War of the three lands and eight kings.

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  1. Story:
    The land of Bren-Juvaar, where our story takes place, is a large and rich kingdom that holds a great variety in geography depending on your location. The following is a short description of each of its provinces.
    To the north you will find the oldest and most important province of the land; Juvaar. It is bordered by the Northwind sea to the north, the river Arduinn to the east and south-east, rolling plains to the south and the Faceless forest to the south west and west. This province holds the capital of the kingdom; Callas-Juvaar. It was here that the first king of Bren-Juvaar decided that the original kingdom of Juvaar was too small and insignificant for what it was worth and began the first expansion campaign into the Western territory of Thensos and claimed it as his own.
    Thensos, the province of sand and trees. When Juvaar first invaded, the inhabitants of this land were scattered in independent villages and towns each with their own leaders and warriors. Many of these towns believed that the armies of Juvaar could not penetrate their forests, thus protecting them from any battle or annexation. The invaders, however, merely cut down the trees and carved ways deep into the land with paved roads allowing for swift movement of their armies. One by one the independent villages fell and by the time they realised an alliance was the only thing that could save them, there weren’t enough free people left to unite. The campaign was so short, it is a mere footnote in the history of Bren-Juvaar, but it marked the beginning of a united land.
    When the expanding kingdom reached the sandy shores to the west and found nothing left to conquer in that direction, they looked to the south, where the Faceless forest combined with the Western ocean and turned into a dreadful swamp; the Dread Marshes. The people here were strange and ancient, fighting not with steel or iron, but with poison and water. Any army invading here would be faced with disease and infections. There would be no army to fight, for the men and women of the marshes do not do battle; they wait and watch as invading soldiers sink and drown in the filthy waters of their land and those that don’t drown… get to see what lives in those waters.
    Hesitant at first, Bren-Juvaar did invade these dreaded lands eventually, but only the coastline and borders to the north and east, leaving the deep bogs and whatever was to the south to the original owners of the land.
    With campaigns stretching far and lasting long, the newly forged kingdom required gold to fund these expeditions and iron to arm its soldiers; as such it turned its attention to the east of its capital province, over the Arduinn and focused on the mountains and hills of Hadriël. This land, rich with iron and gold, had held the expansion tactics of its western neighbours at bay with nothing but its infamous reputation. The people of these lands are hardened due to their constant struggle with their surroundings and weather. You will not find farmers or merchants here, only war like people scattered across the peaks and valleys. Many believed that these people could’ve conquered the world if only they had stopped fighting each other. You see, before this land was invaded and conquered by Bren-Juvaar, it had seven kings each struggling for domination of the mountain land. Seven kings and none could stand against the expanding kingdom. One by one they knelt in submission or butchered. Still though, despite the banner of Bren-Juvaar hanging in every city and town of this land, many resisted the invaders fighting them wherever they could without end… and without mercy.
    With these four lands united as provinces for Bren-Juvaar, only one final obstacle remained: The empire in the south known as Karthago. It was by far the largest and most powerful enemy the new kingdom had ever faced with a size so big it rivalled that of all the united provinces combined and well established order and power. But even this land would one day fall for despite its power and grandeur, it could not fight a battle where its enemy invaded from three of their four borders. When the final battle of its capital Kartag, lying in the outermost corner to the south-east, was over, Bren-Juvaar’s days of conquest came to an end. From scattered people and different lands they had forged a united land under one banner with one ruler.
    For nearly a century the kingdom was peaceful and all was right in the world, but nothing lasts forever and from the ancient imperial capital to the south-east rose a new leader, a false king in the eyes of the capital, and claimed independence for all the people of Karthago, now named Nuw-Karthago.
    War erupted and Bren-Juvaar found himself a worthy enemy in Nuw-Karthago. It drew soldiers from all corners of the kingdom and as soon as it did, Hadriël saw a return to the old ways; Six kings rose from the turmoil, all claiming Hadriël independent and under their rule, but one stood out among all of them. This leader united the six armies of the six kings and conquered one city after another driving the forces of both Bren-Juvaar and Nuw-Karthago out of Hadriël, thus making an enemy of both.

    So... who wants to play with me in this world?
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  2. Oh wow! I like this! It's interesting and sounds like fun!

    Would you maybe be willing to let me play with you?
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  5. Juvaar
    As stated this is is where it all began and as such is the capital province. Here they hold art and culture in the highest of esteem littering their streets and halls with marble monuments of legendary heroes and important events within their history. The pastime among the people of this province, and especially in the capital city, is the watching of plays and performances, these arts can vary between historic retellings of important events as told by their culture, tragedies, comedies and more.
    As far as architecture goes, this province is an odd little duckling as it holds little regard to personal defense unlike the rest of the nation; Many buildings have large windows and door preferring to have an inviting feel to them rather than repelling one. Still though, they are well protected with many great walls and towers built to be both highly effective and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
    The people here a bit... arrogant to say the least, often believing themselves to stand above the rest on Bren-Juvaar for, after all, they brought culture and civilization to their barbaric neighbours.

    Thensos has three things in abundance: forests, beaches and sea. As such their culture, at least originally, revolved heavilly around both the hunt and respect for nature. Even now, after decades of subjugation to Juvaar and being exposed to their advanced culture, the original beliefs of this province shines through. Hunters are held in the highest of esteem among the people of this land for they are expected to bring back food they killed themselves on a daily basis and as such they breed the finest archers of all the territories.
    In terms of architecture, this land holds a hybrid of Juvaar's, with its advanced skills in engineering to build buildings made to last, and Thensos' whose building skills revolve heavily around the use of wood and other natural elements. As such it is often surreal when walking through the isolated villages of this land to see a house built with walls of white stone carved to perfection only to have all the rest be made of crudely cut and carved wood adorned with symbols of nature and animals.
    The people here are split down the middle with the higher class believing themselves to be similar to Juvaar's while the rest holds dear to their ancestral beliefs and hold great value in their talents for killing and hunting.

    The dreaded marshes
    The marshes are an odd place and didn't steal its name for many prefer to avoid it when they can. Little can be said about this place for there is little to talk about. When one visits, they are adviced to keep to the borders for there is where the ports and forts of Bren-juvaar are located. Its people tend to keep to themselves, often withdrawing deep into the swamps where most dare not to follow them.
    Diseases run rampant in this land, especially for those who don't know how to treat each different affliction. The most feared enemies of all in this place are its bugs and animals with leeches, spiders and mosquitoes being the most dreaded of all. As such soldiers stationed here and people who come here for whatever reason have resorted to cover themselves from head to toe in order to avoid being bitten. Despite the objections of the capital, those stationed here have thrown aside their official armor for a set of light armor designed to allow breathing and keep out nasty critters. This was done because the heavy, metal gear worn by most of the official soldiers was unbearable to be worn in a land as warm and moist as the marshes. Besides, no one was planning to invade them and a mosquito bite proved a much more dangerous threat than an enemy arrow or blade.
    The people here are reclusive and ancient; they have no leaders or government and often live in extremely small communities. They care little for the invaders, preferring to keep a live and let live attitude.

    The mountain peaks of Hadriël are the most dangerous place in all the provinces; if the steep cliffs, rock slides, earthquakes, cold weather or lack of proper food doesn't kill you, the natives will. This is a land only for the toughest of the toughest and those that come here are more often than not bounty hunters and mercenaries whom are paid quite well to go into the mountains and bring back the heads of native rebels.
    If by some miracle you do make it to one of the few cities in these mountians, you'll notice that they are, in fact, more fortress than city. Originally the natives had no real means of properly building with stone since they spent more time fighting rather than researching building engineering, as such they preferred huts of wood and animal hide which were easy to build and easy to leave behind. Yet, when Bren-juvaar invaded and brought building techniques with them, the natives began building proper and lasting places to settle. When the natives began building such defensive structures and labelled them as cities, Juvaar believed that this was due to their restless nature and pretect them from the rebellious inhabitants. However, when Hedriël declared its independence, it was clear that this was part of their plan all along for many hidden agents proved to live in these cities and made quick work of the invaders from the inside out when the time came.
    The people here live and thrive off of war and battle, they are ferocious and will fight without end for they believe in what they fight for. To make matters worse, they are also cunning and capable deceivers, able to infiltrate and work from the shadows with relative ease. They should not be underestimated, Bren-Juvaar can testify to how it will end if you do.

    The province of Karthage, A massive land divided between rolling plains and seaside hills. Moderate, that is the best word to describe Karthago; it's weather, its tempsers, its hearts. They prefer to find peace in balance and this shines through in everything they do from warfare to politics. For as long as they could remember the people had a voice, sure they had one ruler, but was neither dictator nor tyrant, then came Bren-Juvaar and they were expected to bend the knee and silence their tongues. Untill now.
    They value safety and peace of mind, as such they rely on thick high walls and strong towers to protect their lands and families and their houses and firmly built with thin windows and heavy doors.
    Unlike their rivals in Juvaar, Karthago places little value in the arts and instead prefers to focus on knowledge and wisdom. While Juvaar is by no stretch stupid, their wisdom pales compared to Karthago. They also have some of the finest horsemen and some of the greatest sword fighters, they are those who spent years perfecting their art like any true artist would.​
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