Warm Bodies: Survival of the Fittest

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  1. After a shocking break-through to the cure for cancer, everything was starting to seem right in the world. But something horrible happened to the patients who took the cure to cancer. They began to decay and rot from the inside out, turning into the undead, or zombies. The government began noticing the effects immediately, since all the zombies were turning many people into more zombies. Finally, a camp was made in New York to house some of the last surviving humans. Their main goal? Survive.

    Possible Characters (open)

    You may either be a HUMAN, a ZOMBIE, or a DELINQUENT.

    HUMANS live inside the camp, and are dedicated to protecting one another and getting rid of as many zombies as they can while on their quest to stay alive. They have knives and guns to use in an attack.

    ZOMBIES are the undead. They are either a result of the original "cancer cure," or they have been bitten by another zombie. They do not have any weapons other than strength and their teeth.

    DELINQUENTS are those humans who survive outside of the camp because they either don't want to live in the society, want to be alone, or they simply haven't heard of the camp and therefore are not yet living there. They use anything that can be used as a weapon.

    Other characters:
    -Bonies (ZOMBIES who are not able to return to life)

    Rules (open)

    • Warm Bodies RP, NOT Walking Dead RP (I haven't seen that show)
    • 10 people max (too many people gets too confusing)
    • Bold or color the character's name whom you are interacting with (Ex. Julie went to say hello to R but was stopped by Alec.)
    • No nudity
    • HAVE FUN

    Character Forms (open)

    Nickname (optional):
    Age (can be anywhere between 16-30):
    Type (human, zombie, delinquent):
    Residence (camp, other):
    Preferred Defense/Attack Method:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Looks (you may use a picture):
    Other Information:

    Current Players (open)

    {td}Britta Chinyere{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}

    Picture (open)
  2. Name: Britta Chinyere
    Nickname: Britt
    Age: 23
    Type: Human
    Residence: Camp
    Preferred Defense/Attack Method:
    Knife (open)

    Personality: Britta is an outspoken, fairly quite woman who has seen too much death in her lifetime. She knows how to defend herself and she hates the idea of becoming a zombie. She would rather die than become undead and hunt the ones she loves. She doesn't trust people easily, and lives by herself in her own, separate tent because she is afraid of being attacked by the person next to her. She has been traumatized by the events of the past years, like much everyone else in the camp, but she does want a friend, and would very much like to learn to trust again.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Looks (open)

    Other Information:

    • She lost her family in the apocalypse (mother, father, younger brother)
    • She had a love once, named Brandon Everett, but she watched him die in the hands of a zombie. He then came back and tried to kill her, and someone else had to kill him because she wasn't able to do it herself
    • She likes to read, but has only managed to hold onto three books: Frankenstein, Little Women, and a book of Grimm's Fairy Tales
    • She has a soft spot for animals