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  1. lsHay People. I was hoping I would try to put up an RP I tried to get going in a previous RP site, but I didn't get enough people to start it off and it just faded into memory T-T. Now I am trying to bring it here and hope that a fair amount of people will join. I will put off making an OOC until I have at least three people interested.

    For those that want to know what this RP is I will give a summary here. The actual intro will be in the form of a timeline. This RP will take place in the Milky Way galaxy(which is our galaxy in case some people didn't know). Humanity banded together to for the Coalition of Humanity or the CH after humanity nearly wiped themselves off the earth from constant war. However, the years of war had left the earth a toxic wasteland so the Coalition had to develop a way to expand to the stars. They eventually succeeded and after a century had colonized the whole galaxy. Naturally resources began to dwindle again and pirates started to become a problem so the Coalition developed warships to stop the raids. After a few years, an anomaly is detected in the galaxy. Near the galactic core, a star system had soddenly appeared. the system was named the Flux system and was explored to find only five planets around a dying star. four were ravaged with one of them split in half, but one planet showed signs of habitation. Humanity discovered the ruins of an alien civilization. Soon research stations were constructed and the cities were examined to discover their technology. However, one day a group of researchers inadvertently activates a dormant console in an underground section of a city. The console ended up reactivating machines that were in hidden hangers throughout the planet. The machines immediately attacked the research stations, decimating the structures and the small fleet that was defending them. The machines, called the Zect by humanity, built a massive armada and started capturing whole systems at a time. After a few years, the Zect had conquered over half of the Coalitions territory and the Coalition could barely hold off their skirmish fleets. Now, Humanity is facing extinction again and the Coalition pools most of their remaining resources into the research and development of new weapons and ships to combat the Zect. Now, the Coalition has developed their first offensive fleet called Spear Fleet. The call goes out to all the Coalitions remaining territories to find volunteers and veteran soldiers to join the fleet.

    Hmm... This intro may actually be a bit more interesting than the timeline. Well I will put the timeline into the OOC first and you people can say which you prefer. I actually left out a few details but the majority of the thing is here.
  2. I forgot to mention that characters will be in a special forces unit. I will making a character sheet in the OOC. I am just waiting to see who is interested before we make any characters.
  3. There will be some every now and then. The Mechs will be intractable if they are available, But for the most part the Special forces are elite infantry.
  4. So do you see this as ground-based more than space-battle?
  5. The space combat will be cinematic. Just something to keep the audience interested. The majority of the RPing will be on the ground or boarding ships and stations.
  6. sorry kitty has hard time focusing wall of text is it possible to get it in segments??
    =>.<= I would be very happy if it was split up a bit.
  7. Sure I had intended to divide this RP into chapters since there will be several different parts to the story.
  8. Mankind fought with itself until the earth was nearly destroyed. With the planet too damaged to hold on for much longer, humanity began colonizing other worlds within the galaxy. Over the next hundred years, humans began dwelling on all the habitable planets in the Milky Way.

    Fast forward some time. Populations boomed, resources began to grow tight again, the greedy wanted more, pirates wanted something, and it seemed mankind was going to repeat the same cycle they've always gone through.

    Until a mysterious star and five planets appeared in the Galaxy through inexplicable means. Trying to learn why, scientists and other smart people created outposts on the one habitable planet in what was dubbed the Flux System. They found ancient ruins of a civilization that surpassed humanity.

    The plan was to steal the superior technology for their own use. Instead, the researchers activated it. Machines began making more machines, and those machines wiped out every human on the planet. Then they began conquering the closest planets, then further and further. The Zect, as they were called, had begun the annihilation of mankind.

    The Coalition of Humanity has pooled its resources to create the Spear Fleet - a fleet using the highest level of technology humans have, including what little was salvaged from the Zect. The call goes out to every man and woman capable of fighting against the Zect. It is now kill or be killed for the entire Galaxy.

    ((I think I took a few liberties, but there's the wall of text broken up into bite-size bits.))
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  9. well that is more interesting than mine. Also I seem to be an idiot when it comes to RP references because I thought Silvir was talking about the RP itself
  10. many thanks ^^
    For some reason the black background with the white text gives me a headache if to much is bunched together >.<

    D: not an idiot mistakes happens...^^ it easy to get a little blind when you are the creator
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  14. well I guess we have three interests. I will try to wait for one more. If no one else comes then I suppose we can start with what we have.
  15. Oh. I guess that means I need a character. Hmm...
  16. Yup. I will make an OOC thread later. You can think of one in the mean time
  17. Ok finally got the OOC set up. Sorry that took a while. I managed to get my hands on StarCraft wings and heart and I was in a frenzy over playing them.
  18. Totally understand that. Just remember that you'll have those games as long as you want, okay? It's okay to take some breaks. As hard as I know that is to do.