Warframe! Any players out there??

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  1. I started playing warframe last week it is an amazing addictive onlince sci-fi hack slash awesomeness game!!

    Was curious if anyone else was playing it and if anyone has heard of it?? Becase many people have no idea what it is O.O

  2. I have a clan and I play with @Fluffy. Or rather I did, but now I haven't played in awhile. I use a rhino and the Orthos. I call it my Spinning Top of Tanking Death.

    The name is a work in progress.
  3. Hahaha nice! I use a Frost and Ash XD

    Rhino's are crazy tanks!
  4. I started playing as Mag, now I more regularly play as Banshee. >:3

    Supah fun.
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  5. Awesome! I am planning to build a banshee ^-^
  6. I used to play a long time ago and like 3 months ago again for a bit, once you put like 80h into it, got a few nice frame and a good weapon you realize the game is not difficult at all.
  7. I used to play... a long time ago...

    Got all warframes, including most primes I was interested in... got most weapons I was interested in and was using my forma to get them maxed and shit...

    Stuff got easy... WAY too easy.

    So I kind of dropped.
  8. Hahaha I've heard a few people say that. I had a group of friends I played with but they all stopped playing. So I'm alone >_<
  9. That's what happens when you throw money at the game constantly.

  10. nearly 800 hours played tells you where you can put that remark, Pete :P

    More value for money than if I'd spend it on as much hours going to the movies, going out dancing, or bowling.
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  11. That's just my jealousy talking cause of all the stuff you have. ;_;
  12. Looks like I'm the only Trinity.
  13. I been trying to make a Trinity. I just need the time to farm for all the pieces. ;_;
  14. Someone tell me moar about Warframe, because whilst playing Marvel Heroes earlier in the year, I saw a ton of Warframe ads that went along with it that I just, uh... Didn't pay attention to.
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