Warhammer Inspired Science Fantasy RP


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So I and my friend @Uncle Legens Legentis (mostly him) had brewed up a really awesome setting that we both enjoy writing stories in. It was originally an RP on iwaku but I been really wanting to do some more stuff with it RP wise so I am going to link you a doc with the doc of setting but when I get time I will probably make some sort of BBcode of a more formalized version of what we have so far. Here take a look!.

I really wanna see what you guys wanna do with this, I am up to GMing or if someone wants to help Co-Gm that will be fine too. Expectation-wise I am looking for a minimum of 2 paragraphs in a post a few posts a week.

Co-Novel Setting Document

(forgive any spelling errors, please lol DX)

So to summarize the setting it takes place during the interregnum of a reign of a king who is going to go into like a stasis chamber. So the princes whom each hold domain over one of the planets of the world, including Pluto, will fight over the title of the Terran King which rules the system. There are many races from genetic modifications and such and its super religiously extream with the Terran King's cult with his sun God. Like I said I am going to make a post summarizing the stuff.

Ask what you like :D