War On The Planets

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  1. The Island of Buweymore on the planet of Adar was where King Sozen and Queen Ellie lived with their daughter Sophia who was 16 years old.
    One day, a war broke out between Adar and Jupiter, killing millions of innocent adarians. The rest of the citizens, even the king and queen had no choice but to live in hiding until the war was over.
    As the war kept going on the king and queen stayed hidden with their daughter, waiting until the war was over. However as Sophia started growing up, she wanted to become a soldier more and more each and every day. With her parents refusing for her to leave, the young woman ever wonders if she will be free to do what she wants.
    In the meantime the planet Adar was becoming more and more of a desolate wasteland. Buildings and streets were in ruins as the people of Jupiter were slowly winning the war. The citizens of the once beautiful and majestic Adar were now either hiding with the king and queen or fending for themselves on this planet.

    Sophia sighed deeply as she leaned against her only tower window. The sun was starting to rise just as the soldiers were preparing for yet another battle.
    Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door, the young princess pushed her curly brown hair out of the way and grabbed her sword. "Who's there!?" she asked sternly, demanding an answer.
    The door suddenly bursted open, it was her father. He was a huge man and could easily break down a steel door if he wanted to, in fact he has by accident lots of times before.
    Sofia lowered her sword and her father quickly put his finger to his lips. He then raised his hand, beckoning her to follow him. She smiled and quietly followed him downstairs and out the corridor. where men practice sword fighting.
    Sozen walked over to one soldier and put his hand on his shoulder. The man turned to him and bowed as the king took the mans sword from his shieth and walked to his only daughter who smiled.
    "Lets see how much you've been practicing," Sozen said and took his own golden sword from his sheith. He then swung at her and she spun around and poked her sword under her fathers armpit. He nodded then swung at her again then she held her sword up, the metals made a loud as they clashed.
    The swords kept clashing over and over again until the father clashed swords with her then pushed her to the ground.
    Sofia glared at Sozen before trying to get up, but before she could he held the sword up to her throat. "Find a way to fight dirty child, because your enemies will..." he then lowered his sword and turned his back to her "you may go, enjoy your birthday..." he said smiling. Sophia squealed and thanked her father before calling her horse named sunset. The beautiful white horse ran up to her gruffing a little and the princess climbed on her before they rode off into the woods.
    Sozen then turned towards where she was riding and called out to her "be careful and dont tell your mother!"

    Sophia felt the wind trough her hair as she rode her horse through the woods, she then stopped her horse by a tree and got off. She looked around the area for her bow and arrows that she buried under some leaves.