War on Utopia

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  1. This is an RP about "Utopia" - a so called "perfect world", and the conflicts within and between Utopias as terrorist organisations seek to demolish this world.

    This RP is gonna be fun, cos we're gonna have two groups working against one another.

    The Past:

    The year is somewhere within the 26th century, although thanks to the Second Dark Ages, no one knows exactly which year. Instead, a new calendar was introduced - the Utopian calendar, at the end of the Second Dark Ages, and on that, this year is 103 AU (after Utopia). Now, I'm sure you can get the gist of what this RP is about from the names used here, but I'll explain anyway. The RP will focus on users of MOE primarily, so if there's something that I didn't explain well, don't hesitate to ask!

    The Second Dark Age began in 2018 on the "Old Gregorian" (what we currently use), as the result of escalations of the Middle Eastern struggles. There wasn't actually a war though - one day, everything simply died and the world became one of those "Apocalypse" scenarios (although this won't actually be an apocalypse RP). Around 70% of Earth's population, primarily those in 3rd world countries, died from starvation, while the inability to generate electricity killed off another 10% from the cold. That is what the Second Dark Age was - one morning, there was a power cut, except the power never came back. This was a global phenomenon, however, for nearly 400 years, no human had any electricity. Electricity simply didn't function. Batteries still worked, but it was impossible to generate new electrical energy in any other way. There was little contact with the outside world, intensive farming shut down and the majority of people starved. Only those who could scavenge the acceptable jobs got anywhere. Even the obscenely rich died out, as the Dark Age system saw the introduction of a new currency that the rich couldn't get their hands on because they had no jobs - they couldn't buy these tokens because their money had no value anymore. The tokens were made specifically to reward the ones who contribute the most to society.

    The current times:

    103 years ago, the electricity came back on, just as mysteriously as how it had vanished, and unveiled a world completely different to the one written about in legends from before the Second Dark Age. Able to explore the deserts again, adventurers and opportunists found an endless degree of Old Gregorian technology, although no one remembered how to use it. It was recovered, salvaged and built into new technology and inventions. This essentially acted as a complete reboot of society, and created an ideal utopia. In this new world, everyone is equal in opportunity and discrimination doesn't exist at all. How well you do in the world directly correlates with how important your job is and how hard you work, though safety nets are in place to protect people who encounter a sudden problem. The world's population has been reduced to only around 300 million, and there are more than enough jobs to go around, even with manual labour being replaced with robots. Such societies exist in most of the 'more advanced' countries - England, Germany, Japan and Moscow (now independent of Russia) are the leading examples, but there are many countries that refuse to accept this system.

    Utopia has existed for 103 years now, and technology has advanced leaps and bounds to far beyond where they were at the end of the Old Gregorian. Wars, assuming they happen at all, are fought by legions of machines - the largest war of the new age, that between East and West US, lasted only 17 days and saw only 32 human casualties. That doesn't mean the war was small though, not by any means. In fact, damage-wise, it was comparable to the First World War. The only difference is that this damage was all done to robots. This is thanks to four new technologies:


    1. 'Living Metal' - an alloy that is capable of rebuilding its original structure when it takes damage. Unless it has a source of spare material, such as the remnants of other robots, Living Metal will regenerate by spreading pre-existing material over a larger area, making it progressively less durable.

    2. SRW - the ultimate in terms of destructive power. SRW stands for Single Resonance Weapon. They fire projectiles whose detonation disables electrons within the detonation area. This means that anything within such an area will disintegrate into atoms, then subatomic particles. You really don't want to be hit by one, in other words :D The projectiles are unstable, so they're quite close range weapons much like mortars, except they're mounted on a tank. No one has yet created a handheld variant of the weapon. These are incredibly expensive weapons, and they're protected by several feet of Living Metal, making them vulnerable only to other SRW and HARP shots, as well as MOE.

    3. HARPs - High Altitude Railgun Platforms. Also ironically known as "Angels" among many of the general public. HARPs do give off a certain angelic image (they float in the upper atmosphere in geostationary orbit), and most people think they function a bit like Guardian Angels, in that they are capable of forcing nuclear warheads to detonate long before they're in the right place to do damage. The use of HARPs removes the use of nuclear weapons, and they're no longer a valid prevention technique, so war is much more traditional in that regard. HARP cannons can also be directed at the ground and fired with surprising accuracy. They use explosive rounds and act a bit like really destructive sniper rifles - they can take out a SRW tank in a single shot. Unfortunately, due to their geostationary orbit, HARPs have only a relatively small area in which they can hit - a few miles only.


    4. MOE - Mind Operated Energy. A device that can do some really amazing things. The general public tend to refer to them as Magic Machines, but there's little information formally revealed about how they function. It is thought that they run off a kind of energy that was pushed into the environment en mass in the past 400 years, based on the question "If we're burning fuel but it's not making electricity and it's not churning out any extra heat, where's all the energy going?" An MOE device can theoretically be made at home. All it requires is a means of connecting to the brain (official devices use electrodes attached directly to the brain, homebrews tend to use modified headphones and a smartphone, although this is a lot laggier and has a lot of data loss), a means of receiving data, and a means of converting data into a useful form. The way this is employed in the military is on Living Metal robots. The robots go into battle, each MOE wielder connected to thousands of robots (or more), and the robots carry the receivers and the transformers that output the power. In effect, wars are actually a long-distance MOE battle using robots as an intermediate.

    MOE is basically the brain telling the energy, known as MG, what to do and looks quite like magic. For example, if the brain says "Make a lightning bolt from this transformer", then a lightning bolt would form starting at the specified transformer, provided there was sufficient MG to make it. The MOE shares MG between every transformer on the network equally, so an MOE user who wasn't hooked up to a legion of robots would have a much greater individual output to the hooked up MOE user, but the hooked up MOE user would have equal or greater output if they got all the transformers (on the robots) in the same place. An MOE user hooked up to robots can deactivate the links temporarily to regain their own power, but this runs the risk of machines failing to reconnect. MOE requires all three parts to the system, however, the Receiver and Transformer are usually combined into the same item. For personal use, military MOE put this in a glove, and the MOE user may connect to one or two gloves and wear them, in which any MG effect used would manifest essentially in the palms of the users hand.

    Not everyone is adept at MOE use, though. Everyone has their own personal "MG" levels, and someone with very low MG would only produce weak effects. Those with MG high enough to be useful tend to be ones born and raised close to power plants and testing stations, as well as other things that would normally create a lot of electricity. Each persons MG tends to differ in type to another's, for example, Steve's MG might produce very strong fire-based effects, but be terrible at ice-type effects, while Jane's MG might be fantastic for Healing, but equivalent to balloon static in terms of lightning-type. It's not an elemental system, affinities could be for anything. Bob, for example, might be adept at using effects that allow rapid construction of buildings without obeying planning permission or building assessment, which isn't very elemental.

    The Plot:

    Recently, within the last couple of years, the terrorist organisations that threatened Utopia have become very active. Rumour has it, they've built MOE devices and managed to use them to capture an SRW weapon, and the governments of the various countries have decided they need to start doing something about them. They want to keep the operation covert, because these organisations exist within cities and marching in with high force would be in direct opposition to their image of a peaceful Utopia, so instead, they've decided to recruit MOE users, investigators and police from the general population as mercenaries, with the offer of all the Contribution Tokens (the currently used currency - varies in form between nations) they ever need, in exchange for eliminating the terrorists.

    Now for the fun part!

    Characters and Plot:

    This RP is gonna be fun, cos we're gonna have two groups working against one another.

    I'd like some characters (4 probably) who are the mercenaries, and an equal number of terrorists. We'll be working within New North England, a large city over 50 miles wide. The mercenaries will have their IC thread, and the terrorists will have theirs. You may read the other IC thread, but please don't meta because that won't be fun. I'll be playing various NPCs which will provide you with a degree of information about the other's activities, enough to continue working. They'll also provide environmental obstacles that aren't directly caused by the other organisation. The terrorists' objective is to uncover the government conspiracies and bring down the establishment; the mercenaries objective is to prevent them from doing that, and bring down the terrorists' establishment to stop them rebuilding.
  2. If anyone reads to the bottom of that and still decides they're not interested, could you give me some reasons why? What put you off playing? If it's anything that can be improved, I'd love to know so I don't make the mistake again (or maybe even am able to improve it for this RP)
  3. I find the Utopia very implausible and I'm not interested in an rp consisting of two groups of players explicitly working against each other.
  4. Implausible in what way? How it came about?
  5. Yes, society collapsing and being stuck in a sort of dark age like that only for it to suddenly end and society to do what amounts to a complete 180° turn into the modern idea of a liberal utopia is utterly mindboggling.
  6. Well, to be fair, it's quite far from this 'liberal utopia', as the terrorists are trying to reveal. Unfortunately, going into the detail would be spoiler for basically the entire plot, so you'll just have to trust me when I say that it wasn't just a complete 180. More like a 400 year 180. That's less than 1 every 2 years.
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