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  1. Hamzah, Arkith
    Tierra's Orbit

    Out in the void of space, a planet similar to earth yet far bigger orbited around a red giant. All around it space stations and platforms stood guard. Smaller ships buzzed about as they delivered supplies or sent recon reports. A grey ship bearing a diamond mark, however, was out investigating a recent report suggesting a portal of some kind.

    Inside the ship, Hamzah looked over the data as his A.I. processed it. Behind him was the dragon in human form Arkith who was sleeping soundly. Occasionally thrashing about as she tried to find a conformable spot and also smoke would raise from her nostrils causing Hamzah's asthma to act up. Thankfully, his cells managed to weaken the effects over time, though he cursed bringing Arkith along who had been forced to go by the Sentinels. The reason being was that Arkith was a general.

    "In all my years I've thought we would be drive from our home planet and onto a planet of our Ancestors' enemy." Hamzah thought back to that horrible day where the Shadow Race attacked. He cringed at the horrors that befell those unlucky enough, but pushed the thoughts aside."Yet here I am. Military leader of the remains of earth and a race of cyborgs. Yep, I can do this. Though, I do wonder why Shadow, as he calls himself, said he has both fought aloneside and against my kind before. From what I learned was that Shadow and his race attacked the Tierras."

    Hamzah's thoughts were interrupted from a blaring alarm. Arkith jumped forward smashing her head against a dashboard. The dragon growled while Hamzah looked around even checking the radar. There was nothing and he was about to ask Fredrick what was happening when a swirl of purple appeared in front of them pulling them. Hamzah jerked back the stick trying to force the ship out. It was in vain, however, as the portal consumed them and vision went purple.

    "By my wings of night!" Arkith screeched.

    The purple faded as grey took. Thunder and rain pelting the ship was heard. The ship also rocked as lighting struck draining of power. It then began to plummet. As the ship descended wildly, Arkith was clawing at the glass in panic. Hamzah remained rational, thanks to his long life. However, he wouldn't be prepared to see the ruined city that loomed before them as clouds broke. Before Hamzah could react, the ship lodged itself into a building.

    "That was fun, wasn't Arkith?" Hamzah chuckled as alarms blared.

    "FUN?! I cannot trust these technology. Already I have nearly died seven times by errors!" Arkith screamed.

    "Warmaster, Zealot. The ship has sustained damage to multiple areas. I'll save the details for later if you wish Warmaster, but I suggest we get going before our ship falls off." Fredrick reported.

    "Yeah, we should." Arkith eyed Hamzah.

    The Immortal shrugged and placed his hand over Fredrick's head. His avatar flickered before a steam of data was absorbed by Hamzah's suit. After that, the duo escaped the ship as it fell into the deserted streets below. A loud crash and a explosion soon followed.

    Hamzah lifted and opened his palm." Fredrick, where are we?"

    Fredrick's avatar flickered." Unknown. However, I'm detecting unusual atomic activity from the storm. It weakens people like you Hamzah."

    Fredrick was right. When Hamzah escaped, he was drenched by rain and even though it was his armor he felt weak. Almost as if it was sapping him of energy. However, Hamzah didn't show any weakness simply exploring the room they were in which appeared to be an office. All around were rotten furniture and rusted electronics.

    "Hmm, I suggest we get going. Fredrick, can you do a scan?"

    "No I cannot." The A.I. sighed.

    "Then we need to find a way out of this city and find something. If anything we should also try to get information on where we are."

    "Agreed." Arkith walked tossing anything in her way.

    "Just like old times." Hamzah thought wearily.

    As the duo explored the building, a spider-like creature observed the interaction. Its metal legs carried it across the building it was hanging on to while its organic eyes processed the odd pair. The beast imitated a growl once the newcomers left. The creature readied for a jump deciding if it should go after them. The decision was made and the creature crossed the gap between buildings with grace breaking into glass. The creature rolled and was about to chase after them when warnings began popping up all over the defense grid. Something was wrong and the Collective had to set it right.
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  2. As X and his men surveyed the site they landed in it appeared to be a ruined city of some sort. This was odd, how did they get here? "Commander X, over here! This building looks like we can use it for cover!" says one robot to his leader, a blue and light blue-colored humanoid robot. As X and his men quickly find shelter in the ruined, decaying building as he heard loud crashing noises nearby. How did he and his men get here? The last X knew he was in pursuit of a powerful signal from a Maverick, a robot who goes and causes harm to society. The reading had looked like Sigma's. As he and his unit approached, he was ambushed...

    'Think X, think..' the beleaguered Hunter thought to himself as he ordered his men to set up a defensive perimeter around the room they were in. Five men by both doorways, armed with beam pistols and rifles. The remaining five were to scout around the building and report back. He holds up his left forearm and a small panel slides back, revealing a communication device built into his arm.

    "Hunter base, this is Commander X. Do you read me?" X says into his device. The only thing he got in return was static. "Hunter base, please respond." He got nothing but the same result. It looked like they were out of range. As he looked out the broken window he couldn't help but wonder where they were. It almost looked like some leftover ruins from when the Eurasia space colony crashed into Earth. But that didn't make much sense, why couldn't he get a signal? They weren't out of range the last time they were above ground in those ruins.

    "Commander X, what is your suggested course of action?" says one of the riflemen. "Hold your position until our scouts return from investigating in the building. If we get no response within fifteen minutes we'll try to contact them." X commands to his soldier.
  3. Hamzah sat against a crumbling column watching Arkith trying to start a fire. The dragon had managed to start a small fire by smashing a few chairs and piling them. She then let loose a small, fiery blast that finally started the fire. Once the fire was going, Arkith went out bringing back a few rats. She gulped a raw rat down which was followed by Hamzah gagging. Arkith, however, wasn't disgusted by the rat instead enjoying it. She then threw the remaining rats over at Hamzah before going to look for more rats.

    "Gee, thanks." Hamzah muttered as he shoved a stick through the rats and placed them over the fire.

    Hamzah held both rats over the crackling fire. His stomach growled in anticipation while the rats seared and as the rats cooked the Immortal stared at the nearby building. Hamzah decided there was nothing of interest and looked over at another building with a sign. Faded letters spelled out 'We can do it!'. The outline of a picture also was seen, but it was faded making it hard to interpret it. However, it did look like a male soldier thrusting a spear into a giant spider.

    Hamzah wondered what it could have meant. Just as he began to wonder, Hamzah heard a noise and turned to its source. Hamzah pulled out a pistol like fluid. The Warmaster then held it up, turning the safety off, and aimed it. He then shouted," Who goes there?"
  4. George Washington pushed aside a large slab of grey stone. It kicked up dust as it collapsed to the ground, and the general emerged from the wreckage of a tower.

    He scanned the wasted world. Gray. Rubble. More rubble.

    These were not the newly emancipated American colonies that the continental army had fought for. This was a wasteland.

    Washington carefully treaded down the piles of broken masonry, stepping carefully as to not slip and fall. He noted the dearth of human beings in the immediate area. Washington muttered under his breath. There was supposed to be a constitutional convention that day.

    The general had no clue as to how he managed to end up in these ruins. He stood still, his hand on the handle of his sabre.
  5. As the scouting Reploids came to one of the rooms in the surrounding building one managed to pick up on a heat signature or two within a room. As the five approached some of them saw how quickly one of them reacted to the noise of them approaching, quickly drawing a pistol weapon and aiming it in their direction. At the sight of it three of them prepared their beam rifles while the leader of the pack stayed close, keeping his weapon at the ready, but not firing. "Get the Commander on the line while I approach. They don't seem openly hostile but we need to be ready." he commands as he approaches. It looked like they had something on a fire. Was it some kind of rat?

    "We're part of the Maverick Hunter Elite 17th Unit." the Reploid in charge announces when Hamzah demands to know who is there. "We're not hostiles unless you're planning to shoot first. I wouldn't recommend that though, there's many more than just me in the nearby area."

    As the leader of the scouting unit went to talk to the new people the radio man of the group takes cover behind part of the rubble where they are and opens up his transmission unit in his arm. "Commander X, this is Scouting Unit A reporting in. We have contact with two individuals here. The assigned leader is going to try to talk to them. They do not seem immediately hostile. Over." he says, sending the transmission to X.

    As his communication unit beeped in his forearm X answered, holding it up. "Commander X here. We have a fix on your nearby location. Continue to attempt diplomatic means of contact if possible. We're not here to cause unnecessary fighting. Report back when you get an update. Over and out." the blue Reploid commands to his unit before closing the transmission. "The scouting unit says they have come in contact with others nearby. Keep defenses up and ready, but be prepared to move out if we have to." X commands to his other ten soldiers in the room they had under guard. He couldn't help but wonder to himself if these were locals, or maybe people like him. He hoped to get answers soon.
  6. "Are you locals? If so, I would like to know where we are and if not perhaps we can help each other out. I'm sure you guys would also like to know what is going on and I'll tell you. Me and my friend were investigating a anomaly near our planet's orbit when it turned out to be a portal sucking us in. Now, I'm going to go out on a limb to say you guys either had the same result or are apart of a military cleanup." Hamzah said while he still aimed the pistol.

    Meanwhile Arkith was busy examining some kind of spider drone. She nervously laughed at the organic and robotic pieces of the darn thing which also had a spear jutting out of its abdomen. The drone's lights were flickering as if still clinging to life, but was slowly fading away. The dragon had bad experiences with robots, especially ones that appeared dead. She was about to leave to yet the spear could come in handy. Arkith decided that the spear could be useful and easily pulled it out. As the spear unstuck, the drone gave a hiss startling the dragon.

    "Spidas Budaths." Arkith cursed.

    Arkith then admired the spear. It was elegantly designed with pictures showcasing a battle between dragons. The tip was night black just like her own scales. There was something hauntingly familiar about the spear. Then, she realized. The spear belonged to Arkith's father, the great general Vyen who was slain long ago. Tears welled up at the memories as Arkith respectfully strapped the spear onto her back. Just how did it get here though?
  7. The leading Reploid listened to the story that was told to him. So, another small group of lost people. At least they weren't the only ones. "We're in a similar situation as you are. We're not entirely sure how we ended up here, but my commander could explain it a bit better than I can. If you want to discuss helping each other out you'll have to speak with him." he replies, keeping focused on Hamzah. Two of the other Reploids from the scouting unit peeked out from behind both sides of the door frame to take a look at the two new people, while the remaining two kept cover nearby just in case. Looking back, the leader gives a thumbs up signal to the two. "All clear." he announces to them. All four other members of the scouting unit came out from their positions and into the room. They kept their rifles out but not aimed.

    "If you're not hostile like you suggest and want to offer help we can get you back to where we're hiding out. There are plenty more of us in waiting there." the leading scout offers the two beings.
  8. Hamzah placed his pistol back in his hostler. He regretted it once the other four came out with weapons drawn. He forced himself to relax seeing that they weren't aiming at him. Perhaps they were just cautious such they were also sucked into this strange world. Then Fredrick started passing on data he gathered on the Reploids. Hamzah memorized it as quickly as he could. From what he could gather their lead officer was called X which was a strange name. He ignored it however, as he had grown accustomed to strange names and it would be a waste of time.

    "We are all stuck in this together then! At least it is good to know that we aren't the only ones. As you have also suggested we have no hostile intent and I suggest we get out of this city, or wasteland, as quickly as possible. My A.I. told me that the storms here weaken people the longer they spend outside with the rain." Hamzah then called Arkith.

    The dragon heard her name and came stumbling. Arkith cursed her puny human form, but stopped upon seeing the strange men in tin cans. More people? If Hamzah wasn't near them she would have mistook them as hostiles gladly tearing them apart. Though, she still had no idea what they were and only shrugged once Hamzah explained what happened.
  9. The radio Reploid opened up the unit on his forearm again. "Commander X, Scouting Unit A reporting in. The two from earlier are not hostiles. Two humanoids, one with a draconic appearance. They are requesting an alliance since both us and them are unfamiliar with the area. Waiting on your recommended course of action sir. Over." he says ,speaking into the unit.

    As X answered his unit he listened to his scout's report. He was a bit surprised to hear that they weren't Reploids, and that one had a draconic appearance. The only prominent experiences he had with draconic appearing people was with ex-Hunter turned maverick Magma Dragoon. He hoped this time wouldn't bring similar results down on his head. "Copy that, Scouting Unit. Bring them to our location. We have the perimeter under strict control, but continue to exercise caution. Over." he says in reply to the Scouting Unit.

    "Commander X agreed to let us bring you to the safe zone we have established. The route should still be clear so we shouldn't have too much trouble." the lead scout says to the other two. "Ready to go?"
  10. "Yes, but can you tell me what is the current situation of your team?" Hamzah asked.

    "Hamzah, err, other guys. I found some kind of spider cyborg in the next room with a spear lodged in it. There might be more around and I'm guessing they won't be very happy to see us."

    "Is there where you obtained the spear from?" Hamzah eyed Arkith.

    "Yes." Arkith answered meekly.

    The Warmaster facepalmed." Let's get going."

    Meanwhile outside where Washington was, a survivalist was busy scavenging a rusted car. From time to time he would look up to see if anything was in his immediate area. He did saw a Ales once which prompted him to pull out his crafted assult rifle. He placed his rifle down once the spider drone leaped into another building. The man still kept an eye on that building considering that the Ales could easily jump him and kill him.

    The survivalist relaxed his guard after a bit as they would have attacked shortly after acquiring a target. Then he heard something coming his way and popped his head to see a human in strange clothing. The man didn't look hostile so the survivalist went back to scavenging what he could.
  11. "We're holed in a nearby room in the building and trying to make heads or tails of where we are what is going on. It's obvious we're not where we wanted to originally be." the scouting leader says to Hamzah. Spider drones? Some kind of Mechaniloid security trap, perhaps? "Keep your rifles ready, men. We can't let them get the drop on us! he says, prompting them to raise their rifles and keep them at the ready. The other four stepped out of the room to give it one last sweep. "All clear!" one of the Reploids says. If there was one they were probably a whole lot more of them. It wouldn't make sense otherwise.

    The scouting leader looked to the other two. "I don't suppose either of you know a whole lot about those spider bots, do you?" he inquires as he steps out of the room, looking ahead with his rifle as they begin the escort to their unit's room.
  12. "From what I saw it was both organic AND robotic. It also had flickering lights and once I pulled out this spear the creature gave a hiss. I suppose that these things aren't friendly either." Arkith said.

    "Excuse me, but I am interested in your design. My scans show you are a synthetic being." Fredrick communicated over Hamzah's radio.

    As the group would make their way through the building they would see skeletons. People's last moments before something horrible happened to them. They would also see a few of the spider machines in odd positions. However, one body appeared fresh and was human looking. The corpse was slumped up against a wall with a shotgun between its legs and pointing at its head.
  13. "Your scan may have to wait." the scouting leader says in reply to Frederick as he looks around as they walk. Both organic and robotic. Cybernetic enhancements were nothing new to them, but something like those could prove to be some trouble. As they walked the scouting unit kept close by each other and their two companions, using sweeping tactics from area to area, only stopping when they get to the skeletons, spiders, and the fresh body.

    "Everybody, start scanning the immediate area! The body with the shotgun is fresh." the leader commands. Some of the scouts switched over to heat vision as they began scanning the room and seeing if they could find anything on the other side of the walls or doors. This seemed like it could be a trap. The scouting leader slowly approaches the body, looking but not touching anything. They intended to make sure that they weren't about to walk into an ambush. Who knows where spider cyborgs could be hiding around here.

    "Send Commander X our coordinates and alert him about the spiders." the leader shouts as he appraises the body. The communication member of the team obliges, sending another transmission of their coordinates along with the warning of the new type of enemy.
  14. Hamzah pulled out a pistol and walked over to the corpse. Half of its head was clean off, likely from the shotgun blast. It appeared to be a suicide. The person must have lost hope thus causing it to finally snap. Hamzah sighed longingly at the sight. Oh, how he wish he could feel the sweet release of death. Hamzah then ordered Fredrick to scan the body which appeared humans enough. The scan did confirm Hamzah's suspicion.

    "The body is belongs to a unknown species of human. Probably a survivor of whatever happened here." Hamzah said.

    "Humans. Going around and killing yourselves." Arkith muttered.

    Meanwhile, outside the survivalist was still gathering what he could. He would glance on occasion at the stranger who stood there like a stump. Why wasn't he moving? Sooner or later the Ales were going to spot him and kill the guy. He considered shouting a warning. Then again the shout would attach plenty of Ales who would rip them both apart. As he debated, however, two raiders were sweeping through the streets and when they found Wash they began firing into the air.

    "You, there. This is our turf! Get out or we are going to enjoy your delicious meat!"

    The yelling from the raiders alerted the survivalist who grabbed his assult rifle. Why would raiders be this far into the Wasteland? There were far too many Collective running around yet again though, the raiders were bold cowards. And the most dangerous kind of outlaw is a pack of cowards.
  15. George Washington turned towards the raiders. Hearing their threat, he unstrapped his flintlock and fired at them, before ducking behind a pile of rubble and reloading his gun. He cocked the hammer and emerged from the debris, firing at the raiders once more.

    The general dove into a decrepit van to reload, watching for their reaction. He stuck his head out the window, looking for the raiders, before drawing his sabre and preparing to move if they tried to get close.

    Washington looked around. He needed a plan. Vans may have been invented long after his term as President (and his death), but Washington effectively analyzed his surroundings, taking in the different aspects of the van. He had three escape routes: one front door, one back door, and the window in the ceiling. Gray boulders and debris blocked off the other exits.

    Washington had several options. He could stay in the van and fire at the raiders, but they would probably corner him and shoot him dead. He could shoot out the door from which he came, but again, that would alert the raiders to his presence.

    That left the back door.

    Washington poked his rifle out the van's sunroof and fired. BANG!

    He bolted out the back door and hid behind a rock, his sabre drawn.
  16. Rose Tyler was well acquainted with mysterious portals that took her to various places, sometimes strange places, sometimes almost normal places. This one, however, she had not been expecting. Not that she was expecting any of the other ones, but she definitely wasn't expecting one on parallel Earth. So when she was suddenly pulled into a purple, mysterious portal and suddenly standing in what looked like a dilapidated, ruined building, she was surprised, but not as surprised as one would really expect.

    "What?" Rose asked aloud, clearly to herself, as she couldn't see anyone in the room with her. What just happened? Nothing like that had happened since her time running with the Doctor, and she hadn't thought he would come back for her. So what was that? A better question would probably be: Where am I? There was a door nearby, and she ran to it, peeking outside and then staring with shock at the city. A city that looked like something from the apocalypse. "Okay..." She muttered, trying to assess the situation. This can't be good. Rose took a step or two more outside of the building in an attempt to see any hints as to where she was.
  17. From the ground emerged a portly rabbit with a ring of brown-and-yellow fur around its waist. The rabbit clutched a carrot in his white palm as he scratched his head with one of his dirt-stained arm-ears. Its squinty eyes were contorted in a visage of perplexion; the rabbit knew he should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque (figuratively speaking).

    This rabbit (named Diggersby, for that is his species) munched the carrot as he emerged from his hole. Diggersby pondered the curious means as to how he had emerged in the ruined city. There was a flash, and...

    Diggersby finished his carrot and tossed the stem on the ground, placing his white palms on his waist and tapping one of his brown, floppy feet.

    Diggersby noted the crumbling remains of an apartment building; much like the ones seen at the construction sites Diggersby frequents, but more dinged-up. The rabbit walked towards the building, his arm-ears swinging in the air.

    Diggersby saw a human being [Rose] standing at the top of a pile of wreckage at the foot of the structure. He cocked his head and scratched his chin. The female human at the foot of the building seemed just as lost as Diggersby was. The digging Pokémon curiously approached the female human assessing the city. Diggersby reached with his massive arm-ears, climbing up the rubble and reaching a ledge, before making a low grumble like an excavator's engine. He stared at the female human with an inquisitive gaze. Alas, the poor rabbit could not speak English but understand it.
  18. New faction encountered. The Raiders. Group, Wasteland Thugs

    The raiders were appalled at the man. Didn't he know that he was dealing with the Thugs? Well, that was unfortunate as the fire from the flintlock streamed towards them. The raiders immediately opened fire and dove for cover. The survivalist, of course, stayed low in hopes of avoiding the Thugs. The Thugs were well known for their battle tactics and for their torture methods.

    When Wash took cover in the van and fired again the raiders ran towards it never realizing Wash's plans.
  19. Blade Wolf stood a top a large pile up of cars scanning the area. He was fighting against an enemy cyborg when he suddenly lost his memory and ended up in this strange destroyed world. "Was my A.I. wiped out and now I'm forced to live in this waste land for eternity? Or is this something different? None of it makes sense, how have the events I've gone through transpired to this? I ignored my own pleas for freedom and followed my orders after Mistrals deception forced me. Why have I ended up here?" He questioned himself unsure of how to fit the pieces of this strange puzzle together. Surely he couldn't be the only one here...could he? He then held a small red remote beside his head with his tail and looked at it. "Am I truly free now? Or is this merely what I wish to see? So many questions, and yet no answers."

    He finally shook off his thoughts and decided to search this ruin of a city. He began leaping from car to car down a road crushing the tops in as he landed on them. He scanned looking for any life whether it was hostile or friendly. Anything that would at least tell him he wasn't alone.
  20. Washington watched the raiders circle the van, seeing them peer into the back entrance and wonder where he had gone. That was the general's chance to strike.

    They say "never bring a sword to a gunfight." George Washington begged to differ.

    He thrust his sabre into the back of one, then fired his rifle into the other. He kicked the one with the sabre in his back to the ground, before making a quick slash towards his friend with the bullet hole. The general cut them both down, grabbed them, then smashed their heads together. If all those lacerations and gunshot wounds didn't hurt them, at least they'd be out for a while.

    The general turned around and walked away. Those men had shouted something about eating him. Cannibals, Washington thought. "I shan't stoop to their level," he mused.

    But then, how would the general survive in such a hostile environment?
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