War of Gods: The 24th Cycle

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  1. All mortals feel the flow of time rushing past them, driving them to do something, make something that will last. They wish to live, to learn, to grow. And yet, these very same mortals, the ones who paint murals, teach their children, and simply live, also fight. They will kill one another, destroy families, homes, and lives.

    And yet, they will always claim there is a reason.

    So, for what reason do these mortals have to fight, then, other than to live?

    A pantheon of Gods, each vying for power and supremacy, have called forth champions to carry their banner. In a realm far placed from other worlds, they have sworn an oath to a higher being, the All, that their war would not involve the mortals of that plane. And so, they found a loophole. The warriors that have been called forth come from other realms, other times, and have been brought to this realm with one purpose. To fight without end. Brought to this world with no memories of their lives, they are told by their respective Gods to fight to survive. If you die at the hands of another champion, you will be revived, but without any memories that have been regained. To fight, endlessly, until only one God remains.

    The Gods of Light all seek to defeat the Gods of Darkness, while the Gods of Darkness fight and plot amongst one another, while also challenging the Gods of Light. While the Gods of Darkness would be at a disadvantage, they tend to summon those who are evil at heart, and, thus, have no true sense of morality, and fight with dishonor and trickery.

    Currently, Archane, the Goddess of Greed and Wealth, has summoned a batch of entirely new champions, aside from two who survived the 23rd Cycle. With these warriors, she hopes to remove at least one or two of the Gods of Light from the war. In the end, however, the outcome depends entirely on her Chosen. Though she is a Goddess of Darkness, she has chosen warriors of honor and respect, having seen how those without honor end up becoming consumed by their own evil.

    Fragments of Memories that remain:
    Magic: (If Applicable)
    Personality: (Remember, this person has very few memories of their past, so it's entirely possible they be completely mistrustful)
  2. Name: Ranze
    Age: Roughly 1400 (24 in appearance) (His race is long lived, nearly immortal if only left to age)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dragonesque
    Weapon: Two Katana, a nodachi, and a bisento-type weapon, though the blade is larger than usual. Ranze shifts between these weapons during combat.
    Fragments of Memories that remain: Ranze has fought since the First Cycle, and so has regained many of his memories. However, he has suspicions that some of these memories are false, and figures that the only way he'll know is if the war ends.
    Appearance: Dark blue hair which is messy, though in an almost neat way. His right eye is also dark blue, but his left eye is covered by a long piece of cloth that wraps around his head a few times. A long scar is visible. He wears dark blue pants as well, tucked into black leather boots. He wears a white t-shirt, with a fairly intricate design sewn in. On his right hand, he wears a black ring on his ring finger.
    Magic: Ranze uses Dark, or Shadow, Magic. His techniques are often variations of Dragonlike attacks, though modified for his use. This magic and fighting style seems to be a racial trait.
    Personality: Ranze has a strong leadership personality. Usually serious, he often reveals a more caring side to him, especially to those who are new. However, having been around since Cycle One, he has experienced quite a few betrayals, and, as such, doesn't completely trust anyone off the bat.

    Name: Lasyle
    Age: Roughly 1400 (24 in appearance)
    Gender: Female
    Race: Dragonesque
    Weapon: Two spears, a bow, and two katana. She also switches them in combat.
    Fragments of Memories that remain: Like Ranze, she has been around since Cycle One, so many of her memories have returned. However, she doesn't have the same suspicion Ranze does, but wishes for an end to the war just as much.
    Appearance: She has long, vibrant yellow hair, tied back in a long, intricate braid that reaches past her waist. Her eyes are also both a vibrant yellow, with slitted pupils, like Ranze's. Physically, she appears unmarred, yet she also bears her share of scars across her body. She wears loose black pants, as well as a pair of boots. She wears a light blue tank top, and a neclace she keeps tucked down her shirt. She also wears a ring on her right ring finger.
    Magic: Lasyle, as if in complete opposite to Ranze, uses Light magic. Blinding when at full power, her fighting style is also a variation of Dragon attacks.
    Personality: Often cheerful and friendly, she can also become sullen, when she thinks of just how much longer it will take before the war is over. However, a promise she and Ranze made to each other often cheer her up, when she reminisces.
  3. I think I want to join this, but I have a few questions about how these things work. First of all, if warriors are always revived after being killed in battle, what do you mean by the two who "survived"? Secondly, you say that memories are taken, but exactly what sort of memories do you mean? I mean, does a person who's taken in lose the memories of how to talk, eat, bodily functions? How to fight? Or just those of events that happened throughout their lives, and knowledge about their original home's culture? If the memory of how to perform a certain technique or cast a particular spell is tied very strongly to the training or education a person received in it, do they lose the skill/spell until they remember, or do they keep the memory of training, but not remember the person and place? If one remembers how to talk, do they "forget" their speaking mannerisms or accents, or even "learn" how to speak more properly if they weren't all that great at communication to begin with?

    I promise these are totally honest questions that I think I need in order to put together a good character.
  4. XD Not a problem. It's good that you addressed this, actually. All right, I'll give ya a low down. Basically, the two who survived, which are my characters, are ones who survived the cycles. Time, in this war, is essentially irrelevant, and the beginnings and ends of the Cycles are determined by a force that surpasses the Gods, the one who allowed this war to begin.

    Secondly, memories that are taken are memories of one's past, experiences, things like religious beliefs, and culture. The warriors maintain abilities like eating and talking and such, but forget things like where they were born. The thing with the memories being taken is that there is, in fact, a reason for it, and the memories are a part of a certain bargain that will be revealed later in the story (I promise XD). Basically, they retain things like accents, mannerisms, and such, but they are, in a way, forced to think that it's all natural. There are so many different warriors from different worlds that such things wouldn't really draw too much attention. When it comes to fighting, they retain all techniques and abilities that they were summoned with, but if they suddenly discovered a new way to use a technique more effectively during the war, and then were killed and resurrected, they would lose the memory of learning it to begin with, so they would be raised as if they were summoned anew. However, there are times when they retain one or two memories they made during the war, if they die and are resurrected.

    Also, and this is very important to remember, the more one fights, the more memories they slowly regain. (Which, again, there is a reason for that will be explained.) If there's anything I missed or you think of, feel free to just ask here, so I can answer it for the benefit of anyone else who's interested.
  5. Well, I can get to work on a character with that.

    It's not really super-important to my character, but I'm still not sure I understand how one needs to survive a cycle if people are resurrected. Is there a way in which a person can be permanently killed, or is there some kind of thing that happens at the end of a cycle which permanently kills a lot of the warriors? Or is it that suicide starts to run rampant after people get really sick of fighting, and that doesn't count as getting killed in battle and thus results in permanent death?
  6. Yes, there is a way to permanently die, in the war. There are creatures that roam the realm that have seemingly come up out of nowhere, and are not within the God's jurisdiction. Basically, death at the hands of one of these creatures is a permanent death. And since the more you fight, the more you remember, the only way to -really- regain all your memories is to not die. Because if you're killed at the hands of another warrior and are resurrected, you lose all your memories once more.

  7. Name:

    Physical age is 25. Technical age is early 300s.



    Twin Scimitars
    She also makes good use of her sharp fangs and claws, should she be disarmed in combat.

    Fragments of Memories that remain:
    There are vague reminders that she once served a Goddess named Bastet and she was a warrior for a very important reason she can't remember. That's a question she has yet to get answered. All she knows now is that she is needed by Archane during these dark times. Goddess or no Goddess, she's fighting for what's right.

    A thin woman with caramel coloured skin and eyes of emerald green. Clothes are form fitting and somewhat revealing, since her homeland is arid. She stands at 5'6 with flat soled slip-on shoes for her feet. Before she was summoned to serve in the war, she had black hair, but now it's a snowy white. Accompanied by golden jewleries, there's an assortment of beads in her hair, for style more than anything. Also, there are a pair of black feline ears on her head, with a tail to match. All ten of her fingers have long nails too, appearing malicious and claw-like.

    Raziya is strictly loyal to her comrades and will go to great lengths for them. She's never liked taking on any task solo, since she sees the potential in teamwork. Although she acts friendly, she's not someone you want to upset. In her rage, she'll non-hesitantly strike whoever caused her the negative emotion. Also, she is merciless on the battlefield. In the end, she might feel remorseful, depending on who it was that died by her blade. Everyday, she is troubled by the pros and cons of being a warrior.
  8. Whew, almost forgot about this. Hope this guy's alright...

    Name: Jurekl Na'Sarsnal
    Age: Early 200's
    Gender: Male
    Race: Yttrimone--a race best described as very large, humanoid wolves. They have very long lives and an isolated, slow-moving culture.

    Weapon: Natural weapons (Claws, teeth, fists, etc.). He is quite strong, but prefers to countering others' attacks rather than rush at an assailant.

    Fragments of Memories that remain: Vague visions of hunting among a pack in the frigid north of whatever world he's from.

    Appearance: This. His hind legs have a similar color pattern to his forelegs.

    Magic: Cold/ice-based magic; able to sublimate water vapor or freeze moisture and manipulate its shape. While not terribly hard, sharp enough shards of ice can still be quite painful, and thick enough sheets could make a useful shield. For reasons not quite clear due to memory loss, his magic cannot affect the moisture inside of other beings.

    Personality: Generally friendly and peaceful in nature; moves slowly and talks calmly. If something actually manages to pierce that and anger him--and it takes quite a bit--he can show an intense, nearly-unstoppable rage. His command of language is somewhat limited, so his phrasing is generally a bit awkward, and descriptions of more complex concepts may escape him. He knows how to follow orders very well, as long as the person they're coming from seems trustworthy enough to him.
  9. Fluffy and Xin, you're both good!
  10. Mind if I join? I've put my memory fragments at the end, as there's other bits relevant. without it he seems crazy.

    Name: Asus Rageer
    Age: 600 or so (looks 13)
    Gender: Male

    Race: Mostly human. He never knew why he was immortal or unusually strong even before he lost his memories, his mother was human, his father was human, his sister was human. he was... different.

    Weapon: Scimitars, dagger, throwing knives and a longbow

    Appearance: Short and skinny with a fresh round face and short, dark brown hair. He wears mostly tunics and has a quiver on his back at all times. (his knives in a side pouch of it and blades slotted in behind his shoulders to stop them dragging as he walks) there are 3 large scars on his back. Aside from that he just looks like a normal but heavily armed 13 year old child. he's alot stronger than he looks.

    Magic: Can speak to plants/trees and can inject energy to inanimate objects, plants, pictures, etc in order to bring them to life (draining his own energy in the process) he calls it animation and mostly uses it on trees or weapons.

    Personality: He believes solely in honor above all. He is friendly, compassionate slightly shy but still forward. He doesn't enjoy fighting, he just feels that he needs to for some unknown reason. He has a surprisingly rational fear of carrots.

    Fragments of Memories that remain: He was in a rundown shack in the middle of a forest. There was a young cat-girl and an older elven man with him. He remembers saying that his 'magical energy' was running low. The other 2 agreed. the boy went outside to his magically rich vegetable patch and then... the screaming, carrots screaming in pain. Every bite, cries for help. The others couldn't hear it, they couldn't talk to plants. Every crunch, another carrot prayed for death, but they didn't die. Just bite after bite, pain. They had no blood run out of. They had no heart to stop. Just flesh that wouldn't die and leaves that kept it that way...

    Those poor innocent carrots.

    (It's actually a clip from the last time I used this Ch. despite the comedy of it, he is a serious character and had just taken down a demigod, with the help of the 2 with him.)
  11. XD Nice, Mezz. All right, your character is good.
  12. Thanks. He's the star in my book I'm writing ^_^
  13. I have to ask.

    I can has spazmehreen?

    I kid of course, I'll think something up.
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    Don't worry, I won't be starting this RP for a bit, in case anyone else wants to join.
  15. Name: Fariah
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Race: Eldar
    Weapon: Glaive, twin falcati, Hand crossbow.
    Fragments of Memories that remain: The eternal war machine falling. The circuit failing. The laughter of terrible gods. The firelight of the play. The horror in her have during the halt failed test. Staring in the chaotic dance. The demon comes thinking him dead. The endless crystal passages. Light musical laughter.

    Appearance (open)

    Magic: Illusion: invisibility, projecting images of himself, hiding objects, showing other their worst fears or greatest desires.
    Personality: Practical, pragmatic to the point of arrogance. Used to working alone and serving the laughing god in his own way weather in artistic display or in the horrors of battle. In fact to Faraih, there is little difference between the two. With no memories of the past he comes of the focused yet with a flare for slightly whimsical pursuits. And no matter what happens he'll never stop finding something to laugh at weather mocking or jolly.
  16. Btw, how heavily relevant is the god we support?
  17. Very. Our characters will converse with her on many occasions. In fact, in the very beginning, everyone meets with her.

    She's the Dark Goddess of lies and deceit. Basically, the champions are tied to her. If she dies, then so do all her chosen. However, if a person is beaten by another champion, they are put into a stasis, so that they are ready for resurrection in the next cycle.

    In any case, the Gods will be playing very important roles, especially ours.