Warrior Cats Roleplay: Interest Check and Brainstorming

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    Hi there! I've been thinking about rebooting an old warrior cats roleplay, or at least, making a new one.
    Or perhaps even cat shifters? (mysty what no) Who knows, but something along those lines. But before I put effort into it, I wanted to check and make sure if anyone would actually be interested in something like this again. I know my first wc rp had gotten a nice amount of attention.

    Anyways, so my ideas go as follows:
    - The four original clans, either way before canon events, or the canon events never even being, well, canon. A new prophecy in place, and characters will be selected at random to play out prophecies.
    - New clans, new forest, but same ideas. This version could also have a tribe, or maybe even a rouge group. But this would take longer to start up as well, since more slots need to be filled.
    - A very random idea but doable idea, having cat shifters. Like werewolves, but instead of humans shifting into wolves, they shift into cats. This idea is still very rough and if it was done, I'd need to plan out how camps/clans would work then. But it would be fun to rp and add a little twist, I feel. Whether or not we stick to the same clans or make our own, it depends. More than likely, we'd end up making our own clans.

    I WOULD BE LOOKING FOR CO-GMS! More than likely, co-gms would be leaders of clans and groups. In an RP this big, it would be hard for me to keep track of everyone by myself.

    Please please please don't be shy! If you find this interesting or would like to pitch in ideas/help out, please feel free to comment or pm me! I'm open to any ideas y'all may have.
    Thank you for reading!​
  2. I'm pretty interested!
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  3. I'll co gm with you and think maybe put two ideas together 4 new clans move in to the old territories after the old clans leave. It is stable again for cats to live in and they are all newly named clans and new prophecy
  4. Ah I almost forgot about this! ;u;
  5. @~Dark.Disney.Triplet~ So, have new clans, but same location after the canon events of the original clans moving? :o (correct me if I'm wrong here)
  6. yes ma'am
  7. I'd be pretty interested~
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  8. *pokes head in* Um I would be interested. Whether it be cat's or shifters. I actually had made a few warrior cats in an album that didn't really make it past slightly changed CS's that I'd be found of using if you'd let me.

    But definable interested.
    And I also would be willing to try and help as a CO-GM I've uh read both the first and second series only so far if that might help any...

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  9. Alrighty, so I'll work on an actual info thread for this once i get the chance. ^^

    But this is what I'm thinking:
    - Four clans in a territory similar to that in the first book, a river area, a marshy area, dense forest and then open planes. Mountains just past the open planes, which is where a tribe will live. If anyone is interested, a rouge group popping up later on.
    - I'm still debating on the shifters idea, I personally am kinda digging the idea but I feel like it might be too weird of a twist, I'm not sure. xD

    Anyone who wants to be a co-gm will prolly end up being a clan/tribe leader since it will make the rp easier to control.
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  10. I'm interested in this! The Warrior Cats books are so much fun and there's a lot of freedom to work with in an open-world sort of thing. :D
  11. So, I have played in/GM'ed A couple Warrior Cats role plays and wanted to offer you both my interest and my assistance.
  12. I'm interested! What would be the character limit though?
    Also would this be a warrior cat rp that used traditional names like Mousefur and Boulderclaw or weird ones like Glitterfang and Bloodrose? D:
  13. So I PM'ed the OP, but they haven't responded and it's been like two days. . .

    If you're interested in a Warrior Cats game I have a basis for one. Clan etc. I wouldn't be against making it.
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  14. They last posted in this thread yesterday though, so maybe we should give them a bit more time?
  15. Yeah they probable should have more time.
  16. agreed
  17. I'm interested!
  18. It depends on which direction this RP ends up going. If it's a traditional Warriors rp, then traditional names, of course. If it ends up being something along the lines of shifters or anything sort of fantastical, then stranger names will be accepted. c:
  19. I am interested about this one :)
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