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Hiya, I go by many names on my brief three years of roleplaying online- none in which you guys would probably know. Anyway I'm currently going as Rikou from my current favorite manga Nurarihyon no Mago. A Manga about a thirteen year old Quarter Demon named Rikou Nura, who is the Grandfather of Nurarihyon (which is the translation of the manga). He is supposed to be the New Supereme Commander of Yokai- however there's only one problem- He's doesn't want to be... /end commercial-esque explanation; alright a bit about me-

I'm a twenty year old African-American Female with currently no life, no job, no money, nadda. I wrote a few novels back in my High school days but quit them due disinterest, I've been roleplaying for three or so years even with my limited English (English is my first language, I just have a hard time learning). I'm the type of girl who grew up on Toonami, Fox Box, and Disney Channel. I've watched Oulaw Star, Trigun to SCRYed and FLCL. I've also watched and read Rouroni Kenshin, Cowboy Beboop, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Detective Conan/Case Closed and other such things. I've recently (The past year and a half or so) go into American comics- I grew up on Batman, Spiderman, and such as a kid but now I'm actually seeing it in a new light.

I just watched Batman: Under the Red Hood and was blown away by the amazing story. It's things like that, that make me wish I had comics... Anyway, I'm a fan of Teen Titans too as well as The X-Men but I know very little about the large cast from the comics. (people who do know and are willing to share will be my new best friends) Seeing as this is getting long and off topic- I guess I can say I'm a person who loves anime, manga, Videogames (I would add that but that would be another paragraph), and animation in general. I hope to stick around for a bit since I tend to cater to my other sites and hope to have fun here!

Heyo! Welcome to Iwaku.

The name is Jack Shade and I'm one of the staff around here. Anyone with a purple, blue, or burgundy name can help ya out if you have any questions about the site or getting started...although most of the members hereabouts should also be game to lend a hand.

I've also grown up on all the cartoons and anime you mentioned, though I haven't seen Under the Red Hood....


Anywhos...welcome, welcome, welcome....and I've a question for ya.

What sort of character do you enjoy playing?
It usually depends on the roleplay and situation. But I like any kind of roleplay really as long as it's not horror. Fantasy, Magical School, Modern, Supernatural, Tv Show based, Cartoon/Anime based, etc. Just depends.
Pleasure to meet you, welcome to the forum! Feel free to poke around the OOC forum and join up to any roleplays that catch your eye, it's as easy as filling out a character sheet and you're ready to go. See you around!
Hi I am Vay (if you want the vague [hur hur] and mostly irrelevant leaning ask me) a guy who was actually born in Afri... wait why am I doing this....

We're 3/5 of your roleplaying support team so questions on roleplays and non-mythos based projects can be asked to any of me WE'RE HERE TO HEEEEEEEELP YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU.

*cackles and jumps up to gnaw on the chandelier and throw incendiary mines into all the shadows*
Charbovari- Thank you ^^; I'm sure I'll learn somewhat soon.

Vay- Um.. Okay? o.o; ^^; Nice to meet you!
Hrmmm, a yokai...As a demon hunter, I really should take the yokai on but...That'd require me to get Irene Alarice to help. I'm one of the jerks in charge admins of this forum. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I'm here most of the time, save when I go off to battle; which tends to happen a lot on weekends.
Daiki- Really? A demon hunter? I should be wary then XD Nice to meet you Mr. Admin, and thank you for the welcome ^^;
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and I can help

*walks off into the shadows*
Shadow Ike- Hello and thank you ^^ -watches him return to the shadows- -blinks- weird... o.o;
*watches as ike is caught in a field of burning promethium*

Right into my trap!
*turns back* hah fire you missed me vay good luck next time
Sweet! I love practically everything you've mentioned! Welcome to Iwaku! And if you have any questions about almost any American super heroes including X-men and whatever let me know :]]
GMK, Resident Grey Knight... doesn't youkai translate to Daemon?
Ah ha! I haz foundz youz! Hhhhhhheeeeyyyy we talked in the cbox! I found your welcome thread! ;)

I'm throughly impressed with your anime choice. I'm very surprised... :D I'm Kylie or Kai or even katsu and I love ribbon bows

If you need and rp here's mine: http://www.space-kitten.org/iwaku/showthread.php?t=2239

btw I was wondering.... Where are you from originally?
Welcome to the site! I'm TK, the Global/Super Moderator. I usually handle member disputes but I also like to help in general. So if you need any help I'm happy to give some. And if I can't, I'll point you to someone who can!

My MSN and Skype is on my profile if you ever need me, and my visitor messages are always hungry for new people to post there!

*snuggles and gives cake*

I do hope you enjoy the site.
*WMD appears from the side of the screen*

wry hallo thar.