War of clans

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  2. There was a time when the world was at peace. A time where every race would live under the same crown and worshiped the same gods. It was an era of prosperity. Magic was used daily, there was no blood shred over a piece of land, no hunger nor poverty. Either you were Human, an Elf, a Silvarian, or a Khajjit, you were seen as a creature blessed by the Dralno gods. Alas, that time has long disappeared and forgotten by its people. It's a beautiful story said to children to make them fall asleep while brothers of the same race cut their heads off in the nearest city. Humans have for the past centuries dominated Eiriond and became the wealthiest and most advanced culture in the world. Not even Elves could stop them from expending.

    Over half a millennium has passed since the Human's over threw one of the greatest, if not the greatest, kingdom ever build by the Khajjit's. They were powerful, fair and just. Everyone lived under Jotvelm, the Kevalum, also known as the light of the world. Jotvelm was indeed the greatest. Unfortunately, the Kevalum died and left behind a humongous kingdom with too much money for their own good. It was an opportunity the ones who were burden by darkened hearts fueled by self interest and hatred.

    Nowadays, little is known about this feline race. They were forgotten and believed to have disappeared, nowhere to be found in the known world. A handful of Khajjits survived the war of despair between the seven races. Khajjit's were the ones who suffered the most. Two leaders who shared the same blood lead it's people to a land far to the south where they could be safe from their enemies. They could rebuild it's weakened fronts and regain their lands, but they hadn't expected to face the most dangerous and fearsome creatures and monsters without forgetting the harsh environments of this undiscovered world. It didn't take time for them to separate into tribes and slowly changing. Their goals and ideologies shifting with this change. They began to clash leading to war between them. The two leaders and brothers hated each other with passion leading to many battles with no end.

    There was two main tribes, both with similarities yet drastic differences in their culture and traditions which lead to them continuing to fight against each other while Humans continued to expand theirs city and armies. The Khajjits began to change and they have forgotten what it was to be Khajjits: they forsaken themselves.

    The air around was darkened by smoke. The glowing embers leaped and twirled in a firery dance, twinkling like stars in the hot swirling air. Lavvi, the only legacy of the current Kaist, Throd. Her dark fur was smooth and soft at the touch, her black hair knotted in the same usual ponytail shinned with the moon light. Xodak was by her side as usual and she stared at him with her amber colored eyes simply analyzed his facial feature. She knew him all to well and simply crossed her legs over one another.

    '' Tell me, '' she simply said with a sigh as she stared at him. Her eyebrow raised and her whole demeanor showing how annoyed she was by her 'guard'. Everyone knew that she was one of the most feared warriors of the tribe. She could beat one handedly the strongest warrior of the Jotaig Tribe, even Xodak who is known and legends surrounds him.
    The blue furred Khajjit simply looked at her with the same intensity before tsking her. '' There is nothing to be said to a woman like you. '' he said arrogantly making her wide eyes actually surprised by the way he talked and there was no hesitation. She smacked him.

    '' How dare you! '' she shouted in an authoritative voice as she stood up. It was the first time he ever spoke with so much arrogance and disrespect. Lavvi clenched her fist as she looked to her side, no presence were close enough. Xodak simply stood up and was nose to nose to Lavvi gritting his teeth. '' Like I said, '' he insisted, '' You couldn't even face your father when it was needed! '' he said obviously frustrated by everything that has happen.

    One of the most important village of their tribe was burned by the same people her father was making an alliance. She couldn't understand her father and she had a completely different view of what was to be done. Same went with Xodak. None of the young warriors understood what was going on with the elders of their tribes. Secret meetings, starting to talk good about the other tribe and ceasing the battles.

    They didn't agree with this. They wanted to destroy them after what they have done.

    Lavvi stared at Xodak, both were at the same height. Both were taller than the average, Lavvi especially. She was slim and yet very strong. Her delicate features gave her the allure of a beautiful lady, but she fought like a a Khajjit warrior, if not better. Her will was unswerving, and her stubbornness exceeded no limits.

    '' What did you want me to do! The whole council was with him!'' she spoke in a succinct way. '' And you remember the last who spoke against him, '' she reminded him gritting her sharp teeth as she recalled the unlucky fellow who ended up burned on a stick after going against her father. Her father wasn't exactly the most rational person and he was complex in more ways then her daughter could describe.

    Xodak turned around not wanting to draw the attention of the others around the main fire of the village. They were recently invited by their enemies for a peace meeting. After traveling for days in the jungle, they finally reached the biggest of their enemies tribe safe base. Lavvi, Xadok and a few others were invited to come, but only the king and his right hand were invited in the meeting between both tribes.

    The young maiden stood impatient with her weapons ready to attack at the slightest signs of danger. She couldn't careless of what her mad father was planning. He was probably dreaming again of a united kingdom like those gods of his promised him. He was foolish in her opinion, there was no such thing as a peaceful world nor a possible alliance to work between those bastards tribes!

    Xodak simply exhaled as he saw Na'La approach them. '' Lavvi! Xodak!'' the young bubbly Khajjit shouted as she jumped towards them. She stood a head below them. She was the shortest of them all and Lavvi often teased her about it. It was known that Na'La was a halfing, but her ancestry was unknown to even Na'La. Her mother died at childbirth and there was never a father who claimed her. She ended up being adopted by Xodak's family and the blue furred feline considered her like a sister not caring if she isn't his blood nor a pure Khajjit.

    '' Your father asks for your presence at the meeting!'' she simply said with a grin making Lavvi narrow her eyes and Xodak glanced at her perplexed.
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  3. Clan Inazuma's chief to be Ruskin sat beside his father Kaist Kazeha and the elders of the village. They sat across from the Kaist of their sister tribe yet also the tribe of their enemies Throd and his own elders. For many moons now the Kaist's and elders had been discussing a treaty of peace and negotiations had gone as smoothly as they possibly could. Ruskin did not completely understand the necessity for this treaty. They had never attacked their sister tribe first and the war between their clans had been started so many cycles ago that no one even remembered the reason why the war had begun in the first place. Which was partly why the treaty was being worked out.

    Ruskin glanced over at his father Kazeha and winced inwardly although he kept his face emotionless. His father was in dying health and it was clear to anyone around him. The once proud and noble Kaist who had been a force to be reckoned with at one time now sat bent forward an old and broken man. Each breath he took rattled his lungs and came out in wheezy and raspy sounds that chilled Ruskin to the bone. If it wasn't for his father's failing health he wouldn't even be at this gathering yet because of this he knew he had to be so he could properly understand the terms of the treaty.

    Ruskin's clan was a proud one they bowed to no one and feared little. Everything and everyone was equal to them. There was nothing that a male could do that a female couldn't do nor would be denied the right to do so. Ruskin hoped to continue those teachings and perhaps influence his sister clan's ways to also allow that kind of lifestyle. However a clan was only as strong as their leader so since he was old enough to walk Ruskin had been battle hardened and trained in ways of diplomacy and war to get an eye of all kinds of situations.

    "My..friend Throd.." Wheezed Kazeha "it is..good to see that we are finally putting the past behind us..so we may start to look to tomorrow for a better future..I understand..you are angry with my clan..for attacking one of your villages..but..I ask your forgiveness for it..was not our fault..we have had many among us..who have openly protested against the peace treaty..they acted of their own accord to attack your village..if it pleases you..we have captured those responsible..and we will hand them over to you to judge as you deem fit..all..I ask is that you show..some leniency..for if our people are to truly get along..they need to trust their leaders." Kazeha bowed his head and then gave way to a long and violent coughing fit. Ruskin was immediately by his fathers side to help him drink his herbal tea that would calm his throat.

    "thank you my son.." Ruskin nodded once and then sat back down. So far so good he thought to himself. He glanced over to the corner and swallowed hard. He did not understand why this man was here however. He stood in silence and was hardly noticeable and could only be seen if you knew he was there. Radnor he believed his name was a human from the north. According to his father Radnor had disowned his people for disagreements on how they had treated the other races and he had set out to find those that would help to restore peace among all the races once again.

    Radnor stood in silence as he watched the peace treaty commence. He wore a dark hood that blended in with the shadows nicely. He wore a long sword at his side and a black long bow on his back which he had named Nightgale. Radnor had been trained as a ranger and back at home he had been given the status of a captain. He had given up that title and had traded in all of his old gear to replace it with lighter black leather armor that suited traveling better yet still defended him from most attacks. He had other armors and cloaks with him and they were all of similar make however the dye and coloring of each one was different for each different situation and climate he might be in to help with his stealth and camouflage.

    Radnor caught the young Ruskin's gaze upon him and turned his head ever so slightly to stare the young Khajjit down. He never backed down from a challenge even though he was a peaceful soul and preferred to find a more diplomatic solution then violence. He did however understand that there were just some people who only responded to violence and such was the impression he got from the Kaist Throd. When he had heard that Throd's daughter had been summoned he had grown even more interested and couldn't help but wonder if she was just as dangerous as her father appeared to be.
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  4. The three warriors of Jotaig' tribe walked cautiously, with the exception of Na'La, and observed the surrounding analyzing every single aspect. There was a great difference between the two tribes. Jotaig's tribe lived in the wilderness. They were nomads and all were warriors. Trained from youth and thought every art of war. They were fearsome and has many different rituals of passage. Their traditions were much more rudimentary and they were the tribe that adapted the most to their environments. Don't get them wrong. They were no savages nor barbarians. They simply had a modest and well grounded life style that served them well. Hunting, gathering, tradition and transmission of culture were the most important things to do daily.
    They had strong values such as loyalty, teamwork and above all family. They didn't consider wealth an important aspect of life. Being strong and fearsome was valued, but being wise was regarded as a life long achievements. Women or Men were equal, even if some men tended to be macho, but they were rapidly placed by the abundant number of female warriors.
    Jotaig's tribe took pride in their weaponry and light armor that gave them the ability to be agile and fast. Their blades and axes were as sharp and hard as diamond. As for their archers, trained to be ambidextrous and to aim miles away. All of those skills contributed for a very strong army.
    Of course, with the growing number of the tribes, they had no choice but to start having permanent emplacements. Their main village, Jedburgh, was where resided their Kaist. Merchants and blacksmith resided there, but all of them were warriors. They raided to survive and hunted for a living, but they still enjoyed having some extra crops and beautiful decoration for their houses.

    Lavvi, who is one of the many of her tribe that enjoyed the nomad lifestyle, walked straight to the door swaying her hips side to side. She looked at the guard as he opened the door and she observed the council. Every steps echoed as she walked to an empty chair next to her father as the silence began to heavy everyone. Lavvi was of great beauty, probably the most beautiful of all Khajjit. She was tall and slender, her curves were proportionate and she was simply of great beauty.

    Xodak and Na'La stayed behind near the door. The young warrior had his head high and his hand on his Farsha. The daughter of Throd then sat at the uncomfortable chair graceful with an obvious I-Dont-Want-To-Be-Here face. She disliked with so much passion this tribe. She couldn't stand the sight of an Inazuma member. They were of bad faith and fueled by self interest. They were self interest and lived like the northern man.

    Lavvi then looked at her father. She was about his height, but his shoulder's were much wider and his chest pushed forward. He was a very strong man and his strong jawline amplified his aggressive features. His black fur was rough and the scars on his cheeks and bare chest were flagrant. He wasn't dressed as a king, in the contrary. He barely had anything on except baggy blue pants held at his waist with a typical Jotaig shoulder armor with two saber tooth.

    Throd simply looked at his daughter before crossing his arms and looking at her and back at the king. He knew what her reaction would be and actually laughed as he looked at the other tribes king. '' I will give you the honor of revealing our peace treaty to my dear daughter, '' he said with a smirk as he took the drink they had offered him earlier. He just wanted to get the load off his shoulders and he didn't feel like dealing with her wrath, yet.
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  5. Kazeha listened to Throd's request and then rubbed the back of his head in nervousness. He knew the daughter of the Kaist was...a spit fire to put it lightly and that she would not appreciate the terms of the treaty. He also knew that she disliked their tribe greatly. Even if her hatred was misplaced. It was a common thing that happened in all races a small group would cause trouble and then the entire populace would be judged on their actions. It was something that Kazeha hoped to fix. If not in his lifetime then he knew his son would carry on the work for him.

    Kazeha smiled at Lavvi and then glanced at his son and nodded his head. Both Kazeha and Ruskin were wearing simple robes adorned with their clans symbols. Their clan did not believe in showing off wealth and did not wish to become as modern as the humans. However they have tried to adopt a bit of human culture into their tribe as to better understand the humans better. They planned to do the same with the elves as well. They believed to truly understand a people they needed to try and adapt a bit of their culture into their own. It was the only true way to ever find real piece.

    The members of the Inazuma tribe were not known widely for their hunting or fighting skills. Although they weren't without their warriors. Their warriors were tough and battle hardened trained to survive in the harshest of conditions. They believed that their body itself was a weapon of its own and so they molded themselves to be great fighters. They used their sharp teeth and their claws and enhanced senses to help stem the tide of a battle. An actual weapon such as a sword was seen as an extension of themselves even though most of their warriors chose not to use a weapon. Most would only use a spear or bow and arrow for long range but then once the battle came to close range. It was time to use their bodies. They wore little armor into battle as well only enough to protect them from small injuries such as small cuts but it was practically useless against a well aimed arrow or a strongly swung sword. that was only if you could manage to hit them though.

    Kazeha sipped at his herbal medicine and let out a slow breath as he looked at Lavvi once again. "..Lavvi daughter of Throd..I understand you have a strong dislike for my people..but we are not all the monsters you think we are..some of us just wish to live in peace..we simply wish to coexist in peace and prosperity with you our sister tribe. I know you have much anger against my people for all the war we have faced. But you must not forget..that both sides are to blame for the conflict even though the reasoning behind it has been lost. Remember..it takes two to fight and all those years ago if one of us had simply forgiven the other or had walked away..much blood would have been spared."

    Kazeha burst into another small fit of coughing blood splattering against his palm as he covered his mouth. Ruskin was quick to hurry to his fathers side again and helped him gently wash the blood from his hands and from his lips before he sat down again. "please father..you must rest..allow me to explain the treaty to our guests." Kazeha nodded once and then leaned back in his chair as he tried to calm down the rattling in his lungs.

    Ruskin then looked over at the young daughter of their sister clans Kaist. The rumors were true she was indeed a very beautiful being and a very proud one he would need to do well not to upset her but he feared the terms of the treaty would do so no matter what he said. "Lavvi..the terms of the treaty are quite simple..all war between our people is to stop and none shall fight again. We will not be forced to become one tribe but we will become a nation. Your people will have their land and our people will have theirs. We will build a capital where our people can mingle and trade without hostility and should one clan fall under attack the other will send aid no matter the foe." He swallows hard and lets out a slow breath for this was the part he was afraid to say "..and to make the joining of our tribes complete..you and I..shall become the first rulers of our nation..you and I shall be wed."
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  6. All of the Jotaig warriors gasped and protested loudly with no shame. Xodak immediately slammed his fist on the table angrily looking at his Kaist with burning fire. He was suppose to be her future husband! He was suppose to be the next Kaist! It was written in the prophecy and their was no way Throd, of all people, would go against a prophecy. '' This was not the plan!'' he shouted wanting to flip that table.

    The Jotaig Kaist looked at Xodak with narrow eyes. They were bloody red and it could make even the bravest warrior doubt of his own capacity. The stare was intense and Throd simply made a head movement for Na'La to bring him out. The young halfling looked at Lavvi worried but then took her brother's big bicep trying to pull him, '' Come on brother, don't be like that. '' she said knowing just how agitated he was the past few days due to the Kaist secretive move. Being Kaist meant transparency, and Xodak was the one chosen by his people to lead the Jotaig tribe. This despicable Kaist had no rights to rip him off of his destiny.

    '' No Na'La!'' Xodak shouted as he gritted his teeth at their Kaist. '' He will have to explain himself! '' he shouted. The blue furred warrior glanced at Lavvi, but very briefly as he landed his eyes on the elders. Throd smirked before laughing, '' What makes you think you can permit yourself such bad behaviors?'' he asked his most prodigious warrior. Throd was a vicious and complex man. He had a way with manipulating situations to his advantage. Before Xodak could speak up, Throd continued, '' You want to be Kaist, isn't it?'' he asked knowing exactly what this was about.

    It wasn't about him loving his daughter. No, not at all. Throd knew that, but his daughter was blinded as sad as it sounded. Xodak looked at him with fury before nodding. What could he do? Not answer? Throd would find a way of embarrassing him.

    The Kaist laughed as he looked at the Inazuma leader, '' Incredible Isn't it.'' he said making fun of this poor fool, '' The Priest had a prophecy that he would lead my people, '' he said laughing out loud making all of the elder's uncomfortable. One of them even tried to speak up, but in vain since the Kaist continued, and everyone knew that they couldn't cut him without risking their head. '' Look at him. How pitiful he is. '' he said not having any pity for the boy he practically raised, '' Ignorant and foolish. '' he daunted. Xodak had no place in doubting Throd's authority, especially in front of their new ally.

    An uncomfortable silence feel upon the table as both of the man stared at each other. Xodak swallowed his pride knowing better than confront this mad man. Na'La pulled on his arm once more feeling the air heavy and feeling intimidated. She didn't want anything to happen to her brother. She couldn't let him say one more word.
    '' Come on...'' she said almost in a whisper as she glanced up at him. Xodak sharply turned as he walked away from the room not looking back once.

    Lavvi stared at him leave. She could feel an immense sadness overflow her body. Her body felt numb as she looked at her love leave and embarrassed by her father who considered him like a son. She didn't know what to think at this point. An arranged marriage? With a Khajjit that dressed like a human? How could her father insult her more?

    Her eyes traveled to the man in front of him and she couldn't swallow it. She simply couldn't believe all of this.

    '' So?'' her father said crossing his legs as he drank from the cup looking at his daughter as if this was no big deal. He wasn't really considering her feeling, she knew that. But she also knew that this mad man she called a father was one of the best leaders they ever had. He would never do anything without a reason, not even if it was of his interest. He was a man of his people. He never did anything without considering his tribe and she knew this deep in her heart., even if she sometimes disagreed with his ways, that he was mostly doing the right thing.

    With a voice riddled with humiliation and anger, the only daughter of Throd stood up from her chair closing her eyes as she controlled her temper for the sake of her tribe before responding to her unbearable father.

    '' If this is your decision, father, then so be it. '' she said holding her head high as she glanced at the powerful clan opposite her's. Just as she was about to turn around her father taped his finger on the table, '' Time to sign the Peace Treaty. '' he said with a smirk making Lavvi want to rip his lips away.

    The papyrus in front of her, she looked at the pen, another human invention, and with distaste took it. She placed it over the thin paper nicely written in a different dialect than she spoke and signed feeling regret swirl within her, but she had no choice. It was for her people and only for them.
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  7. Radnor who had gone unnoticed in the corner had tightened the grip he had on his sword when Xadok had begun his little outburst and was ready to step in should he get the nerve to actually attack someone instead of just yell at them. But he hadn't had need to worry as Throd used his words to tighten the leashes on the angry Khajjit. Radnor glanced over at Lavvi as she sat there in a state of pain and shock. He wondered what was going through her mind at the moment. He might never know to be honest.

    He then looked back at Xadok as he left the tent and wondered to himself what made him angrier. The fact that he could no longer become Kaist? or the fact that he was losing his so called "love" Lavvi. It was something that all the races had. Jealousy and anger. They were dangerous weapons and if in the wrong hands they could start a dangerous war that even the easiest of treaties would fail to prevent. He didn't have long to think about that though as Lavvi went to sign the treaty. He gave a slow breath of relief in the joy that there would not be blood shed on this day. At least so far there hadn't been who knew how the people would react to the terms of the treaty.

    Ruskin sat beside his father both keeping a neutral face as Xadok went through his outburst. The two of them had not known about Xadok's supposed claim to become the next Kaist of their tribe but it hardly mattered anymore. He would need to see beyond his selfish desire to become the next Kaist and look at what was best for his people as Lavvi and Throd were doing. As Ruskin himself was doing. He knew it would be hard for him and Lavvi if they were to get married. It was clear to him that she hated everything about his clan. Especially the fact that they had adopted so much from other cultures.

    As soon as Lavvi had signed the treaty Ruskin gently reached out and took his own pen and signed it himself. Once that was done Kazeha smiled and slowly stood up and offered his frail hand that had once been so strong and sturdy to Throd "it is good to finally put the past behind us Throd..I hope that many and many years of peace will come to pass and that slowly old wounds will become healed."
  8. Throd simply gave the old Khajjit his infamous smirk as she stood up. His daughter beside him, he glanced at everyone. '' Well, time to go home now. I am looking forward to see what Dralno is preparing for us. '' he said opening his bright red eyes as he laughed walking away with his personal guards. He actually told them to back off with a glare since he always hated having others supposedly protect him. They were more of a nuisance.
    Lavvi looked at Ruskin with a cold stare. Her amber orbs fix on that Khajjit and she had so much hatred and rage inside of her. Lavvi turned around regretting her choice as she walked out with pride holding on to what was left of her control. She wouldn't burst now of all moments. Not in front of her future husband, or her now allies.

    She walked behind her father for what seemed an eternety when they finally reached a stop in the outskirts of the city where they were settled with tents and a camp fire.

    '' Why?'' she asked almost in an order. Throd didn't turn as he looked at the creepling fire. '' What do you mean why?'' he asked back. '' It's in our greatest interest. '' he simply said turning to face her. He knew just how much that took from her, but he made sure that she felt cornered. There was no options in this decision. He felt no shame at forcing her.

    '' But I am your daughter! '' she shouted feeling the blood inside of her boil. Her hands clenched making her claws dig into her skin. Throd stayed silent as he looked at the dancing flames. There wasn't anyone at the camp at the moment. They either at the bar or somewhere else. Not that it mattered to the Kaist, it was convenient for him.

    '' Sometimes Lavvi, the sacrifice of one is for the greater good. '' he said in a much more quiet tone, '' You will learn that once you become a- '' he cut before feeling a hard piece of wood thrown at him making him lose balance forward.

    '' You selfish,'' she trailed off as she started throwing things at him as all hell broke loose, '' I trusted you!'' she added pulling out a baby tree and with a groan throwing it at her father as she pulled the strings of a tent infuriated. '' And you betrayed me! You betrayed mother and everyone!'' she shouted even louder as she broke anything that came near her releasing all of that anger. She took one of those ceramic plates those Inazuma offered them and threw it at her father's face with no regrets as she continued rambling as she created Chaos wherever she passed.

    Throd stared at his daughter in a playful demeanor. He couldn't careless that she threw plates or trees at him. She was in the middle of a tantrum, oh and the last time he tried interrupting one of those outburst he ended up almost losing an eye. All he did is sigh as he sat on a bench they made with the trunk of a tree and he just enjoyed the personal show his daughter was giving, not feeling any regrets for what happened or anything. She just had to suck it up and live with it. He knew that one day she will understand why he took that decision.
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  9. Kazeha let out a sigh of relief as the others left without any incident. It had been a nerve wracking evening for him and he didn't know how much more his old heart could take at this rate. He feared he would not even live to see the wedding even if his son did not want it as far as he knew anyways. He looked over at his son and gently set his hand upon his shoulder and gave it a light squeeze before they turned to go to their own home. "come Ruskin..Radnor let us retire for the evening"

    Radnor and Ruskin glanced at each other from across the room before they turned to follow the Kaist back home. Only the Kaist knew about Radnors past Ruskin only knew that he was on the run. He wasn't a criminal by any means he knew that but he didn't know any of the details of why he was on the run. He only hoped that he would find out soon that way if problems arose concerning the human they would be able to prepare for them justly.

    Once they reached their home Ruskin looked at his father "Father..I." However he was cut off by Kazeha "My son..I know I have taken a chunk of your future away from you and for that I am sorry..I had hoped that the day would come where you would choose your own bride. Not have one chosen for you. But..as things have turned out that is not possible..and for that I am sorry."

    Ruskin sighed and shook his head "father..I would do anything for my tribe just as you would. If peace and prosperity lies within the sacrifice of my marriage to Lavvi then I will go through with it. Whether it will be a happy marriage will rely upon us. So do not worry for me father instead focus on your health." Ruskin spoke the truth in all honesty he thought Lavvi was a elegant and beautiful woman. He didn't know anything about her though and that made him slightly nervous. Add to that her clear hatred for the values of his people and it was a recipe for disaster. He only hoped that he could open her eyes and show her that they weren't monsters or that they were disgusted by their heritage it was far from it in reality. He hoped that one day he would be able to show her the true colors of the Inazuma tribe.
  10. A Week From The Marriage

    A month ago, she felt her heart cry. Just a month ago, she was openly in love with the man of her life. They were talking about the marriage of their dream, the amount of kids, they saw a bright and a happy future. Sitting on that carriage her to-be-groom sent to her village to bring her to the city where the marriage would be held. She stared outside feeling the warmth of the sun on her fur, her eyes saddened and furious. Her jaw muscles completely clenched and every single muscle of her body screamed in rage. She closed her eyes as she stared in front of her at her guard, Xadok, the love of her life.
    The white furred Khajjit simply stared at his Ex-Fiancee. Both shared a heated stare before Lavvi broke it. Xadok tried to reach for her hand. '' Lavvi, listen. I- '' he said but she immediately pulled her hand away cut him. '' Now you decide to talk to me? '' she asked looking at him with threatening eyes.

    Xadok shrugged as he gritted his teeth. '' You know exactly why I left yesterday. '' he said crossing his arms looking away not scared of her. Lavvi rolled her eyes as she placed her finger under his chin. Her nose touching his as she spoke in a very nonchalant and seductive voice, '' Of course I know... You ended up swallowing your own cock and having a stick up your buttocks. Yes I know just how much of a coward you became. '' she said with venom as the carriage came to a stop. She looked at him before huffing as she pushed the cloths that served as doors and came out of the wood transportation.
    The charm of the city did not faze her as she looked at her friend Nala welcoming her.

    '' Lavvi, I'm so happy to see you! '' the young girl said as she threw her arms around her best friends neck. Lavvi was still furious and couldn't bother for a smile even if she was immensely grateful that Nala was here. '' Please get me away from your brother before I strangle him to death. '' she said actually being serious as Xadok grunted coming out of the carriage.
    Na'La closed her lips and lifted her finger just to end up dropping it to the side, '' Ok, well nevermind my next question. '' she said seeing that it wasn't going so well between them. She was actually surprised to see Xadok still her guard. She didn't mind it, in fact was glad that Lavvi's father wasn't cruel enough to rip all status from Xadok, but she still was surprised.

    Na'La looked at the city and felt all positive feelings come back, '' I'm so happy to see you guys. Seriously, you should just visit this amazing city. I heard it was the Capital of the Inazuma Clan. They have so many cities, but this one is the most amazing. '' she admitted. '' I wonder if they are a kingdom! It's so big compared to- '' '' enough talking Na'La. Just bring us to the leader. '' Xadok said and Lavvi glanced at him with a raised eyebrow before huffing annoyed by him. Na'La just looked at the ground shyly as she murmured a sorry. She knew that sometimes she talked to much and that she was more open minded then Xadok and pretty much everyone in their tribe. They were a much smaller tribe than the Inazuma and far less wealthy. There tribe mainly had a few outpost for hunting and lived as Nomads. They had just one outpost that ended up being very big and that's only because it was close the beach and they pretty much monopolized all of the south-west waterways for fishing.
    They survived with meat, fish, wild fruits, and roots. They don't really have any bread or vegetables except on the fishing outpost, now town, named Rakatstate.

    Na'La looked at the beautiful architecture of the city and glanced at her brother. He obviously hated everything and looked at everything with so much hatred that even Na'La couldn't bare looking at him. Lavvi on the other hand didn't look phased. She didn't seem like she payed attention. Na'La could see that she was in deep thought and probably just walking on a straight line, ignoring her environment while her mind was in complete chaos.
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  11. Ruskin stood upon the balcony that belonged to his room in what could be considered their palace or castle by human terms. He stood looking out over the city staring at the people that he had given his entire life to protecting. His father's health had deteriorated to nearly nothing and he feared that he would not make it to see the wedding. His only thought was that his father and mother would be reunited soon the next life. His mother had died in as an innocent in one of the battles between the clans. It had happened when he was only a child so he didn't know her well enough to feel an extreme sense of loss but he still missed her greatly as well did his father. He sighed and turned his head to look at the door as Radnor walked in. He gave him a small smile "hello my friend..what brings you here?" Radnor walked over to him and gave him a quick pat on the shoulder "Lavvi and the other delegates have arrived..they're now walking down the streets of the city I thought it would be wise for you to go meet them." Ruskin gave a small nod "yes..It will be thank you my friend" "do you want me to accompany you?" Ruskin hesitated then. He wasn't aware if Lavvi and the others of her tribe knew whether or not that his clan had been allowing the people of the other race to move in with them to live in peace and he didn't know how she would react. However..he suspected that she would see at least an elf or two or maybe even a human walking down the street so he might as well. "It would be a great relief for you to join me my friend" Radnor nodded once and then walked out "i'll wait for you downstairs then"

    It only took Ruskin a few moments to change into some more comfortable clothing. It wasn't flashy or anything that showed off his wealth it was simple garb by all standards. Their clan wore clothes similar to the make of humans with some slight altercations to fix for their animal like features. For example a hole was cut into the back of the pants for their tails to be able to push through for more comfort. they didn't wear shirts to say exactly either but more like tops that kinda resembled a japanese kimono
    shirt far left (open)
    He chose to wear his favorite blue shirt that had only one sleeve it would cross his chest leaving one half of his chest and his right arm bare while his left arm and side was covered in clothing the shirt was tight and didn't hang off of him baggy and fit him quite snuggly. The left shoulder had the inazuma tribe symbol embroidered onto it. The symbol was a spiral circle that looped around twice before shooting down into a line that would resemble a lightning bolt. He also wore a pair of simple black leggings that like mentioned had a hole cut out for his tail. His people didn't wear shoes preferring to feel the earth beneath their feet. He walked out and met Radnor downstairs who was wearing more human garb a simple white cotton shirt and leather leggings. The two friends smiled at each other before they left the palace and walked across the great bridge towards the city.

    Walking through the city Lavvi, Na'la and Xadok would see people dressed similarly to what Ruskin would be wearing. They would even spot a human and elf here and there. Everyone would be wearing something that was unique to their own home culture or they would be wearing something that symbolized their allegiance to the Inazuma clan. The city appeared to be arranged into districts and each one had a different purpose. They would be walking down the city district which held most of the inns. The market district would be a short walk away from their and the living district which held all of their houses would be just beyond that. Each district had a main road that would take them directly to one of the other districts and then another that would take them towards the palace. It was on this road that Ruskin and Radnor were walking. It didn't take them long to find Lavvi and the others walking beside or behind her. Ruskin gave a small smile as he walked towards them. Radnor stood silently and emotionless while secretly on the inside he was excited to meet Lavvi and the others. He didn't know much about her people and wanted to learn more but he would wait until they were more comfortable around them he had heard about her legendary temper and he could only imagine what was going on inside her mind.

    Ruskin smiled and walked up to them and held his arms out "Lavvi, Xadok, Na'la..welcome to our grand capital city of StarHaven it's good to see you all again. I hope your voyage to get here went well and without incident." He stepped to the side and set his hand on Radnors shoulder "This is Radnor..he is one of my closest friends and a recently added member to our clan. As I'm sure you've noticed we have many humans and elves living among us. Come the two of us will give you the grand tour of the city..unless your all tired and wish to just rest if that's the case we have rooms prepared for you at the palace"​

    The village 2 (open)

    The royal hall/home (open)
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  12. Xadok mocked Ruskin, '' Very bright of your king to let the enemies infiltrated your Kingdom. '' He said with a tad of sarcasm at the end. Lavvi tried to repress her laugh and placed a hand over her lips. She had a gentle smile as she glanced at Xadok with a roll of the eye kind of agreeing with him even if, technically, she was still angry at Xadok, but she always found him funny. Na'La looked down at the ground with tight lips not trying to laugh even if she didn't agree with Xadok, but the way he said was so typical of him. Something about his whole being made everything he said, even the crudest thing, funny. But, Na'La re composed herself quickly and took the defense of the Inazuma clan,

    '' It sure is a beautiful Kingdom brother. You should really come see the market district. The architecture, the work, and their art is amazing! '' she said with glitters in her eyes as she looked at Lavvi. The daughter of the Kaist narrowed her eyes at her friend, '' Art? '' she asked not knowing exactly what she meant by it. Na'La nodded, '' Yes Art. '' she said nodding her head excitedly.

    '' They use feathers and this black liquid, and they draw and write beautiful stories on papyrus made of wood! '' Na'La said closing her eyes as she expressed the beauty of it. '' And they have stones shaped into us sister! Just.. just like Aldemeri*! '' she added and Lavvi nodded curious about it, '' Just like Aldemeri, Na'La?'' she asked as she looked at Na'La with a gentle smile not showing her genuine curiosity, but rather reacting on how childish her friend was acting. She obviously found her cute as Na'La nodded excitedly.

    '' Well then, I guess my stay here won't be as mundane as expected. '' she said as she rested her eyes on Ruskin. She did not allow her expression to falter and was completely neutral. Expressionless. Yet, her eyes spoke when nothing else could. Her brooding eyes analyzing the 'prince'. Xadok noticed it, and knowing her for a while he knew what she was thinking and didn't like it whatsover. His smirk fell as he adverted his eyes to the other carriage arriving with their Kaist and a few more warriors.

    *Aldemeri: (Word in the ancient Khajjit language) Lady with a high status. Usually warriors in the Khajjit culture, but can be said of Queen's and Princesses.
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  13. As soon as Xadok's comment had left his lips Radnor flinched and glanced at Ruskin. Ruskin was death glaring at Xadok with the worst hatred he could possibly muster as the fur around his neck stood up in annoyance. Radnor went to whisper something to Ruskin but was immediately silenced by a look from Ruskin. Ruskin then turned back to Xadok and continued to glare at him "you think it's funny to make fun of an old man on his death bed? huh? you think your a big shot do you? Your nothing but a 7 foot tall baby who can barely go a day without running back to suck on his mom's tit without throwing a damn temper tantrum whenever something doesn't go your way" He clenched his fists tightly. Tight enough that his claws were piercing his skin enough to draw blood. The red scarlet drops slowly dripped from his fists down into the dirt at his sides that which didn't get stuck in his fur and stain it anyways.

    "My father is a good man an honorable man and you might not like him..if that's the case then I can respect that..but don't you dare mock him in front of me on his death bed. My father will be lucky enough to see the wedding between me and Lavvi. If your angry about the wedding between me and her don't blame my father blame me or hell blame your Kaist." He shoots a look towards Lavvi and Na'la. Maybe they didn't realize his father was on his death bed but still it wasn't something funny to joke about they had seen how sick he was at the meeting when the contract was signed they had to have seen he wasn't much longer for this world. Na'la at least tried not to laugh it seemed and she also defended the Inazuma clan in a way.

    Radnor set his hand on his friends shoulder and shot a look towards Xadok and then looked towards Na'la "If you like I can show you around the market district there you can see all kinds of our arts and crafts and you can even see how some are made. And we call what you first spoke of books. We have all kinds of books in the royal library we use them to keep history of all of our stories and legends so that no matter what happens they will always be remembered throughout time. Most people are writing stories about the King and his family as is tradition when a Kaist of the Inazuma clan is not long for the world." He gave Ruskin's shoulder a quick squeeze and carefully watched Xadok out of the corner of his eyes. He knew the big Khajiit would not take the things Ruskin said laying down and he was prepared to step to his friends aid in case the need arouse. Ruskin on the other hand his fists never let go of their death grip as he stared Xadok down.
  14. "My father is a good man an honorable man and you might not like him..if that's the case then I can respect that..but don't you dare mock him in front of me on his death bed. My father will be lucky enough to see the wedding between me and Lavvi. If your angry about the wedding between me and her don't blame my father blame me or hell blame your Kaist." He shoots a look towards Lavvi and Na'la who were completely absorbed in their own discussion. Lavvi spoke up almost in a whisper, but Xadok was just looking at Ruskin with his blood boiling. Insults over insults for the past week. It was as if this marriage was a curse from the gods, a mockery to him! He was about to take a step forward with his deceptive smirk when he heard the carriages come from behind. His Kaist was soon to arrive, and as he was about to talk to Lavvi, or maybe find her defending him, he ended up looking at her eyes. Her face was expressionless, but her eyes said it all. Xadok noticed it, and knowing her for a while he knew what she was thinking and he jealousy flooded his insides. Xadok's smirk faltered as he heard the Jotaig Kaist jump off the cart with his loud and vulgar mouth, '' Look at these beautiful ladies everywhere! '' he said as he winked at Na'La that immediately looked at him, which wasn't the case of Lavvi. The young halfling chuckled as she asked a minute from Radnor wanting to welcome her Kaist.

    '' Uncle! '' she said as she pretty much skipped a jump to the Kaist and kissed his cheek. Lavvi stare broke and she immediately started walking straight avoiding her father. She was followed by Xadok, but both never stepped foot here and have no idea where to go, or at least Lavvi assumed. That's when she unexpectedly asked, '' Ruskin, or whomever can help me, can you lead me to my room? '' she asked looking at Radnor and Ruskin. She was obviously not aware of the argument that just occurred a few seconds ago between Xadok and her soon to be husband even if it happened right next to her. She stood next to Xadok, facing the side of Ruskin and Radnor as she ignored her father's arrival and simply wanted to go and rest for a while. She did not care of the look of the city, nor did she care about pitiful welcomes, or anything for that matter. All she wanted to do is be alone.
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  15. Ruskin didn't even flinch as Xadok had started to step towards him if anything he had started to rise up to meet his challenge. But then Lavvi stopped him with a look. He didn't know what Xadok saw in her eyes when she looked into his but whatever it was stopped the big Khajiit in his tracks. As the two started to walk away Ruskin let out a slow breath as he tried to calm himself down. He shot a look to Radnor and only nodded a bit to let him know that he was ok. Ruskin glanced at Lavvi as she requested to be brought to her room that she would be saying in asking to rest. He only gave a small nod as he thought about who could take her. He wouldn't mind going back but he needed to welcome her father. Radnor had practically promised Na'la a tour of the city. He made the decision that he would take the Kaist back to the palace to entertain him there and let Lavvi rest.

    The two slowly approached the Kaist and gave a small bow to welcome him "Kaist of the Jotaig we welcome you to our capital city of StarHaven. I apologize that my father could not be here to welcome you himself..he's deathly ill as you saw at our last meeting and I fear he is not much longer for this world..he'll be lucky to make it to the wedding between me and your daughter." Radnor stood behind Ruskin and said nothing not wanting to cause more trouble between Ruskin and the Jotaig's "this is my friend Radnor you will often see him with me during your stay. If you like I can escort you and anyone else who wishes to retire or rest from your travels back to the palace. Radnor has offered to give anyone who wishes it a tour of the city in the meantime however"
  16. Lavvi raised an eyebrow feeling her question ignored. She glanced at her and narrowed her eyes as he grinned mischievously. Throd then simply slapped Radnor's and Ruskin's shoulder with his big hand. '' No need for formalities. You will soon be my son-in-law, and you Radnor, the personal guard of my daughter with Xadok. '' he said with pride. The black fur Kaist removed his hands as he looked at Ruskin, '' How is your father? May I visit him? '' he asked knowing that the dying Kaist didn't have long, and he honestly admirer that man.

    Throd started young being a Kaist after his father was assassinated. Over 20 years ruling this tribe, he wanted to have his mark in history. Something life changing for the better. The Jotaig Kaist never took pride in being a Jotaig, but for being a Khajjit! A pure blooded Khajjit. And he knew that this Inazuma Kaist felt the same. Why should brothers kill themselves when the enemy is uniting itself with other's. Throd had bigger plans, much bigger plans. He wanted to rebuild the great empire, If not him, his daughter and her children. It was indeed for the greater good.

    '' As for your invitation, I would love to visit the great Capital of the Inazuma if it means free delicacy. They look amazing. Aren't they Na'La?'' he said since this was not his first time here. Na'La nodded in agreement and Lavvi just grunted as she started walking somewhere just to get away by their obnoxious behavior.
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  17. Ruskin and Radnor nearly fell to the ground under the immense weight and strength behind Throd's hands when he slapped their shoulders. Radnor looked at Throd with wide eyes. He seriously had not been expecting that "uh..sir..you want me to be a personal guard to Lavvi? I um.." He glances at Ruskin for help with this one. Radnor was a very skilled warrior it was true but he had the feeling Throd saw Radnor as Ruskin's guard which wasn't the case he was only his friend here because Ruskin had asked him to be. Ruskin glanced at Radnor and then looked back at Throd "Um..thank you sir..I mean uh..Throd..it's ok if I call you by your name right? I do not wish to offend you" He gently rubs his neck and then his shoulder where Throd had slapped him "you see um..Radnor isn't part of my guard he is actually just one of my closest friends. However I won't deny that he is a skilled warrior" Radnor nodded a bit "I don't wish to gloat but Ruskin speaks the truth I am a very capable warrior by human standards and I have bested some of the Inazuma's top fighters including Ruskin here although the two of us are always sparring what's our fight record at the moment Ruskin?" Ruskin looks up for a moment as he thinks "hm..I believe it is 23 to 22 i'm ahead by one fight" Radnor nods "yes that sounds about right. but anyways If you do wish me for a guard as your daughter I will accept..but as long as she and Xadok are ok with it I mean"

    Ruskin only smiles a bit and then turns his attention back to Throd "as for my father..the last time I saw him he was sleeping and that was just before I came to greet you and welcome you to the city. I think it would be wise to let him rest for now but I won't deny you your wish to see him once he has awakened. and as for his health..I fear he won't be much longer for the world..he'll be lucky to make it to the day of the wedding." Ruskin glanced down and let out a slow breath before looking back up to Throd and gave him a small smile "The chefs at the palace are putting together a small feast to welcome you all to the city but if you do wish to travel through the city to explore and see some things your more then welcome to." He turned towards Lavvi and then looked back at Throd "I can escort Lavvi to her room at the palace and then I can catch up with you, Na'la, and Radnor and anyone else who is going on the tour after I escort her there. That is if you still wish to go to your room Lavvi"
  18. Throd nodded as he wore a sly smile, '' Interesting... But I will see with our standards. The Jotaig Standards '' he said looking at Radnor and winked since he knew it won't be easy for that fella. '' And Xadok has no words to say in the matter. '' he added waving his hand in the same time before placing them on his hips. Lavvi simply huffed wishing to go back to her room without further discussion. It was boring her to be here and she simply wanted to get away, perhaps even get a good night sleep without anyone bugging her.

    Na'La looked at Ruskin and Radnor, both of which she has friended during her stay as a friendly communicator to exchange knowledge about the Jotaig Tribe's culture and lifestyle, pretty much prepare Ruskin for a hell of a ride with the daughter of the Jotaig Kaist. '' A feast sounds amazing, doesn't it Xadok? '' she said glancing at her brother. Xadok was looking at the buildings with an eery stare. He had his hand on his hip sword and his claws were out, but they retracted the moment Na'La spoke. '' Hmm'' he simply hummed.

    Lavvi rolled her eyes getting impatient, '' Well, are you bringing me or shall I look for myself and not bother asking my future ''husband'' ? '' she said with an annoyed tone of voice as she turned her back and started walking letting whoever that wants to follow, follow, except for Xadok which she... '' I told you already to stop following me, '' she mentioned waving him off once again in an embarassing way as she walked with her shoulder up towards the main road, which she assumed would bring her to her room.

    Na'La, Throd, and Xadok just glanced at her back and then at Ruskin wondering if he was planning on doing anything. That's when Throd noticed some merchant selling swords and all kind of weird stuff he didn't have and he wandered towards it.
  19. Radnor shivered a bit as Throd mentioned taking him on. He knew the Jotaig we're very ruthless fighters on their own but the Kaist of the Jotaig? He might as well string himself up for the slaughter house. He was good but he didn't know anything about Throd's fighting or if he could even come close to standing up to him in a real fight. The only way to find out though would be to actually fight him and see "if you wish to spar with me one day Throd I would consider it an honor" When Lavvi started to walk off Ruskin sighed a bit and walked off after her. It only took him a few short strides to catch up with her "I will escort you to your room Lavvi. We just need to follow this road back to the palace" He walked beside her his hands at his sides. He didn't know what to say to her. He didn't even know her and he knew she didn't know him. Hell he was pretty sure she didn't even want to get to know him. He just stared straight ahead as they walked towards the palace.

    A few moments went by before he finally cleared his throat and opened his mouth to speak "Listen Lavvi..I know this..match between us isn't something you wanted and it was extremely hard for you to agree to it..but I just want what's best for our people I understand we may not see eye to eye and that we may never harbor any romantic feelings towards each other. But I don't however want to spend the rest of my life hating you. I want us to at least be friends if we can manage that." He swallowed hard. He didn't know how she was going to react to his words and a part of him was pretty much afraid to find out. He had heard plenty about her from Na'la but..hearing and experiencing it for yourself are two totally different things.

    Radnor turned and watched the future bride and groom walk off. He smiled a bit and shook his head. Those two were going to be quite the pair he thought to himself. He then turned his head and noticed Throd looking at the weapons that were nearby. He smiled and walked over to him "I see this stand has caught your eye Throd. I should let you know these weapons aren't for actual battle they are more for ceremonies and for decorations. If you want to see some real weapons that could be used in battle we would need to visit one of the blacksmiths in the market district"
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  20. Lavvi was walking in peace, in her own bubble, right before he opened his mouth. '' You sure love talking a lot, don't you? '' she asked kind of in a rhetorical way. She did not feel like answering his request, nor willing to even think of the wedding since it's been plaguing her mind for days and weeks. She looked down at a human that bumped her and he was much smaller than her. Her eyes narrowed as she glared at that suspicious human, but looked away not wanting a meaningless fight. Humans were rude and savages in nature. She always found it odd how Humans would use their beast like features and portray them as barbarians with no moral value. She honestly couldn't stand humans all together, even if she knew there was good and bad in every race.

    Not too far away, Throd looked at Radnor with a raised eye, '' Well then, let's see if your blacksmith are more talented then the Jotaig blacksmith. '' he said with his red eyes staring into him and his pupil getting smaller as the sun blazed over them. Na'La looked at Radnor holding her hands together. She glanced behind her and saw Xadok look towards Lavvi and Ruskin. She felt so bad for her brother. She knew just how much he actually loved her despite his rude and unthoughtful reaction. She didn't understand why he only spoke of power and prophecies. Lavvi wasn't just the passage to become Kaist, and she knew that he loved her and that it wasn't just about power. She just wished that he would try and be more expressive with his emotions.
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