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  1. [​IMG]

    ~The Year is [BCOLOR=#0000ff]2092[/BCOLOR]~

    The young Solar Empire has evolved from its meager state of a few solar systems into the most powerful government in the Galaxy. But it became too big, and instead, split into three governing bodies that make up the Terran Imperium Triumvirate. At first, true peace in the galaxy was thought to be attained, and the Empire has reached a golden age. But people get restless, there is still a lot of galaxy to be explored! A new threat emerges, then another, and then another, when it comes to the galactic scale, everyone gets a hand in war.
    Because war, is the only true fact.

    It is now up to your character to survive in this time of need, this new age of exploration, this age of great mystery, of great technological boom, and of impending war! How will you live? How will you thrive? How many other's backs will you climb in order to reach your goals? The answer to that, my dear player, is up to you!
    Warfact Galaxy.jpg

    Brown=Terran Imperium Space
    Blue=Legionarii Terra Space
    Red=The Rebellion
    Grayish Blue= Freedom's Republic
    Everywhere Else=Wild/Unknown Space

    Welcome to the wonderful galaxy of WarFact! This is a large-scale, open-world, intergalactic sci-fi RP that is created by @Nue, co-gmed by five other wierdos, and made with multiple factions, real-time elements, events and many various other things to keep you on your toes.

    To get started, go to the 'Rules, Regulations, and Mechanics' folder/spoili, and read the 'Getting Started' Tab.

    Please come and join our Discord Server!
    [Click here to go to the WarFact Discord Server! ]

    ~Rules, Regulations, and Mechanics~

    Getting Started (open)

    So, you want to be a WarFact player...

    That's good! But things can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it’s a roleplay that's galaxy-sized. There is a lot to take in, perhaps a lot to read beforehand, and perhaps that isn't you. Perhaps you're the guy who likes their roleplay simple and straightforward, perhaps you’re the guy who's lazy and simply doesn't wish to read too much. Perhaps you're just the guy who likes to be told what is and what isn't done, or perhaps you’re just the guy who says "perhaps" a lot.

    Well, for all those people, and for all people in general, this tab is for you! It will go over the five things that all WarFact Players are required to know prior to joining this RP. These five things apply for anytime, anywhere, and at any place. The best part is, once you know these five're done! Just fill out a character sheet, and you're ready to roleplay!

    So without any further ado, here


    1.Be mindful of both Iwaku's and WarFact's Rules

    2.Think carefully about a faction to choose/go to, as each has its own given setting, culture, laws, and characters. However, factions alignment does not restrict your character. Think of faction alignment as one's nationality.

    3. GET CREATIVE!!! WarFact is not a story, it's a setting. WarFact is a sandbox RP, which means it is free and open to interpretation, new ideas are always allowed, and the opportunities for a character are nearly endless! One is allowed to do most anything within reason in the RP! If you think you have something that is controversial or within reason, just contact a mod or gm!

    4. Try to find someone to interact with. It gets lonely in space, but you don't have to be lonely. If you can't find anyone, contact a Mod/GM, we'll interact with you and throw something at your way!

    5.Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! That's what RP is all about no? If you're not having fun, don't try to leave right away, PM a Mod/GM/RPlayer and see what we can do to help you out!

    With this tab finished, you're now free to go off and create your character(s)!

    Although you don't have to do this, it is highly recommended that one brushes real quick through the "Smol" tabs in the other folders, as they help to get oneself well-acquainted with the galaxy of WarFact with the least amount of information possible. Even to TL-DR people, it's pretty feasible. Save for that, everything else is completely optional and up to you in how much info you wish to have!

    RP Mechanics (open)

    This Tab Will come to explain all of things, or 'mechanics' that will make your experience with WarFact different than your average RP experience.

    1.Real-Time Elements

    -The RP will move at a constant pace whether you're online or not

    -The current In-Game year (called the 'Earth-Year') is displayed at the top of the first sticky post. We will start during the year 2092

    -An Earth-Year will go by every six months, and a half-year will go by every three months

    -Inactivity checks will occur every Half-Year

    -New Events will be presented every Half-Year

    -Even though the RP moves, albeit very slowly, one can still join in or catchup at any time!

    2.There are punishments for bad players

    -Read the 'Punishments' tab for more information


    -Used to spice up the roleplay, and are interesting turns of events

    -Can be vetoed by popular vote

    -Appear every half-year

    -Can be player-triggered/player-created at any time

    -Can be faction-specific, Thread-Specific, or can be universal across the whole RP

    -If faction-specific, applies to all factions, just each one gets a different event

    -Has its own separate thread and will be updated constantly to inform one of which events are available

    4. Two-Thread-Faction-System

    -There will be two threads in the main IC: One for Imperial Space, and one for Wild Space.

    -Any post that is considered to be Imperial-Related or falls within the territories/claims of Imperial Space (the space claims of Terran Imperium, Legionarii Terra, D.A.R.G, and Good Rebellion), will all fall into the IMPERIAL SPACE thread.

    -Any other post that doesn't relate to the above circumstances, or falls within the territories/claims of non-Imperial space (The space claims of Freedom's Republic, as well as unclaimed space that Independents & Bad Rebels Occupy) will all fall into the WILD SPACE thread.

    -Each Thread is ruled by three moderators both IC-wise and OOC-wise (the Rebellion leader is expected to rule the Wild Space thread)

    -In the event of a new faction, a new thread may be created, and will be ruled justly by all of the moderators collectively, as well as overseen by the player-faction's creator, respectively.

    -One may jump to the other thread in the event they enter/exit Imperial space, and can come back to the other thread as they see fit.

    -Your character(s)'s faction alignment is important as it dictates what thread he/she/they/it will start in, and which faction they represent and continue to represent throughout the galaxy, even though there is two threads. Try to think of 'Faction Alignment' as one's Nationality.

    5.Smol RP's/Smaller-Scale RPs

    -Smaller RP's that take place within the WarFact Universe

    -Can be created by any GM,Mod, or any player who PM's @Nue with their idea

    -Supposedly Lasts 3-4 Earth-Years

    -Completely owned by a GM, with several Co-GM's

    -Will be requested for removal upon inactivity

    -Works like a normal RP, just WarFact-Related!

    *More mechanics to come!*

    Rules (open)

    The Rules of all WarFact Players are as follows:

    2.No OOC in the IC, and vice-versa
    3.Don't be a general Asshole
    4.If you are a GM or Mod don't abuse your powers
    5.Take all debates and arguments to PM
    6.Take all LEGAL sex-scenes to PM (illegals will get auto-banned)
    7.No God-modding
    8.No Meta-Gaming unless a player is inactive or permission is given
    9.No Killing, Torturing, or even harming Faction Leaders without the Mod's given permission
    10.No Killing or Torturing of Player Characters without that player's permission (the only exception to that rule is if a player is inactive)
    11.One may be a Kratzkin, but one MAY NOT be a member of the Kratzkin Empire
    12.IC Posts should be between 10 and 10,000 words long, should relate to WarFact, and involve at least ONE character action (I.E taking a sip of water, looking at a flower, or killing some alien scum)
    13.HAVE FUN!!!
    14.Rules may be subject to change depending on the situation
    15. Any overtly violent acts (such as torture, excessive blood, etc) are allowed, as this rp is somewhat grimdark, but these things must be either placed in a spoiler or given an obvious warning prior to posting it. We don't wish to scare away people with our violent posting now do we?

    If one fails to obey the rules at any given time, they will receive punishments, however, if one fails to break the rules over a given period of time, they will receive rewards.

    Punishments (open)

    For those who like to break the rules, here are your eternal punishments.

    -Offenses are given to those who:
    +Break Iwaku Rules
    +Excessively break WarFact Rules
    +Are very inactive
    +Break the LAW (legit the law)

    -Offenses for rule-breaking are as follows:
    +1st offence- Warning, Scolding, and Spanking
    +2nd offence- Loss of any titles, Loss of all Brownie Points, Temporary ban from gaining either, and another warning/scolding/spanking.
    +3rd offence- Reported and given a Temporary Ban from the Forum
    +4th offence- Reported (again) and given a Permanent Ban from the Forum (at this point, you'll also be booted from Iwaku as well!)

    -Offenses for Inactivity are as follows:
    +1st offence, 1 Half-Year of inactivity- If you have not posted once in the IC, or haven’t warned us of your six-month absence beforehand within 1 Half-Year(3 months), you will be considered 'inactive'. Your characters will be susceptible to meta-gaming and even player-killing. If you are a GM or Mod, you will lose your title at this point. If you run a smol RP, it will be immediately archived.

    +2nd offence, 2 Earth-Years of inactivity- If you have not posted once in the IC, or haven’t warned us of your one-year absence beforehand within 2 Earth-Years(12 months), you will then be punished for inactivity. Your characters will be immediately killed off or M.I.A, depending on the situation. If you are V.I.R, you will lose your title at this point, you will lose all Brownie Points you have earned. You will have to re-create a character sheet and start from scratch in the rare event that you do come back after a one-year leave.

    -Offenses for those caught breaking the law:
    +1st offence: Reported and Perma-Banned from the Forum, good chance you will also be banned from the website, and have the cops called on you too, sorry bud, we're all law-abiding citizens here ;)

    ~Races, History, and WarFact'sLore Policy~

    Smol Races and Smol Species (open)

    This is the smol definition of all the races/species in WarFact, and contains the most brief and basic info of all the races/species, for a more detailed description of all the races and/or species, please see the 'Races/Species' tab on this folder.


    -Humans: As standard as it comes, now with bunny-like reproduction and space capabilities!

    -Cyborgs: Half-human, Half-robots

    -A.I: Things like Robots, Supercomputers, and GLaDOS fit in this category

    -Anigmae: Discount Furries

    -Lorexians: Discount Lombaxes, but with magic powers

    -Argotians: Discount Krogans, or Discount TMNT, but with shotguns

    -Kratzkins: Stereotypical Alien invaders. Also Discount Genosians

    -Byrrigis: Discount Chiss, but with magic powers

    -Cortessians: Discount Borg

    *You can add races/species simply by PMing @Nue with the name of your race/species, a description of them, and some basic history of how they came to be, they will be added here A.S.A.P*

    Smol History (open)

    This is the smol definition of all the previous history in WarFact, and contains the most brief and basic info of all the history, for a more detailed description of WarFact's history please see the 'Brief History' tab on this folder.


    -WW3 Happened

    -Imperialism became the winner

    -The Solar Empire unified Earth

    -The Solar Empire conquered Space n' Stuff

    -Human-hungry Kratzkins wanted to eat space-faring humans, starting The Galactic War.

    -The Solar Empire (or the humans) won, and ended up conquering so much space that it couldn't handle it.

    -The Solar Empire Split into the Terran Imperium, Legionarii Terra, and D.A.R.G

    -Also Rebels and Crimelord Republic


    Past History (open)

    The history of WarFact starts with the Imperialist Party that formed on Earth in the Early 2020's, it was an ambitious group formed by powerful technological giants that wanted to do something big with the Earth. So they did. The Imperialists grew so big and powerful, that the U.N had to step in and shut them down, when the Imperialists didn't back down, The nations of the U.N, as well as those who favored Nationalism, teamed up to fight Imperialism in what would be a Third World War, or World War III.

    After two years of warring, treaties, flying warheads, defusing warheads in mid-air, and clever wordplay, WW3 finally ended, with unified Imperialism reigning triumphant over separated Nationalism. With the Earth unified under one governing body, in the form of The Solar Empire, Technology Boomed. Deep space travel was finally achievable, and humanity was finally able to start colonizing and living on worlds other than Earth. Other great technologies created during the early years of Earth's Space Age included Deep Space engineering, mass human reproduction, terra-forming superweapons, Intergalactic communications systems, singularity, and biological-singularity. Under The Solar Empire, it seems as if man has achieved more than it ever has before, and has reached a golden age and a new age to exploration.

    However, like all good things, it was short lived, as the first sentient aliens The Solar Empire came into contact with was nowhere near friendly. These aliens, known as the Kratzkins, fed only on a strict diet of living tissue and were eager to feast on the fleshy beings of the Solar Empire, to which they politely refused, by destroying the Kratzkin scout force. This marked the beginning of the first war ever on a galactic scale, the New Great War, or The Galactic War, has now begun.

    It only took a mere three years to crush The Kratzkin Empire, as they had an obvious weakness (a single hive controlling all actions) and were perfectly willing to boast and flaunt their spacefaring power across the galaxy. It wasn't until The Solar Empire came around until they realized that they weren't the only spacefaring race out there. By that time, it was already too late...

    The remaining Kratzkins were forced into a very well contained and maintained hive for zoo-like purposes, and anyone who thinks that it's inhumane are free to go in there and talk to the Kratzkins about it ;)

    The results of the Galactic War were even more in the favor of The Solar Empire, as they became the most powerful governing body of not only Earth, but of their entire galaxy as well! It blossomed into a Golden Age for the Empire, which grew and grew until it could grow no longer, and cultivated and optimized its governmental control over the galaxy to the point where it needed to split up in order to effectively control more of the galaxy. Hence the formation of the Terran Imperium Triumvirate, which split the empire under three parts. The Legionarii Terra, to handle the wastelands, the rebels, the Kratzkin Hive, and the military force of the Empire. D.A.R.G, to handle the economy in times of turmoil, as well as be the center for good alien relations. Finally, there's the Terran Imperium itself, which administrates the other two factions, and is a balance of the two.

    There was also a notable rebellion, founded just before the Third World War, which focused on preserving and safekeeping the history of things from the ravaging path of Imperialism, and blame Imperialism for the destruction of many once-thriving planets. They now work under close scrutiny and resentment from the Terran Imperium trying to terraform Earth into its former glory.

    Very recently, a group of Byrrigis as well as criminal masterminds masquerading as Byrrigis sympathizers, fled to the outermost reaches of known space, known as the Byrrigian Expanse, in order to found a new governing body, ruled by crime and gambling, known as Freedom's Republic.

    And finally, there's the vast amount of galaxy that remains to be unseen, 'Wild Space' they all call it, it's all out there, the Final Frontier, eagerly awaiting those adventurous few to take it...

    With that, we are now brought to the present day.

    Races and Species (open)

    Humans: The original inhabitants of Earth. Humans are weaker compared to most other races, but they reproduce the fastest and are more used toward a space environment. They make up the majority of the known space, and are the most-liked race throughout all the factions.
    Cyborgs: For humans who want to be stronger without the ability to be a robot, for those who want cybernetic implants, or for those who just want to have a little enhancement in their lives, we have Cyborgs. These are those that are not fully human, or those who are not fully A.I. For those Cyborgs who have a tiny cybernetic change that makes them look nearly similar to humans, they get their eyes dyed an unnatural color, and give them movement abilities (think of the 'Dojutsu' eyes in Naruto for this)
    A.I: With the achievement of singularity, many individuals wanted to take this up right away and live forever consciously in an immortal robotic being. For simplification, all things made completely of man-made material and could do complex computations were all organized into one species called A.I, or Artificial Intelligence. Most A.I actually do not have rights, and the only ones that really do have rights are those A.I that have singularity achieved, as they are technically humans or people in metal suits, so to speak.
    Anigmae: As singularity was achieved, so was Biological Singularity, and this, combined with the art of Genetic Manipulation, allowed anyone to take on the form of any anthropomorphic being of their choice. This applied to most any anthropomorphic animal with a complete genome. It was first used for military purposes, but as the technology grew, such a thing wasn't really needed, and instead said genetics were used aesthetically by poor civilians who decided to take up, or at least try Furryism (the primary religion held in D.A.R.G.), or well-off citizens that had access to that sort of technology.
    Lorexians: For the longest time, there was only one Lorexian in the galaxy, and that was Samoa Toskivich. It wasn't until very recently when the Lorexian population began to grow. The Lorexians are a very esteemed and powerful race among the Empire, and all are considered master engineers, generals, and politicians. Only the highest ranking officials and the most powerful people in D.A.R.G.'s society are granted the gift to become a Lorexian. It is extremely rare to find a Lorexian that isn't a high-end member of D.A.R.G Society, and if they aren't then they better have a good escape plan, as Lorexians who 'stain' D.A.R.G society by not being in a position of power are hunted down by D.A.R.G in order to 'purify' the species.
    Argotians: A once primitive race of armored reptiles, who are native to the desert world of Argos, they have now since been enlightened by D.A.R.G and biologically enhanced to become D.A.R.G's foot-soldiers and military. Those who do not wish to no longer become a member of the military are granted full citizenship into D.A.R.G space, as to prevent uprisings from a military that is entirely alien-based.
    Kratzkins: A race of hive-minded insectoids. The Kratzkins must live on a strict diet of living tissue in order to survive. They were the spacefaring civilization that came before the Solar Empire, but are now reduced to a single hive in Legionarii Terra's space, with only a single queen to rule them.
    Byrrigis: A race that looks almost like the humans, but instead of being technologically inclined, they are magically inclined. They live in their homeworld of Byr, out on the Byrrigian Expanse, and have travelled down the Crux arm much like the Terran Imperium have. It's simply that they have developed such technology later than their human counterparts, and are all more magically-orienteered. They are considered too alien to be human, and too human to be alien, and are thus resented by the empire as a whole. It was because of this resentment and neglect that the Byrrigis have turned to a life of Crime under Freedom's Republic, bent on destroying the Empire and giving rights to anyone willing to submit to their needs.
    *please note this image above may appear and disappear from time to time, it is unknown why this is Owo*
    Cortessians: Also known as the 'Dark Robots'. Little is known about the Cortessians, other than that they are a robotic alien race with an unknown origin somewhere deep in Wild Space. They carry immense technological power and magic, and are looked at all factions with deep suspicion and bewilderment. Cortessians hail from somewhere deep in wild space, on a planet named Cortesia but it is unknown where exactly that is.

    *more races/species surely to come!*

    Lore Policy (open)

    *Excess lore that is not needed for new players to start the RP will NOT be placed here in this post. Instead, there will be a separate thread for the containment of all WarFact Lore*

    Lore aside from the basic history will be placed in a separate thread for the convenience of everyone. The Lore Thread will contain all the useless WarFact Nonsense that everyone can read up if they have nothing else to do!

    If you wish to add to the extensive Lore of WarFact, feel free! The Lore Thread will be open to all players who wish to express their creativity and add some new lore to the RP! You may add lore at any time, so long as it isn't *too* contradicting.

    ~Factions and Faction Information~

    Smol Faction Info (open)

    This is the 'smol' definition of all the factions in WarFact, and contains the most brief and basic info of all the fations, for a more detailed description of WarFact's history please see the 'General Faction Information' tab on this folder. For more advanced information on all the factions, please see all of the other faction tabs on this folder, as they are constantly maintained and created by the mods who control the faction.


    Terran Imperium: Imperialists who like Imperialism. Also doubles as Space Romans

    Legionarii Terra: Imperialists who like to overkill. Also doubles as Space Crusaders, DEUS VULT!

    D.A.R.G: Imperialists who like aliens, wierd stuff, and money. Can also double as Space Japan.

    The Rebellion: Nationalists who like to preserve history, culture, and artifacts and despise Imperialism. Also spies, lots of spies. Doubles as Space...U.N.?

    Freedom's Republic: Alien Space-Mages and Crimminal Overlords working together to bring down an Empire. Discount Omega from Mass Effect, but bigger and with more magic.

    Independent: Wild Space, Explorers, Proprietors, and Adventures all over the place.

    General Faction information (open)

    Terran Imperium: Consists of the former Solar Empire and resides in the central-right area of the Milky Way. The Terran Imperium is the most balanced of the three Imperial factions, and also the most powerful. Civil Rights are fair, their military is powerful, and its leaders are tactile. Humans, Lorexians, and Human-Cyborgs are given priority rights, with tolerance but not respect for alien races, which are only given the most basic of civil rights. The Terran Imperium is an Empire is ruled by Emperor Terrus Irving I with a fair hand, and he rules it justly in the Galactic Capital of New Byzantium.

    <Terran Imperium Stats>
    Military: Good
    Economy: Good
    Civil Rights: Average
    Tolerance: Average
    Technology: Good
    Magic: Good
    Main Problem: Expansion

    Legionarii Terra: Created as one of the three branches that formed from the Terran Imperium, The Legionarii Terra went south fast, becoming an intergalactic Military State that is only focused on war and mass-extermination. The Legionarii Terra's...well...legions, are usually over-equipped and their ships are huge and are rather intimidating. It is ruled by Consul Gladius Irving I, who also just happens to be Terrus's younger brother. He rules things out of complete fear and hatred for aliens. As such, only Humans and Human-Cyborgs are given rights, and Christianity is the only religion in the LT, everything and everyone else is heresy and punishable by death or eternal slavery! (side note: There is no 'Capital' within LT Space, although one may consider South Cavingia their capital planet, given it has the highest population, houses the Consul, and produces the most LT ships)
    <Legionarii Terra Stats>
    Military: Excellent
    Economy: Poor
    Civil Rights: Poor
    Tolerance: Poor
    Technology: Excellent
    Magic: Average
    Main Problem: Dealing with Aliens/Xenos

    D.A.R.G: D.A.R.G, formally called the District of Argos Reconnaissance Group, now short for The Delightful Alien Relations Guild, D.A.R.G was one of the three branches that formed with the creation of the Terran Imperium and was cast out on the fringes of Imperial Space to be tasked with the handling of Alien Relations in the galaxy. This faction probably has the most civil rights and freedoms of Imperial Space. D.A.R.G's Economy flourishes with the rising tensions between the Factions and only strives to make a profit, not really conquer anything. The leader, former ambassador-turned-Doge Samoa Toskivich, is considered an odd fellow, and very scary mentally on the account that he may be insane. But he does have a way with words, and he truly means well, and rules with favor to the love, happiness, and respect of his people. As opposed to the Legionarii Terra, which has no galactic capital, D.A.R.G has two of them. There is its Corporate Capitol, Ontarom, and its Governmental Capitol, Lorex.
    <D.A.R.G Stats>
    Military: Poor
    Economy: Excellent
    Civil Rights: Good
    Tolerance: Good
    Technology: Excellent
    Magic: Good
    Main Problem: Overpopulation

    The Rebellion: Originated as an Insurgency that formed as a result of WW3, this Insurgency remained unsuppressed and very secretive for a long time until The Galactic War, where they successfully overthrew the Imperial Reign of the Solar System, and claimed Earth as their own. They immediately spread even further, to the point where the Empire declared war on them, but was halted at a decisive deal made by The Rebellion's most sly leader, Ailia Virlar. Due to this deal, The Rebellion was not completely steam-rolled from the Empire, and continued to (sorta)rule their land claims, under very close suspicion and scrutiny. The Human homeworld of Earth is their capital, and they hope to restore their ways of old and incorporate it to an intergalactic scale. The Rebellion is seen as a haven to alien races, who The Rebellion treats more fairly, and almost everybody has equal rights and guns there!
    <The Rebellion Stats>
    Military: Average
    Economy: Poor
    Civil Rights: Excellent
    Tolerance: Excellent
    Technology: Average
    Magic: Average
    Main Problem: Under Imperial Occupation

    Freedom's Republic: The Byrrigis are a race that is looked down upon by most of the factions, and resented by the others. Basically, they are a much hated race, for very strange reasons, and some members of the Byrrigis will go to many extremes to be loved. It was through this neglect that an enigmatic and powerful crime lord, known only as 'Mr.Freedom' took this as the opportunity to make his own little empire, for all of the Byrrigis and the pirate lords to take hospice in. Freedom's Republic roams on the Byrrigian Expanse, an easily defendable part of space that is far, far away from Imperial Space. Their aim is to destroy the Terran Imperium, who is cruel and unjust, and spread their 'freedom' across the galaxy. In reality, they hope to crush the Terran Imperium so that they are free to do anything they want with their respective businesses and keep the spice flowing.
    <Freedom's Republic Stats>
    Military: Average
    Economy: Excellent
    Civil Rights: Good
    Tolerance: Good
    Technology: Good
    Magic: Excellent
    Main Problem: Imperial Blockade

    Independent: This consists of anything that is roaming in Wild Space, or actively refuses to align themselves with any faction. These consist of the explorers, adventurers, and proprietors that hope to seek something new in the wild space, without the hassle of intergalactic politics.
    <Independent Stats>
    Military: Average
    Economy: Average
    Civil Rights: Average
    Tolerance: Average
    Technology: Average
    Magic: Average
    Main Problem: Player-dependent, Imperial Expansion

    ~Character Applications, GM Standards, and GM Applications~

    Character Application Sheet (open)

    *Please put all Character Sheets in the SIgn-ups thread*
    Character Name:
    Age(In Earth-Years):
    Faction Alignment:
    Appearance (Pictures are most desired):
    Strengths(for every strength you put down, there must be a weakness!):
    Brief History:

    GM application sheet (open)

    Iwaku Name:
    Role Desired (if Moderator, specify faction):
    Possible Contact Information(skype, kik, discord, facebook, etc.):
    Why do you want this role?
    What are some good things about yourself?
    Are you active? YES or NO
    If so, how active?
    Are you a potato?

    GM Responsibilities (open)

    So, you wanna be GM huh?

    Well you can! As I could always use some help around the office with my papers! As a GM you get some bonuses and accesses above a normal player, but you are also given responsibilities and jobs to do. You are expected to be an active member, to do your job, and to abide by the rules. You are also expected to read all tabs and folders, not just the smol ones. Finally, as a GM or MOD youare expected to help any players who are in need of it.

    If you think you can do all that, CONGRATS!!! You can be a GM, just pm @Nue with you GM sheet for acceptance, and you are all set on your role to Game Mastering.

    Currently, we are in DESPERATE need for this current role: ROLEPLAYER. So get cracking on those sheets and join the WarFact GMing squa now!

    GM Role Description (open)

    Administrator: The creator and main curator of the RP, is also a moderator. Think of this as the GM of the main RP.

    Moderator: There will only be six of these types of people, and they are in charge of the faction threads, the GM's, the players, and future WarFact plans, there will be approximately one Mod per faction. Think of these guys as the Co-Gm's of the main RP.

    Overseer GMs: These GMs are our security force, and will keep vigilant over those who wish to do either good or bad in the WarFact RP. These GMs also make sure that both the GMs and the Mods are doing their jobs, as to ensure the RP never sinks and dies.

    *Lore GMs: These guys read up on all the WarFact Lore, and handle the WarFact Lore thread. They are here to answer any questions one may have about WarFact Lore.

    *Statistical GMs: These guys keep track of all the little things going on such as Earth-Years, V.I.R titles, and brownie points, they will keep a good update of everything on their own Statistics Thread.

    *GM-Interns: GMs-In-Training

    *Smol GMs: GM's in charge of a Smol/small-scale WarFact RP thread

    *CO-GMs: Co-GM's of Smol/small-scale WarFact RP thread

    Faction Leaders: IC leaders of a Faction Thread

    *please note that there are some GM roles you cannot apply for just yet, and their main purpose is to handle the RP in the event that it gains a huge following.*

    GM Roles (open)

    1. @Nue
    1. @Nue
    2. @Alexios
    3. @Raven
    4. @Archwar
    5. @WhisperingWillows
    6. @Vulturpene
    Overseer GMs:
    1. @IntrusiveRootDesperateLeaf
    Lore GMs:
    Statistical GMs:
    Smol GMs:
    Faction Leaders:
    1. Terran Imperium- Emperor Terrus Irving I: @Alexios
    2. Legionarii Terra- Consul Gladius Irving I: @Vulturpene
    3. D.A.R.G- Doge Samoa Toskivich: @Nue
    4.The Rebellion- Ailia Virlar: @Raven
    5.Freedom's Republic- Mr.Freedom: @Archwar
    6. Independent- Nobody In Particular: @WhisperingWillows

    With all this information gathered, set forth! Brave hero! And go on your quest for victory!

    ...or blow up planets with your space gun...that works too!


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  2. Present, living, doing Senior project, wrapping up for finals. But present.

    I'll hopefully mention a second character once life calms back down.

    CS is about done just need to fix up a few things first and getting the stuff for that is what's taking so long.
  3. Present, participating, waiting on FUCKING @Archwar TO RESPOND, DAMMIT
  4. Yeah, so, until we get more people floating around in the main RP, how about we condense all of us into a smol rp? catch more people? As for the main RP, instead of trying to interact with other people, how about we go real slow on it and instead, make stories out of our characters? Develop them instead. You don't need other people to create your character, and you don't need other people to develop them as well! The bigger events in the main rp doesn't come for many years, and that is because I wanted the world and it's setting to build up before I play around with it. One must love the setting and it's characters before one messes around with it. And I shall keep it that way. Just spend three hours a month thinking and actually posting an event of your own, for your own character, make them more powerful, or perhaps, a little bit weaker at the end.

    However, to pass the time and keep the activity up, I will create a smol RP that shall last between 2-5 Earth-Years. I'm going for something of a Star-Trek sorta deal: We're all characters on a ship, like the U.S.S Enterprise. And we have a 2-5 year mission to boldly go where no one has gone before. Is this cool with you guys?
  5. K I'll get started!
  6. k goys, I made the smol RP! I'll be sure to add in ship details and a FAQ later, but for now, it's ready for sign-ups!

    The Crew (OOC & Sign Ups)
  7. Alright, I'll check it over more when I got more time than a glance at what I miss and need to post on weekends kind of deal.

    What will I do if you make me want a third major character for myself I do not know.
  8. In other words me posting this character and being in the crew means I've figured it out. I know what I'm gonna do which is let the who knows what ideas just flow as the time is permitting.
  9. oh woah woah woah! That goes in the Character Sheet section of the RP, not here :3 ill let you move it there before I delete this
  10. saw space, i saw sci-fi, i looked closer and i saw Space opera scale RP.
    Where do i sign up O___________________________________O *though im already preparing to post the CS in the Sign-up thread* XD
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  11. Is that...someone interested? Oh my
    Well there are two rps, there’s the main one for galactic-scale decisions, and the smaller one, dubbed ‘the crew’ that is a smaller, more traditional role play.

    Since most of the faction info is becoming outdated and some reading is required for it, I’d sign up with the smaller one
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  12. I think i posted in the small one with a Character 0-0
  13. Sci-fi open-world roleplay? Color me interested :)
  14. Ooh, and lots of reading, I like reading, I like having lots of information this is v good
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