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  1. Anyone game for some 40k inquisiting? I have an adventure mostly planned out and just about ready to go. The setting will be in the Periphery/Spinward Front of the Calixis Sector.

    Your character is a passenger on the Kestrel of Luggnum, an Imperial troop transport en route to the Feudal Planet Sisk. Your character can be a Guards(wo)man, Inquisitorial Warparty-member or anything else you can imagine if you want to get creative. The ship suffers critical damage from an unknown source and everyone is forced to evacuate to the life pods. The characters all end up in the same life pod as it is launched toward Sisk and the unknown.

    If you want to know more about this area of space, you can find out more here, but if you don't want to read all that, I'll give you a summary.

    Periphery/Spinward Front (open)
    The Periphery is a sub-sector of the Calixis Sector in Segmentum Obscurus that has largely been consumed in warfare between the Secessionist forces of Duke Severus XIII, WAAAGH! Grimtoof and the Imperium. Dark Eldar of the Children of Thorns Kabal raid all sides and chaos cults rising from the madness fight for themselves, but are secondary threats to the three primary combatants. Duke Severus XIII fights to establish his own personal empire: the Severan Dominate, having falsely convinced his people that he can bring forth utopia. Warboss Ghenghiz Grimtoof Git-slava has set his eyes upon the bounteous loot and slaves the subsector holds, in addition to the fight it provides. The Imperium fights to retain and retake what it once rightfully held.

    Sisk Info (open)
    Sisk is a feudal world ruled by a land-owning noble caste with a technology level barely beyond gunpowder. With the fall of nearby Avitohol to the Orks and the subsequent failure to retake the system, the Imperium is reinforcing planets bordering Avitohol in preparation for a potential attack. The Imperial presence in the system is largely centered in several orbital void docks, including the Governor Gavvit's Oribital Palace. The planet's surface is hospitable, but unpleasant. Moors, swamps and forests dominate the landscape. Sisk is also known for an uncharacteristically high mutant population. The human population live in walled cities and fortified towns to protect themselves from roving bands of mutant cannibals. Sisk mutants are identifiable by the extra joints they possess in their arms and legs, giving them a distinct and disturbing gait.

    Feel free to ask any questions, comments, so on, so forth.
  2. Indeed I am interested... May just flesh out a sergeant for the guard unit I am making.
  3. Ironic I find this thread not a few days after I sold all of my imperial guard miniatures.
  4. Bastard! I would have bought them! I'm planning a mechanized guard "Hounds of Hel" borne from the rather dreary civilized world of Helheim.
  5. I don't even play the game. I just happen to love the universe. :P

    Also, the Inquisitorial branch we'll be working for is Hereticus.
  6. Four leman Russ tanks, two demolisheRs, three basilisks, a valkryie, chimera and a hellhound with about fifty guardsman, creed, kell, and yarrick.

    400 bucks.
  7. Yeah... I would have hit that like road kill.
  8. Most of them were already assembled and primed. Only one of the tanks had any painting done to it.

    Not to mention the two sandwich bags crammed with all the spare bits.
  9. I hate you now.... I would have just dumped the painted stuff in simple green... Planning on a grey tone scheme with black carapace armour.... Do a pseudo digi camo for their clothes... Dozer blades on everything since Helheim is very rocky... Only export besides men is fish. I just ordered a sentinel to test my schemes on.

    Also! Are we looking for character sheets?
  10. I've still got tons of ork stuff and marines. Not to count a single crisis suit..

    And not yet it looks like.

    Should I get Amalia?
  11. Out of Grispen's service? Or perhaps on a mission from him as he is elsewhere? Since I'm planning on doing one of my guard... After I settled on their history and doctrine last night.
  12. I was going to ask for CSs once I got the OOC up, but now that you mention it, here's a template so you can get started.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Name/Rank: (Your character's full name and rank, if applicable.)
    Age: (I will accept nothing under 18. Minors don't belong in the Guard.)
    Gender: (Duh)
    Organization: (What groups does your character belong to? If IG, include regiment.)
    Appearance: (Pic or paragraph, your choice. Or both if you want.)
    History: (At least a paragraph.)
    Personality: (Same as above.)
    Equipment/Wargear: (List it now or forever hold your peace.)
    Skills/Abilities: (Can you speak Ork? Can you drive? Can you perform the rite of percussive maintenance? If you can answer yes to at least one of these, you have skills. Except for the last one.)
    Other: (Anything that you want to add that doesn't fit in the other categories.)

    Feel free to post them now, if you want approval ahead of time.
  13. She might be a tad op for this RP now that I'm milling it over.
  14. Unless we assume that Grispen found a cure...
  15. If you're making a character in the Inquisitorial Warparty, you'll be in the service of Inquisitor Henerius Case, a reclusive Inquisitor who prefers to operate a relatively large network of agents through his small handful of Interrogators, in this case, Interrogator Rayvius Skalterion.
  16. Guess I'm starting from scratch then.
  17. Sorry, I probably should have mentioned that in the first post.
  18. I'll put up the OOC by tomorrow. Hopefully we get some more interest.
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