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  1. It is said that there is a collective mindscape inhabited by living stories, lapine apparitions born from the imagination of their authors. These beings are Lagomyths, and they use their creative energy to leave a mark on the world around them, like ink on paper. It is their success or failure that dictates the written history of countless worlds.
    Their home is called Iwaku.

    For a long time, this fabled Eden thrived, a paradise of stories bearing fruit and sowing seeds exponentially. Every day, yet more Lagomyths flowed forth from their Authors, as the wellsprings from which each Lagomyth hatches are known. Lagomyths of countless shapes, sizes, and genres mingled freely and multiplied, etching out new chapters in their lives. Not all was harmonious or benevolent, but all was very much alive... until a dark Shadow stained the horizon, and Lagomyths began to fall victim to the disease that is simply called the Block.


    No one knows precisely what the Block is, only what those who are Blocked become: powerless, helpless, and even insane. Once Blocked, few recover. The books are closed forever on their stories, their inkwells run dry, and their Protagonists- the guardian spirit each Lagomyth controls absolutely, and can summon at will- unresponsive to their calls. Neutered thus, they become pickings for the Lurkers.


    Lurkers have always roamed the margins of Iwaku, looking in at the stories that unfold and slavering in hunger and lust. Primal beasts, they are quick to snap up and devour any Lagomyth they catch unawares. Now, with the Graveyard of Plot Holes that has sprung up in the wake of the Great Warren's fall to the Block, they have found an easy path in. No more is it safe to wander Iwaku alone, for the Lurkers hunt and howl, sinister watchdogs of a desolate plot. Now it is their numbers that multiply, as the population of Lagomyths is culled in droves.

    What few survivors remain with sanity and storytelling intact must now strike out on a pilgrimage to save what is left of their people, if their stories are ever to be told.


    Across the vast Plot Hole Graveyard lies the holy ground of Ozryel's Nest, the bower of one of the Authors of ancient legend. There, they will seek the wisdom of the [OZZIE]Black Lagomyth[/OZZIE], a figure spoken of with dread as often as reverence. Their only hope is that this soothsayer will know what is to be done, and what the root of these dark forces might be...

    The journey will be perilous, the dangers plentiful.

    Many stories will end too soon.

    All may already be lost.

    Will you see your story to its end?



    Q: What exactly is a Lagomyth?

    A: A Lagomyth is a Plotbunny, the living incarnation of a story- or, if you will, a "plotsona". They are physical representations of a plot idea, but maintain a lapine (that is to say, rabbit-shaped) form. A Lagomyth whose story is of the Horror genre, for example, might appear something like this:

    Q: What sort of powers do Lagomyths have?

    A: A Lagomyth interacts with the world in two ways. The first is their Storytelling Style, which gives them a set of three abilities that fall under the following spheres:

    The Four Storytelling Styles (open)

    This style is that of myths, epic poetry, fables, folklore, and legends. Those who practice this style value mysticism and tradition, drawing from stories past. Dream Weavers have abilities that defy nature, and examples of this may include the art of illusion, ritual healing, or wizardry.


    This style is that of free verse, fantasy, metaphor, and allegory. Like Dream Weavers, Reality Benders shape the fabric of existence, but they are unconstrained by any rules but their own. Often chaotic and difficult to understand, these Lagomyths tend towards powers such as creating something from nothing, changing the nature of objects, and manipulating physics to their advantage.


    This style is that of first-person perspective, popular fiction, and character-driven stories. Practitioners of Soul Arts draw on magical powers from inside themselves, overcoming obstacles out of sheer willpower and faith in their identity. This power always directly affects the capabilities or body of the Lagomyth wielding it.


    This style is that of histories, biographical accounts, non-fiction, and gritty realism. Lagomyths using Confluence do not rely on fantastical abilities or mystical rites, but only on what can be found in life. Physical force and technology are the prime weapons of a Confluence Lagomyth, but some have been known to go so far as negating the powers of other, less realistically-inclined counterparts.

    Posts should be written to reflect your Lagomyth's respective Storytelling Style.

    The second way in which Lagomyths affect their stories is through use of their Protagonists. A Protagonist is a character- for which you may write a brief summary, or include an additional (but still succinct) character sheet- and which serves as a sort of spirit servant for their Lagomyth. Within certain limitations, a Lagomyth may use their Protagonist to achieve a purpose they cannot on their own, such as using a knight to do battle in their place if they are physically weak. A Lagomyth may only have one Protagonist until their story is complete; if their Protagonist dies, they must start a new story with a new Protagonist.

    Q: What is this about a story?

    A: A Lagomyth is a living story, and so each Lagomyth's story must be told in order for it to survive. Over the course of the overarching plot, you must tell an individual story unique to your Lagomyth. This story must fall under one of the following genres:

    Genre List (open)
    Science Fiction
    Fairy Tale
    Action Adventure

    The actions of the Protagonist within these stories and their actions in the main storyline will be treated as distinct realities, except in the case of Protagonist death. Protagonists may interact with other Protagonists in either reality, but only with other Protagonists of the same or similar genre. There is no circumstance within which Historical and Modern Protagonists may interact, except...

    Q: Except?

    A: Scattered across Iwaku are sections called JumpIn Plots. When Protagonists are summoned within the boundaries of these Plots, they may interact with any other Protagonist, regardless of genre.

    Q: How often must I post an advancement to my story?

    A: The major story arch will be told in chapters. You must post at least one advancement to your story per chapter. This does not have to be in direct sequence; you may skip scenes. However, it must be in chronological order for the sake of everyone following along.

    Q: So how exactly do I play? What should my posts look like?

    A: You are playing as a Lagomyth, and the overarching storyline is that of you and other Lagomyths traveling to seek answers about the Block, braving the dangers of Lurkers and other perils along the way. As far as this goes, your posts will be like those for any other roleplay.

    Your Protagonist, meanwhile, you will use as a secondary character. Their abilities will be limited to the same Storytelling Style as their Lagomyth, but may differ in application (for example, a Dream Weaving Lagomyth who uses incantations to perform hypnotism might have a religious healer for a Protagonist). Within the reality of the overarching storyline, you will use them as an ally that may be summoned. (To Protagonists of conflicting genre, however, they are insubstantial, like ghosts.) You may only summon your Protagonist once per chapter, and once they complete the task for which they were summoned, they will return to their own reality. Choose wisely when to invoke their aid.

    As mentioned above, you must also post an update to your individual story once per chapter. These will also be done much like any roleplay post, only your Protagonist will be your character for these posts. (You may include these at the end or beginning of posts to the main storyline, provided that you make them easily distinguishable.) These will be bubble realities that do not affect the main storyline. If you wish, you may collaborate with other players so that your stories converge and cease to be "bubble realities", but only if their Protagonists belong to a compatible genre. Within a Jump-In Plot, the walls between these bubble realities all fall apart, however, and all Protagonists are shoved into a crossover universe where they may interact freely as long as the Lagomyths are within the boundaries of the Plot. Whee!

    Q: I'm still not sure I get it. Can you show me?

    A: Sure!

    Sample Posts (open)

    Q: What exactly is this Block?

    A: The Block is a mysterious illness that has been afflicting Lagomyths throughout Iwaku. Lagomyths who are Blocked become unable to use the powers granted by their Storytelling Style and cannot summon their Protagonists. Not much else is known about it, not even how a Lagomyth catches the disease, but there are next to no accounts of a Lagomyth recovering once they succumb.

    Q: But I don't have to worry about that happening to me, right?

    A: Er... Of course not! I would never do something like that to my players.

    Q: Is there anything else I need to know before filling out my character sheet?

    A: Your Lagomyth has an Author, their place of birth in Iwaku. This should represent either you, the player (or if you choose, a previous Mythos persona). This is simply a neat way for you to add a landmark or backstory to your Lagomyth that is a tribute to you!

    Q: So am I playing a furry/anthropomorphic character?

    A: No. You're playing a rabbit.


    Q: Can I be a Smut Lagomyth?

    A: No. You're playing a rabbit. :|

    Q: I've read through all of the information and am ready to work on my character! What now?

    A: After filling out the character sheet below, post it in this thread. Sheets must be approved before you can post in the IC, which I will link here when it's ready.

    TITLE: (What are you called?)
    STORYTELLING STYLE: (Dream Weaving, Reality Bending, Soul Arts, or Confluence? Choose no more than three abilities for your Lagomyth that fall under your preferred style.)
    GENRE: (Choose a genre from the list.)
    ILLUSTRATION: (A description as well as a picture is preferred.)
    AUTHOR: (Where in Iwaku were you born? Where do you come from?)
    PLOT SUMMATION: (Give a summary of your story.)
    PROTAGONIST: (Who is your main character? Briefly describe your Protagonist or include a basic character sheet.)



    I Have a Little Shadow - Penumbra's shadow can move independently of her body.

    Nightmare LagoMorph - Penumbra is a shapeshifter, able to change forms in order to inspire fear. This ability, however, is fueled by her own fear/adrenaline levels, and is often involuntary.

    GENRE: Horror

    Although her body is prone to unpredictable shifts, Penumbra's standard form is that of a tenebrous (and apparently, long-dead) rabbit, her fur dark and matted. The changes to her body are typically unsettling and grotesque in nature.

    AUTHOR: Penumbra hails from Ozryel's Nest, a far-away sacred ground often associated with Horror Lagomyths and those with stories concerning death. She was born with a funeral dirge, a song of bone and blood and mourning. Although a black Lagomyth herself, she is not the Black Lagomyth, but is there some connection?

    PLOT SUMMATION: You are dead. For some reason or another, however, you’re not quite ready to let go just yet. Something gave you so much reason to hang on to your existence that you’ve ended up in a purgatory-like plane…

    Potter’s Field is a shell of a city that once was, as much a ghost as you are. The buildings are old and crumbling, broken and rusted and abandoned.

    But not entirely. You aren’t the only ghost in town, it seems; others like you have found themselves here, in office buildings and hospitals and schools and apartments, in factories and alleyways and subway tunnels and parks. Some keep to themselves, but others just keep on doing the same things they did in life, going to clubs to socialize or theaters to view damaged film reels (although oddly, the only such to be found are home videos) or simply exploring the ruined cityscape. Each of them, you included, has a particular place that feels like home, a place that may be familiar (the house where you grew up, the hospital room you died in) or just somehow right. The locals call it a Haunt, and it is your only sanctuary against the Umbra.

    When a person dies and comes to Potter’s Field, an Umbra is born. The Umbra are sinister presences, vaguely possessing human characteristics, but warped beyond recognition. They twist the world around them as they pass by, causing the surrounding room or street to reflect their appearance. At times, you might be taking a familiar route and find yourself in a different place entirely, a place shaped by the Umbra’s essence. The Umbra hunts the one responsible for its birth, sometimes aggressively and sometimes with honeyed temptation. When a person is touched by their Umbra, they vanish, effectively killed in death. The true nature of these shadowy beings is uncertain to the denizens of Potter’s Field; all they know is that if they want to continue their unlife, they must elude their Umbra.

    Although there is no true time in Potter’s Field, there is something resembling day and night. “Daytime” can be considered the city’s “normal” state, when you find your Haunt a safe haven from the Umbra. At “night”, all bets are off. The Umbra become stronger, influencing entire city blocks, and Haunts no longer shut them out. Sometimes, when more than one of the dead congregate in an area, the Umbra’s environmental influences will bleed into one another, causing a blending of personal Hells for those involved.

    PROTAGONIST: Danielle is a young girl, roughly fourteen years old at the time of her death, who haunts the God's Acre Apartment Complex in Potter's Field. She has long dark hair that does a poor job of hiding her eyeless left socket, and wears a towel, perpetually appearing to be soaked to the bone.

    Danielle (open)

    Danielle has no powers of her own, but her Umbra is a malevolent nightmare to be reckoned with. The Long-Haired Belle appears as a beautiful woman in a hoop skirt, her hair snaking and trailing in impossible tendrils.

    The Long-Haired Belle (open)

    Medusa's Tresses - The Long-Haired Belle can manipulate her hair like sinister, ever-lengthening fingers, wrapping around objects and taking hold. The strands are as strong as steel wool.
  2. WIP!


    Abilities to come

    GENRE: Sci-fi/Action

    Transience is smaller than the average rabbit by about the length of a nose and seems twitch a lot of the time, also known for their verbal tick which comes out as a beep.

    AUTHOR: Transience's birthplace is unknown even to them. It is known to them only by name, Vay's Hope. It is known to be somewhere in the east but beyond that who can tell?
    PLOT SUMMATION: The human body. Weak. Designed to live, reproduce, and die. We have done away with two of those.

    They weren't willing, not all of them. The proud men and women lined up and set to become cyborgs. He made them both more, and less than human and to control them a built in weakness... Zydox, an effective and addictive painkiller and imuno-retardant drug, the have to take regular injections of their body rejects their implants. Not a dignified way to go, screaming in agony as their bodies tear themselves apart. The perfect fusion of man and machine as a complete unit... Just what you need when dealing with aliens or rival corporations, the invading alien menace... anything that bleeds really.


    Name: Asley Drayton
    Age: 24
    Race: Human cyborg
    Home Planet: Born aboard the combat corvette Lance of Dawn.
    Occupation: Cyborg aboard the Autumn Fire.

    Asley (open)

    Unwillingly drafted into the cyborg program dure to 'genetic compatibility' Asley still serves to fight back the inveders. Until not however she's been under close supervision and training, as the situation becomes more desperate however that is about to change.
  3. Playing a smut bunny is redundant anyways, I mean, come on, it's a rabbit. They do the same thing we do, but quicker, and with more resulting little ones. We loose to the mighty bunny.

    That being said:

    Magical Girl Bunny?

    I might not be able to post much in this, Just found out the moving date for me to an apartment just got closer. By fourteen days. I was expecting to move on May 14th or 15th...

    Due to... unforeseen boss needs of my friends, she has to haul ass down here by the third... I need to spend more time packing... but this is too good to resist.



  4. TITLE: Magnolia

    STORYTELLING STYLE: Dream weaving

    EVERY ROSE HAS IT'S THORNS: Magnolia can unravel the vines that makeup his body in order to interact with his environment in a defensive manner. This can be used as either a tool in order to interact with his environment, or as a weapon to ward of predators.

    SEEDING: Magnolia's body pollinates the world it interacts with. As flowers bud off, bloom and seed from his body, their cast off marks trails along the ground which serve to grow life in the places he has been. This life grows at a slower rate than the plants that make up his hide.

    NOTHING EVER ENDS: While Magnolia's tale is not an eternal one, it is adaptive and unending.
    Begun at a single point and tasked to carry on until the final story of the world weaves its conclusion. Because of this, the progression of Magnolia’s tale cannot end in spite of how broken the bodies of the rabbit or his protagonist might be.GENRE: Fantasy


    Magnolia is a rabbit with seven eyes to each side of his face. Fourteen in total. Two large ones stationed at standard positions in the centers of the skull followed by six beneath them. Each of these operate independently and scan about at their own pace with no particular focus in mind. The body of the Rabbit is comprised of vines and thorns with the occasional bloom of flowers jetting out from sections of the Rabbit’s body. These flowers bud, bloom and decay at a slow but visible across the creature’s form. As dead buds fall from the Rabbit’s body, they seed and leave trails in the rabbit’s wake which bloom and mature at a more standard rate of time.

    AUTHOR: Cast upon the eternal sky and forged from the memories of the fallen, Magnolia was birthed not by blood and bone but by an essence of the cosmos. A corralling hound of the endless sky herding the aspects of hope back to a waking world.

    PLOT SUMMATION: Magnolia weaves a Legend of which can never end. A tale of the forgotten damned and an emissary called to seek their Songs. Voices of the dead all too often ignored and forsaken to the binds which hold them from the hereafter. This is their story. While our protagonist takes center stage, be mindful that he is only the medium of which the tale is told…


    Blind Dog Zahjha the Red. A body cursed by the Gods for the Sins of his father and anchored by the six additional souls which binds him to eternal service. He is tasked to serve as a mediator between the forgotten and the beyond.

    ABILITIES OF THE PROTAGONIST: Blind dog is difficult to put a finger on in the realm of a power. A shaman of sorts, though an unconventional one. If he had to be marked with ability that ability would have to be a call to listen. Empathy, as his watch word. Zahjha the Red hears the voices of those forgotten, dead and left behind. While his calling is specifically to aid those dead and bound to the mortal plane, his coil lacks the eyes to perceive an embodied voice from that of a figureless one.

    Planescape unbound: A more conventional ability is he is unbound by the planes. Zahjha can find himself anywhere at the whim of his plot. He, all the while is oblivious to the new circumstances faced in his setting, as his calling remains the same.

    Binds of Torment: Blind Dog Zahjha the Red was cursed in the womb by an angry God. The curse binds the body of the Original with crippling pain derived from the five senses. Images distort and turn into nightmarish masses, The slightest sounds are deafening, a gentle breeze is scalding to the touch. It's only through the balance of seven souls anchored to a single body that distributes the curse to a manageable manner.

    Many as One: Blind Dog's mind is broken into six essences which are joined in body to create a seventh essence collaborated as a single mind. Each soul anchored to the body of the original is similarly bound to the service of the Ferryman and holds their own story as to how they got there. Because of this, the warrens of the shaman's mind are forever occupied. While an essence can be isolated, the whole can not be dominated through mental means. Isolating essences reveal the following designations:

    The Cat: A curious child taken before her time.

    the Rat: A mother and wife, cast into debt of the Gods twice over. First on the jealousy of her bitter husband, and second on the love of her child.

    the Badger: A brutal but mute warrior who's banner has long since faded to the sands of time.

    the Sloth: The product of farmland who in life allowed the world to pass before his eyes, to caught up in watching the stories around him to forge his own.

    the Original: The mortal coil of Zahjha himself. The damned child of a High Priest who sought to usurp the Gods.

    the Crone: A curious essence. Wise, benevolent and ancient.


    Many as One: The fragments united. Cast in servitude as an Agent of the Ferryman to be a medium for damned and forsaken.
  5. TITLE: The Overlady

    STORYTELLING STYLE: Reality Bending

    Idiots Everywhere! - Whenever this ability is used, the world around The Overlady warps and nothing looks like it makes sense anymore. Lurkers and Lagomyths alike get confused by the most mundane things and are not sure of what to do with themselves as they are overwhelmed by the strange world around them. Only The Overlady is unaffected by this ability, who is capable of rising above the idiocy of reality.

    Layman's Terms, Please - The Overlady has the uncanny ability to explain everything in terms which not even the cleverest and brightest Lagomyths can understand. The force of these explanations is so overwhelming that the enemy just has to consider what is being said and they lose their confidence in whatever The Overlady is talking about. This ability loses some of its power on Lurkers, but it is extremely effective at paralysing enemies as long as The Overlady keeps talking. However, once the stream of words stop, this ability is not in effect anymore.

    GENRE: Comedy

    Show Spoiler

    His fur is completely black, and unlike on the picture, the suit he wears completely covers his body and it is pure white, except for the shirt under it, which is cream white. He also wears a red bow tie with it, and a small, white hat which is bound to his head with a grey ribbon.

    AUTHOR: The Overlady was born in Lyström, a collection of four, almost continent-sized islands that face the four cardinal directions. A land full of young Lagomyths, Lyström is an area with but one limit: No Lagomyth may cross the waters between the islands lest they fall prey to the massive whirlpool located in the centre of the islands. Up to date, no Lagomyth has managed to subdue this strange phenomenon. As such, legends started circling about an old Lagomyth who is skilled in all forms of the story-telling arts and wants to keep themselves away from the world for some mysterious reason.

    While normally a welcoming place, if a bit suspicious of Lagomyths that come from other areas, when the mysterious Block appeared, Lyström sealed itself off completely from the world. Strange, never-ceasing storms started to surround the islands, composed of energies that belonged to no story-telling style. What is more, these energies fry any Lagomyth or Lurker who tries to cross them with equal ease, creating a safe haven for the Lagomyths that reside in Lyström, but at the same time, sealing it off from the rest of the world.

    PLOT SUMMATION: A little over two thousand years ago, the once great Republic Of Supremely Equal People All Of Whom Exercise Their Rights In The Most Proper Manner While Obeying All Moral Rules And Always Doing What The Best Is For The Community, The Safe Haven Of People Who Are Completely Dedicated To The Cause Of The Government And Wish To Cause No Harm To Other Individuals And Generally An Incredibly And Magnificently Happy Place has dissolved over a senseless dispute between its two major factions: the Tsukkomi and the Boke. While the Tsukkomi wished to laugh over quality Comedy that was based on the personality of the characters as well as careful play with words, the Boke wanted to enjoy basic pranks such as pratfalls or situational jokes that required little to no effort to perform. While originally, the agreement was that one year was to be spent in the spirit of the Tsukkomi and one year was to be spent in honour of the Boke, the agreement was broken by an unknown author who accidentally wrote a Tsukkomi play in a Boke year.

    Now shattered to a thousand and one warring factions, all of whom have their own, unique approach to Comedy and think that nothing else is funny save for their own brand of humour, it looks as if the world is doomed to chaos. However, even as the Tsukkomi weep for the past and the Boke laugh at their own idiotic jokes, there is one group who has had enough of the senseless fights over differing styles of Comedy, so they decided to kidnap Iris Ayers, the heir to the Tragically Evil Empire Suffering From Chronic Backstabbing Disorder and educate her in their ways in hopes of claiming the throne. Unfortunately for them, just when the education of the young woman is finished, the current king of the Tragically Evil Empire Suffering From Chronic Backstabbing Disorder dies, and as such, Iris Ayers is forced to claim a throne she was not prepared for yet… or was she?

    As Iris Ayers starts to comprehend just how inane the Boke are, she decides that it has been too long since Comedy was united under one banner, so she sets out to restore the land to its former glory. Aided by a laconic, but effective general, a surprisingly sensible religious leader, a mad professor with a penchant for explosives, a questionably named doctor, a hive of sapient bees, her own, nuclear temper and many others, Iris Ayers claims the throne for herself and sets her plans into motion. But will she, her plans and her sanity be able to survive the insanity of her subordinates and the sheer idiocy of the Boke?

    PROTAGONIST: Iris Ayers, who can appear in one of two forms. Her first form is that of a young woman somewhere in her mid-twenties with long, blonde hair, sea blue eyes, a remarkably rounded face and a small nose. In this form, she lets her hair loose and her eyes convey just how sharp she is and she seems to be aware of her surroundings at all times. She wears simple and plain clothes that vary from appearance to appearance, but are usually on the darker side of the colour spectrum.

    In her second form, Iris Ayers appears as a ten-year-old girl who has ridiculously long, blonde her, sea blue eyes and a rather large forehead. She usually keeps her hair braided when she is in this form, though it is still quite long as it almost reaches her knees, so she has to wear a black hairband to keep it out of her face. In this form, she always wears dark grey clothes with a golden yellow trim and decorated by white, fan-like patterns, save for her huge skirt and cape, which are embedded with small precious stones and are gold with black patterns on them.

    In both forms, Iris Ayers is a fearsome opponent to behold as she can create and manipulate fire freely, not to mention that she always has two, blue-greyish steel fans at hand, which are almost as long as her arm is in adult form. She knows how to use them in a fight and she is not afraid of getting her hands dirty, or when she is in her second form, leaving her fancy royal dress behind in favour of more combat-friendly clothing, which she always wears under her dress.

    Similarly, the intellect of Iris Ayers does not decay between her forms and she remains an intelligent master stratagem, politician and an inspiring leader. Her most frightening aspect, though, is when she gets angry as she focuses her rage into the fire she creates, often ending up with nothing less than literal firestorms and balls of plasma.
  6. COMING SOON (open)

    TITLE: (What are you called?)
    STORYTELLING STYLE: (Dream Weaving, Reality Bending, Soul Arts, or Confluence? Choose no more than three abilities for your Lagomyth that fall under your preferred style.)
    GENRE: (Choose a genre from the list.)
    ILLUSTRATION: (A description as well as a picture is preferred.)
    AUTHOR: (Where in Iwaku were you born? Where do you come from?)
    PLOT SUMMATION: (Give a summary of your story.)
    PROTAGONIST: (Who is your main character? Briefly describe your Protagonist or include a basic character sheet.)
  7. [MENTION]Vay[/MENTION]: Everything looks good so far!

    [MENTION=1337]Julez Isabitch[/MENTION]: I want to see your Noir bunny, madam.

    [MENTION=3049]CosmicWeinerDog[/MENTION]: I am iffy about your ability that gives you immunity to the dangers faced by pretty much everyone else. Can you tell me why I should let you play that angle?

    [MENTION=1775]Lstorm[/MENTION]: I'll let you have Lyström's storms, on the understanding that you are not currently residing in your Author and you will let me kidnap you for plotting to do with that location. >:]

    [MENTION=22]Kitti[/MENTION] and [MENTION=2422]DawnsLight[/MENTION]: Do you guys need any help with developing characters or just want to throw around some ideas?
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  10. Your abilities and your prose style seem more to fit under Reality Bending than under Dream Weaving, Lstorm. Otherwise, I love it and everything looks great.

    So, the Overlady uses masculine pronouns? That's going to be fun. XD *Waits to see how many people mess that one up IC*
  11. Nooooo, I need my coworkers to stop calling in sick for work.
    Still working on the character, ne'er fear.
  12. Neither character is immune to anything. That's the point.

    The overarcing theme to both stories though is that "Nothing ever Ends." Example, if you died tomorrow, there would be a storyline that would continue on due to the effects you've had on this world. Same with me, same with everyone.

    What I'm establishing in the story that never ends angle, isn't that Magnolia nor Zahjha are immortal. Quite the contrary, Zahjha's body as well as Mag's are very temporary. What I'm saying however is that there's is a story that has to be told to completion, be it with or without the character's bodies making it to the end of the piece. If mags falls ill under the weight of the Block, I have to fragment his body breaking up his outline and thus Zahjha himself as a character due to the nature of his format. If Zahjha's body dies, I still have 6 fragmented essences bound eternally to the will of the ferryman who must still carry out their tasking regardless of time and place.

    As the tune goes. Na na na na life goes on.

    So no, No one's immune to anything. If there's anything I play the crap out of it's character developing injuries by means of disability, disfigurement and death.
  13. [​IMG]

    ​"Care for me to define insanity?"

    TITLE: Fenris ; The Wolf (Or sometimes just 'Fenris the Mad')
    GENRE: Horror


    AUTHOR: Fenris was born in one of the darkest corners of Iwaku. No name holds his place, all that is spoken of it is that it's "Home of the Hellions."

    PLOT SUMMATION: Long ago, in the kingdom of Tiberion there was a man, crazy who believed that he was a wolf. The people mocked him, but he swore that he was a wolf, a venomous creature hiding within human flesh. Eventually he became a cannibal, attacking any human which got too close to him. This soon lead to him being beheaded, and swearing that his curse of madness would fall upon the world if they killed him, but there was no arguing with death, and he was slaughtered seconds later. Years later people started to act the same as this man did, howling at the moon, barking, foaming from the mouth, it all seemed very strange, then when each of them tasted the first bit of human blood it made them turn into a wolfish creature, hell-bent on destroying everything, especially humans. Now there was a little boy named Kyle who became one of these monsters, turning from a sweet farmer's boy into an abomination. He got abducted into one of the packs as a welp, and was used from practice training by the members. As he grew he plotted vengeance on his packmates, and the humans and ended up slaughtering the alpha, and taking a new name "Vyle" as alpha of the pack. From there he's gone to try and assassinate the king, and take a new era.

    PROTAGONIST: The main character of the story is a mad wolf, and alpha of his pack - named Vyle. A crazy wolf, with the ambition to kill the entire human race for what they have done to him. He's much larger than the rest of his pack, and this is one of the main reasons that he holds dominance over them. He's aggressive and bloody, and enjoys the art of killing. He's a shaggy and rabid black wolf, and an image referal can be seen below.


  14. Definitely jumping into this. :3 Expect progress over the weekend!
  15. Would this be still open to participants?


    TITLE: Debtor’s Eyes
    GENRE: Fantasy
    ILLUSTRATION: (A description as well as a picture is preferred.)
    AUTHOR: From the remains of the ruined Iwaku towers, long built by angelic or demonic hands, a tiny gateway exists between Iwaku and the Worlds Beyond. As Iwaku is but one forum, one ‘plane’, this burrow exists to those who find their way within the labyrinthine tunnels of the WarrenWeb. Perhaps he was born at the gate of this strange entrance, perhaps beyond it…but he travels with the dust of other worlds on his feet.

    PLOT SUMMATION: “Refuse the task, and something of its value will be taken from you.”
    Anthony languished in the grip of debt and dead end jobs. His college degree was useless paper in his hands, a pity pat on the back for a wasted four years. When coin becomes due, he inadvertently made a deal with a Fae…saved for the price of three tasks.

    For a time, his worries ceased. Fortune found him a position in a rapidly expanding social media job, his debts were paid as easily as he might buy a hot dog from the kiosk outside his office. But when his time came due, he was asked to complete a task.

    And he said no.

    Now he’s cursed with Debtors Eyes, the ability to see past illusion and into the truth of the world. His girlfriend is taken, gone, snatched by hands that can make any open door their portal. Anthony follows into that darkness, casting aside his human name and the freedoms it allows and taking the name Ananzi in its place. He will brave the confusing labyrinth of history and genre. No path leads straight, no direction is up. He must contend with the ancient powers the world long locked away, the fraying edge of reality and narrative.

    He must find what he’s lost…before losing himself.

    PROTAGONIST: (Who is your main character? Briefly describe your Protagonist or include a basic character sheet.)
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  16. *Winces* Okay, so at present, I've got two finished character sheets. It's been two and a half weeks since I posted this. I think I'm going to shelve this idea and bring it out later when people have the time and interest to get characters done and we'll have enough players.

    So if anyone wants to come and talk to me about their character ideas, feel free to grab me any time!
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