Warhammer 40,000: Behind Enemy Lines

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  1. I'd like to do an Imperial Guard RP where the main characters are Guardsmen cut off from friendly forces after a disastrous attack. The Players must attempt to reunite with their allies while avoiding their orkish foes and the various dangers of the death world they're fighting on.

    The setting would be Skrynne, a jungle-covered Death World, whose native flora and fauna, in addition to a feral ork infestation, made life difficult for locals, but not impossible. Once orks from Waaagh Grimtoof arrived, the planet was devastated and several Imperial Guard regiments were called in to deal with the situation. After years of barely managing to hold back the green tide, and an even greater number of orks entering the system, the situation was escalated and dozens more regiments were sent to Skrynne. The Imperal forces met with the orkish horde and were beaten back by the orks, which brings us to where the RP starts.

    Posting expectations would be 1 paragraph bare minimum (length of a post doesn't matter as much as how well it's written) at a rate of 1-2 posts a week.

    I'm happy to answer any questions or requests for more detail.
  2. Still looking.
  3. You might be looking for a long time, buddy. Warhammer 40,000 has a relatively small fanbase here. The last one I tried died cause I kept waiting for new people to show up.

    However, I did wanna know which guardsmen regiments you were planning on using. Catachan Jungle Fighters come to mind immediately, but so do the Cadian Shock Troops, and the Armageddon Steel Legion's Ork Hunters.
  4. I was planning on leaving that up to you guys. You'd pick what regiment you'd want your character to be from (or make up one of your own) and they'd be there.
  5. I guess it would work. Most Imperial Guard regiments are multi-purpose. Though I'd doubt the Death Korps or the vehicles of the Armageddon Steel would be found on a jungle world.
  6. That could be chalked up to Administratum error: to them, an Imperial Guardsman is an Imperial Guardsman, not necessarily a specialized soldier.
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  7. True. "Jungle planet where tanks can't move? SEND THE ARMORED BRIGADE!"
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