War of the Verses

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  1. Earth, the year 9000 BC
    On the Continent of Atlantis

    The Atlantean people were always exceptionally clever and imaginative. It didn't take them long to realize that different elements in the earth had different properties. Convinced that these properties were instilled by their gods, they began to wonder what powers ordinary minerals hid. So they began to gather all of the worlds metals and naturally occuring chemicals and experimented with combining them, hoping to win favor from the gods. Most of their attempts did nothing, but at long last they eventually constructed the Atlantean Obelisk.

    The Obelisk was composed of every natural element found on earth. It stood as high as a man's waist (about three feet) and as wide as a man's forearm (about a foot). When its construction was completed they prayed to their gods for favor, as they had with all their other attempts, and a single drop of rain fell from the sky and landed upon the Obelisk. An astonishing chain-reaction occurred, the water acting as a catalyst first for chemical, then for energy-based reactions, and the Obelisk opened a gate to another world. The inhabitants of this other world were just as amazed as the Atlanteans by the development. They had created an interdimensional machine powered by mere water. The Atlanteans took to opening door after door, flooding our world with the gods and all their advanced technology. The Atlanteans created an empire that encompassed the whole of the world.

    But it was not meant to last. The Cataclysm came soon after, and as the continent of Atlantis began to sink into the sea, the water rushed to the Obelisk, and transported the entire city, and its people, to another world. They did not know how to return to their home Universe, and Atlantis became a fond story for us.

    The Atlanteans found themselves on a habitable, but lifeless world, warmed by a blue sun. The radiation from this world should have killed them swiftly, but the Verse they found them in had excellerated entropy, meaning excellerated evolution. Their eyes became strong, and they could see any spectrum of light. Their skin became soft, but also tough, and was completely impervious to radiation. The Obelisk still worked, though they could never return home, so they opened it and stole whole oceans, quickly making their new world pleasurable.

    The New Atlantean Empire
    City of Col Iage
    11, 000 years later

    The Atlanteans are in business with almost all of the multiverse. Their obsession with being the greatest has made their technology great and has made them very strong. Strongest of them all are the Elite. They regard their society, their people, their warriors, as perfect. An Atlantean must never accept defeat. If an Atlantean is to die, he must slay a hundred before drawing his final breath. The people of the other worlds don't take kindly to the arrogance of the Atlanteans, few more so than the Noscionauts. Peace between the Atlanteans and the Noscionauts has always been tentative, but they, and perhaps other races as well, may soon go to war.

    And during all the conflicts of the intelligent peoples, there is also the threat of the dragons. The Dragons are powerful, interdimensional nightmares that don't need air, only matter, and spew the molten blood of stars. Nearly impossible to kill, only the greatest Atlantean and Noscionaut warriors have succeeded.

    Okay, here's how it works. This is a science fiction roleplay that incorporates characters from fantasy. Virtually anything you can think up you can use, even gods, provided they aren't actually all powerful and invincible. The story will primarily be focused on the Noscionauts, the Atlanteans, and the Dragons. The Dragons are just monsters to slay, so they'll be NPC's.

    Mutated humans. All Atlanteans have golden eyes and pale skin of either a white-violet or white-blue hue. Their hair is either Arctic blue, some shade of purple, or black. Their skin is super dense, completely immune to radiation and intense heat. However they are vulnerable to the cold and aren't indestructible. That's what their armor is for. They have diamond-shaped chain metal covering their legs that is almost indestructible except for the nastiest Dragon teeth. Their torsos are protected by a tear-resistant anti-friction coating, usually blue, except in the case of the Elite. Their weapons are typically futuristic versions of old-fashioned weapons (energy guns, anti-matter swords, etc.).

    They all look the same: pale grey skin and dark hooded eyes. But they all have different personalities and ranks. A very military culture. Noscionauts possess armor that can make them turn to living gas clouds at will, making them impossible to hit. However, Atlanteans are often quicker than Noscionauts, and occasionally get lucky. It's why they've had a stand-off for so long. The Atlanteans aren't their primary concern, however. The Dragons are. No one knows why they're so determined to exterminate the species that can destroy entire systems and can survive in space.

    Other Races:
    Basically, anything you can think of, but they must be biological, not supernatural, and their weapons will likely be much like the Atlanteans: futuristic versions of archaic weapons.

    Here's a character sheet:

    Age: (don't over-do it)
    Personal History:

    (Will be doing twins in the Atlantean Elite. Will post them later today)
  2. Name: Il
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Race: Atlantean
    Rank/Occupation: One of the Atlantean Elite/Warrior
    Appearance: At 5' 8", she's just an inch shorter than her brother. Her dark violet hair is buzz-cut down to her skull, save for a long ponytail tied up in the back, a tradition ever since Atlantean women were allowed in the Elite. Her nearly white skin has both a violet and blue hue revealed in the shadows. Like all Atlanteans, her eyes are bright gold. Her figure is shapely and attractive, but more importantly it's incredibly strong and toned.
    Personality: Inquisitive. Il is the type to ask a lot of questions. It annoys those higher up in command, as an Atlantean should be able to follow their leader without question. Insists on being able to take care of herself, and can come off as cold whenever her curiosity isn't piqued.
    Personal History: Like most all Atlanteans, Il learned to defend herself along with her brother from an early age. She found she wasn't talented at many other crafts, and set herself the goal of joining the Atlantean Elite. The training just to join the Atlantean Guard was grueling, but the final test for a member of the Atlantean Elite was to kill an Atlantean bull with your bare hands. This isn't like the Spanish Matadors, where they basically just put a tired, injured animal out of its misery. The bull is always healthy and strong. It usually ways more than 800 pounds, can charge at up to 60 miles an hour, and has horns that could most organic matter to shreds. But Il was determined, and successfully killed the beast only a few weeks ago.
    Strengths: Her inquisitive nature can mean she'll see an alternate possibly for a seemingly one-way situation. Can become quite resourceful.
    Weaknesses: Most Atlanteans have the same weakness: over confidence. But Il has the obvious. Even as a member of the Elite, she's still not sure if the Atlantean Guard is the right place for her.
    Weapon(s): Bolt Gun. Has multiple settings: Low Bolt can kill small game and stun most human sized creatures. High Bolt can kill humans, bears, elephants, and stubborn walls, but will typically only stun Dragons. Also has a Sniper mode with adjustable entry wound, able to shoot a hole in a fly's wing at 500 yards.
    Also a knife.

    Name: La
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Atlantean
    Rank/Occupation: One of the Atlantean Elite/Warrior
    Appearance: A handsome male, La stands at 5' 9" and has Arctic blue hair to match his pale white-blue skin. His body is strong and muscular without being overly bulky. There is no traditional hairstyle for male warriors, so he's let his hair grow out, where it naturally spikes upward.
    Personality: Hardly a slacker, but La is very laid-back. When the situation gets serious, he gets serious, and such situations are about the only times you don't hear a wise crack escaping his mouth. Usually only exerts his energy to protect himself and his people.
    Personal History: From the first time he picked up a stick and used it like a sword, La knew he wanted to be a Member of the Atlantean Guard. The first time he saw the Elite's red uniforms and the respect they carried and received, he knew he wanted to be one of them. He joined the Atlantean guard quickly and easily, and when his sister wanted to join, he vouched for her. Her out-of-the-box thinking surprised everyone. La was most surprised when she got to face the bull before he did. But he didn't hold it against her. The two were very close and together they had killed three Dragons. His chance is coming soon.
    Strengths: The Ability to stay calm under pressure. May often act as the voice of reason.
    Weaknesses: Over confidence. Not prone to taking things seriously.
    Weapon(s): Antimatter Sword: Can cut through anything. Primarily used for Killing Dragons. Also has Concussor Gauntlets that can stun small prey and move non-stationary objects.