Warning: Jealousy-fueled rage within.

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  1. I've had it up to my neck with player cliques. So goddamn annoying! Always giving each other glowing praise, always ignoring the work of others, always pissing away the thread because they've had 100+ RPs together. Fucking hate it. Fucking hate them.

    Let's make a few things clear. I don't give a fuck about your reputation. I don't give a fuck about your friendship. I don't give a fuck about your history. I don't give a fuck about you because you sure as fuck don't give a fuck about the rest of us. I see this shit in any thread, I will step on it, I will spit on it all to get you to stop, consequences be damned.

    I'm lonely, sure. I want a friend I can RP with in different topics, sure. I want a friend, period, sure. But I sure as fuck won't ignore other players' efforts just so I can stroke that friend's ego.
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  2. Yeah I've come across this several times myself. Not only that but if you say something one of them doesn't like then all of them come down on you at once, and half the time none of them are even logical when they try to attack you over something you said. Another thing that's gets annoying is that they tag like eight of their friends for one rp and then there are not any spots left afterwards for other players ^^;
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  3. TBH I think they're mostly okay until they start with the jokes. Then they're just annoying.

    I feel you with the post, but I'm more jealous of the fact that they get so well together they formed a clique. Last time people formed cliques in an RP in which I was, it was without me (I pretty much hated the RP by then because of jealousy etc.).

    And they keep the clique?! Wait it already existed?! Like, how???

    I guess I'm still anti-clique material.
  4. Sometimes cliques happen accidentally. Like, you have a group of friends who invite each other to RP's, but the GM who invited them all still tries super hard to make new players feel welcome and not alienate them, because they know just how hurtful it can be to make new RPers feel that way...

    Orrrrrr maybe that's just me. I can't speak for every GM-who-happens-to-have-an-RPing-history-with-a-good-portion-of-the-members. But, for those who are trying, well, I apologize on their behalf. Some of us do want to make new players feel welcome, although it isn't always easy.
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  5. I know quite a few people in Iwaku but that i because we all RP’d on MAL for awhile before we moved here. We are not a clique though and don’t even RP in the same RP’s. Though I do enjoy RPing with a lot of them because I know their style and they are always fun. But I have yet to encounter this issue.
  6. You will find cliques like this throughout all spectrums of Iwaku.
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  7. Yep. It's a potential and common byproduct. Role playing is a group activity, to do it properly you need to get to know the people you're doing it with to some degree. That means forming friendships. That means creating a group. That means cliques.

    I and some other GM's go out of our way to try and open our RP's to new people wherever possible, but I don't blame people for choosing friends over strangers. Doing the opposite is hard. It really is.
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  8. The trouble comes when they treat the strangers like they're not there; when they act as if the strangers aren't participating. They give everyone else the highest praise, but the stranger gets only a curt word, if that. That's what pisses me off and that's why I hate cliques, excuses be damned.

    EDIT: I'll grant you that not every group of friends is that way. A few of them are nice, even. However, you cannot deny that this situation exists, regardless of your experience. Different people, of course, have had different experiences with this, and mine has been a negative one. That's pretty much all there is to say about it.
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  9. I'm not denying it. In fact, I'm saying that it's both a potential and common byproduct, specifically because people are more likely to talk to and encourage friends than they are complete strangers. To lament that is to lament the nature of man: One's a tragedy, a thousand's a statistic.

    The only thing you can do is to trudge on, join new RP's, and attempt to find a group you can befriend. Get to know them--especially the GM, they're the key to the rest of a new group as a player--and do your best. Sometimes, that's not enough. Sometimes, you fuck up. Sometimes, other people are assholes. There's no way to fix that aside from some fairly Machiavellian social engineering.

    Of course, failing all that, you could always become a GM yourself and establish your own utopian playground. The GM always gets final word in their threads. So if nobody else does things the way you want and you think you can do better, show everyone how it's done. :ferret:
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  10. One thing I want to note is that being passive will make it very, very hard to insert yourself as part of a group. I haven't checked out the history, but let's just say this is the vibe I'm getting about the situation.

    Have you tried taking any initiative yourself, besides just being there, or are you just waiting for other people to walk up to you? Because, you know, here's something I learned when backpacking on my own; either you approach people or prepare to be really fucking lonely. Most of the time you just need to be more assertive. Engage someone, maybe you should be the one to pay someone a compliment first or discuss some interesting plot potential between characters? Give them something to like about you. I know approaching groups of people can be scary, but... It's what works, you know? They have a group they feel comfortable in. They don't have the same need to get to know you and will take less initiative as a result. So either you control your own fate or well, get angry and post rant threads.

    Which I guess is pretty dick-ish of me to say, but trust me on this one. Many people aren't so bad to outright ignore you if you approach them the right way. Try giving a little before expecting them to.
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  11. ugh I hate that, so this person has been roleplaying for ??? years and so let's go roleplay with them and then ignore the new members who are just as good (or sometimes maybe better) then a person with a good reputation. WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT HOW MANY YEARS YOU ROLEPLAY!
  12. Most of people have natural instinct to form groups. It can be annoying for those who feel excluded, but not much can be done it about aside from finding own friends. What I find difficult is to maintain a lot of threads due to real life obligations - it means I stay with a small group of people for a while. Not sure if it's a clique by your definition.

    As for ignoring new people in a group thread that had open recruitment? That makes the whole process pointless and unfair to new people...which actually goes without saying. I am still new here, but found a group to join for rp and two one on one players - will see if I feel this 'clique' effect.
  13. I can see how you got this impression, but this wasn't the case addressed in my original post. This had less to do with the interactions in an RP and more to do with the interactions in the OOC. While my own trigger situation has been resolved for now, I can't speak for the others.
  14. If you hate them, then why are you RPing with them?
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