordpaw- Golden she-cat with large claws

    Bouncepaw- A black tom with white paws


    Briarear- Red tabby tom, blind

    Longfoot- Tall golden she-cat with large claws

    Harefall- Molted grey she-cat with blue eyes; deaf
  3. Shadowclan


    Aspenstar- A beautiful tabby she-cat

    Apprentice, Finchpaw


    Fallenbrook- Brown tabby tom with a large scar across his face

    Medicine Cat

    Galefur- A red tabby tom


    Foxtail- A red tabby she-cat with a large bushy tail

    Apprentice, Crowpaw

    Echosong- An orange tabby she-cat with unusual brown blotches

    Apprentice, Ratpaw

    Dapplefrost- A black and grey tabby tom with yellow eyes

    Beetlenose- A black she-cat with grey stripes

    Greyfoot- A dark grey tom

    Brakenheart- A silver tabby she-cat

    Mousepelt- A dark brown tom with white paws

    Apprentice, Tangledpaw


    Elmfur- Light brown she-cat

    Jayface- A sleek black she-cat

    Mistflower- A pale she-cat


    Ratpaw- Dark grey tom

    Crowpaw- Black she-cat

    Tangledpaw- A beautiful yellowish orange tabby she-cat with long fur


    Longfang- A large black tom with a fang sticking out of his mouth

    Littlefoot- Small tabby she-cat
  4. Riverclan


    Otterstar- A very large dark brown tom


    Waspfoot- A yellow tabby she-cat

    Medicine Cat

    Runningbramble- Brown tabby tom with a white tail tip

    Apprentice, Goosepaw


    Cloudrunner- A white and grey tabby she-cat

    Apprentice, Firepaw

    Hollowtail- White tom with brown feet

    Bumblestripe- An orange tabby tom

    Apprentice, Archpaw

    Barkfoot- Dark brown tom with a sleek body

    Badgerfang- A white, black and brown she-cat with a horrible temper

    Apprentice, Weaselpaw

    Moonfire- A grey she-cat with golden feet

    Addarflight- A black tom

    Apprentice, Briarpaw


    Brighteyes- A beautiful grey she-cat

    Shrewfoot- A brown tabby she-cat

    Lilyfoot- A white she-cat with faded red stripes


    Archpaw- A handsome brown tabby tom with black spots

    Briarpaw- Orange she-cat

    Weaselpaw- A large grey tabby tom with blue eyes

    Firepaw- A sorrel she-cat

    Goosepaw- A white tom with a black nose


    Acornfoot- Pale tom
  5. Windclan


    Thrushstar- A black tom with a white under belly


    Quailheart- A grey and white tom

    Medicine Cat

    Rosepool- A beautiful red tabby she-cat with blue eyes

    Apprentice, Rowanshade


    Toadclaw- White tom

    Apprentice, Greenpaw

    Pinefoot- Brown tabby tom

    Apprentice, Honeypaw

    Stormwhisker- A grey tabby she-cat

    Coppersong- A golden tom with grey eyes

    Apprentice, Shadepaw

    Breezepelt- A black she-cat

    Cloverleap- A pale grey she-cat

    Apprentice, Deerpaw


    Ravenbelly- Black and white she-cat

    Stagfoot- Light brown she-cat


    Shadepaw- A dark grey she-cat with white paws

    Honeypaw- A bright orange tom with white paws

    Deerpaw- Light brown she-cat

    Greenpaw- A pale white and grey tom with a broken tail

    Rowanshade- A large grey tabby tom


    Wildberry- Brown tabby she-cat

    Willowfur- Grey tabby tom
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