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  1. Since President Obama is repealing the sentences of many drug offenders, I thought it'd be a good idea to discuss the War On Drugs.

    What are your overall thoughts on it and do you think it should stop or continue?

    I despise the War On Drugs and and don't support it at all. Mainly because it's getting ridiculous that drug offenders are serving more time in prison than murderers or rapists. That's just flat-out wrong. If a person commits a crime like murder because of drugs, then yes they deserve a harsh prison sentence just to clarify something.

    I think it's better to just put drug addicts in rehab instead of putting them in prison and wasting tax dollars. Help them get back into society and get their lives back on track so prison doesn't become a revolving door for them. After all, some people do deserve second chances.
  2. The war on drugs is a joke. Call it the war on the poor because only the poor are going to jail for possession. When Paris Hilton serves the same amount of time as I would for carrying around coke, then they can call it a war on drugs.

    Pot should be legalized. End. Of. Fucking. Story.

    Alcohol is one of the worst drugs out there and it's 100% legal. People can die from alcohol withdraw. It kills others that don't even drunk because of the idiots who get behind the wheel. I won't even get into how it affects a person's body.

    The only thing I've ever seen a person kill after smoking pot is leftovers in the fridge. Legalize that shit. Tax it and use the money for something useful like giving cops and teachers raises.
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  3. I like drugs. I like liberties. I dislike shitty template politics.

    So, yes.

    Also, random tangent, the fact that society even has the power to put people behind bars scares the crap out of me—and we don't even bat an eyelash when it happens. It's also funny how people seem to think we're all civilized now when we're essentially using the same fucking patterns and designs from medieval times and beyond, whether it be judicial or some other random societal facet. We're just extra insidious about it now. It's almost six in the morning and I'm about to fall asleep and babbling and rambling and have no idea what I'm writing or even what the topic is about.
  4. I think pot should be legal-it's just not worth the effort and doesn't do enough damage. However, against drugs like meth, heroin, and cocaine, I think we're perhaps too lenient.
    I don't think it's ''especially'' sensible to criminalize drug users-at least, not in the same sense we do thieves. However, I'm all for harsh penalties against people who sell them.
  5. Additional generic supporting statement.
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  6. The very name itself is nonsensical.

    You can't make war against a product or an idea. It just doesn't work like that.
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  7. Weed should be legalized Federally. It doesn't make sense to me that here in CA it is legal, but the feds come and shut down the dispensaries because it's not legal Federally. What the actual fuck? So much disconnect.

    Side note: forcing drug abusers to go to rehab instead of jail won't do a lick of good. Anyone who has a drug problem/know people with drug problems (or alcohol for that matter) knows that the individual has to want to quit. Forcing rehab on people who don't want it would be a bigger waste of tax payer's money than prison time.
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  8. I came to this thread expecting...

  9. Legalize weed, use it to replace tobacco, and imprison execute the drug dealers. Problem solved.
  10. Banning Drugs (minus weed) sounds nice in theory. It's a dangerous substance, people get killed, lives ruined, so if we ban it people will be safer right?

    Sadly, we've had this war on drugs for a while now, plus the Prohibition in the past to tell us why precisely that doesn't work.
    Criminals makes money, money and law enforcement is wasted upholding it, people die in the trade and the use, the quality of the drugs is suspect cause of no health codes, a lot of struggling people get their lives ruined for a mistake.

    So yes, legalize that shit. This war is stupid and it does nothing for us.
  11. Do what Switzerland did. Legalize it, make it free, and let them rehab.

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