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    Welcome to the WarFact Sign-Ups thread! Try to read the spoili of the 'Thread Rules & Policies' title below. This establishes the rules and essentials of this specific thread for your convienience!

    Thread Rules & Policies:

    1. The only type of posts that should be going down here are your character sheets! Anything else will be deleted!
    2. You will know when your character is accepted when a Moderator puts a 'Like' rating on your CS(s) AND places them on the Character Roster below ;) Otherwise, assume your character hasn't been looked at yet.
    3. If your character has any conflicting issues or problems with it, @Nue will message you through a PM discussing what needs and doesn't need to be fixed about your charrie(s).
    4. Your character should be, for the most part, accepted upon being read! The only things that would deny a character is if:
    -It is breaking one of WarFact's Rules.
    -It is too contradicting to WarFact's Lore.
    -Is incomplete.
    5. The character sheet below only contains the BARE MINIMUM of what your character needs to be accepted, you are free to add as much about your character as you like, so long as it contains all the things in the skelly below!

    Character Name:
    Age(In Earth Years):
    Faction Alignment:
    Appearance (Pictures are most desired):
    Strengths(for every strength you put down, there must be a weakness!):
    Brief History:

    Current Player List
    - @Furasian with Dimitir Kaizakah / D.A.R.G / Active
    - @Nue with Samoa Toskivich / D.A.R.G / Active
    - @Alexios with Terrus Irving / Terran Imperium / Active
    - @Thomas McTavish with Ygmareth / Freedom's Republic / Active
    - @LoveandHate91 with Tosen Sein / Terran Imperium / Inactive
    - @Raven with Ailia Virlar / The Rebellion / Active
    - @Archwar with Mr/Ms/Mrs.Freedom / Freedom's Republic / Active
    - @VicexVersa with Fleurir / Independent / Inactive
    - @Camophilia with Orvis VysKani / Freedom's Republic / Inactive
    - @Petricus Euryale with Toran Farchette / Freedom's Republic / Active

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  2. Character Name: Dimitir Kaizakah
    Age: 24
    Gender: M
    Faction Alignment: DARG

    Appearance (Pictures are most desired): Refer to attachment, the man on our right shall be Dmitir! ((Source of image unknown, found it off ifunny
    Strengths(for every strength you put down, there must be a weakness!):
    +Firearms Proficiency- Whether projectile, plasma, or laser, Dimitir knows the fundamentals of shooting a firearm, and can hold up the line effectively even when the odds are against him

    + - Speed and Agility- Dimitir specializes in speed and agility, depending on getting to his equipment in order to survive a confrontation.
    + - Heightened Senses- Those ears and nose aren't for show! He can at times hear things and smell things that a normal person might not hear/smell
    - Average Joe- Focusing on Speed and Agility, Dimitir's strength can be considered average. One might find getting up close and personal before he can use his weapon rather beneficial if they are quick enough to.. "JUMP THE GUN".. Get it?
    - Warrior Mentality- Like many peacekeepers, Dimitir has what would be known as a 'warrior mentality' it is difficult for him to back down if he believes that a third party could be harmed if he doesn't act.
    + - Heightened Senses- With a gift comes a curse, excessive, high pitched noises or very strong, unfavorable scents can agitate Dimitir and at times hinder his ability to be combat effective. He also has an added effect to airborne poisons if he is not using a respirator. ((Ignored if using ear protection or a respirator))
    Sensitivity- Dimitir has a rather sensitive pair of ears and a sensitive tail, touching might make him uncomfortable if unconsentual, but abusing the tail and ears might cause him to be paralyzed for a split second from the shocking feeling that comes from a more extreme way of tail grabbing. A window of vulnerability for those who are looking to pick a fight with the man.

    EQUIPMENT:((Thank you BF2142 for the beautiful weapons))
    P33 Periera Revolver ((Ballistic Pistol))
    Round Capacity: 8 Rounds
    Fed by moon clips or by hand.
    Dmitir's primary sidearm, the P33 rests in his pistol holster with three small pouches holding moon clips attached to his utility belt.

    Collapsible Baton
    The peace maker's tool, the collapsible baton has been dated way back to our ancestral years and has been a effective weapon when it comes to dispatching a close enough threat... Or whacking a big man in his legs so to knock him down.

    Gun Belt

    Attachments: 3 clip pouches, 1 compact first aid kit ((located on his backside beneath his tail)), 1 collapsible baton pouch ((left side, angled slightly for quick access)) 2 handcuffs, 1 shock collar

    A belt that holds Dmitir's firearm and equipment, the gun belt features your well needed pistol holster along with the ability to customize the belt, adding whatever you wish from magazine pouches to first aid kits.

    For when things get too intense, and a soldier needs to be a soldier... Dmitir has access to a locker containing his primary weapon, but he also uses it to stash more personal belongings.

    Lambert Carbine : Ballistic Rifle
    Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds, fed unlike a traditional carbine.
    Reloading the carbine There's bad music so mute yer speakers.
    4 Lambert Magazines
    1 DARG Chest Rig
    Cardboard box full of holopads
    Space resistant container full of Noodles

    Brief History:

    Password: ********

    Access Granted.

    Dmitir Kaizakah, Peace Keeper, Corporal

    ENTRY: Dmitir is a natural citizen of the DARG region, being born in a rather moderate family across the charts. Living the life of a 'good kid' Dmitir has no record or any bumps with local law enforcement divisions. The lack of action is what is believed to be the motivation behind Dmitir's decision to enlist into the defense force as a peace keeper, the idea of getting a fight or two being rather appealing to the wolf at first. Training records reveal that Dmitir was an exceptional firearms candidate but average in hand-to-hand combat programs.

    Following the graduation of his class two years ago Dmitir was one of the few assigned to protection duty, being either an escort for a DARG diplomat or a guard for any DARG controlled facilities outside immediate deployment range. Despite the lack of funding there are very few complaints signed by Dmitir himself, most of them being the lack of diversity in the rations. He is reported to frequent food distribution posts or restaurants if they are available, and even subscribes to a company that sends our parcels containing noodle packets every now and then. With two years in service, and very few incidents where the man has drawn his gun, Dmitir has risen in rank to a lance corporal, but he does express a sense of boredom wherever he is deployed, claiming that there "ain't !@#$ to shoot at."


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  3. Character Name: Samoa Toskivich
    Age(In Earth Years): 94 (yet he looks like he's in his late twenties ;)
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Lorexian
    Faction Alignment: D.A.R.G (Faction Leader)
    Appearance (Pictures are most desired):
    <See in spoili>

    +Excellent Communicator: Samoa has paved his way to power with his words, his persuasion, and simply being a lovable person. Samoa is silently coercive, and tends to make friends out of his enemies, strike alliance with most everybody, and morally uplifting propaganda speeches.

    +Tactician: Serving in the Imperial Military for 50+ years usually means something is getting done right on Samoa's Part. In his case, he plays the long game with his enemies, using his resources and guerrilla Warfare to weaken and fatigue his enemies over time rather then go on grand scale assaults and most likely lose with his inferior army.

    +Psionic: Although Samoa is not a soldier, and instead a man of peace, he isn't defenseless, and through copious amounts of genetic research and testing, has been ingrained with his own, psionic magic that he uses either for show, leverage, or self-defense. Some powers that Samoa is capable of doing is things like telekinesis, levitation, mind-manipulation, energy-manipulation, and transmutation.

    +Faction Leader: He is the sole ruler of D.A.R.G, Nuff said.

    -Highly Emotional: One of Samoa's greatest flaws is that he tends to act like a child when things don't go his way. He tries very hard to be a rational individual but falls just short with his empathy and anxiety. Samoa Toskivich is not the most mentally stable individual, and tends to do enact some very...irrational things at times (like seriously, just ask him about MEATBALL DAY).

    -Genetically addicted: Genetic addiction is a growing problem in D.A.R.G's society, and Samoa is no exception. He wants to be the definition of genetic perfection, and have the best of everything- Magical powers, long life, and to be lazy and still have that good-looking body. Even though he has the best biotechnology in the galaxy under his foot, he's still dabbling in experimental technology, with unknown long-term effects, and these have just now started to show on him. It's irreversibly paled his once golden fur, and even tinted some of his body purple.

    -Poor marksman skills: To put things simply, Samoa was never really good at shooting a gun.

    -Lazy: Samoa tends to simply do nothing at times. There are days where he simply sleeps the whole time, and then there are times where he is simply unmotivated and inattentive towards the crucial details, and it's why he mainly relies (and trusts to much on) other people to do things for him, because he is simply to lazy to do them.

    (Very) Brief History:
    Samoa Toskivich was originally a human, who helped form and grow the Solar Empire since day one. During WW3, while most people fought with their armies against each other, Samoa hid under the covers of his friends, and aided the Imperialists with the resources of his enemies. when the war ended and The Solar Empire grew into space, while everyone was busy assassinating each other for power, Samoa gracefully stepped down from power and instead took up science with intentions of achieving his genetically perfected dreams. Once his essential sciences were achieved, and more friends were made, he went back into power as an alien collaborator, and Imperial Captain. He was exiled out into deep space during the GW, and never really saw much about it. When the Empire finally caught up to his explorations, He was already forming a little empire of his own, and it ended up becomming one of the three major Imperial powers: D.A.R.G. he now continues to build upon and Expand D.A.R.G into an economic powerhouse capable of winning wars not through military strength, but through attrition.
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  4. Character Name: Terrus Irving
    Age: 67
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Faction Alignment: Terran Imperium (Faction Leader)

    + Naval Commander: Terrus is a seasoned Naval veteran dating back to the New Great War, giving him great skill in both the strategy and tactics of Space Warfare, as well as ship command
    + Elite Guards: As the Emperor of New Byzantium, Terrus holds the loyalty of the Purple Legion, an elite retinue of 10,000 Bodyguards who have been carefully selected trained since the age of five to be fanatically loyal to him alone.
    + Cult of Personality: Due to his successful military career, and the general prosperity of the Imperium, Terrus is greatly beloved by a vast majority of the (human) commoners.
    + Faction Leader: Terrus is the Supreme Emperor of the Terran Imperium, his word is law.
    - Old Age: As he hates genetic manipulation as well as cybernetic upgrades, his body is not immune to the ravages of time, and has begun to deteriorate. His mind however, has remained untouched.
    - Ambitious Underlings: As the Imperium does not have laws for succession, and Terrus is childless, many generals and planetary governors plot his death in order to seize the throne, none have succeeded so far.
    - Warlord: As he prefers warfare over the day to day management of the empire, he relies on a small group of powerful and trusted advisors to run the Imperium while he is campaigning.
    - Good Old Fashioned Space Bigoty: While he is mostly tolerant of other species, he dislikes genetic modification, and wishes to rid the galaxy of all thinking machines.
    Brief History: Born as Ioannis Konstantinou June 7th, 2025, two months before the end of the Third World War, Terrus grew up in a world dominated by the Solar Empire. As ambitious as he was patriotic, he joined the Imperial Navy at the age of 18, he rose quickly up the ranks, first commanding the Patrol Cruiser Majestic at the age of 25, and by 2062, he became the Captain of the Battle Cruiser Lepanto. Although he fought against many minor rebels and had hunted down many smugglers, his first taste of true war came two months later when the Krazken Hive attacked. Commanding in several major battles, Terrus participated in the climatic battle of Earth, in which the Imperial Fleet nuked Earth in order to destroy the main Krazken Army as well as the last surviving Queen near the Frontlines. Upon Emperor Charles' assassination following the end of the war, Terrus supported Fleet Admiral Alexios' claim to the Empire, and upon his accession to the throne, Terrus was promoted to Fleet Admiral, where he led Humanity's rise to military dominance of the Western Half of the Galaxy in the vacuum of power left by the destruction of the Krazken Empire. When Alexios was on his death bed, he split the empire, giving Terrus control of the central and most powerful part, the Terran Imperium. Taking the regnal name Terrus Irving, he has continued to lead the Imperium on a path of conquest and subjugation, bring vast wealth to the Core Worlds of the Empire, and turning the capital world of New Byzantium into an impenetrable fortress of a planet. Despite all of his successes, Terrus does not care for the administrative side of running an Empire, and has not chosen an heir despite his advanced age.

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  5. Name: Aila Vilar


    Race: Anigmae
    Gender: Female
    Fur: White&Black
    Eyes: Golden
    Animal: Arctic Fox
    Age: 123 (appears to be mid thirty's)
    Faction Alignment: The Rebellion (Faction Leader)


    Keeps a knife on her belt,
    a pistol,
    knows how to use other guns

    She cares about the innocent and the rights of everyone. Is considered a bit curious about different beliefs and groups, and ideas. Aila is often serious and rarely jokes. She doesn't kid around about really anything especially when it comes to leadership. Many look up to her as a leader. Her handling most situations are in a clam manner even if she is a bit upset. She tries to not grow angry easily however at times it's hard not to. Some consider her wise when it comes to decisions for she often has a unique approach in dangerous situations.

    Leadership-Aila is the leader of the Rebellion. She respects those of her faction and listens to their thoughts but when it's time to show who's needs to take charge she is always the one ready to do so. She will put her foot down when she has to. She keeps to the beliefs of the Rebellion greatly.

    Creative thinking- she uses outside of the box ideas to handle bad looking situations. She doesn’t just think of one plan but tires an open mind. Basically when one door closes she changes her view point to find where another door opens.

    Anything close combat- She is skilled in hand to hand combat and sword fighting, and can use close ranged guns effectively.

    Strong spirited-Aila is strong in what she believes and won’t back down easily.
    Organized-Aila knows where her stuff is. She keeps important papers exactly where she needs and can quickly access important information because of this.

    Strategies-Aila won’t just run head first anywhere she likes to have some form of plan. If there isn’t time for that that’s when her creative thinking usually kicks in most. But usually, she has more than one scenario in her head.

    Stealth-There is a reason her group is well known for spies. She can sneak up quietly on people often for not trying because of how quiet she can be. Some say it's cause of her fox-like features.

    Curiosity-being so open minded Aila can be rather curious. This can prove that her reaction to some things may become slow and cause her to need to think fast to get out of her mistake.

    Anger-she fights emotional conflict best she can to keep a cool head but once her rage is out it's hard to extinguish the fire. This leading to bad judgment and can risk injury to herself and others. Which is why she fights it for as long as she can.

    Bringing up the past-When her old friend Ezekiel is mentioned it simply opens old wounds. She blames herself most of the time. She felt it was her fault for not being there when he needed her. She also blames herself for letting the killer get away.

    Range Combat-Aila is very skilled in close range weapons. However, she doesn't do well with ranged guns or other ranged weapons and has no powers for range attacks. Her best bet will almost always be a sneak attack or anyways to be close and personal for battle.

    Heightened Sense-being she is basically a fox specifically and Artic fox. Her sense of smell and hearing are enhanced. She can pick up practically the faintest of sounds and smells. This can cause headaches from high pitched sounds most cannot hear and make it hard for her to focus. Her sense of smell isn't as bad but if it's a really bad smell of trash she would definitely rather run for the hills.

    Brief History:
    Aila and a few others grew to disagree with how the government was treating the people. Along with other results of WW3, some felt the wrong people were being punished. Aila felt the need to make a stand and look for change that would allow the open minded to get along, where race didn't matter, religion from many cultures could be expressed, and the government treats the people more fairly. After issues within the Rebellion Aila is now the only leader. With tensions that often are in need of being dealt with.
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  6. Patchwork.jpg
    Character Name: Ygmareth
    Age(In Earth-Years): 117 (mechanically enhanced)
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Cyborg
    Faction Alignment: The Freedom Republic
    Appearance Notes: Ygmareth's eyes are solid white, his "pupils" outlined in shinning bronze. All the skin on his body is artificial, but appears real. His artificial hair is short, dark brown, and messy. His left arm and shoulder are not covered by synthetic skin.
    +Almost completely biologically immortal:
    Only remaining flesh organ is the brain, which is also mechanically enhanced
    +Requires nutrient intake only once every 30 days, and water only every 15 days: This is due to mostly machine nature, and remaining biological material
    +Vision is enhanced, with zoom, infrared, and night vision capabilities: Eyes are essentially high-quality, milti-function cameras
    +Inhumanly strong and fast, near-infinite endurance: Machines have upper limits far surpassing that of flesh

    -Still has a mostly biological brain and requires regular sleep: The one thing he has not yet replaced
    -Still requires oxygen to keep brain functioning
    -Requires occasional mechanical maintenance:
    to prevent breakdown of vital mechanical parts
    -Requires cooldown period after continuous strain and pressure, or risk damaging mechanical body

    Brief History:
    During the time of WWIII, Ygmareth (formerly known as Alexander Young) was a Nationalist soldier fighting against the Imperialists. During the war, he lost his right arm entirely, and the lower half of his right leg. When the Imperialists won, Alex was outfitted with advanced prosthetics, and offered a place as a military commander in the new Solar Empire's military. Declining, Alex went on to live a civilian life. Impressed with the technological advancement in his prosthetics, he began to look more into upcoming mechanical enhancement technology that was coming with the great tech boom. In his search he stumbled across some old bits of lore from a trading card game, and, further and further impressed with the power of his technological implants, combined with growing disgust at the weakness of his body, took the ideals to heart and founded the Church of Phyrexia. He preached to those who would listen of the frailties of flesh, and of the domineering superiority of Immortal Artifice. He, and increasing numbers of acolytes underwent what they called Phyresis, after the process in the card game's lore, slowly replacing their flesh and bone with mechanical augments. After each new augment, members of the church were given time to acclimate to the addition, and then had to prove themselves by cage fighting to the death in underground gambling rings.

    During this time Alex had changed his name to Ygmareth, High Priest of Immortal Artifice. The Church of Phyrexia's beliefs stated that Artifice was superior to the weak flesh of mortality, and in slowly transforming into purely mechanical beings through Phyresis, their souls would adjust to wearing metal as it had flesh, and they would truly remain themselves, rather than die with their bodies like those who merely had their consciousness' uploaded into mechanical frames. In this way, they made sure that they became truly immortal, and so would become superior to both those who clung to their flesh and so were weak, and those who were machine, but had lost their souls. The Strong will survive and dominate. The weak will die.

    When The Solar Empire split into three, and The Freedom Republic formed, the Church moved to The Freedom Republic, where crime was rampant and alternate religions tolerated, so they could continue their grueling religion and the Trials by Combat in fighting rings that earned them the respect and fear of the community, and the money to continue their augmentations, as well as provide the Church of Phyrexia with a "proving grounds" for it's acolytes. The church continues to function normally, coexisting with the crimelords and corporations in relative peace.
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  7. Appearance:

    "The most used form I take in my digital avatars, but don't be surprised if I take the form of another... like you."

    Character Name:
    "I am known as Mr. Freedom, Miss or Mrs will also do."

    "Don't you know it's impolite to ask a anonymous person their age?"


    "Why, gender is just something we define ourselves! I consider myself to be all."


    "Race, species? What are these things to a powerful person?"

    Faction Alignment:

    "The Republic of course! Though I'm not sure why you outsiders keep adding Freedom's before it."

    Strengths and Weaknesses:

    "Ah, as much as I wish to share these, they can be used against me."

    Brief History:

    "The following is a carefully constructed story to ensure that the public does not think I am a robot."
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  8. Name: Tosen Sien

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Species: Cybernetic Human

    Faction: Terrain Imperium

    Expert fist fighter. His cybernetic parts allows him faster speeds enhanced strength and a resistance to blunt phisical damage.
    Expert sword fighter. His skills with a katana are almost unmatched.
    Decent marksman.
    His bottom half is entirely robotic and can change into a horse form like a centaur.
    100% brain usage: Tosen can use 100% of his brain giving him faster processing time then most people allowing him to react quicker.

    His human bodies wounds are slow to heal.
    Extremely heavy will sink in all liquids.
    Liquids can short circuit his cybernetic parts, like his bottom half making extremely hard to move.
    Unstable: Tosen isn't all there and can flip out and have scenes if rage making him dangerous to allies.

    Short bio:
    Tosen's was a solider and reached Colonel rank earning the iron cross. Due to a exolosion his legs were injured a war and has to be amputated. And replaced he entered a super solider program to try to become a better solidervand was recently let back into the military. With 100 confirmed kills in his time back.

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    • Character Name: Fleurir
      Age(In Earth Years): 17
      Gender: Male
      Race/Species: Cyborg-Anignae
      Faction Alignment: Independent
      Apperance (open)


      Being part A.I he has an aiming system programmed into him, in short, if he aims at you he won't miss.
      He has affinity for programming robotics and hacking machines, given to him by his father.
      He is a living version of the internet basically, he can pull up knowledge as need be to tell how people are feeling and when people are lying to him easily
      The other part of him being feline makes him quick on his toes, gives him plenty of stamina and alertness.

      He doesn't hate people, but he has a detachment to them
      He can be hacked or become corrupted, this would cause his living and A.I sides to be at war, in short, he would go insane
      Due to being booth a feline and part A.I he is an insomniac sleep is aided by the use of pills and no sleep has negative effects like
      -His A.I system lags
      -His reflexes are lowed extremely
      -He is more prone to getting hacked
      He suffers from missing chunks of memory, he assumes there either locked away as memory files or just deleted

    • History:
      Fleurir (Fleur) Comes from a planet on the brink of large-scale space travel. His father worked for the international agency working to make this happen. Despite this, he and his father spent a lot of time together, even more, when his mom passed away early. When his mom passed away he became more secluded and relied on his father a lot more. This lead to Fleur beginning to fail in school and his father staring to tutor him, with this help he advanced academically in no time. Eventually, the time came that his father learned that the world was going to collide with another and that everyone would die. The father could not bear to watch that happen to his beloved son, so his new project was creating a ship that could support life and take his treasure far from the dying planet. Fleur watched his father work day and night, still far to young to understand what was going on but he could sense the emotional toil of his father.
      Fleur began to worry about his father, so his father ended up quitting his job to spend more of the little time that he could with his son as he focused on the machine. Then enjoyed meals together and walks threw the parks and movies on the sofa. Fleur could still tell his dad seemed tired though but he could never found out why.
      One day his father took him to a large hanger ways away from the house. The sky seemed to be a crimson red, and on the way there Fleur says streets filled with crazy people. His father had to shut off the news on the car radio as it talked bluntly that the end time was truly coming. Fleur was just begging to piece things together as his father showed him the single person vessel. His father didn't explain before pushing a needle into Fleur's arm, causing Fleur to faint. His father then proceeded to plant a few special microchips into him to help keep him sustained and living for the time to come, before putting him the rocket and connecting him to the computer system. With a kiss on the head he the father said goodbye to his young treasure and sent him away. Giving him a new chance at life deep within space.

      Fleur for years lived in a dream like state, being able to manipulate the world around him and study everything about the cosmos. He learned how to program and work with robotics from and due to the now A.I part of him became genius smart. But learning and even manipulating this small world was only entertaining for so long. He began to feel lonely and question everything around him, he used his new knowledge to push deeper into the computer system and slowly get his memories back. He remembered his friends and programmed two of them back into existence. But even that wasn’t enough, on the day he finally turned 16 he got a message, though. He opened it and watched flashbacks of him and his father and his world, as his mind put it together he broke into tears. When he looked up he saw the smiling face of his father again, before receiving a goodbye note from him

    • Fleur proceeded to cry for days on end, as the programmed world around him slowly fell apart and he was woken up just in time to discover his first new world. (This is where his story would begin)

    • His dad having time to prepare gave Fleur a lot to start his romp around the galaxy with
      Weapons: A sniper rifle and a large capacity of ammo, two pistols, a tactical knife, and energy grenades
      Clothing: The outfit you see in the picture, a few pairs of jeans, a few shirts, a large backpack, and a life support pack
      Other: Highly advanced computer chips, Plenty of dried food, schematics to create a more advanced ship, a picture of there family together and a A.I buddy programmed into Fleur.

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  9. [BCOLOR=#000000]Character Name: Orvis VysKani[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Age: 30[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Gender: Male[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Race: Genetically Modified Human[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Faction Alignment: The Republic[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Orvis does not reveal his appearance to others lightly. His true features are hidden beneath a set of black armor, and a faceless helmet. It was a pleasant surprise to find the being in charge shared similar tastes. [​IMG][/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]+Experienced Warfighter[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Orvis has spent many years engaged in a wide variety of combat situations. As such his physical health and mental discipline are what you would expect. The same can be said for the practical application of warfare. Orvis is proficient in most common forms of combat, and equally at home putting them to use.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]+Empathic Communicator[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Orvis has seen the many faces of society. He has suffered and made others suffer through the growth pains of naivety. He has felt the endless depths of hatred and regret and seen it reflected in the eyes of many warriors around him. With time this recognition of others perspective has given him the ability to identify easily with the struggles of others, and reason with them. This skill has been underutilized mostly due to the sort of distasteful people he is generally employed by. He hopes to change that.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]+Sigma Reflex[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Orvis was subjected to high level genetic modification experiments that were never declassified. They were conducted by an unknown faction with an unknown motive, but the result was a permanent hereditary altercation to his genetic makeup. In practice, when Orvis experiences sudden moments of extreme stress, his perception of time alters. This allows him to think and react with incredible decisiveness even when taken by surprise. It does not affect his physical speed or strength, however. That is what exercise is for. [/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]With his empathy comes a bothersome moral compass. His compulsive hero complex is often at odds with his disciplined mission-oriented mind. Every kill is agonizing in some form. Even the ones that deserve it the most are dispatched with remorse. As such, contracts can be hard to come by, and many others have unpleasant surprised that cause… friction, with his clients. The good guys love him, but they aren’t the ones that make the comms ring most of the time.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]-Unfinished Business[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Freedom has a price. One’s entire past is just the entrance fee. You don’t get out of a highly classified and well funded black operations cell without drastic sacrifices. For Orvis, the price of faking his death on a high risk op were the lives of his squad. It doesn’t matter that they had to be stopped, they were the only family he ever had. He still feels guilty every time he remembers their faces. He watched it all burn in that hungry star. The squad, and the ship they rode in on. That covered his tracks, but if anyone ever found out he was still alive, they would aim to rectify that certainly.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]Sometimes in the moment, you do things you really really don’t want to do. If you have enough willpower to do that over and over for years on end, you start to develope an endless variety of mental issues. Orvis counts himself among the lucky, except when he counts himself among the wretched. It really depends on his randomly shifting mood. From dizzying highs of euphoria, to the dismal abyss of apathy and self loathing, your guess is as good as his from hour to hour. Luckily there is an array of… medications, available to help.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Brief History:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Orvis VysKani is the alias of a mercenary based out of The Republic. He arrived on the scene several years ago, and quickly began turning heads. The first whisper’s started after a Orvis demonstrated a unique proficiency at ending bar fights. He accomplished this by beating every combatant on either side of the argument into submission, without breaking any furniture. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]This caught the eye of some local organizations that offered him jobs fit for a mercenary. Many were simple escort and guard jobs, but some were surprisingly unsavory. He sent messages that the authorities would deem as acts of self defense. As a result, certain rules became attached to his name, when others would whisper about him. 1, you do not mislead Orvis. 2, you do not ask Orvis to do anything unsavory. 3, you do not lure Orvis into a trap and get out with your life.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Since then the job market became aware of these rules, he has been offered a much more specialized selection of contracts, and the unpleasant surprises much less frequent.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]With the money he has earned through mercenary work, Orvis has begun to acquire land and property in the Republic. He uses these resources to strengthen his local community, establishing a Haven for the Homeless. This establishment takes clients off the streets and offers them housing, meals, medical care, educational resources, job training, and employment opportunities, in exchange for a percentage of their income until they leave the program. This operation was made possible by the connections he made within the community. But those are only the first steps in VysKani’s plan.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Orvis currently has many people waiting for the jobs he wants to offer. He intends to secure approval and possibly funding from Freedom to expand these business practices. From mercenary groups, to community agricultural programs, Orvis VysKani works tirelessly trying to make up for past mistakes, and offer others the same opportunity.[/BCOLOR]
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  10. Character Name: Toran Farchette.
    Age: Forty-seven.
    Gender: Male.
    Race/Species: Human.
    Faction Alignment: Freedom's Republic.
    Appearance (open)

    Strengths: Highly intelligent. Mercantile, marketing, and business orientated. Very sociable and charming. Manipulative.
    Weaknesses: Physically frail.
    Brief History
    Toran has three sons. None of whom he sired with his wife... The oldest of the three - Eric Lance (his mother's last name) - tragically lost his mother at an early age due to "complications" with her illness. After her untimely death, Eric was left in Toran's care. Toran was afraid of what would happen if his wife or his company ever found out about Eric. So he raised his son away from the public eye. And never told him the truth about his mother's death: Toran had infected her with an experimental strain of a deadly virus.

    After years of intensive studying, being holed up inside a compound, and never seeing the outside world or anything besides his father, at fifteen Eric was moved to a black-site laboratory. Until finally he was let free. Toran needed Eric's scientific capabilities to be used on the galaxy at large. His own plans required his indoctrinated son to find a way to control the Empire's biggest threat...

    Now Toran's plans begin. And all of his preparation, his decades of building, all of his work will finally be worthwhile.
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  11. Character Name: Skyale Wright
    Age(In Earth Years): 26
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Cyborg
    Faction Alignment: The Rebellion/The Dreamers
    Role: Head News Reporter for the Diamond Bugle
    Appearance (Pictures are most desired):
    Base site: Sci-Fi Art Tour – Inspirations #01# Creator of base: Robot Pilot Girl Concept by ZeroNis

    Gear: Keeps a notepad and pen with her at all times. A few small backup cell rechargers for her robotic parts, and a combat knife. All of this is extra to what is programmed into her mechanical system.

    Combat pocket knife, a cybernetic eye which can help with her analysis and aim.
    Integrated Weapons: she had various types of weapons integrated into her cybernetic parts. However, a good few she can only use in life or death emergencies due to the price it took for the installations and upkeep prices.

    These weapons are:

    Sonic Cannon: The Sound Disruptor or White Noise Cannon fires focused sound blasts powerful enough to vaporize a small group of people, and blown up the portion of a building. The Canon has the capability to reach 300 decibels and theoretically can exceed this limit.

    Sonic Emitter: Beyond the sonic cannon also has a sonic emitter that allows to mimic and generate any sounds she desires, may run voices through her systems to make real-time translation and even generate ultrasonic sound attacks.

    Producing several different tools (a saw, a welding torch, a flashlight, etc.) from her arms. Her fingers also have various optics and audio tools inside them.

    She is capable of detaching both arms from her body, either attached to a cable as a grappling hook or launched as flying projectiles. She is able to remotely control them once detached, making them useful for reconnaissance and surveillance. However, she can only remote control the arms if keeps one arm attached.

    Abilities/Skills: writing, high charisma/great talking with people, hand to hand combat, gun knowledge, medium firing range with guns, hacking.

    Strengths(for every strength you put down, there must be a weakness!):

    Superhuman Strength: At optimal capacity, Skyale can lift/press in excess of four metric tons. If she pushes herself, she can even exceed five tons, but not without causing severe stress to her cybernetic components.

    Sensor Systems/Superhuman Senses:. Due cybernetic enhancements their five senses were increased to superhuman levels.

    Great listener-She is a reporter and loves to get the juicy stories and the truth. Wright’s goal is to have the people know the truth.

    Great Writer-Wright get’s her points across, and keeps the paper easy to read for about anyone who picks up the Bugle.

    Great at fighting hand to hand combat due to her enhanced senses.

    Pretty good at hacking thanks to her computer brain which can help her calculate possibilities and narrow codes down.


    Greater senses mean high pitched sounds can shut off the robotic brain function depending on the pitch.

    She’s not good at stealth partly due to the robotics partly due to her curious nature getting her to move in somewhere too soon.

    Not only will she listen but she is a talker and very strong willed. This isn’t necessarily good things there’s a reason she has to bring up freedom of the press a lot.

    She's’ bad at long fire range for she doesn’t have great accuracy it’s the main part of her system one might say is out of date.

    Wright is still very human not fully robotic. Some of the cybernetics is more for looks cause otherwise clothes there might look weird. She still has to breathe oxygen, eat, sleep, usual things living beings have to do. She bleeds blood and oil can seem very literal in her case in other words. If you have a big question on this I’m sure she wouldn’t mind answering.

    Wright is a great writer but not a great holder of her tongue or saying things that might shouldn’t go in the Bugle.

    Sonic Cannon glitch if you boost the wavelength in the transmission matrix it will cause a meltdown making her have to shut down the cannon system altogether before she may damage herself and others close around her.

    Brief History:
    “Hmm, you wish to know about my past? Well, let’s see.” Skyale pauses for a moment.

    “Alright, it all started when I was born. Okay okay just kidding you wouldn’t want to hear about all of that. Hmm where to start? Oh I know how about how I first wanted to spread the truth and inform people about the world around them?” Wright glances around to sit and takes a seat knowing this will take a while then motions for you to do the same.

    “I’ve never been someone people seem to completely get along with. I often was really curious would ask too many questions, go after what I could for the truest answer. I always wanted to find out what was going on in the world around me. I’ve had good and bad experiences growing up.” Skyale paused to take a sip of water before moving on.

    “Now you may be wondering what happened to make my well what I am today. Though I enjoy conversation and sharing many things I respect how there are some people don’t wish to straight up share. With this stated, I hope you will respect that I rather not talk about it. Other than to inform you that it was an eye opening incident for me. I look at life a bit differently. If I grow to know some of you more perhaps I’ll share it with you as long as you ask nicely. Otherwise good luck finding someone in town who knows my story. Most of my family are gone now. I have a little brother and sister running around, but that’s all the family I have left. They're old enough to not need me to watch them all the time or well really at all anymore. Most of the people watch the two and we pretty much aren’t at each other’s throats. But they do help me sell papers from time to time. Hmm, now I’m probably starting to bore you. So I’ll end my brief backstory for you with this. From my curiosity and wanting to know the truth and learning how the truth can help people I choose to become a reporter. I care greatly about the freedom of speech and the rights of the people. Which probably explains to you why I am a proud member of the original Rebellion. Now a proud supporter of my fellow dreamers. Making me a part of The Dreamers Faction, and rebellion group.”

    Once Wright finishes sharing what she thinks is sufficient she stands. Skyale then holds up her hand for you to wait a moment before you leave. “Oh wait there is one more thing. I have a brother and a sister. My little brother is Nate and my sister is Lydia.” She then goes off to continue whatever it was she needed to finish.

    -Her arms and legs are 90% robotic
    -All her organs are 100% human not robotic yes this includes a human brain
    -Younger siblings Nathaniel aka Nate (Brother) & Lydia (Sister)
    -As stated in her short Bio the more people get to know Skylar the more shared about her background
    -More extras may be added as the RP goes on if that's alright
    -She may remind some of you of a Piper Wright from Fallout
    -Yes Skyale is calling the Good Rebellion a group of Dreamers why she will explain in her papers as time moves on

    Coming soon
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  12. Date: ██ / ██ / ████
    Report: D37790 - Rec

    NOTICE: Under the direct orders of CD 291, access to this report has been locked from unauthorized users. If you must access this report, please contact I 301 for further instructions.
    Dr. 719​

    Authorization Level 7 Required (open)

    Authorization approved. Proceed with caution. Your access to this file may be terminated at any time.
    Report D37790: We had reasons to believe that an agent of the Rebellion was planning on meeting Dr. A. ██, referred henceforth in this report as Person-Of-Interest (POI) 1, upon the interplanetary flight ██ ████ traveling from ██████ to Earth. The nature of this meeting is as of yet unknown to us though POI 1 was a well known psychiatrist within the ████ system. As it was in our best interest that this meeting to happen, we dispatched a team of agents to flight ██ ████ when the shuttle began sending a distress signal. Taking into account the time taken to gather, brief, and send the team, the team arrived within sight of the shuttle 43 minutes after the first distress signal was received. Before boarding the shuttle, Agent ████ noted that besides the lack of lights or power in the engines, the shuttle looked completely undamaged from the outside. Upon boarding the shuttle however, words used by the team to describe the interior included "hell" and "massacre". By analyzing the marks left upon the inner surfaces of the shuttle, the team believes that whatever caused the damage either used a bladed weapon or something similar. As there was no evidence of burning or melting in the marks, energy based weapons and tools were ruled out. The team also found tendrils of red, flesh like substance covering the majority of the shuttle, completely covering the walls, ceiling, and floor of 22 out of 27 rooms. The exact composition and nature of this substance is still being analyzed. Agent ██ pointed out that despite the condition of the shuttle, no bodies nor corpses were found present on the shuttle.

    NOTE: The following audio recording was retrieved by Agent ███. In this recording, POI 1 was apparently forced to give an "interview" to an unknown individual, referred henceforth in this report as Person-Of-Interest (POI) 2. The device upon this was recorded on was marked "Introduction - Hello ████ ████".

    From CD 331: It is unknown how much POI 2 knows of our organization or how it came to this information. However it is clear that it is aware of our existence. Level 3 and under personnels will have their access to all files and records restricted. Any information related POI 2 must be immedietly reported to ████ directly.


    -POI 1 coughs and clears their throat, clearly nervous. By POI 2's voice, they are a human male, aged somewhere between 20 and 25. POI 2 sounds laid back and almost happy to be having the interview.-
    POI 1: This is Doctor ██ performing an interview with...
    POI 2: Oh, my name? Well, I've been called a number of names before. Jal' Gorith, the Red Beast of Ghugnest, and the Anti-King, I believe, were the most common

    POI 1: And how old are you? In Earth years...if you know what that is.
    POI 2: This body is like, what, fuckin' twenty-something or something....I think. Myself though? I've been around for much, much longer

    -Clicking, squishing sounds can be heard in the background. POI 1 can be heard shifting their chair-
    POI 2: Everything alright, doctor?
    POI 2: Uh, right. No, it's nothing. Anyways, what is your gender?
    POI 2: This body is a guy but me? I don't know...I mean I don't really have a dick, or a vag, or anything else like that to be honest

    POI 1: And what are you, exactly...I mean what race or species?
    POI 2 (sounding confused): Um, I don't really have one? I say that as a question because I'm not really sure if there are others out there like me. Not that I really care, one way or another.

    POI 1: Is there anyone or thing that you feel attached or perhaps even loyal to?
    POI 2: Me!

    -Movement can be heard as POI 1 cautiously gets up while something is switched on in the background-
    POI 1: Please look towards the camera

    NOTE: The following image was the photo taken by the camera used by POI 1 during this interview. The individual in the mask is confirmed to be the agent that POI 1 was supposed to meet on the shuttle.

    POI 1: What are some things that you would consider as your strength?
    POI 2: Let's see. There's a lot of things I can do, shape shift, possess people, eat people, telepathy to list a few.

    POI 1: What are some things that you would consider as your weakness?
    -POI 2's tone of voice changes to become lower and darker-
    POI 2: Excuse me? Did you just ask what I think you asked? You do know that there are consequences for asking questions like that right?
    -POI 1 can be heard falling down as POI 2's tone quickly changes back to their original tone-
    POI 2: I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Man, you should have seen the look on your face. Priceless! Anyways, I have a few vulnerabilities but I suppose my main weakness is that I'm not like you...physical...things. I can't just be here or there or anywhere I like. I need a body, a physical body, in order to actively interact with things here. Hence why I have this body...or bodies?

    -POI 1 sounds much meeker and softer as if they have curled up onto themself-
    POI 1: Please...I don't want to die...
    POI 2: Die? Oh, doctor, I'm not going to kill you. Here, let me tell you a little story. Before you physical things, before these planets and stars, before anything, there was...nothing. Nothing was the first. Then, one--um. Shit, there was no time yet, huh. One...nothing later, there was chaos. Some call it the big bang, some say a voice declared light into existence, either way, there was a huge commotion. Then, the commotion began to die down and order came from the chaos. You know this story, don't you? As order came about, particles arranged themselves into atoms. Atoms arranged themselves into molecules. Molecules arranged themselves into stars, planets, and everything else. Life now entered the universe through order. But so did death. You see, life may have come from order but it in itself is not order. No, life is change, unpredictable, chaotic. Death is constant, final, order.

    It should have been a cycle. From chaos came order, and from order came chaos. However, as time, which exists now, went on, chaos in this universe continued to diminish and order kept rising. You know the end to this, don't you doctor? The universe devoid of chaos and life, killed by entropy. I, doctor, am here to stop that. I am the maelstrom called life, chaos given sentience. I am the natural anarchy. I am the final savior for this universe from creeping doom of order. I do not give death but life. So join me, doctor, as all the others have, and I will give you life like no other.
    -Clattering and struggling can be heard as POI 2 lunges at POI 1-
    POI 2: Oh, and all you motherfucks at ████ ████ listening to this. What's up? I have a feeling that we'll be seeing each other soon. Look forward to it.


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