Warframe: Return of the Orokin [IC]

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  1. Welcome Tenno

    "It's been 1 week since that monstrosity appeared and we still have not come up with any way to defeat it. Why can't your scientists work any faster!"
    That was what I was told by Councilor Vay Hek. Really, I can see why you Tenno despise him. Even a fellow Grineer is not free of his never-ending...please excuse my language... bitching.
    Anyway friends, I, Tyl Regor, am here to ask for your help. My scientists, along with all those corpus that have joined me, have studied all we can of the footage of the enemy robots. But, that is not enough to create a good countermeasure.
    We need a specimen, at the very least a body. I want you to procure it. I don't know how you will, or even if you can. This could very well be a suicide mission. But unless you want to go up in flames with the rest of the universe with absolutely NO hope, you need to help me. So, what do you all say?

    Tyl Regor addressed the group in front of him, a ragtag group of which he had personally gathered together, mainly based on either infamy, or simply that he felt something about them.​
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  2. There was no doubt that this meeting held tension thick enough to may as well suffocate them all but here they all were. A collection of Tenno, Grineer and Corpus alike, all with their specific reasons and supposed shared goals. Among the Tenno, one was leaning against a wall being as close as any other to Tyl Regor to see what he wanted. They were in a Mesa frame, black, gold, a dull white and a blood red were the only colors they donned and no weapons aside from what was naturally a part of the warframe itself on her possession. She was looking around to everyone in the room but mainly kept her attention on Regor. She could practically taste the tension let alone feel it, knowing it might even snap and turn sour at any given moment if someone allowed themselves to get carried away. She wondered who might be first.

    The Mesa then spoke up before the others could, her voice relatively lacking much emotion but held a cooled tone that made it hard to ignore her, "As long as your men know to stay their hands from targeting me, you will have my continued cooperation... Onto the matter at hand, I suspect you have a few areas in mind for us to attempt this. It is sudden, yes, but if there's any more you can brief us with, now would be a good time.."
  3. The Valkyr was obviously different to the other frames in this room. Her colorations were red, blue and black with her energy being blood red. While everyone appeared to be standing the Valkyr lacked the patience the other frames had. She was like the angry teenager of the group and her best way to stay calm was to stay seated in the back and listen carefully. Which she did. It was obvious that nobody was that thrilled to be here and with the Corpus here it was difficult for the Valkyr to keep herself in check. She wanted to tear them apart for what Alad V did to her. But now was not the time or the place. Tapping one of her metal claws on the floor she listened Tyl Reagor then to the Mesa class Tenno who spoke up first. Not having anything to say herself she kept quiet.
  4. He could not help it.

    Instead of listening to Tyl Regor's every word with all of his attention like it was standard for a subordinate, Unit 43 simply had other problems to fight with. Tenno. There were so many Tenno in this very room. Under the mask he wore, a smile spread over his face. Memories of past encounters with other Tenno flooding his mind. His instincts told him that just standing there and listening instead of fighting the others in the room was wrong. It went against everything he was meant to do. Everything he was trained for. The hunt had to go on, it just had to!

    The pair of silvery Venka claws were rubbing against each other, the metal scratching sound going through the room. It took a lot of discipline to not start vanishing, blinking around in his stealth and laughing like the manic he was. He lusted for blood, his cloned flesh tingling as soon as the Mesa frame had spoken up. "Tenno skoom..." He muttered in his native tongue and regarding the Mesa with a cold gaze, speaking up in a louder voice.

    "Mind your tongue, Tenno...or it shall be removed." Unit 43 hissed lowly, his body tensing up in an attempt to start a fight. His mind however keeping him restraint. Too many targets and not enough cannon fodder to distract them. He turned his head back to Tyl Regor, regarding him calmly, his own Venka claws still scratching against each other seeing how he simply could not hold still.

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  5. Among the Tenno in the room, Kenshi Saisho was standing among them, the renowned Swordsman Tenno. He was, of course, inside of his Excalibur Warframe, but he was unarmed. He doubted that the small congregation of Grineer would dare to take on the multiple Tenno in the room, some of which were armed. Even though he was technically unarmed, Kenshi was not defenseless. He could summon a blade of energy at any time he wanted. He liked to think that the Grineer in the room knew that as well, and were convinced not to attack. The Corpus were a little more sensible and predictable than the Grineer, but equally as strong.
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