War Of The Elements

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  1. "Are you two Trevor Kickster and Aaron blackhorn?" Trevor and Aaron stood side by side in their small 6x6 Farm doorway, Aaron hald a small dagger in his left hand, hiding quietly behide his back, Trevor however had the pleasure of having earth right outside their farm's door. "Yes...." Trevor was nervous, the earth nations soldiers where known to only come in times of drafting, and Trevor was not ready to give his life for a war he did not believe in. "Please come with us, the earth nation leader wishes to speak to you, You're farm will be taken care of." With a slight movement of one of the soldiers, cuffs made of earth clapped onto his wrist. "This is a must for all Benders, please we Must go." Aaron closed the lockless farm door, walking towards the long dirt path.
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  2. Sakura peered around the corner of a route in the water nation, her blue hair framing her face. She traveled through the shadows, her cloak swinging on either side of her. Her feet hit the ground gently, bare despite the cold weather. She glanced around, aiming to get to a boat and maybe set off for God knows where, just not here. Pulling a hood over her head, she padded along towards an empty boat, climbing in and starting to row. Hopefully no one would see her, but then again luck never went her way.
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  3. Mo-Mo (open)

    Mottomo kneeled loyally before her superior as he assigned her her mission, her eyes never straying up from the floor as he paced in front of her. 'I understand.' She rose to her feet, bowing respectfully to him before leaving his office. Sighing loudly, she leaned on the now closed door and pondered his words. She hated nothing more then to take time off training to go on meagre missions such as this one. She yet again sighed, hoping it would release some of her anger, though sadly it didn't. Pushing herself off the door she walked away slowly towards the barracks, her frown making the lower ranking 'pawns' avoid her.
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  4. A large boat drifted towards the endless sea, the port sat just along it's left side, Ammo less Canons sat aiming at the small water nation port. The port hald 3 small fishing boats, made of complete wood.

    Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Nathan heard the wood hit against the large waves that faught agaisnt the young girls boat, Natham stood on a maple floor deck, his boat was made of steel. His crew was 28 people, maids and cooks, the boat hald a large living area for the crew for when long trips where needed, and a master room that lied under the deck.

    7 Guards stood on the deck, keeping watch over there young ship caption. Nathan have been 4 when his father discovered his child's bending skills, Nathan have been playing with a puddle of water, bending large lines of water, moving them slightly with in the air, Nathan hands hald the large water lines, his bending only improved.

    Nathans father have been the water nations general for 17 years, the discover of his sons incredibly bending only thrown him to send Nathan to the military bending camp. After Nathans 13th Birthday he perpassed his final test, crowning him youngest military Bender. Now, now Nathan was a ship caption, a Bender carrying out his nations orders. "There, there's the girl" Nathan pointed towards a small row boat, grinning Nathan stood. Nathan's hair was Sky blue, his eyes a dark satfire colour.

    His skin was pale, as if it never met the sun, his body hald a black T-shirt, A brown strap lied over his shirt, holding a leather peach shaped water holder. His body was rather large, standing at 6'6 at Age 16, white pants lied upon his legs, while blue shoes sat on his feet.

    Lefting his right hand, Nathan waved it towards him, as if he was calling the waves towards him. Slowly the waves turned the girls boat, nose first the boat was pushed towards the large metal war ship. Slowly Nathan lowered his arm, smiling as the boat came towards his, "The most skilled Bender can do anything." Nathan walked toward the nose of his ship, he was ready to see What this Bender could really do.
  5. The Crest of fire sat upon four soldiers chests, a simple symbol of fire, but a simple meaning love of the royal family. Those normally given this are of the royal army, chosen few are given this to show respect from the nations leader, king Keyki. The soldiers walked from the barracks, slowly They examed every face that they passed, they wore no haldments, their armor looked as if it was wild fire, red steel bouts covers there feet. The leading solider smiled as they approached a red haired girl, she was frowning and walking at a slow pace. Signaling the others to stop, the solider side stepped, cutting off the young red haired women. "You must be Mo Mo, they told me you had hair like fire."
  6. Fang rubbed the back of his head ruffling his ice blue hair slightly as he let out a aggravated sigh, looking out at the rolling seas with his fierce royal blue eyes. He was at a dock sitting on a barrel waiting for the ferry to come, which had been delayed by storms apparently. The ferry was gonna take him part of the way to the Earth Nation, he had been traveling for quite some time now after "retiring" from being a Fire Nation soldier. Which was more like a forced retirement since the only reason he did was so he wouldnt be found out as a Dusk bender, he had to leave his home and village as soon as possible. And now the dang ferry was late! He sets the brown backpack down next to him rolling his shoulders, he was wearing a black sleeveless leather vest with brass buttons adorning it ((Same as the pic)) black cargo pants with small brass skulls running down the outside seam, black combat boots with brass buckles, black fingerless gloves a hole in the back of them, and a necklace ((see pic below)).

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  7. Mo-Mo narrowed her eyes at the soldier who so rudely addressed her. 'That is Mottomo to you...' She replied to him coldly, looking him up and down before deciding he was not of importance to her. He looked like an ordinary soldier to her and could not possibly be of higher rank. She sighed loudly to express her annoyance with him. 'What do you want?' Crossing her arms in front of her she raised her eyebrows at him, impatiently awaiting his response.
  8. Sakura sighed and stood in her boat, one hand parallel to the ocean, she kept her boat balanced, ready for anything that could be thrown at her. Of course, she knew that someone would come for her sooner or later, no one appreciates an assassin trying to escape their home, and if they did they would be helping them. She wondered if these people on the boat were going to help, or hinder her escape. She readied herself for either outcome, one hand preparing to bend, and the other one lack.
    "Who are you and what business do you have with me?" She called out, her voice strong despite her rather thin appearance.
  9. The soliders laugh was cold, leaving a chill in the air, "Haha, Gossip doesn't give the best information." His eyes where black, his skin was a dark tan, his arms lied at his sides. "Do you dare not know who we are?" The soldiers voice was like a dagger.
    "Are you Sakura no Hana?" Nathan hands lied on the black bars that lined the pointed boats nose, he was leaning forward, holding his self.
  10. "If I am?" She asked, her green eyes sharp and cautious.
  11. Nathan grinned, his hair fell just above his eyes, while the back, led down his long neck. "If you are, by order of the water nation you are to come with me." His hands now lied at his sides, he stood tall as the cold winds hit against his body. Aiming his eyes at the young women, Nathan awaited her response.
  12. She crosses her arms, now knowing the extent of the situation. "Under what situation?" She asks, her entire body tense. One hand was under her cloak, already grasping on one of the many knives she had hidden.
  13. "Under nation law, come with us." Nathans voice hald impatience, his voice was rather deep for his age, Nathans appearance made him look the age of 20.
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  14. She considered it for a moment, scratching her elbow with one hand. She knew she was toast if she even so much as TRIED to fight on her little boat, but she might be walking into a trap if she went on his. Either way it was going to be a pickle. She sighed a little, removing her hand from under her cloak, leaving the knife there, and climbing up onto the other boat. She kept her eyes on everyone around her, obviously wary from her many battles. She was going to try to talk like a normal person, and if all else failed, maim a few people and get out of there. "So, what does nation law want with me?" She asked, her voice lightly coated with sarcasm.
  15. Rei was one of the most talented students the Academy ever had. They wanted to show their merits around the world and an opportunity finally came along. He, along with a few other, were representatives of the Academy.

    He was not the type to travel to other nations. Rather, he was quite devoted to his own bending and nation, he even trained during his free time. His bending worked well with his martial arts, though he did not boast about it.

    "So.. Traveling to the Earth Nation.. Huh?" He begged the question, wondering how different another nation would look like. He walked down the docks, figuring most of the other representatives from the same academy would already be there.

    The reason for why the academy sent their representatives to a nation like the Earth, and during times like this, was because they wanted to expand. And using the representatives to present their own education system to other nations, or rather, new students they could nurture, would be the perfect opportunity. Thus the "representative program" was issued. Him along with four others, were set to make their journey towards the gathering that would take place in the Earth Nation.

    As he arrived next to a big ship, crowded with soldiers from his own nation, he was told by a guard to head right in. Also notifying him that the representatives from the Academy would join them in their travels, though splitting up once they arrived.

    "I see.." He complied, as he walked up and aboard the ship, feeling the cold breeze stroking his face, running his fingers through his hair, only to stop midway as he gazed towards the vast blue sea.
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  16. She gazed at the fire symbol on each of their chests. 'You are just dogs of the Fire Nation. Now if you will excuse me...' She refused to have to kill the cocky solider for his insolence but if it came to that she would enjoy the battle, no matter how short they'd make it. I do not have time for distractions. I have my assignment. She stood there, waiting for the soldiers to move out of her way so she could continue to her barracks.
  17. Nathan smlied as the young girl climbed aboard, Nathan half expected to be battling right now, parts of the ocean frozzen while they walked amongst it, useing the ocean as their bending supply, aiming only to kill. "You are a Bender girl?"
    The large fire nation war ship sailed quietly along the ocean, War ships now carried soldiers along side it's people, the water nation have been attacking fire nation fairy's and boats, holding not even one solider, when king keyki tried to make word to the water nation's Congress, he was merely nudged aside.

    That was the day the First war started, setting into place the others. Sortly after the air nation declared war against the water nation, claiming what they did was "Sin."

    People walked among the ship, it was only a two day boat ride from the fire nation, only if the weather didn't act up, with a strom, the travel could take at least a week.
    "oh, girl. I think it's me who doesn't have time" lefting his hand the solider turned it into a fist, then slamed a punch hard enough to hopefully knock the girl out.
  18. Trevor have been walking for days, Six in fact. Him and Aaron have been "Asked" away, Two soldiers walked in front, keeping slow pace. Behide Trevor stood two military earth nation Benders, keeping pace with the soldiers. Trevor's hands have been bound the moment they left the farm, only to be off when he ate. His hands lied in front, the cuff of Earth clinging to his Wrists. Walking along side Trevor was Aaron, who managed to flash a smile at Trevor, as Trevor drove his eyes from the ground, he smiled back.
  19. Fang was day dreaming lost in his thoughts as he lounged on the barrels his hands on the back of his head staring up at darkening sky, he was roused from his day dreaming at hearing the ferry approach the dock. Jumping up to land on his feet he grins picking up his backpack and slinging it over his right shoulder, about time he had been waiting for hours. He walks to the end as the ferry stops at the end of the dock, his hands in his pockets but his fierce blue eyes watchful for any danger.
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  20. Sakura watched him carefully. "Yes, I am a bender for whomever it may concern. She still looked wary, her hands clenched in fists, her knuckles tapped white from the pressure.
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