War of the elements

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  1. This roleplay will be a sandbox, with many things leading the story off it's main Goal(s). Npcs can be played if asked.

    Benders are people who have been given the gift of manipulating an element. Benders are born With this. Only the people of the dusk nation have been known to bend more then one element.

    Setting and nations:
    Water nation- lives on small islands located south and north.

    Earth nation- Lives on the largest land mass, large mountains lead down the middle, breaking into 2 small branches.

    Air nation- lives with in temple's on the earth nations mountains.

    Fire nation- lives on Large Volcanic islands east of the earth nation.

    Dusk nation- Unknown.
    Fire, water, earth and air, long ago the elements lived in harmony. Then the war broke out, a new nation have demand our reassures and control of our land. The nation known as dusk quickly took half the water nation, pursuing only to kill. With the Benders close to death the water nation planned an attack, to send it's remaining Benders to kill the leader of the dusk nation, but leave their people defenseless. That was 400 years ago, the dusk nation vanished after setting sea to the earth nation, rumor haves it the fire nation set battle ships after them, to end any and all conflict. Activity of the dusk nation have been found, you and others will be investigationing this, but do be careful, war is rising.

    1. No God moding, Thank you.

    2. I have a right to, change remove or add rules when I see fit.

    3.No controlling other people's character(s).

    4. No more then 2 characters.

    5. The dusk nation can only bend at night, during the day they can not bend at all. The Dusk nation can bend all elements. No more dusk Benders.

    Character sheet:

    Age: (Any above 14)

    appearance: Picture or description.

    Bender type: pick one nations element.

    Blood type:

    Birthday and birthplace: Example: Fire nation, June 3.


    Occupation: Anything is good, as long as it's set with in the rules.


    Single/lovers/married: Please Name lover or spouse.

    Name-Age-liked, hated or mutual.
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  2. Name: Trevor Kickster

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Trevor stands at 6"2

    Bender type: Earth Bender.

    Blood type: Ab-

    Birthday and birthplace: September 13, Earth nation.

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Framer.

    Sexuality: Gay

    Lover: Aaron blackthorn.

    Father -57-Hated.

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  3. Name: Aaron blackhorn

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Aaron stands at 5"10. Wears black pants, shirt is a light brown with the faded earth nations symbol, then the jacket in picture.

    Bender type: dusk Bender.

    Blood type: A+

    Birthday and birthplace: June 23, fire nation.

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Farmer

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Lover: Trevor Kickster


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  4. Name: Mottomo Kurai HonĊ (Mo-Mo)
    Age: 19
    Birthday and Birthplace: Fire nation territory, September 13.
    Gender: Female
    Mo-Mo (open)

    She's short at around 5"1, with flame red, wavy hair that falls down half her back. Her pale skin accentuates her green eyes, which she paint her nails to match.
    Bender type: Fire
    Blood type: B
    Occupation: Fire nation warrior.
    Sexuality: Straight and single.
    Relatives: Sister-13-Loved dearly.
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  5. @Khaleesi we will start as soon as we have two more players, I'm gonna wait at most 3 days.
  6. @Rainbowwave I can wait, i think the idea of this is fantastic. :)
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  7. @Khaleesi Awh.....thanks! I gave it alot of thought, lol. Still editing though, lol as you can see.
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  8. Where's the Avatar?
  9. There is no avatar. If you're referring to the dusk nation, they are much like the avatar, bending all elements only at night.
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  10. I'm in!

    Name: Sakura no Hana

    Age: 15

    appearance: (I'll draw a picture today and let ya see, for now here's a description ^^) She stands at around 4'9", and weighs about 110 lb. She has short, wild blue hair that seems to go all over the place, framing her face and making her almost appear male. She also has green eyes that seem kind when you look at them, but that hides the emotions deeper down. She most commonly wears a black overcoat, hiding her red pendant, red shirt, and black pants. She more often than not goes around barefooted.

    Bender type: Water

    Blood type: O- (ooooh fancy XD I dunno much about bloodtypes tbh :P)

    Birthday and birthplace: The ocean between the Water Nation and Earth Nation, 21st of July.

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: (you didn't say anything about this, so I'll assume it's all good...) Water Nation Assassin

    Sexuality: Straight?

    Single/lovers/married: none (she's single dudes XD)

    relatives: All dead. (yep. As far as she knows.)
    Oh so lazy right now e.e
    I probably should've added more detail... Ah well.
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  11. Oh this looks interesting, can I join? =D
  12. Is it possible to join? :)
  13. @Xypher Doragon Yes you can.
    @Akashi Yes, please. :)
  14. Name: Fang Thanatos

    Age: 20

    appearance: 71408_1284823620050_full.jpg

    Bender type: Dusk bender

    Blood type: A positive

    Birthday and birthplace: Air nation, November 3rd.

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Retired soldier.

    Sexuality: BI

    Single/lovers/married: Single

    relatives: Dad - 50 - hated.
    Mother - 45 - deceased but loved.
    Brother - 24 - mutual.
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  15. Grimmjow reference.
    Love it ^^
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  16. Hehe figured it would fit nice with a Dusk bender =)
  17. @Cypher Dragon
    Love him! one thing though, his birthplace can't be the dusk nation, due to them Being "missing ".
  18. Ah I wasnt sure lol, k changed it. Yay! Glad you do =D
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  19. If everyone is ready to start, we can today. I just needed one person from every nation lol.

    Please like this of you wish for the game to start today, if you dont, DO NOT like this, majority wins. I will not be counting nonplayers.

    Sign ups still open.
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