War of the Royals(twilight saga roleplay)

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  1. Awhile after the Cullens were done with the volturi a new force shadowed the world. First the wolves started acting wired, they howled and then would wait for a reply.

    In another state a girl had the same but different situation as Bella once had. She was born a werewolf a different kind of werewolf. She had fallen for a vampire, this caused problems for the three princess that ruled the supernatural world. A war broke out.

    Who's side are you on? The princess or the loners?

    Royals (open)
    Royals are a type of werewolves that were originally named after their skill to easily kill vampires. They can take the life force of vampires, so they can smell the difference in each vampire's life force like a vampire can smell a difference in human blood.

    Royals are always bigger then even an Alpha male. They have long silk like fur and beautiful gem like eyes. This appearance is just for show, they have a blade hidden in their tails and large retractable claws. There teeth are built to eat both meat and plants even in wolf form, they have venom in their four large canines in the front of their mouths. They have large wings to fly with and they have uncontrollably magic which is usually controlled with a necklace that magically grows when they transform.

    At the time there are there are three different types of Royals.
    Natural Royals (open)
    Natural Royals are born with the abilities of a normal royal, they are usually born into the royal families such as the main character and the three princess. These Royals are known to have nine lives like a cat.
    Atrifial Royals (open)
    These Royals are made into Royals and are not as strong as Natural Royals. These Royals can be created in two way. They can be magically created or they can turn into a Royal after surviving a bite from a natural Royal.
    Spirit Royals (open)
    There is only one Spirit royal ever known is the main character, she gets turned into a Spirit Royal after sacrificing her own life to save the person she loved. The ancient Spiritual elders council took petite on the poor vampire and the two half breeds that the main character had given birth to and gave her another life as well as a new body.

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