Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader (with a twist)

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  1. So, I had an idea for a Rogue Trader Campaign.

    The "Rogue Trader", and his ship, would be from Interex, displaced in time. (IE, his ship was dislodged from a space hulk and he was in cryostasis or his ship was caught in a warpstorm). He wouldn't know much about what's happened in the last few milleniums (he'd probably assume the Tyranids were some kind of Megarachnid, for example), and wouldn't be directly aligned with the Imperium (in fact, we might run into conflict with more than a few Imperial Authorities). But to balance it out we have cool Archeotech.

    Your characters would be a crew of people he's recruited, or agents of the Imperium and the Tau that he's letting on board. I'm also kind of considering the idea of having androids on board the ship (since Interex uses AI).

    Anyone find this idea workable?

    If you don't have the book, I'll send you a copy if you like.
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  2. I'll at least keep an eye on this, sees how much other interest it garners. I would like a bit more detail on this "Rogue Trader". I am a big fan of Warhammer 40k and know a bit regarding it, though I have never even touched any of the tabletop games (A. Because of cost and B. because of a lack of friends with similar interests). What would be the significant differences between his tech and the tech everyone else has? I can't say I know what Archeotech is either... Well, maybe I do and just don't know what it is by that name.

    And how would this function? Would it be like dice rolling? Normal Thread RP? Etc.
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  3. Rogue Trader's a tabletop Warhammer 40K game (so we'll be using dice, mostly d10s). Under normal circumstances, one player plays a "Rogue Trader" and the others play his crew-members. They represent the Imperium in a relatively-unsettled region and fly around in their cool star ship (eventually, they gain a fleet). As a Rogue Trader, you have a special license to get past most Imperium law. For example, it's entirely acceptable for a Rogue Trader to have Xeno crewmates-and thus Xeno PCs (in fact, it's technically possible in-game to have ork crewmates, which I'm sure hardly ever ends in disaster). We're actually going to go one step further-we'll be an entirely independent vessel, essentially a faction unto ourselves (though I think I'll allow PCs to be technically members of the Imperium and some other factions who are just staying aboard the ship, so long as they don't cause trouble).

    "Archeotech" is a catch-all term for tech from the Dark Age of Technology. For example, the Men of Iron. One benefit I'm considering is AI technology-the ship might be semi-autonomous, for example.
  4. I'd love to join, but I don't have the rulebook. :'(
  5. Aw, what a shame.

    I suppose a problem with RPing online is that you can't just hand the rulebook over to the person.
  6. I suppose since I own the rulebook on a digital format, I might be able to email it to your or something. It's just a PDF file.
  7. I'd like that, but I can't PM you the details. The site says I can't start a conversation with you.
  8. Try again. I'll see if this works.
  9. Tried it, didn't work.

    Maybe you should take this to the help desk. There isn't even a 'start a conversation' link available when I click your name. Nevermind, issue solved.
  10. Oh, I think I selected the wrong thing. Try one more time?
  11. Ok, I just fixed that problem.
  12. @Grothnor

    You could also try to find one online. I'm gonna do that and see just how this functions. I also need to read up on that archeotech a bit.

    But would we be using some kind of tabletop software or just the thread and its dice mechanic? I know some people make interest checks to then take to other programs or like, or at least skype.
  13. Already found a way to email it to him. I can email it to you, if you like.

    I'll just be using the thread and its dice mechanics.
  14. I found a copy online, but thanks. So how much of this would we have to know exactly? I assume a bit of the rules will be negated due to the fact it's... well... not on a table.
  15. I think the RPG only needs dice, pen, and paper-we have all of these here, naturally. So, I think the rules will remain mostly intact. It also suggests maybe using drawn-out maps for really big fights, but I probably won't.
  16. Well, I'm asking that cause (at least if I found the right one), the rulebook is almost 300 pages. Not that I necessarily mind reading something warhammer. It's just that it's not like I'll be able to read this in an hour or so. I know for the warhammer tabletops they typically will use a ruler for movement or aiming or something; stuff like that will still be used? I know I'm probably sounding like a pest, just trying to get a grasp on everything lol.
  17. Oh, the Rulebook!

    You really don't need to read all of it. I think it's fine if you just read the stuff about character creation, combat, and equipment (in fact, you might not even have to read all that). Unless you plan to play like a Xeno or a Servitor or something, in which case see the chapters about servitors and/or xenos, too.

    Oh, also there's a Tau supplement if you want to play a Tau:
    http://wh40klib.ru/rpg/Rogue Trader/Tau Character Guide.pdf

    I'm thinking since this is Interex, it might be possible to have a Tau-like drone as well.
  18. Okay! Gotcha! Lol. I read it over a bit. Though I'm not sure I see where the character creation bit is in the table of contents. Would you know where it's under?
  19. Page 12.
  20. How many people do you think I should wait for before starting the sign-up thread?
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