Warhammer 40,000: The Dark Tarot

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It's time for a suspicious box. :|
Everyone okay?

Do we need more inspiration? More stuff to do?

Is the planet described well enough? Is the galaxy-wide setting too big?

Develoling a post that will have the chimera column going through a "safe" area past the cathedral. They were hoping to use it as a strongpoint in their defensive line. And the leman russes will be engaging on a looted baneblade on the spaceport perimeter. Should be up tomorrow.
Sorry all, i expected winter break to make it easier to post, but it might be awhile.
I just finished with finals. The coming week should see me a bit more active.
My Farseer should get involved.

Okay, I'm not feeling this at all. I have no emotional connection to my characters and very little desire to post.


The floor is open to suggestions on rewrites and re-imaginings.
I could run a Deathwatch game. Maybe try it without dice. I have the first few encounters/missions already planned out.

Also, completely off topic, but I'm getting REALLY tired of the new Sims commercial. Seems like it's on every other commercial.
So long as people make character flays in thier marines and aren't just lolspezmehreenz
Sounds good. Go for it Mistah!

*starts executing his cast*
Actually, the flaw that each chapter inherits from it's Primarch is part of the rules. IE, Blood Angels have to deal with the Black Rage. These are covered on page 280 of the Deathwatch Core Book.

So, shall we do this with or without dice?
Either Way is good, Already got a character written up.
Firstly, if you're a Primarch, I'm the God-Emperor's mother.

Secondly, if your character is from any chapter other than Black Templars, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Spac Wolves, Storm Wardens, or Ultramarines, we'll be doing this sans-dice, as those are the only chapters with rules thus far.

Thirdly, I believe there is a link to the PDF of the Core book somewhere in the Table-Top Tyrants' group. Not sure which discussion, though. Probably in the one about Deathwatch, though it might be elsewhere.
All right. I've got the OOC (mostly) up. The RP is entitled The Deathwatch. It'll be a mix of free-form RPing with a few guidelines and fluff from the Deathwatch Core Book. This also means that you are free to choose from any Space Marine Chapter. But just try and make sure I can find the Chapter on http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/ so that I can look up background on your chapter and other such stuff. Character sheet stuff isn't up yet, so don't worry about anything more than chapter, name, and class. Use the classes listed in the book, as these are the only ones that make any sense for a Kill-Team. PS: No terminator armor.