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Fantasy, Modern, Historical Romance.

In case you don't know, every year iwaku does this worldbuilding challenge, where you can submit an RP to win your own mini forum on the site. IS ANYBODY PLANNING TO SUBMIT THIS YEAR? I know it starts in November, but me and my buddies have been all over its hype for a month.
I'm begging @rissa to submit again. Please! Whatever deal you wanna strike with me, I will agree if you submit!
I always wondered if I should put all those "defaults" I have for (high) fantasy RP in a canon... but 1st: I don'T trust my skill as a writer (or the lack of it) in that matter.. and 2nd: I fear that it will kill the dynamic/flexebility and makes me stick even more to that setting and "roadmap"
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I'm looking forward to get inspired again by new worldbuilding projects! :D
WaRP is my favorite event, I always look forward to see the worlds people come up with.

And yes, I'm planning to join this year. >8D
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