War of The Zect

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  1. [​IMG]Fight for Die.
    Mankind fought with itself until the earth was nearly destroyed. With the planet too damaged to hold on for much longer, humanity began colonizing other worlds within the galaxy. Over the next hundred years, humans began dwelling on all the habitable planets in the Milky Way.

    Fast forward some time. Populations boomed, resources began to grow tight again, the greedy wanted more, pirates wanted something, and it seemed mankind was going to repeat the same cycle they've always gone through.

    Until a mysterious star and five planets appeared near the galactic core through inexplicable means. Trying to learn why, scientists created outposts on the one habitable planet in what was dubbed the Flux System. They found ancient ruins of a civilization that surpassed humanity.

    The plan was to steal the superior technology for their own use. Instead, the researchers activated it. Machines began making more machines, and those machines wiped out every human on the planet. Then they began conquering the closest planets, then further and further. The Zect, as they were called, had begun the annihilation of mankind. In only three years, the Zect had conquered over half the galaxy.

    The Coalition of Humanity tried their best to put up a defense, but the Zect possessed superior weapons, shields that could deflect any current energy-based weapons, and larger numbers. The Zect also possessed the technology to gather and use dark matter which powered their ships and gave them weapons capable of creating singularities(black holes) for brief moments of time. The Coalition fleets were forced to fall back after countless defeats, all the while trying to maintain what order in the systems still under Coalition control.

    It has been four years since the start of the war and Humanity is on the brink of extinction.The Coalition of Humanity has pooled its resources to create the Spear Fleet - a fleet using the highest level of technology humans have, including what little was salvaged from the Zect. The call goes out to every man and woman capable of fighting against the Zect. It is now kill or be killed for the entire Galaxy.

    Ok now that we have that nice little intro, time for the rundown of the rules

    1. I am in charge so I get to say what should go should an argument start up. Or something else that would warrant my intervention.
    2. You have free reign of your characters to a degree, but don't make them some Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris combo. Your characters are human after all, not super soldiers.
    3. If you are going to be inactive for a period of more than a day or two, please tell me. I cant tell you how many RP's I've been in where one of the characters went missing for a week only to find out later that they were on vacation or something.

    Ok the specifics for the start of the RP are rather simple. First off, everyone will be in a special forces unit of Spear Fleet. I will let you decide on what specialist you want to be for the unit. The specialties are what you would expect for a special forces unit like medic, engineer, assault, etc.

    Here is some cool lore info with the bestiaries (please note that most of these are purely for people who like to know what is what as well as to help visualize what everything looks like.) Expect updates in the bestiaries as the story progresses.

    Coalition Ship Bestiary (open)
    Missile Frigate: http://wiki.astroempires.com/images/Frigate_perspective.png
    Lightly armed combat ship with the exception of its numerous missile launchers. Its main task is to keep Zect Drone swarms from overwhelming friendly capital ships. It has a small hanger capable of holding a few fighter squadrons and scout ships.

    Battle Cruiser: http://wiki.astroempires.com/images/HC_perspective.png
    Heavily armed Coalition ship with thick armor. Utilizes rail gun weaponry to maximize its range and damage. These ships make up the backbone of every Coalition fleet.

    Coalition Ground Force Bestiary (open)
    Coalition infantry: http://pspstrana.ru/uploads/posts/2013-04/PSPstrana.ru_zvezdnyj-desant3.jpg
    Basic infantry that make up the bulk of every ground assault force.

    Spec Ops: http://images5.alphacoders.com/373/373915.jpg
    Spec Ops armor has been specially made from molding salvaged Zect armor plating into a suit that is extremely durable and yet very light.

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