Warhammer 40,000: Renegade Crusade

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  1. Note of Importance:
    Due to the sheer epic scale of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, it is virtually impossible to fully describe it. For newcomers to the lore, important details will be covered here to facilitate involvement, but extraneous research into backstory will be left to the discretion of the individual player. To begin the incredible(y confusing) journey into the world of Warhammer, click here.
    It is the 42nd millennium, and the galaxy is burning. More than 12 millennia after the all-powerful God-Emperor of Mankind, the psychically powerful and physically perfect reincarnation of man's most powerful prehistoric shamans, united the war-torn nations of Terra, formed the first Space Marines and their respective Primarchs, set out on his Great Crusade to reclaim formerly human-owned worlds, and was betrayed by his greatest son, the decaying Imperium of Man has slowly begun to experience firsthand the catastrophe that its stagnation has brought upon it.

    Backstory & Plot (open)
    Surrounded on all sides by the armies of the Eldar, an ancient race of alien warriors who are single-handedly responsible for much of the destruction prevalent in the modern day and constantly struggle to repair their mistakes and rebuild their empire, the Orks, a violent and brutal race of single-minded war machines, the Necrons, literal war-machines from a bygone age that oppose the Eldar and most any living creature, the Tyranids, a hive-mind from another galaxy that has begun a massive invasion of the Milky Way, the Tau Empire, a relatively new growing collection of star systems led by the alien Tau, and the Forces of Chaos, composed of treacherous Space Marines and cultists of the malevolent Chaos Gods, the Imperium has, on many occasions, formed more Space Marine Chapters to continually grow their army of superhuman warriors.

    And while Foundings, the events which create new Space Marines, have become fewer and farther between as of late, the 42nd Millennium is responsible for the creation of massive amounts of them, in unprecedented numbers. But not decades following this event, later known as "The Heretical Founding", many of these Space Marine Chapters have gone renegade, abandoning their duties in the Imperium or declaring outright war. Some regard this as a coincidence, while others declare it a deeper conspiracy, citing the highly-questionable genetic material apparent in these renegades. Regardless, a new civil war has erupted in the Imperium: A war between these massive numbers of Renegades and the Loyalist Marines of the Imperium. While many of these Renegades have struck out on their own, possessing the resources or genetic assets to be autonomous, some have banded together to form large semi-Legions of Space Marines. Ultimately, however, any and all of these Renegades are grave threats to the Imperium, and only exacerbate the plethora of other problems it experiences on a daily basis.

    The above is the basis for the plot. Players (and hopefully the GM) will be playing as Heretical Founding Space Marine Chapters. While they range in their actual levels of "heresy", what I have in mind ranges from vast genetic divergence to simple propensity towards worship of Chaos.

    Any questions about the basis of the RP or lore, feel free to ask here. I hope to see some players soon.
  2. I don't typically go for space marines, but sign me up.
  3. Been on a 40K kick for a bit, so I am interested. Any specific system we're going with, or just simple play by post?
  4. Play by post. 40K rules are complex enough without being translated onto a forum.

    Welcome! Any questions?
  5. Hello everyone. I might be interested in joining, however, I have a question regarding the plot of this RP. Is there a plan for a more, shall we say, structured story goals, beyond the fact that the players would be Renegades?
  6. It mostly revolves around what you could call an unofficial "14th Black Crusade", unofficial in that Abaddon the Despoiler is not in control. The Renegades mostly form together to take on the massive Crusade of Space Marine Chapters out to exterminate the unclean Chapters. While some march under the signs of the Chaos Gods, others, like the one I'm planning, go to war for various other reasons, another example of how this isn't necessarily a Black Crusade.
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  7. Cool. Although I'm a fan of the lore, I'm not too familiar with any of the rpg systems, so that was my only concern.
  8. Mostly the same over here, but I've got some experience with RPG systems. I'm more unfamiliar with bringing them over to Iwaku, and why I don't generally do RPs with them. Any questions about Chapter and character creation?
  9. Yes. Tell us what you have in mind.
  10. Well, since these are Renegades, there's no real default setup for what they'd be. However, since they're new and relatively organized, these Renegade chapters would be loosely based around the Codex Astartes definition of a Space Marine Chapter.

    For example, my idea for a Chapter is one created through experiments on Xenos DNA, specifically Orkoid, to facilitate easier creation of Neophyte Space Marines. The result were a new breed of demi-Orks; smarter than normal Orks, but more brutish and less sharp than Space Marines, while sharing the gene-seed (with some major and minor variations) of the latter and some of the genetic trademarks of the former. As well, they're connected to the WAAAAGH! like normal Orks, and hence have the inherent ability to dominate other greenskins that normal Orks have.

    This in mind, this particular Chapter, which I'm calling the Fists of Gork for simplicity, has a vastly different composition than most. Like the Astral Claws, the Fists of Gork supplement their Astartes with regiments of lesser soldiers, in the FoG's case these regiments, known as hordes, being comprised of Ork Boyz. Each Company in a Codex-Chapter has been replaced with a Warband, led by an 'Ard Boss (word for an FoG Space Marine Captain); notably, the role of Chaplain has been removed entirely. Each Warband is complemented with a supplementary force of 1,000 Ork Boyz of varying specialties and roles, and consists of eight 10-man Raider Bands (equivalent to Tactical Squads) of Space Marines, twelve 10-man Beserker Bands (equivalent to Assault Squads) of Space Marines, and five 10-man squads of S'port Bands (equivalent to Devastator Squads). There are 12 Warbands in the Chapter, and more are added as new Marines are inducted. Only 10, however, have an anatomy like the one listed above. The twelfth Warband consists of the Chapter's Mek-Marines (FoG Techmarines), Psyk-Boyz, and Big Doks (Apothecaries), who, instead of being regularly distributed, are sent to each Warband as necessary. For example, if the 2nd Warband needs a large number of Psykers to support, Psyk-Boyz are drawn from the 12th Warband to fit the need. Big Doks regularly patrol battlefields collecting as many samples of gene-seed as possible, and Mek-Marines regularly march en masse with the Warbands to attend to mechanical concerns. The first Warband, however, is composed of the biggest and 'ardest of the many Space Marines of the FoG, armed and armored with the best equipment possible. This is the company containing the Big 'Ard Warboss, Big Mek-Marine, and Big Psyk-Boy, with each's respective Honor Guards of Ork Nobz.

    This being said, the Fists of Gork are quite a massive Chapter, having grown far beyond what the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Radical Inquisitors backing them had ever intended. They are currently at the head of WAAAAGH! Yrgannor, led by Big 'Ard Warboss (now self-proclaimed Warlord) Margok Yrgannor, Herald of Gork, and Big 'Ard Warboss (Chapter Master) of the Fists of Gork.

    The Fists of Gork are massive in numbers, but to combat this they have relatively little in the ways of equipment. Every suit of Power Armor is precious and hoarded by the Marines of FoG, and there are virtually no sets of Terminator Armor, the only ones notable belonging to the Big 'Ard Warboss, Big Mek-Marine, and Big Psyk-Boy. Bolters are mostly scavenged by the legions of Gretchins that trail behind the Chapter, with many Marines actually being forced to wield the inferior Shootas of their lesser Ork brethren. Many Big Boyz (FoG Space Marines) who cannot afford or have damaged their Power Armor beyond repair have the Mek-Marines and their entourages of Mekboyz craft a suit of scrap armor, far inferior to standard Power Armor. As a result of this technological deficiency, the Fists of Gork fight harder and in larger numbers in order to survive on the battlefield, necessitating the induction of massive numbers of regular Orks into the Chapter to fill strategic gaps.

    All of this aside, my point is that you players are at a liberty as to how you design your Chapters. All I require is that A) You be careful in how you craft them, paying attention to canon lore and taking lessons from the setup of traditional Space Marine Chapters (the latter is more for people who want to really structure their Chapters; I recommend it, but if you please, you can create an entirely new structure altogether) and B) You include some degree of weakness in them, so that whatever strengths they have are balanced.
  11. So, make your own renegade Space Marine Chapter, make a character from said chapter, play that character, right?

    Also, ork space marines?
    I can't decide if that's ultra heresy or just plain cool.
  12. Yes, yes, and yes.

    And yeah, I was expecting that reaction. The idea came to me when I realized I wanted to try and make something unique for this RP, and I was going over the list and history of the Primarchs, when I came upon the section dedicated to the Canis Helix. I realized that if the physiological differences between wolf and man weren't large enough to stop the creation of the Space Wolves, what's to stop some radical Inquisitor with pull in the Mechanicus from designing a xeno-human hybrid in an effort to perfect the Space Marines?

    'Ence I'm bludy zogged, dat's da 'mount 'a 'eresy I operate at.
  13. Or, in other words:
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  14. Here's my rough draft/loose outline.

    Chapter: War Daggers/Warriors of Lesphith
    Master: Fuck if I know. Yet.

    In a nutshell, the War Daggers chapter was founded much like all the others, but were secretly under command of Alpha Legion infiltrators. They used the chapter to secretly do some chaos-y warp stuff, turning their home planet into a daemon world/dropping a warp storm onto the planet/chaos-y stuff, and sending he subsector to shit. The Chapter split into three groups after that incident. Those that failed to escape were consumed by Chaos and formed the Blood's Sorrow Warband (A bunch of crazy emo Khornates or something who think that if they fell with their planet, so should the rest of their chapter/anyone else). Those who did escape were branded excommunicate tratoris by the inquisition. Half decided "Screw this, we fight for ourselves" with a bit of "We were born heretics, so we may as well be heretics" and reorganized into the (Sorta) chaos Warband known as the Warriors of Lesphith (the place where they were declared heretics). The other half decided they were still loyal to the imperium and believed the only way they could be absolved of their 'crimes' was by eradicating the rest of their chapter, and reorganized into the Black Fires (super emos who believe they're all damned until they kill their former comrades).

    Pros: Open Minded, mildly distrustful but accepting of chaos worship/powers, have plenty of cultists/renegade troops to support them (made up of all the civilians who escaped their home planet and thought that siding with the Black Fires seemed like a bad idea), loyal to each other/little chance of standard chaos-y betrayal stuff, generally not (total) dicks, prefer subterfuge/ambush/stealth tactics due to low numbers and sub-par equipment.

    Cons: Understrength, have 2 factions hunting them down (in addition to the imperium in general), nomadic, general lack of technical support (few techpriests among their followers, have raided Mechanicus shrines for captives, rely on battleworn gear/ships, lack daemons/powerful warp powers.

    General Ideology: Everyone's out to get us, we can only rely on ourselves. We're the bastard children of the Alpha legion; we may not be as good as them/worthy of them but we can use their strategies and be good at using them.
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  15. That's... Interesting. The writing may need some work, and the character/chapter skeleton I'm developing is gonna ask for more detail, but overall it looks pretty cool. Were you planning on playing as the Warriors of Lesphith, Blood's Sorrow, and Black Fires, or just the WoL?
  16. Just WoL. I said it was a rough outline of what I was going for, so I wrote it in a kind of shorthand. The finished product will definitely be legible, use proper terminology, use complete sentences and so on.
  17. Lovely!
  18. I'm afraid I'll have to skip this one. I appreciate the offer, but Space Marines and all that surrounds them is not really what I found interesting in the W40K universe. I wish you all luck, because you definitely have some interesting ideas here. Would watch out for GW stealing them for the next round of rulebooks, too.
  19. I wouldn't be surprised if Ward runs out of ideas.
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