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    Once, Esmar was a beautiful land where man, elves, fairies and dwarves lived together in peace and happiness, it was the only landmass on the world of Ocrua, it was huge, so huge that no one has exact maps, no one knows all the creatures that roam, they're are the great mountains of the North, which are cold and vicious, said to hide a great beast that slaughters men, to the far south, the bad lands, where water and food is scarce but dangers and predators are not. But those were the dangers of the world, everyone cared more about the beautiful Fairy forest, the mesmerizing Elf Tree, the giant, Dwarven mountains, and even the Dragon's Peaks, a huge lone mountain in the middle of Esmar, where few people have climbed, since dragons nest here with their young.


    It was a beautiful time to be alive, crime was low, and riches flowed from trade between the cities. Even small towns prospered. But good times were not to last, the White King, as he was called, grew old and sick, he had delayed his time long enough with Elf and Fairy Magic, and it was his time, he gave the South, to his Oldest son, Cerburus, to his second son, Tigrin, the West, to his third son, Wanicoal, the East, and lastly, to his youngest son, Merander, he got the North. And soon, the man passed away, sorrow was spread everywhere, even to the dragons, who cared little for humans, came to the funeral, they, along with the elves, immortalized his body in diamond before he was buried.

    It wasn't long before the brothers started to bicker, arguing about their areas of land, and wanting more. The Great War started, along with the brother's greed, the land grew black and vicious, it became unsafe to even walk about at night with all sorts of animals raining down from above, below and from the shadows, you're lucky not to get robbed during the span of a few weeks with all the crime, everywhere is poor and starving.

    How can you survive in a world like this?

    A rebellion has started, to overthrow the brothers, led by a mage who accepts all and any, the trouble is finding them.
    Know You're Emblems and Sides

    Cerburus, the Hell Hounds

    Tigrin, the Tiger Lords

    Wanicoal, the Eastern Wolves

    Merander, the Northern Phoenix

    Estrax the Rebels
    Places (WIP)

    The King Valley
    The King Valley is in the central of Esmar, Dragon's peak is right in the middle of King Valley, and at one end is Dragon's Breath's River, at the end, the large, Draco's Falls. You must pass through King Valley to get to the Capital of Esmar, Shud Grea, what use to be the richest place in Esmar, is now where Cerburus reins terror over the poor citizens, using them as slaves and squeezing as much coins out of them with ridiculous taxes and low paying job.

    Faerie Capital
    Faerie Capital, is a beautiful place hidden deep in the Old Forest, even though the forest is dying, the Faerie's cities never die, it's impossible to find the Capital unless you are pure of heart and true of word. Only then, can you find it.

    Elf Capital
    The Elves have long been secretive, but once the White King died, and war fell, it became impossible to find the Sacred Tree or the Capital, only elves know, and only elves can take you there.

    Old Dwarven Capital
    A huge underground city that disappeared once the war started, almost all the dwarves disappeared here, you're lucky if you can spot one traveling or in the cities or towns, the few left are Merchants, Thieves or Treasure Hunters

    Dana O'Shee Falls
    The Falls of Dana O'Shee are beautiful, they fall far to the ground, there is a beautiful city of Faerie, right in front of it, Water Faerie's City, beautiful place.

    Northern Spines
    The Northern Mountains are a huge mountainous spine that spreads across the whole Northern part of Esmar, no one has seen the other side, so not much is known, but bodies have been found, torn to pieces, frozen to death, and half eaten, leading belief that besides the Arctic Wolves there, there is another, more vicious creature.

    Entrance of the Fallen City
    The Fallen City is a long lost Dwarven city that disappeared long ago, all that is left are huge lion statues where the entrance use to be, now it's considered the entrance to the Northern Spine.

    Belmere is the Capital of the North, run by the youngest son, Merander, compared to the other Capital's, Belmere is the safest, and richest, there are no starving, but there are poor.

    Shud Grea
    To get to it, you must pass through King Valley, but once there, it was once a beautiful city, surrounded by Draco's Falls, but now it is poorer and few people live there, what was once the Capital of all of Esmar, is now the Capital of the South, and run by oldest brother, Cerburus

    A dark city of the East, buried deep in the Dark Woods, here are only slaves, soldiers, killers, and criminals, the Capital of the East, and the Tyrant of East, the darkest, cruelest brother, Wanicoal. The one that started the War.

    Far to the West, is a town that sits on the a cliff, overlooking the Merrie beaches, where a beautiful castle stands, but inside, you wouldn't believe it's the same city. Run by the flamboyant Tyrant, Tigrin, he believes in spending their income on himself rather then his city or people, making him very rich and his city very poor and sick; though he does participate in the war, he prefers bringing it to him, so he's letting his brothers kill each other so he can swoop in.

    Dark Forest
    A dark, horrible forest that all dark creatures roam, you're lucky to survive during the day, let alone at night, if you can tell the difference, in the forest, it's always dark and dangerous.

    Merrie Beaches
    Beautiful beaches that borders the West of Esmar, the Western Capital, Merriedge rests on a cliff above the beautiful beaches.

    Creatures (WIP)

    Griffins are very intelligent creatures, though predator, they rarely attack humans, unless they are treated sourly. They hate being called just animals, and some can talk mentally, but only handfuls per region know English, though they'll show through pictures, mentally. They can carry two, average sized humans on their back, and another in their talons but that's in full size, the smallest full grown adult, the Southern Griffins, can carry one human.

    Jewel Deerlings
    Deer like creatures that thrive in caves, with their jeweled backs, they look fragile but in fact, they are quite tough, made of a hard mineral with little to no thin fur, on their back are jewels that thrive the best on them, their looks differ depending on the jewel inside their habitat.

    You'd think that Peryton, a mixture between a bird and deer, would be a good mount, but in fact, they are hard to train, skittish and wry, making them very poor mounts, they can get a foolish rider killed, they are very humble creatures but have been known to get territorial in mating season and attack passerby's.

    A hare with wings, fangs and antlers, they may seem cute, but are a fearsome ally, they usually partner with Griffins, often seen together in pairs, they are not nearly as smart as griffins, but do not mistake this as making it dumb, it is very good at reading people and will attack men if they seam dangerous.

    Though it may seem like a dragon up close

    They are very fluffy, soft, gentle bunnies with beautiful wings sprouting from their backs

    Inari Drakes
    Not even a reptile, it's unsure when these adorable little creatures came about, but they've always been a popular and expensive pet! Sometimes having spikes from anywhere to one, to four on their forehead, they all differ in personality and appearance. They are omnivores, but prefer to have small strips of meat, there has never been an incident of them hurting someone, besides being bitten, and are sweet pets.

    Inari Foxes
    Though they have some similarities to the looks of Inari Drakes, they are not of the same species, Inari Foxes have huge ears and large eyes, they are sweet herbivores with multiple patterns and coat types, they can be found in the wild, but just like Inari Drakes, they've always been popular and expensive, they are much more docile then the playful Drakes, and love to be dressed up, petted and brushed.

    Small toad like creatures, they are said to be drakes, dragons or dinosaurs, but we're still not sure which one, they seem to be very unique creatures, very tiny, sometimes kept as pets, they are docile and humble creatures with their spikes used as defense, though the one on their nose is used to fight if they feel threatened, or scared but it's not too dangerous. Their spikes are laced with a drug that doesn't effect humans, but effects smaller animals by inducing seizures, but humans, it only numbs whatever they hit temporarily.

    Horses are the most common mount for humans, though too large for Dwarves, and too rough for Elves, the Esmar horses can be quite loyal but they are very unintelligent, very rarely acting on their own, they were bred like this so they would blindly follow their 'masters' around.

    An incredibly loyal and intelligent beast, though they are a very few things that make Pegasus not as good mounts as others, one include, that a Pegasus will decide what to do, if something is too dangerous and will get them killed, it will not do as it's rider commands, but they'll do it there way, which can be deadly if you are doing a plan. Again, they are a less common mount for humans, too large for Dwarves, but much more used with Elves, but not their most common mount.

    The most common mount for Elves, Unicorns will not allow those that are not pure of heart, few people are allowed to ride a unicorn, but once you do, you will always be connected to them, from anywhere in the world, you can call for them, and they will come. Only to you, as long as you are breathing, the unicorn will sacrifice itself for you.

    Dire Wolves
    Dire Wolves are much larger then regular wolves, big enough to carry two people with ease, they are smart, strong, loyal mounts, though not very common, they are often used as War mounts, because of their fighting spirit, they are not as fast as horses, but they can cover distance in quick but short spurts. They can be trained, similar to the dogs, but they're a bit harder to teach.

    If there was ever a war animal quite as vicious as the Rhino... Rhinos are strong, aggressive, but can be gentle and smart, they will keep fighting even without their rider. They will fight to the death, or until they have won.

    Titan Tigers
    These large tigers are smart, but seemingly untamable, it is said only kings should ride them into battle, because of their nobility, and aggressiveness, making them better then wolves for fighting, but they are known to not care about their riders, or attack the wrong side.

    War Pigs
    These are the most common for Dwarves, they are too small for humans or elves, Dwarves ride them with ease, they are good in battle, as well as they have large endurance, though not the quickest mounts, they are what the Dwarves use.

    Titan Leopards
    Few have seen these beautiful beasts, they are said to be quicker then a Tiger mount but more vicious, and more intelligent then a wolf mount. These creatures are said to be the mounts of the men past the Northern Spine, that's the only place they've been seen at, with masked riders.

    A very large, but slow moving and docile animal, it's rarely seen outside of the north because of it's heavy coats, it has a hard time outside harsh or cold environments, because of their ability to carry immense loads, you will sometimes see them when people are moving or with traveling merchants.

    A large type of bird that can run for long distances without tiring, though they can be a bit skittish, often, they react best with a shield over their eyes, able to dodge and weave through trees without panicking, they can run very fast and glide down from high cliffs with ease, though they have wings, they cannot fly, though they can glide. They can only carry one person and few other things since they are not very big creatures.

    Huge elephants with large tusks and usually peaceful personalities, they are good, again, for those up north, they can carry large loads, as well as fight when needed, they use their large tusks and size for fighting. They aren't fast, only able to charge for a few moments, so they're used when you're not trying to be in a hurry, able to go through deep snow with ease, few predators mess with them.

    Titan Sea Horses
    Huge Sea Horses, they are the mounts of the Merpeople, or Water Faeries, only the Merpeople and Faeries know much about them, but they seem to be similar to horses, but not at the same moment.

    Saber Cats
    Used by elves for fighting, they are aggressive creatures, though they aren't as elegant as most elven mounts, it's rare to see a human riding them because they're too large for them. Because they're most often used for fighting, it's rare to see one being used, they will often be the ones that lead the charge, running into the thick of things when fighting.

    Desert Drakes
    Though called Drakes, they are actually very large lizards that can be tamed, being able to survive the harsh climates of the deserts, they are the native mounts, being able to cross long distances without need for water, and surprisingly fast, they can carry at least two people with bags on their backs, though a bit harder to ride then others, they also can fight, rearing up on their back legs or biting with their sharp fangs.

    Goblin Wolves
    Mutated versions of the Wolf Mount, they are vicious, blackened creatures that only Goblins can control, they are faster then Hyenders but they don't have the same raw power as Hyenders, and they can be more skittish, but can see even in pure blackness.

    Slower then most mounts, Hyenders are for pure attack animals, they can only be ridden by Goblins, as if any other person would want to ride them, they are vicious, and strong, they can tear through enemy lines with pure power.

    Species of Humanoids (WIP)
    Feel Free to PM with more suggestions :3

    The most common species, normal people without much powers, though some have been known to be mages, but it's rarer in humans then Elves, or Angels. The most common creature that roams Esmar, though not the superior, some say they are the best, but in fact, they're on of the weakest, all they have are numbers.

    Usually very beautiful creatures, with giant wings sprouting from their back, they cannot physically do bad, but they do find ways around that, they're tricky creatures, and people are sometimes confused if they actually mean good or bad, so be wary trusting one.

    Sometimes called Fallen Angels, Demons can be good or bad, but often times

    Faster then humans

    Elf like but with beautiful wings sprouting from their backs

    Shorter than men, they are expert black smiths, miners and merchants, have an eye for jewels. They're one of the few creatures that magic cannot touch, there has never been a single account of a dwarf with magic, which usually makes them dislike magic. If you want some of the strongest armor, tools or weapons, a dwarf is the place to go. They're known to sprout huge beards, but a few have been known to not have them.

    Able to transform in half man, half wolves that are larger then humans, in wolf form, they are vicious and unable to control themselves fully without lots of practice, wounds invoked by a werewolf do not heal, and there is an 10% chance of being infected for each wound.

    Blood Suckers, sunlight makes Vampires dizzy because of their enhanced senses, garlic makes them sick, and they have enhanced healing powers. Human blood is the richest, but they can survive off animal blood, the closer you are to the death when you are bit, the more chance you'll turn into one. Regular food does not fill them up but they can eat it.

    The upper body of a man, but the lower body of a horse, they can live longer then humans and horses combined, they are usually very reserved because humans think a Centaur's hair is good luck and will kill them for it.

    Half women, half bird like creature, they often have wings and the legs of a bird, but they can have other bird like features. Some don't even have wings, but just deformed hands and legs.

    Gorgon's have the upper body of a human with the large tails of snakes, they sometimes have snakes for hair. They're usually lone creatures, but sometimes, they'll look up to a single Queen that rules them.

    Though similar in looks, Naga's are only women, and very beautiful, powerful Naga's can shape shift to a human, and will seduce men then devour them. They never have snakes for hair, that's a Gorgon only trait.

    Though they can make themselves seem beautiful, Sirens have some feature that is disgusting, though they look like mermaids, they will seduce men then devour them, sometimes even having sex with them first.

    Merpeople can look more like fish, or just humans with tails, it's different depending on the water they live in, warm waters usually result in more human merpeople. They are peaceful creatures, but will slaughter any that kill their kin, they can speak with water creatures and are friends to any creature that lives in the water.

    Some giants are bigger then hills, other, just 12 feet, but they are much bigger then humans, though they are usually gentle and humble creatures, a few have been aggressive. Giants are the most common hybrid creature, half human half giants being the most common hybrid out of any other.​

      • • No powerplay or god modding, or playing other people's characters

      • • Peep out cursing

      • • Injuries are common, so is being robbed, so keep it real

      • • Whatever I say, goes

      • • Don't join and never come back, if you have problems, take a leave on the rp, but notify me

      • • Attempt to keep genders even

      • • Try to keep text talk at a minimum

      • • Be nice in OOC (out of character)

      • • (Use () {} [] when going in OOC)

      • • Don't disappear when talking to another character, please wait for them to reply just because their offline doesn't mean they are dead.

      • • Don't start roleplaying until I accept you

      • • Don't advertise for other rps without my permission

      • • Ages are 18 plus, unless you have a child, which is 12 and under, but must have an adult character to accompany
    • Your own characters cannot be in relationships with each other, they can have crushes for dramatic stories, but no dating or marriage between your own characters, they can be exes and such, but no current relationships.

    One of the brothers are open, the second oldest

    Merander - Human - Leader of the Northern Phoenix's - 22 years old - Homo-Flexible - AWarriorcat - Page 1

    Gruzor - Hybrid - Leader of Estrax - 32 years old - Pansexual - AWarriorcat - Page 1

    Lysea - Harpy - 39 years old - Bisexual - AWarriorcat - Page 1

    Nicholas - Werewolf - 28 years old - Homosexual - AWarriorcat - Page 1

    Cerburus - Human - Leader of the Southern Hell Hounds - 29 years old - Bi-Flexible - AWarriorcat - Page 1

    Umbra - Demon - 23* years old - Pansexual - CrimDemon - Page 1

    Aiden - Human - 26 years old - Bisexual - CrimDemon - Page 1

    Grim - Hybrid - 24 years old - Heterosexual - MentalDriller - Page 1
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    The room was quiet for a moment as the king entered the room, they all bowed but he dismissed them, "Our chances?" He asked, softly, and a general stood up with a sigh, "On foot, we have far less soldiers, in the air, we have barely a handful of men, if we have magical warfare, we are down over 50% in mages compared to all three other kingdoms, and in defense, we have a good chance unless they breach this wall, where are defenses are the lowest." He finished, grimly, the room was silent as the man rubbed his temple, cursing softly, "By dragon's tongue... I want to gather as many volunteers as possible, teach them how to use a weapon. Now, air... We're short on any flying mounts, how many do we have?" He asked, running a hand through his hair before straightening his hair and sitting up straighter, "Um, that would be eight, your highness" The man threw his head back, covering his face for a moment and groaning, "Merlin's Beard, what about the others, tell me our mount count" Though it was an accidental pun, the mood was serious so no one laughed.
    The room was silent for a few moments as someone scrambled through papers, "Are you going to tell me today?" The annoyed voice asked, and the ruffling grew more hectic, "Okay, I g-got it" Someone mumbled, a short woman stood up, with blonde hair, the king turned towards her, "S-Sir... We have eight Pegasus-" The young man interrupted with a clear of his throat, "Yes, that was already said, and can you stop stuttering, it's bothering me" The woman dropped her head, and looks of disapproval made the king scowl, "Someone else read it" He commanded, and the man next to her took it, and the king's face softened, "Eight Pegasus, two dire wolves, three Rhinos, and 539 horses-" Interrupting again, the man fell silent, "What happened to the last one? 540?" He asked, and the man responded with a sigh, "He passed away a few nights ago" Standing up with a frown, "And was this not important to tell a king? I could have ordered a new by now!" His voice raised higher as he slammed his hands on the table, scowling, "I want to know everything that happens here! Someone gets married, I want to know, someone buys a house, I want to know, a fucking horse dies? I want to bloody know! Do I make myself clear?" Though he wasn't shouting, the circle flinched like he did, one of the men softly said through the silent room, "Maybe if you were a better king..." Heads turned quickly to face an older man with a scar across his face, "What did you say?" Though it was cold, the man actually looked a bit hurt, "Maybe if you were a better king, then you wouldn't care! Maybe if you focused more on the fucking war then how those poor shits feel, then maybe you'd be a better bloody king, Merander!" He finished shouting, with a scowl, while the young king recoiled like he had been struck, but he didn't stop, "Maybe if you weren't a kid in a man's position, maybe if you weren't a man fondler, and maybe if you payed attention to what's on our fucking doorstep, we wouldn't be this fucking behind compared to every other kingdom that's ready for war!" The man finished, and all eyes turned to Merander but he didn't say anything, he still looked taken aback and hurt.


    His wings were flapping, the sun had only rose 3 hours ago, and already the sun was shining bright, looking up and seeing the strange man, one wing like a reptilian wing, similar to a demon's, then an angel wing, gliding above the forest with sharp eyes piercing everywhere, watching, learning. Leading the Estrax was a hard job, especially in the cold, hidden town in the Northern Spine, it was nice to have a break in the warmer areas of Esmar, he had gone out of the way to avoid Belmere, but was flying over the Dark Forest, then towards King Valley, watching the area below him fly past.


    Coughing and brushing the heavy smoke out of her face, the woman frowned from behind her mask, maybe a pinch of toad's wart was the wrong ingredient for her potion, she looked at the ruined concoction and sighed, before she waved her hand, the mop, broom and pan flew to her and started cleaning up the mess as she waved her hand, draining the potion with a sigh. Writing down with a quill in fancy handwriting, 'No Toad's Wart' before starting over by pouring water into the giant pot when a rap at her door made her look up and open the door, having smoke blow out in the face of some citizens, "Oh! Sorry, Madam Lysea, we were worried, we heard an explosion" One said with a smile.


    Nicholas shivered slightly, not from the cold but from fear, the streets were dark and cold, few people payed him a side glance at the cup he was offering with trembling hands. When a tiny bronze coin fell into his cup, his face lite up with a big smile, looking into the cup with a dazzling smile at the man that had dropped the coin, who just frowned and kept walking, offering the cup out again to passing people, he didn't get the same luck as people ignored him, to his surprise, a child passed by and dropped a big golden coin that made him light up, he quickly pocketed the coin, so he wouldn't get robbed the value.
  4. Alaya had been leading her horse, Rascal, back from reshoeing at the blacksmith's when a loud bang! ricocheted across the street, causing several villagers to drop their tasks and hurry to the door of the house the explosion had emanated from. She exchanged a look with her loyal horse, raised a single shoulder, and followed the crowd at a distance, hanging back a bit to see what all the fuss was about, leaning an arm on Rascal's neck and lowering her head a little.
    "Well old boy, we're not in town long...unless this turns out to actually be interesting."
    She received a few odd looks for talking to the shaggy dun, but she was used to it. Rascal shook his head and snorted softly, forcing Alaya to take her arm off his neck.
    "Pfft, well, if you don't think it's going to be all that interesting you can leave, but I'm staying. Not every day something blows up, aye?"
    Rascal gave her a look out of the corner of his eye. Alaya returned it for a moment, then turned her attention back to the doorway, where the odd woman in the mask had appeared.
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  5. Lysea stared at the crowd for a moment waving her talon hands and adjust her torn, soot covered shirt, "Was nothing, a failed concoction, do not worry, do not worry." Her accent was a bit heavy, it was very exotic; her wings stretched out behind her back as she used her wings and talons to act out her words. "Do not worry, do not worry, Madam Lysea would not die to such a simple explosion, worry if her house explodes. Little smoke will not hurt anyone, least of all Madam Lysea. Unless any of you are patient, leave, leave, Madam Lysea has potions to make." Quickly the people dispersed until just a woman and horse were standing there, the masked woman stared at her for a moment before pointing at her, "You, girl, come in, come in" Without letting her speak, she stepped back into her dark house, which had glowing potions, smoking pots, a small cat with three eyes and a tail with two end, that slept.
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  6. Umbra Albis
    Umbra sat among the trees of the Dark Forest, her white dress flowing with the slow wind. She was watching two men from afar exchanging what looked like a scroll of some sort. She had followed the men into the forest after someone asked her to watch one of the men: the smaller man. Umbra wondered if the scroll held some dire secret that made these men come into that part of the Dark Forest. Not many humans would venture alone in such a place unless they want to hide something. The forest seemed eerily still, wind barely rustling her black hair and her black wings' feather. The demoness continued watching even as the bigger of the two men started to walk off, leaving the smaller one behind in that part of the forest. "So, what mischief are you two up to?" Umbra smiled widely as her pale yellow eyes seemed to glow, hopping off the tree and walking towards the man as he walked toward Dorcastle.​


    Aiden Connor Obrien
    Aiden listened intently to King Merander as he talk to the other members of the meeting, holding his staff firmly in his right hand. He stayed some feet away from the table, standing between his king's chair and the chair closest to it. His lavender eyes glanced towards each person that talked as he listened, though not all of them finished their thought. Aiden didn't understand why some of the members seemed too scared of their king, scared enough to not tell him about the mount that passed away. He inwardly sighed, tilting his head as his white hair's bangs brushed against his cheek. Instantly, the man glanced to the area of the room where he heard the soft talking, his eyes widening at what he heard come out of the older man's mouth. Aiden glanced towards Merander, quickly noticing the subtle painful and uncomfortable look on his face. The quiet man in red finally shifted after listening to the man's ranting. Even though the hat the man in red wore caste a shadow over his eyes, a glare could be seen as it drifted to the old man. His lavender eyes were like daggers and needles as he stepped forward towards the table, pointing an accusing finger at the man. "You will hold your tongue! King Merander may not want to strike you down, but I will." The man's eyes flared up, holding his staff at the ready. "I will not allow you to slander his good name."
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  7. Name: Grim Helforj
    Nickname: Hellspawn
    Age: 24
    Species: Demon/Human
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 56.8 kg
    Eye Color: Purple
    Occupation: Mercenary
    Side: WIP
    Birthday: February 13th
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Crush: Open
    Dating: Open
    Married: No
    Personality: Grim has a bad habit of killing whenever he's in the mood and enjoying physical pain. Since he has the endurance of a demon, he would be careless of his wounds and injuries, and he can get way too excited just by trying to hit his enemies with his triple bladed-scythe. Despite this, Grim can be an easy person to befriend. As long as you share the same dark humor he has, or just good and careful at words.
    History: WIP
    Other: Grim's acrobatic skills lets him dodge his enemies' attacks without effort, also allowing him to flail his scythe(which has a long metal rope attached to its end, means Grim can flail his scythe and retract it back to his hands) without damaging himself.
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    Grim is accepted :3 He could run into my Gruzor, or into CrimDemon's one girl :3 Or my werewolf)

    This gave Merander the time to recover himself as he spoke, "I thank you Aiden, but that's enough, guards, escort this man outside the castle, and if I see you anywhere near my castle again, Gods help me. If I wish to follow my father's footsteps, I shall. Even if my brother's bicker, I want my citizens to be my first priority!" As the guards grabbed the older man, who struggled, the king whipped around, his small cloak filled with air as he strode through the door behind him, vaguely calling, "Meeting, dismissed" The room was quiet as the older man was dragged out, streaming vile curses as he did. When silence filled the room, a few people started collecting their stuff and leaving in silence, others chatted idly about the whole incident.

    The king ignored his maids hellos, and dismissed his butler with a wave of his hand as he headed straight to the library with a deep scowl, as he entered the room, approaching his desk with his eyebrows furrowed, a large map with only a large circle of actual map, he stared at it, his hands sitting on either side as he stared at the four names. Anyone that wanted to get to his city would have to go through at least a patch of the dark forest, unless they flew, the smallest patch was here... Which would appear in front of the castle, but even if they had a few men picked off in the forest, they'd be outnumbered, out... Everything. Cursing and moving his hands, his hands hit an ink pot, immediately tumbling the ink across the map, grabbing it and sighing at the ruined map, he cursed softly and held a hand in his head. Was he really a bad king? Insecurities ran through Merander as he decided to cool off, moving to his couch and leaning back, so he was staring at the ceiling, he forced himself to relax, staring at the high ceiling in little interest.
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  10. Alaya's deep hazel eyes sparkled in fascination as Madam Lysea spoke, the thick accent and unusual talons and wings sparking the girl's interest. When she was beckoned inside she followed readily, dropping Rascal's reins over a fence and motioning for him to stay.
    It took a moment after stepping through the doorway for her eyes to adjust from the bright sunlight outside, the house lit dimly, small whisps of smoke curling from pots, assaulting Alaya with a myriad of heady smells and tastes in the air. She looked around the room, drinking everything in with near enchantment.
    "Who are you?" she breathed out, bursting with questions before the door had even closed behind her.
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  11. Lysea settled down in an armchair where the cat stood up and hopped into her lap, as she pet it with one talon, seeming to be staring at the girl, judging her, "Who is Madam Lysea? What is Madam Lysea? These are many questions that have been floating around this town for a long time. Ever since she arrived. Well, Madam Lysea has had many names, devil, mutant, witch, Madam Lysea is all and none of those things, tell me girl, do you know what an angry wizard can do?" She asked as the cat meowed softly from her lap before hopping down and started cleaning itself on the ground. Something made a small pop, sizzling from a potion but the woman didn't seem to notice, only her smile was seen behind her mask. Her talons glowed green as a pot of tea and two cups approached them, two cubs of sugar falling from no where and a milk cup poured a bit into her cup and she took it, stirring it with one of her talons, "Would you like tea?" She asked, the floating tea set moving over to her and offering her the cup. "Tell it how many cubes and how much milk, dear" She said, absently as she stirred her tea.
  12. Umbra Albis
    Umbra continued to follow the lean man, up until the point when he as in sight of the men in front of the city. She slowly walked back behind a tree, a frown etching on her face. She didn't want him to get away from her that easily, but she knew about this city and that man who ran it. Umbra was brave, but not enough to force her way in Dorcastle by herself. For now, she walked back into the Dark Forest before quickly pushing her black wings hard as she soon was in the air, flying back towards the outskirts of Shud Grea to deliver what she found to that king's knight.​


    Aiden Connor Obrien
    Aiden glanced towards Merander, then back to the old man. "As you wish." He huffed and lowered his staff, returning to his original calm and cool demeanor. He watched as the old man was taken away before seeing the king leave. He decided to stay behind, helping the woman who was stuttering gather her bearings since she seemed to take the slowest time. Once she was done gathering her things, Aiden left the meeting table and exited the room. He wondered if he should go and see Merander, but he didn't know if the younger man needed time alone. Despite what the old man said, Aiden thought that for a man of his king's age, Merander was doing his best. And anyone in his position could only do that: try their best. Aiden shrugged as he turned to the direction of his quarters, deciding to pay the young king a visit later if he asked for him. He deserved the time alone and to rest, if that was what he wanted to do. For now, Aiden walked softly to his room, his footsteps almost as quiet as he as he strode. Once he was at his door, he opened it and walked inside as he closed it behind him. He sat at a small desk with papers on it, papers about magic, new mages, and letters regarding Aiden himself.
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  13. After a few more minutes, Merander decided his best course of action, standing up and leaving the library, opening the door, he quickly found his butler, "Walter! Whew, come with me" After leading him back to the library, he quickly scribbled out a message and stamped it shut with his seal, "I want this delivered Shud Grea, straight to my brother. On our fastest rider." Taking the parchment the butler cleared his throat, "Your highness, sending someone on foot through the dark forest-" Sighing, he turned towards the older man, "Send them on Pegasus, I want them there as fast as possible and back with a response as fast as possible. Send our best flying rider, no matter what they're doing." He instructed and the man nodded, "As you wish, it will be done, at once" He assured and left the room, now the next part, he strode quickly to the Aiden's quarters, if he wasn't there, he'd check his room, if he was still no where to be found... Well, Merander would just hope he's there. As he reached the door, he knocked twice and stepped back, holding his hands behind his back politely as he waited, as a quick thought, he quickly added, "It's me, Merander" Just to make sure.
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  14. Aiden Connor Obrien
    Aiden glanced towards the door to his quarters after he heard the knock. He was going to ignore the knock, thinking it was one of the maids or one of the young magic apprentices. But, then he heard Merander's voice through the door. Aiden glanced down and quickly stacked the papers nicely on the desk before he stood, walking towards the door. He opened it slowly and held it open as he saw the young man, before speaking in a more soft and suave voice that wasn't heard in the meeting room. "Are you in need of me, My Lord?" The older man's expression seemed softer as he watched Merander, waiting for the younger man speak as he instinctively moved out Merander's way to let him through.
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  15. Merander nodded, and waited till the door was shut before relaxing, groaning softly, "God, my lord, my king, my highness, I believe I may vomit if I hear another, I never thought being a king would be this... I knew it'd be difficult but I thought I was doing well, but now? I am unsure of myself." Striding over to the elegant couch, beside the desk and collapsing on it, he stretched out across it, being very uncouth about the way he laid. "I've sent a message to Cerburus, we're going to meet up and discuss somethings, but knowing him, he's going to ask me to go alone, you should come with me. I feel best with you by my side either way." He leaned his head back, closing his eyes, though they snapped open as he remembered something, "I forgot, I send you even more gratitude then normal, for standing up for me, it gave me a chance to catch myself, it had startled me to say the least, so thank you" He finished with a smile at his childhood friend, running a hand through his soft hair to straighten it, brushing his bangs from the center of his face, to the side, a bit out of the way, so he could see Aiden better.

  16. Aiden Connor Obrien
    Aiden couldn't help but chuckle at Merander's annoyance with the title, sitting back at his desk. His bad habit kept getting the best of him he realized, causing him to call Merander "my lord" or "your highness". It's not that he meant to call his childhood friend that, it that he was raised to say it, especially around others. "Forgive me. I am as new to this as you are, Merander. And for what it's worth, I think you are going a good job." He glanced down at the papers and was going to get back to reading them, but his attention returned to the young king. Merander's brother. Aiden inwardly groaned at the sound of meeting any of his brothers, but at least he would only have to endure one of them. He didn't trust them, even the lesser of the three evils. "I'll be more than happy to accompany you to Shud Grea, my friend." The man smiled over at Merander before he glanced down to read one of the pieces of papers. When Merander told him thank you, Aiden's lavender eyes brightened and his smile grew.
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  17. Merander smiled but closed his eyes, stretching his arms out so he was even more sprawled on the couch, "I went back to the library and managed to spill ink all over my map, so while we're there, we need to buy another. Is this not the fourth in the past two months? I should not be allowed maps anymore, I do think." He chuckled at his joke before sighing and staring at the ceiling, "I've heard many things about my brothers the last few months, more then I've heard since I was a babe. And it's confusing. Wanicoal... He's always been rough, but I never thought he'd rape or shower himself in women. And I've heard rumors that there have been prisoners kept past their dates, and he slaughters any that speak ill of him. And the words from Tigrin, his taxes make up 92% of all items, and his people are poor and homeless. And word of my brother, Cerburus, I've heard that he only gives income to the rich and is raising armies, forcing all to be apart. I do not wish to be like them."

    (No coloring this time g2g)
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  18. Aiden Connor Obrien
    Aiden nodded at the request, making a mental note to pick up a map from the shops in the city, or he may even steal Cerburus' map if he had to. His eyes soon drifted up to Merander again, the smile from before fading as it was replaced by a frown. He had heard the rumors as well, but knowing those three, he wouldn't be surprised. "You are not like them, Merander. I'm sure you will not turn into them. No matter what others might think. Unlike your brothers, you try your best to help the people of your kingdom. Your rule is firm, but it is also just. You put your people before you as much as you can. That's some of your many qualities I li--" Aiden quickly closed his mouth as his eyes widened as the words almost rolled off his tongue, making him glanced back to the papers as his white hair covered and hid a blush appearing on his face. He fumbled around through some papers, reading a note from someone who knew magic in the city volunteering to help their king.
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  19. The quick cutoff made Merander sit up, rolling over so he was looking at the man with a cheeky smile, "Ooooh~ You were going to say like" He purred before chuckling and rolling back over, "I really do appreciate you, ya know, I don't know what I'd do without you, Aiden, really, I don't." He stated seriously, looking back up at the ceiling, "What tasteless and unstimulating things are you doing this fine morning?" Merander asked curiously, craning his head to see Aiden's face, upside, with Aiden, he was much more childish and real compared to when he's in King mode, so he often came to see Aiden behind closed doors so he could be himself.
  20. Grim couldn't help but observe the flying entity just above the forest outside of King Valley. He felt excited, for he has never met any other demons or angels. "Hell, if only i could fly." he wondered to himself, then soon realized that he has stopped his tracks. He looks down at his hands which were stained with the blood of a bandit he had just murdered with his bare hands, he chuckled lightly and stares back at the sky, only to see the winged man fly to another direction. "Okay, Grim, Don't get distracted..." he tells himself as he continued his way towards King Valley. He doesn't know what he'll be doing there, but he's hoping to find either a worthy opponent, or another mercenary job.
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