WaRP Rules + Q&A: Welcome to WaRP 2017-2018!

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  1. 1. No.
    2. Nah.
    3. Oh, I do know.
    4. Probably, but we picked Grumpy as a winner last year and survived. You have to win first, anyway. 8D
    5. Weird, lethargic, cross-species sex is entirely optional.
  2. Thanks, whichever one you are.

    I promise to provide less effort and more payoff than Grumpy.
  3. I'm gonna pretend to be offended that you don't recognize me. It makes it funnier that people sometimes mistake me for you since I changed my name.

    You sure you've recovered from Ilium, though?
  4. That question's already been answered in the FAQ. Stop wasting everyone's time.
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  5. Wow. It's like they're speaking a language specials to them.
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  6. I sort of want to submit an existing roleplay, but if it won, then I wouldn't want the existing OOC and IC to be moved anywhere. I'd prefer to start things off on a blank slate again, while the original version of the RP continues in its current form. In that case, should I treat my submission as an original RP instead of an existing one? And if I submit it as an original RP, then, is a copy/paste of the existing OOC thread acceptable? Or is it required that I change some things? (I mean, I'm probably going to rewrite the OOC anyway -- or at least large portions of it -- I just want to know what my options are.)
  7. Yes, you can submit an alternate version of an existing RP as a new RP. You can copy and paste the existing OOC, but it is probably in your best interests to revise it because we will go look to see how much effort you put into the submission and because we expect WaRP submissions to be more expansive than a typical OOC (otherwise, why would you need a whole forum?)
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  8. @Astaroth I have a question. If the setting is entirely original and a majority of the cast is OCs , but I allow fandom characters to a small extent and run a NPC fandom character, would it be considered an original roleplay or a fandom one? What is the cut-off? Is it possible for a roleplay to be considered both?
  9. That's an interesting question. Generally we're going to lean toward considering something fandom if it includes fandom elements, but this might come down to a case-by-case basis if we get unusual ones where it's majority non-fandom.

    Basically, I'd have to see it to give you a better answer.
  10. Ahh, okay. ( I'll discord message you.)
  11. Sucks I can't participate because my profile is only a month old :c

    If I were able to however, my question is what classifies as a "fandom" RP? Does that mean you can do an RP off of the lore of something pre-existing? I ask this because I recently became obsessed with a horror game that I would love to RP.
  12. Sorry you can't participate this year. The good news is that this is an annual contest and you can always save your idea for WaRP 2018-2019!
  13. Just a reminder that edits made past 11:59 Central time on the 17th will not be judged as part of your entry. We'll be checking that and judging based purely on previous edit versions of your posts.
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