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  1. I've got a plot idea building in my mind...

    What it is, is a world where humans have been forced into WWIII for some reason or another. And in this world, there is no mercy. It used to be alliances and there used to be safety zones, but that was far back when it started years and years ago.

    Now it's everyone against everyone. And when a prisoner is held captive, there is zero to little chances that they will live or ever see the light again.

    My idea, is that in this world, a group of soldiers is sent into the enemy's base to kill and capture as many as possible in order to locate their headquarters. But in the midst of destruction one of the soldiers finds it unusually hard to pull the trigger on the enemy. I guess you could sort of call it a Romeo/Juliet type of situation...

    Anyway, instead of killing her, he convinces his crew to take her back as a prisoner and a bunch of stuff happens.

    For this, I'd like it to be a one on one, but the type where each person has between two to three characters in it. I don't know of many people who do that on this site, but if you want to try it out, let me know. Also, I'm not usually picky, but I'd like someone with really good writing experience. Grammar please. :3

    PM me.
  2. I'm guessing this is a near future setting. What is the technology level? Has anyone dropped a nuke? And who started the war? What happens if you refuse to pick up a gun and fight?
  3. It's not so much in the future as it is in an alternate universe, I guess. Tech level isn't so high, I was thinking this war started in the 90s so not much time for advancing in tech. I don't know yet who started it, but it's something we can come up with together. And if someone refuses to fight, they're either put in jail or forced to fight with a gun against their back. Or depending on each character's situation, they find a way to torture them into it.
  4. Control over people and wealth. This is the fundamental cause of all wars.

    Have you ever read the book 1984 by George Orwell? If you have, I think an Orwellian theme could work nicely with your idea. There are two factions. 'The Big Brother like Orwellian Faction' and the Freedom Fighters Faction. Of course, the freedom fighters are considered terrorists to Orwellian Faction. If you like the idea, we can think of better names for these factions.

    Your character could play a member from the freedom fighter's faction. She could be a spy. The other character could be a soldier from the Orwellian faction that's really good at his job -killing people.
  5. I only read the beginning and I don't even remember it now ._. That's not really what I had in mind, but I guess it's the same type of idea. But you'll have to explain the factions to me a little more.
  6. The Hunger Games represents a good, modern example of the Factions I'm talking about: The Districts and The Capitol. So, one character could be a soldier from the Districts (freedom fighter faction) and the other could be a soldier from Capitol (Orwellian faction).

    I hope that helps.
  7. Oh, yeah, definitely helps, I like that idea. So would our characters just just somehow run into each other? Like you said my character is a spy, so would she be spying on him, of the whole faction?
  8. She would be more like an informant for the resistance forces. The characters wouldn't run into each other in a haphazard way. I propose that he and his squad-mates find out about the small resistance force's base of operations and raid it, killing everyone except your character, probably to get information out of her. Her friends and family could be among those that were killed.

    If you wanted to add more conflict/drama to it, the two characters might have known each other when they were younger. Her family was always secretly in the resistance force, so she too joined because she believed in the cause.

    She could be a full fledged spy that lets her guard down by getting into an intimate relationship with someone. That someone could be the commanding officer of the soldier that spares her life.
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  9. Sounds good then. I really like that idea. Would you like to make a CS or just jump into it?
  10. Okay, just to clarify. Your character is the informant/spy that let herself get a bit too close to one of her co-workers in the U.N. Department of Defense. Your character believed that the co-worker (Lance) would help you with the resistance. Maybe you even slept with him. Sahran is the soldier that will end up sparing you. Sahran knows your character from highschol. He was an introvert and a delinquent. He got into a lot of fights. He usually never started fights, but he finished them. One late night, when your character was on her way home, some drunk guys starting hassling her. She tried to walk away, but one of them grabbed her by the arm. This is when Sahran appeared out of nowhere and kicked some serious ass. When she went up to thank him, he told her to "go home." Then he walked away... He adamantly avoided you in school. Nothing intimate ever happened between them. If you want, we can expand a little more on their history.

    Sahran joined the U.N. Peacekeepers because his parents were killed by a terrorist attack that was perpetrated by the organization your character is with. Sahran doesn't know that it was actually a false flag attack by the U.N. Your character stole information that would expose the U.N. regarding that particular false flag attack that took place many years ago. Only Lance knows this, the other soldiers don't. Lance wants to know where your character put those files. Your character doesn't know that Sahran's parents are dead.

    For me, a simple CS with the basic information only will be fine. You're going to have to supply a bit more because there will be interrogation, and when that happens, I need something to go on :) The U.N. would obviously have records of your character and her family. I prefer that your character is between 25-30 years of age.

    Name: Lance Ver Magnusson
    Occupation: U.N. Peacekeeper - Special Forces Division, Sergeant
    Ethnicity: British/American
    Gender: Male
    Age: 46
    Height: 6'3"

    Name: Sahran Dhib
    Occupation: U.N. Peacekeeper - Special Forces Division, Corporal
    Ethnicity: Israeli/Russian
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Height: 5'10"

    You can start the opening post with your character at one of the resistance's hideouts.
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  11. Yeah, so... I know we haven't even started, but I've lost interest. Feel free to use any ideas for yourself. It was based off your idea after all :)

    Good luck and have fun role playing.
  12. Oh. Well, alright then.

    Sorry I took so long to reply :p
  13. In one of my ideas? Which one? If not, then what are your ideas?
  14. Oh wait, this is just one idea ._. I'm smart. PM me
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