War of the Elements

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    Background Information :

    Life was peaceful on the planet of Stoicheion. There hasn't been a war for over a hundred years. The water tribe was frivolous and enjoying the cool waters of springtime. The fire tribe enjoyed the warm sun on their skin as the days grew hotter. The earth tribe enjoyed their beautiful oasis and the effects of the climate on the desert sand. The air tribe soared the skys as the warm air lifted their bodies higher into the air.

    But it wasn't all fun and games. The leaders and servants were planning for the alligning of the three moons and sun. It was a rare occasion that happened every thousand years. It was a magical day that granted freedom to all the elements, allowing them to coexist in the Jungle of Life. A place that was thought to be the birth of the people. And to celebrate that birth, all tribes joined together as equals, hiding behind mask so as not to reveal the element.

    First Post :

    Lily :
    It was such a beautiful day for the water tribe. Lily had her servants play more than help. But she didn't mind. She was fine with doing all the work herself. She had been planning this day for years. She had everything prepared. All she had to do was go to the Jungle of Life and put up decorations for the water tribe. Then, the other tribes will begin intertwining there's with hers. It was good to be a water tribesmen, as water was said to be the first tribe to appear and sustain all life.

    The next to appear was the air tribe, said to sustain life after water was finished with their part. Than fire, as it kept tribesmen from freezing during the cold seasons. Than earth, who helped grow the crops that provided food for everyone. All four elements coexisting to feed the others. But, all changed when the tribes became bitter and resentfull to one another. Some saying the rest was inferior to their element. In order to keep the planet alive, they went their seperate ways. Every once in a while, war ravaged the land. Then there were times like these, where peace was everywhere.

    Lily was interupted by her thoughts as one of the servants said she was done with the decorations. All the bug lights were up and all banners were displayed perfectly to intertwine. Lily took everything in. Their job was done. Now, they were to wait in their homeland till the allgment of the moons. So she went home, and played till the time cam.

    Sammael :

    Sammael had been in her mini palace, deep underground, yet close to the oasis. She had just woken up and wanted to take a nice cooling dip in the water. Walking down the steps, she removed her robe as she entered the cut off area of the oasis. It was small, but deep. Allowing her lower body to change, she let the tip of her tail hit the floor, giving the rest of her body to float like a bouy in an unwavering ocean. Her red hair made her look like a fiery temptress. Wanting to enjoy the waiting time, she called to her son. "Reuben." Even though she was naked, the tribe leader didn't care. Her cold nature faded as the allignment came ever closer.
  2. Reuben was meditating on his bed when his mother called for him. It was part of his early morning routine, along with physical training and studying his books. He knew no other way to spend his time. His aspirations revolved around being stronger and smarter so he could better protect himself, his people and his precious loved ones.

    Both eyes opened slowly before he got off of his bed, his body stretching towards the ceiling. Reuben was dressed in simple cotton clothes that were white with the symbol of his tribe on the front. He headed towards Sammael barefooted, since there was no need for sandals in the environment he called home. His hands were behind his back when he approached her, his head bowing respectfully.

    "Good morning, Mother," he said warmly, his eyes looking up to her face. The kindness in his voice was a rare treat, really. Only the people closest to him were given such pleasure. "How are you feeling today?"

    The fact she was bare didn't faze him. Sammael was comfortable with her image, though she also just had no care in the world. Therefore, neither did he. Even though a series of unfortunate events were what made her this way, he admired her. She had the strength the keep going.

    Not to mention, she gave him a home; a life; a purpose. Reuben would do anything for his leader, his mother.
  3. "Miss Alerenia!" footsteps were coming from out the door, getting louder and louder as Alerenia turned at the sound of her door opening. "Miss Alerenia! You're late for the meeting!".

    Alerenia faced her, eyeing the young maid that took care of her most of the time. Alerenia put her last earring in before speaking,
    "I know, I know. What was the meeting about again? I can't seem to remember, though I wrote down meeting on my calender. I would assume you would know what this is about."

    The maid sighed, it wasn't the first time Alerenia had forgotten whatever she had signed up for, knowing that she spends most of her days in the woods hunting
    ,"It's the archery range meeting that you attend every month, Miss."

    Alerenia scorned,
    "Ugh. I remember now..."

    Every month, Alerenia attends a meeting at the archery range with the new starting members of archery. She comes every now and then, being the finest marksman in the region to make sure that their form and accuracy are correct. Although she may adore archery, she despises teaching people and prefers to be much on her own than to worry about others.

    Alerenia stood, her silk, green dress that came to her ankles with beautiful green heels to match. She had put in emerald earrings and a gold necklace that was gifted to her by the people of the kingdom in gratitude for her helping and securing their safety.

    She left her room, her maid following her and she went outside to the range which was just outside of the palace. She watched the people shoot arrows, occasionally getting bulls-eyes at a 10 yard range.

    Alerenia looked to her maid,
    "You are dismissed. I will most likely be in the forest after the meeting."

    The maid nodded, bowed and left her presence.

    Alerenia proceeded to the training marksman and often fixed peoples form and taught them different ways of shooting. Alerenia walked to the instructor
    ,"It seems that they're learning quickly. I'm seeing less flaws than last month, keep up the training and you'll have some fine archers."

    He nodded,
    "Thank you, m'lady."

    Alerenia continued,
    "I am going to leave early, I have to start on my scouting. Do you have my bow and arrows prepared?"

    He nodded, motioning her to follow him, occasionally hearing the sound of arrows piercing the targets. She followed him and he handed the well-crafted quiver of thirty-two arrows and the fine bow,
    "Excellent. I shall be going then."

    She walked outside of the archery range and entered the city, waving to people as the waved to her, smiling at the children as she reached the armory.

    Alerenia looked to the blacksmith,
    "Do you have my equipment repaired from my last scouting trip?"

    The blacksmith spoke, having a clear, booming voice,
    "Ah! Yes I do, m'lady! It is right here!"

    He handed her a well crafted suit of armor, the under layer being made of chain and leather covering the chain. There was a skirt of chain over the leather leggings with steel-toed leather boots. He then handed her the undergarments of the armor which was well-sewn and fixed up nicely. Alerenia thanked him and proceeded to the empty room to change out of her dress and put her equipment on. She put her quiver along her back and over her shoulder and folded the dress and placed it in the safe spot in the armory. She exited the room and looked to the blacksmith,"I'll be in the woods. I left my attire in the other room, I'll come pick it up later.

    She went out the door, the blacksmith waving good-bye to her and she exited the city, bow in hand. Alerenia breathed deeply and at that her eyes changed colors and she had turned into a vulture, exploring the mountain and looking as far as her eyes would see on the horizon.
  4. Freya had just returned from a hunt. A servant approached her as she shifted back into her human form clad in nothing but her bare skin. The servant bowed, a blush on his cheeks. "Miss Freya, t-the aligning of the three moons--" Freya did not let him finish. "Speak up." He nodded, head still bowed as she stood there on all of her naked glory. "T-the aligning of the three moons and t-the sun approaches. We must prepare for the celebration." Freya rolled her eyes and sighed. She went inside their house and grabbed a large soft fabric which she wrapped around her body before tying up the ends behind her neck.

    "And what has my great father done about this aligning of the three moons and the sun," she said with a hint of derision.

    "N-nothing, yet, Miss." She gave an exasperated sigh.

    "Well then, send in servants to do the decorations. And find my father."

    She plopped down on the couch, hands resting behind her head. So there will be a celebration. She remembered it now. Oh, what to wear, what to wear.
  5. The light etched through the cracks in the window. The curtains had not been closed that night which let the brightness shine in just the right place; his eyes. He squinted the pulled his arm from under something to rub away the sleep dust. His body sat up and stretched out. His fingers ran through the curly dark brunette locks. "Uhhh... Fuck it's day already?" The night before was a blast. He gave a smile in remembering it all while looking over the few women who followed him to bed. Demetrius would had been lying if he said he didn't bed with them. He climbed over the bare bodies and stood to his feet. He wrapped the untied robe around him and headed out the door.

    Down the stairs and to the dining hall, he strolled. The smell of food lingered causing a smile to curl across his face. He sat at the table giving an instant snap. A female rushed to his side with a blush. "Yes my lord?" Lord... He loved the sound when really he was a tribe leader. He just liked the others sound.

    "Get me a drink." His hand trailed up her body and cupped her cheek. He pulled her down and kissed her. The man was attractive yet he was a womanizer and also cruel. Hopefully the day with cruelty wouldn't come. The female rushed off leaving him to wait for his drink. He left who ever his daughter should place in charge to decorate. Why should him or his own blood raise a finger to place decorations for time he really didn't want to attend.


    The middle age male gave a smile to all. He was already at the Jungle of Life; the second to arrive. He helped place decorations for his tribe yet he was there to help anyone else in need. That was this man's way. Mikel rushed from place to place leaving a friendly impression to all. "Do you need help young man?" He stepped up to a a young boy who was placing streamers across the room. The ladder below him wobbled. Mikel grabbed the ladder and held it still until the boy was finished.

    "Thanks Master Lasune." The blonde boy gave a smile and even bowed a bit.

    The man hand softly laid on his head and gave a gentle rub. "No need to thank me, son. Call me Kel. There's no reason to be so proper." He gave a smile and headed back to his area. The man was ready to go home and be there for any of his own men who needed help. He was in the process of building onto his city.
  6. "Malady," Hydra's chambermaid cooed into her ear, interrupting her peaceful sleep. "It's time for you to wake up and attend to your duties. Your mother is expecting you to be present at today's events.

    With a groan, Hydra sat up with dull blue eyes. her chambermaid seemed to be satisfied with that response and left her to her own devices since the princess never wanted help getting ready for another long, dreary day. As soon as the old hag was gone, the crafty princess barricaded her door to both her balcony and into the hall. Then being the lazy princess she was, Hydra crawled back into her nice, warm bed to sleep her cares away.

    The octopus princess absolutely hated these sorts of events. Not only would she have to be present and look like a sophisticated lady, but she would have to be courteous to all prospective suitors since she was the next in line to the throne. Being Queen was a drag to Hydra, and she hated the fact that one day she would be a shriveled up prune listening to all the other old codgers talk about their damn politics. She'd rather die at the present time and just go on into the after life.

    However, while she was still a young girl without too many cares or very many desires, she would sleep and dream about a book or perhaps have a scary nightmare. It would be wonderful to write it in her dream journal and then scare the shit out of her future kids and maybe her toddler cousins with it. With a tired yawn, Hydra shut her eyes and let sleep carry her like a mother with a newborn into sleep. In the back of her mind, Hydra could hear loud knocking and the rattling of a doorknob.