War Never Changes

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  1. Once his shield was knocked away from him his opponent did not hesitate to stab him through the stomach and rip his flesh, skewer his guts, with the tip exiting through his back. Only missing his spine by a few inches. Unable to say anything he coughs up blood that lands on his tunic as he looks his murderer in the eyes. Only to see frightened eyes staring right back at him. And only months before, he had become a father to two healthy twins. Jack and Lilith. Imagining himself playing with his children he smiles and laughs slightly, only to cough up more blood. ''Hehe..'' With a slight chuckle before closing his eyes, Markus breathes for the last time before his heart stops.

    With a horrified expression his killer slowly pulls the sword out of his stomach and steps back in disgust, covering his mouth and gagging. This was the first person he had ever killed and seeing the life leave his eyes was a horrifying experience. But before he could mourn more, his friend ran up behind him and patted him on the back.

    While all this had happened, many others were slaughtered and killed by his fellow soldiers. Looking upon the landscape he saw the bodies of his comrades and the opposing forces'. He knew some were fathers and brothers, and some husbands that were newly wed.

    War wasn't at all what he expected, thinking it would make him a hero for killing people and taking over their land or even defending themselves. Despite the reason, war never changes. The lives of people are forgotten on these bloody fields and only remembered for a short time before everyone has no memory of these people.

    War never changes.


    So, I don't know if it's obvious, but I want to do a very detailed war roleplay based in medieval/fantasy times.

    Our characters would have very descriptive feelings about war and have a good history to themselves.

    So if anyone is interested, please PM me or reply here.
  2. What do you wish to do about this setting? Perhaps my character is a spy in yours camp?

    Or do you wish for them to cross sword on the battle field?

    Either way, I am okay with that.
  3. This sounds pretty interesting...
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