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War Zone Ruin

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Mayhemhouse, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. It was really quite an eventful day. The Captain trudged, sulking, though the destroyed and gloomy landscape of the Ruins. Her team were following- just as gloomy- behind, against their will. The Captain, ( as he/she so politely wouldn't tell them his/her name, or gender for that fact) had hand picked them to become her party in finding survivors who might of survived the radiation from the nuclear. The captain sighed, then stopped abruptly. Need...coffee. and with ease, produced a mug, straw and drunk the warm beverage without even doubting where it had appeared from. Looking up from her cup of seemingly magicial, (and tasty) coffee. Captain spotted a crumbled house. There next place to check.
  2. ((I thought we'd discussed this before maybe I wasn't clear. I was hoping for you to play a male captain and me the female survivor.))
  3. Haha lol- I was confused- lets say! I'm a knowing what to do now! Lol- I re read it and I get it now! Excuse my idiocy
  4. That's ok. Care to give it another shot?
  5. Why not? you go first this time! I get confused at times like these
  6. Well like I said before I won'tbe able to type an intro or anything for awhile.