Warhammer 40,000 Dark Milennium

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  2. Belle

    She smiled bitterly "All the memories I have of him are good ones John. It just hurts to think so much about it."


    "I don't know why I don't treat myself more often." She commented as she started eating. She swallowed before chuckling. "Still as good as I remember."
  3. Alexander
    I am grateful that she doesn't bring up about my parents or anything...that would be a long story. She pats my head and I smiled deciding to drop the subject of parents. It felt kinda wrong anyways since Jackie said they didn't know their parents. The subject of how young Ivan was when he 'ran away' or disappeared.

    "That is true..there was real no evidence of when he ran away. Since they didn't call the cops or anything." I say with a frown.

    "Hu..who are those characters?" I asked tilting my head," Another show to watch??
    "Oh yeah I am enjoying these mysteries it's alot of fun." I then way with a grin. It was fun not being young in the room.

    I laughed at his joke
    "Don't worry about me I will be fine." I say then playfully messed up his hair
    "You are the one that likes to joke around so I would be more worried about you." I then say sticking out my tongue at him.

    "Alright that's good that you got some rest." I say
    "I am curious though why they attacked but i think the counselors are getting to the bottom of it." I say
    "It's not like it is your fault." I then say to him

    She says she is sorry again...I blink and sighed. I feel myself melt..now feeling bad and very conflicted right now. Was I over reacting? Was I being selfish. She promises to make it up to me..
    "Alright..." I say she then tells me to get some rest. I was tired mentally but other then that I was fine.
    "No you don't have to..we should be worried about the kids." I say," Anyways do you need anything done. Are the kids alright I was waiting for you and Quinn but Quinn never came back to tell me."
    I overall still didn't agree with not calling the police though.
  4. Is this for the MMO? Because Dark Milennium was the name of one of the CCG sets...
  5. LFG Eye of Terror!
  6. Not gettong over my disdain for MMOs with monthly fees
  7. And I don't have a credit card.
  8. Could this spell the return of Asmo to gaming...?
  9. Belle

    "Well, I can try to get Gwen to be cooperative, and I am sure you can work it out with Jay. As for Ray..." She slowly shook her head "I don't think we can do much with that."


    "He seems like a good man. Although I don't trust him very much." She admitted then raised her eyebrow "I wonder how he managed to pull that off."
  10. Belle

    She grimaced "I don't like the idea of either of those happening. It's going to be a mess if one gets pissed off at the other."


    "Belles usually friendly. I assume it may be because of what happened when we first got to Cloak."
  11. Belle

    "I forgot about that..." she bit her lip "Oh dear this could be real messy. Not to mention that gwen reported that to the cops and I'm sure Jason doesn't know about that."


    She frowned "Jay you had a reason for what you did. In all honesty if I could I probably would have snapped someone's rib."
  12. Belle

    She smiled "Let's hope that's the case"

    Gwen frowned "You've got a group of crazies here you know that right?"
  13. So is there a White Chamber expansion pack yet?
  14. Jason

    "Alright, if you aren't going to show it, at least describe it."
  15. Eh, I pretty much waged war in Warhammer Online constantly. Until Destro found out there was one bitty Bright Wizard in the castle and ran away

    Fucking Elves.