War of the Races(IC)

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  1. As the Storyteller finished what was left of his either really dull or really great history lesson, he swept the crowd to gauge their reactions. Some seemed to have shown an interest in what he said, others slept away boredom. At least he wasn’t getting a bunch of footwear in his face like last time.

    “So, what did you think of the lesson, young ones?” The Storyteller flashed a gleaming smile.

    Ezio, with his feet propped against the counter, shrugged. He had already known most of this since he, himself, was human. He was taught in the orphanage so he really didn’t care. The only thing that concerned him was the man’s prediction of war. The Rising Star Alliance and the Red Moon Pact may have their differences, but surely they knew that they could pound at each other with no winner. Or did they?

    Ezio didn’t care. It just meant more gold slipping between his fingers thanks to increased work. He decided not to dwell on it anymore and ordered another cup of ale from the orcish bartender.

    “Here’s your poison,” the orc chuckled. He slide the cup towards Ezio and he gulped it down like a thirsty camel.

    Sulking in a corner, shrouded by shadow and donning a light grey coat, Hera analyzed the account. She knew what the elderly human was saying as she had survived through these ‘Ages’ that the humans have taken to calling. Or did they call themselves elves now? Erg, too many confusing names.

    Hera simply nodded towards the Storyteller who saw only her human-like face. Underneath that coat was a body made of metal and wires. She didn’t want anyone to see her ‘demonic’ nature. How much time had passed since machines so were commonplace, but now they’re rare and fatal. Something must have happened to their programming as the locals she met after her awaking had called her demon.

    Hera went back to reading the book she got after some drunkard tried fighting her. She needed to learn as much of this new world as she could possibly could so she could navigate the dangerous, turbulent waters of this world.
  2. Shizuku had been in the inn for a while now, sitting at a table by the wall and observing the happenings. It was the typical tavern scene, although she hadn't expected it to be much different from those of her homeland. One thing she did notice as unusual though was the creature seated near to her. It felt odd to her, as if it emanated some kind of malefic aura. As if it possessed no soul. She had never encountered anything quite like it, and was naturally curious. The storyteller finished his ramblings, and she waited a few minutes for the noise in the tavern to raise to its normal levels, before approaching the thing. Now that she was closer she could tell why she disliked it. Although it looked human, it did not feel human at all. It's eyes were cold and lifeless, and it's face much too symmetrical to be natural. She tapped it on the shoulder to get it's attention, recoiling slightly as her finger connected with something solid and cold rather than the flesh she had been expecting.

    "What are you supposed to be?"
  3. Hera didn't feel the touch since she was in a robotic body, but she heard the question. She closed the book gently and shook her head,"Your kind would be afraid of mines."

    Meanwhile, Ezio finished drinking the ale. He glanced over to where Shizuku and Hera was, but didn't hear the question nor did he care. Really, he was just looking for work to help pay for his livelihood. Ezio then began mentally checking what jobs there were in this city like the city watch. As he pondered, a rough, thick hand slapped him on the back causing him to jerk forward. He turned, face twisted into anger, to see a red-haired dwarf wearing a winning smile.

    Ezio smiled back at the dwarf, his friend. Wordlessly they had exchanged their greetings and now the dwarf wandered over to take a seat. All the way, his chain mail clanked with his Dwarven battleaxe strapped to his back. The Dwarf ordered for a mug of sweet Lotus Mead. The orc happily complied and slide the mug to the Dwarf who handed a pair of shiny, silver coins.

    "Evann, it's been awhile. What brings you to Minjula?" Ezio asked. Another cup of ale was slide his way and he grabbed it as if he had done it a dozen times.

    "On leave from the army. I'll be called back within a few months anyways so I decided to find a friend."

    "I see, so what news comes from the Dwarven lands?"

    "Army's massing for something. Don't know as of yet and I have been hearing rumors that the Orcs and Elves are also massing their own armies. Air is tense, ready to explode like a mining bomb, but here, the air is so very relaxed like how you feel after reliving yourself."

    "Of course. Word has been traveling about the Rising Star Alliance readying their armies for whatever reason. In fact, just before my convoy left, people were told to begin rationing food and water and the militias began drafting poor sods. Perhaps that old chock was right. Maybe war is coming," Ezio said ominously. Evann just shrugged and kept drinking.
  4. "You wanna bet? Your kind probably couldn't get within 200 feet of my kind without being turned to ash. When you live in fortresses so thick that even a dragon can't break in, you become scared of very little." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a short, stock man approach the counter, clad in thick armor. He had a naturally loud voice, typical of a dwarf, so she could easily make out what he was saying. A war between the dwarves, elves and orcs? Well, I suppose it has been building up for a good while now.
  5. The story was uninteresting to Sharda. Honestly, she stopped paying attention near the beginning and instead focused on her papers. They were a collection of notes, bounties, and crudely drawn maps of potential adventure. There were some which she knew she could handle herself; most of them were thieves hideout or beasts dens, some of the harder ones took place in old fortresses run by large bandit clans. Sharda was also fortunate enough to get her hands on a map leading to a Bunker Class dungeon, however she wasn't so foolish as to think she could handle a place like that herself. She'd need at least three more trustworthy and powerful adventurers to come with her, and they'd have to agree to her... Profit cuts.

    Of course those were just the raid options, she also had a few bounties she could go after. They had larger monetary rewards, but unlike going on raids Sharda knew that the chance for treasure was smaller but the danger would be bigger, since most of her bounties either run with a gang or are powerful warriors in their own right. Not to mention that a better reward requires that Sharda take the bounties alive, which isn't something she can do with The Terror. Her bounties were the following: Big Foot Jack the leader of a bandit clan, the Forest Hunter a very large and potentially magical bear, and Silent Nera an assassin of some sort wanted for many high-profile murders. Those were some of the more local bounties that Sharda was certain she could go after while she's in Minjula, so long as she's willing to spend the next few days tracking down her targets. Options, but Sharda still debated what she'd do.

    But the first thing she'd do is get a drink and meal. Her throat was parched and her stomach growling. Gathering up her papers Sharda folded them neatly into her backpack and headed over to the bartender. "Barkeep, I'll take whatever meat you have on the roast, bread, and a tankard of water. Will this do?" Sharda paid with a few coins from her last adventure, as well as an ornate dagger from some rogue who thought could get the jump on her. The dagger itself wasn't magical, but masterly crafted. Looted from the rogue, and now being traded by Sharda for lunch.
  6. Hera overheard what the Dwarf said to his friend and muttered,"When will your races learn that war only brings death and suffering?"

    "Anyways, I think I've found a job. Some rich prick named Ysir wants trained warriors and mages to protect his cargo. Nothing illegal, or so he says, and the cargo is supposed to be somekind of item from the Age of Hate. Ysir wants that... thing to be transported to the Jagged Peninsula so the Rising Star Alliance can take it apart and examine it. Problem is we have to take it through the Ruined Peaks and you know how tech addicts are these days in that area. Not at all very good," Ezio said. He took another swing of ale.

    "Blasted orcs can't tell a rifle from a pistol. Heck, they're not on very good relationships with the House of Fire who wants to study the place. They're also not very happy with people like the Warrior Kings and Techno guys. In fact, there's a rumor going around that the House of Fire has been meeting with a group of humans fancying themselves the 'Reclaimers of Man'. I don't know what they want."

    "I suggest you watch your language friend, we have one of those orcs over there," Ezio grinned. He pointed his cup and Evann followed it to a Orc who trading coin for drink and meal.

    "Don't care, old Shelly and I can take care of any foe that comes our way," Evann leaned and whispered into Ezio's ear.

    "Like the time I had to save your ass from that demon?" Ezio joked. Evann just frowned and went back to drinking his Lotus Mead.
  7. Shizuku's ear pricked at mention of the job. Age of Hate? Rising Star? Ruined Peaks? It was perfect, as if someone had foreseen this occurrence when she had been sent to the town in the first place. She dismissed the emotionless, soul-draining monster and headed over to where the dwarf was. "You know if that 'rich prick' is still looking for employees?"
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  8. Sharda shot a look at the dwarf when he made a quip about orcs. It wasn't Sharda's place to represent the orcs as a whole, but she knew an insult when she heard one. But the insult was passed over for something else the other human said. Someone by the name of Ysir wanted to transport an item to the Jagged Peaks for the Alliance, but that'll first mean going through the Ruined Peaks. The Dwarf mentioned two of the larger factions within Ruined Peaks that would cause them trouble, and Sharda would admit silently that they would no doubt be targeting the caravan if they knew what they had (Or even if they didn't; they were still bandits). Sharda debated to herself if she should approach and offer her services. While she certainly could guide them through Ruined Peaks, she wasn't so certain about meeting with the Rising Star Alliance. She cared next to nothing about the war of races that's about to happen, but she wasn't so foolish as to think that the humans were simply going to let an orc enter their lands freely. But Sharda wouldn't get paid if she left the caravan half way through the mission...

    Still waiting for her meal Sharda approached the man and dwarf. She decided that she had nothing to fear from the humans if they have a problem with her escorting this item. if this Ymir accepts her as a guard than she'll rely on him for political protection, and if he proved traitors all the well for Sharda. She'd kill him and anyone who tried to stop her. Besides that it had been some time since she's been at the Ruined Peaks, and certainly wouldn't mind cleaning out some of the vermin who plague the mountain pass. Doing her best to make herself look both presentable and formidable, Sharda announced her presence. "Aye, where's this Ysir and what'll need to be done to join this job?"
  9. Ezio turned around and saw a human. No, not a human, but what could be a Koroshi. The pale skin and hair would have made them look like some freak human if they didn't know what a Koroshi was. However, the purple eyes gave the species away. As far as Ezio knew, regular humans didn't have purple eyes.

    "Don't be so quick to jump on such a thing lass, those idiots hunting down items from the Age of Hate would undoubtedly be after us. Course, Ysir is still hiring. You can find him near the city gates on the eastern side. He's a real prick. As in the prince kind of prick so I suggest you watch yourself."

    Then Ezio felt Evann tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see a menacing orc coming over with what appeared to be a weapon of some sort. Damn Evann and his mouth, now the orc was going to smash them both. However, when she asked where Ysir was, he breathed out relief.

    "Like I said before, Ysir is near the eastern gate still hiring. What needs to be done is guard duty. Though I'm sure we do need a guide through the Peaks. You could do since you might originate from them, correct?"

    Hera simply shrugged when the mutant left. She placed her book into her pack and left the Inn.
  10. "Eh, don't worry. I've had plenty of experience dealing with self-righteous royal-types. I'll be fine." She started to walk towards the door, leaving a more than generous amount of money on the counter for the barkeep to collect. She didn't bother collecting change. "You coming?" She said to the orc, glancing over her shoulder briefly in addition to her question.
  11. Sharda was going to wait for her meal when she saw the female stranger from before pay the barkeep. Sharda normally wouldn't pay attention to something like this, but she wondered why the girl had put so much on the counter. Was she paying for Sharda's meal as well? If so it was a waste of money as Sharda already paid, but if that was the case she at least appreciates the gesture. "Make mines to got!"

    Shortly after getting her food Sharda went after the girl, who she just realized was a Koroshi. Sharda's knowledge of the Koroshi was rather limited, but she knew about them since they too were a mountain dwelling people, much like orcs of the Ruined Peaks. Her father wanted to get her married to some Koroshi prince or some such, but by that time Sharda had different plans, none of it involving marriage. Getting a good look at the girl's face however, and Sharda could instantly understand what the girl meant when she said that she had experience dealing with royal types; she had purple eyes, which if Sharda remembered was correct, denoted her as nobility of some sort. The exact details were hard to place at the moment, but the point was it seemed like Sharda wasn't the only royalty on this adventure. Fine with her; it just meant that they ought to have the knowledge and education to take care of themselves.

    "Hnn. Either you're not good with money or you don't need it. So, why go on a job like this?"
  12. Shizuku waited for a few minutes after the orc's question, until she was out of earshot of the tavern. It was quite dark by this point, and due to the light rain, most people had gone home. "I assume you can tell I'm a Koroshi?" She didn't wait for an answer, nor did she stop walking as she spoke. "I assume you also know that the Koroshi put a lot of emphasis on staying out of the political conflicts of everyone else. Well, one of the masters among Koroshi magicians predicted a coming war. The Koroshi wish to offer safe haven for civilians who want to avoid being caught in the crossfire of this war. In order to do so, we need to make sure that all parties of the war are reminded of the position we have always taken, and so I have been sent as an envoy of the three royal bloodlines. As for why I take the job? We don't have many tunnels in those parts since the rock is too strong to efficiently mine through. It's simply from a safety perspective. The people that live in those parts have a reputation for being rather violent."
  13. Sharda listened to the koroshi explain herself, but she couldn't help but feel a bit disgusted. Granted, Sharda understood that not all races wanted to wage war on each other. Even she knew that constant war just between the orcs weren't going to be good for them. But if what this Koroshi said was true, one of their "Masters" of her people already knew about the coming war, perhaps long before anyone else did, and they chose to... Preemptively back out? Not even try to prevent the war in the first place? This irked Sharda. As far as Sharda knew the coming war doesn't really involve the Koroshi, so she doesn't expect them to take up arms. But ducking their heads and hoping that it passes over them? Cowardly.

    "So your people would send you to remind the other nations that the Koroshi will not participate in the war, despite harboring their enemies? That is unfortunately naïve. Take for example, the locals of Ruined Peaks. Orcs. You will see many of them enter your lands to escape the war... As well was use that opportunity to raise an army so that they can fight for their country. They would come at peace, but they will leave for war. Would you deny them, if that is their motivation? Do you expect the orcs of Ruined Peaks to accept that the koroshi people would deny their civilians if that was the case? And what of the other races, who frankly would be more prone to subtly manipulations than the orcs of all people?"

    Sharda of course would side with her people should war be brought upon them. Ruined Peaks does, grudgingly, follow the commands of Gug Lob, though that is only through the United Orc Horde rather than any particular loyalties within Ruined Peaks. They continued to walk as they entered the area near the eastern gate.

    "There's also the fact that this isn't simply an ideological war. This is a war of dominance; who ever loses this war loses their nation, their livelihoods. You do not need to be an orc to see how many people would fight to the deaths to protect their lands and people. Their homes and families. And those who lose? They'll seek a new home. Even betraying those who helped them, if it came to that."

    Though she doesn't want to believe it, Sharda knew that this would be predictable for orcs to turn on the weakest to take create new lands. Obviously they cannot turn against the ones who defeated them, so they'll go against anyone who they think they could defeat. And that's not even included what sort of tensions would occur if the orcs had to compete with their former allies for new resources, of if the victors of the coming war wishes to put an end to their enemies once and for all. Because whoever wins rights the history, and no matter what they do, as the winners they would decide what is wrong and what was right. And if an entire genocide of a people were to occur? The only ones who could stop them are the ones who already won.
  14. "The Koroshi have always excluded themselves from conflict. This is no different. We are not going to remind them that we will play no part in the war out of cowardice. Should it come to it, we may have to fight. No doubt someone will try to attack us. We wish to remind them that we will not take sides. Our gates are open to any who should seek refuge from conflict. We will not priorities anyone over anyone else. Our doors will not close until our halls are full, and considering the extensive mines we possess, I'd say we had more than adequate space. As for the land? The only land the Koroshi own above ground is the assortment of sacred vales. Otherwise, people are free to do as they see fit above us. Our cities are deep under the ground and no amount of force will bring them anywhere near our realm of control. Plus, it's a difficult position to be in. Our cities are practically impregnable so it's of great strategic value to have one. Thus if we involve ourselves, we make ourselves a massive target and naturally, the safety of our own citizens is more important to use than the safety of..." Her voice trailed off as she turned the corner to find a man standing outside with a pipe. It was a large ornate thing, and went well with his overly expensive clothes. "Ah. This must be that rich prick."
  15. Ysir was smoking a pipe when he spotted two figures coming out of the shadows. His two guards also hide in the shadows, unseen, ready to strike. However, Ysir flicked his wrist and the guards melted out of the shadows when the figures also came out. From what he saw, a human-type mutant with pale skin and hair was dwarfed by the larger, more brutish orc welding a chainsaw. Likely from the Ruined Peaks. That could be either good or bad if the orc was with one of those stupid radical groups.

    "I heard what ya said little miss. People say I'm a real prick, but only when I need to remind people of the position I'm in," Ysir said. He drew himself up to full height towering over both of them. He was unusually large for a human. Perhaps it was those big boots he wore?"Anyways, you must be here for the job I'm offering I presume?"
  16. Shizuku smiled in response to the man's attempt at imitation, a small, falsely innocent smile in an attempt to enrage the man, using this time to switch into Active mode. She held her hand out to her side, and conjured a weapon. It was a mighty blade, nearly 7 feet in length, and easily half a foot broad. It was made of a black, glossy material, and engraved with a hundred complex markings. Lilac lightning flickered across the length of the blade occasionally, and a dark mist rose from it. She lifted it up onto her shoulder. It must have been incredibly obvious that she was intentionally showing off. "That's right. I'm sure that won't be a problem, will it?" She tilted her head so that her eyes could be made out even in the dim evening light, to ensure the man knew of her social status should he decide to attack her.
  17. Ysir, not knowing what Shizuku was, simply scoffed and raised his own hand. Soon, his arm begun to catch on fire and the fire began shaping and molding into a blade. The fire blade became his new arm. A devlish smile formed on his face as he raised the sword high chasing the shadows away. Clearly he was showing off as well, but Ysir was trying to insert his own dominance over the little girl,"Clearly we won't have any problems lass. Now, do you want the job or are you here to show off? Cause it won't work with a prince."
  18. Shizuku smiled angelically once more, before switching back to Normal mode. As her sword dissolved and the life returned to her eyes, she spoke in a light voice, a complete opposite of her previous disposition. "You mustn't know who I am. How amusing. Sure, I'll take the job. Though I warn you, boasting doesn't work on princesses either, and this job of yours will take us rather close to a certain princess's territory."
  19. "Eh, I guess we're both of royalty then madame," He tipped his hat towards her respectfully," and I could also certainly use a guide in the Ruinous Peaks. The damn orcs there keep attacking caverns and I do believe that the Alliance had enough of their shit. So, since both of you appear to be here for the job, I'll formally reinforce myself. I am prince Ysir Snow."

    With that, he made a small bow towards the both of them. His guards stood there silently watching the exchange, but one looked in the distance. His eyes sharp for something. What this something was, he did not know. Only that he knew something was off given the strange light in the distance over the hills. It was as if an army was on the move.
  20. "'Princess' Karaki Shizuku, 4th in line for the Karaki Throne" She bowed in a certain fashion that was traditional among her kind when formally addressing people. "We should meet in battle some time. I'd like to see what that incendiary of yours can do." She saw one of the guards staring into the distance, and hazarded a glance in the same direction, although she saw nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps it was just because she had only arrived in that town yesterday and she was yet to figure out what it's usual happenings were.
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